Free Blogging Sites: Top 15 Sites To Create Your (Personal Blogs)

Free Blogging Sites: Top 15 Sites To Create Your (Personal Blogs)

Well, I guess, you are looking for the best free blogging sites on which you can start your personal blog or maybe free blogging sites to make money Right?

In the world of Internet learning & earning, people are earning millions of dollars from the comfort of their homes. And, I am glad you took the first step to find some actual free blogging sites to skyrocket your blogging career.

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First of all, let’s talk about the categories for blogging that have major two types free one and self-hosted ones that are premium. And as you know, for premium ones, you will have to pay those extra bucks to avail their services.

Let’s get into the article without wasting your time.

Free Blogging Sites on which you can start blogging

Still, there is good news for you as there are plenty of free blogging sites on which you can actually start your blogging journey and grow your blog.

And, guess what? You don’t really have to pay the extra money and you can write your blogs “YOUR WAY”.

Hence, let us move ahead and discover the Top 15 Sites which can actually help you create personal blogs, the easy and of course, the Free Way.

Hold On! Before we actually jump into the actual topic, there are still some topics which are worth considering:


How will your domain URL look like with free Blog Sites?

  • First of all, on free blogging websites, you will definitely get a sub-domain that you can use as a personal blog address.
    For example: In case if you are trying to register on a website, ultimately, your address will turn out to be that does not looks professional.
  • Hence, at the end of every domain, WordPress or any other platform name will be added in a free sub-domain system.
  • Thus, now, let’s uncover some of the Pros and cons of using free domain names in different blogging sites:

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Pros of using a Free Domain Name

  • First of all, you get a free domain for a lifetime (until and unless you violate the terms and policy of platform).
  • Different range of domain names available.

Cons of Free Domain Name

  • It looks a bit on the odd side where it ends with and
  • People might think that you are not serious about blogging you are just sharing things on internet.
  • You will not know when your site will disappear i mean indexing of your blog.
  • More often, free blogging platforms add a sense of cheap touch to your sites that may lead to less or no affiliate sales through your links.

However, people are using these platforms to share their knowledge and earning as a side business.

Top 15 Free Blogging Sites To Start Your First Personal Blog



Well, the list of the top free blogging sites will always start with the Blogger website platform. On a clear note, Blogger is one of the most used platforms all over the world. And, is still on the verge of expansion.

You can also use it as the free blog site for affiliate marketing where you don’t have to pay anything for hosting or domain name. Well if you are using custom domain name and free hosting from blogger that also make sense and gives a professional touch to your blog.

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Definitely, when it comes to creating free personal blogs, Blogger has to be the number one in any case.

Hence, with an intention to let you know more about Blogger, let us move ahead and uncover some of the Pros and Cons for the same.

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Pros of Blogger:

  • You can even make use of the blogging platform on your custom domain.
  • Still, the majority of people use blogger to start their own websites because it gives them great control criteria.
  • If you are using Blogger, getting Adsense approval is pretty easy as is owned by Google.
  • In Blogger, you can create blog posts, add images, videos to your post and make it look attractive.
  • You can make use of different monetization platforms on Blogger like Amazon, Adsense, and other affiliate programs.
  • You can customize the blog design as and when you desire. At present, there are thousands of templates available on Blogger for free. And, being a person of creativity, you can make use of any platform, with ease and comfort.

Cons of Blogger

  • One limitation that Blogger has is that you don’t have total control on your website. You can not add custom sections in your theme, you cannot customize your blog as you want. Hence, Google has the right to remove your website as and when they think, the reason is correct.
  • You don’t get a unique domain name and only get a sub-domain name if you are not using custom domain name on your blog.

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Now, after Blogger if there is one platform that is the most popular, WordPress has to be the one.  It is one of the most reliable blogging platforms and is being used by freelancers, companies, and bloggers all over the world.

Here, with the help of WordPress, you can easily create your personal blogs, either professional or mediocre level, it all depends on you.

Further, WordPress comes with tons of features, themes, and plug-ins which will certainly amplify your blogging experience among those most of them are free.

Still, if you are using the free version of WordPress, you will get a few options but blogging will still be fun and full of enthusiasm.

In addition, you can even use WordPress Blogging software on your custom domain where you can download it from

Finally, if you have decided to create your first personal blog on WordPress, there are some set of limitations as follows:

  • You will just get a sub-domain.
  • Installing themes and plugins options will not be available to you. However, you can still access WordPress free themes and install them from the given set of options.
  • You cannot make use of Google Adsense, Amazon or other monetization programs while using the free version.

Still, if you are really passionate about blogging, starting with the WordPress free version is always a blessing.

And sooner, you can buy the premium one or set your custom domain and make your website, look much more professional. You can easily host your website on Bluehost with Free domain name and create your blog at affordable cost.


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LiveJournal is available in the free as well as the paid version. Hence, if you want to keep your LiveJournal blog free from their advertising, you will certainly have to buy the premium ones.

But, as you know, we are talking about the best free blogging sites and that’s what we will tell you for LiveJournal. Over 15 million people use LiveJournal to create free blogs and you can use the same to some good effect.

Here, different languages which LiveJournal supports are:

  • English
  • Dutch
  • French

Hence, in case, you are not comfortable with English, you can use other languages and start your personal blog.

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Features of LiveJournal

  • Video Uploading
  • Private Message Sending
  • Photo Uploading
  • Public-Message Posting

Pros of LiveJournal

  • Because of the wide range of features, LiveJournal offers, it is a well-known free blogging site
  • It comes with the advantage of having a large community of people where you can find answers of your asked questions
  • Different types of language support options to start your free blog
  • Provides a fairly decent user interface where you can edit, create your blog, the easiest way

Cons of LiveJournal

In case if you don’t know, LiveJournal is a Russian networking service. Although it’s not a major con, you will find plenty of Russian content, news, and so on.



Alike Facebook and Twitter, Tumblr is also a Micro-Blogging niche and is one of the fastest-growing websites at present. As per my observation, it seems to be a mixture of Twitter, Blogger, and Facebook and looks appealing.

In case, if you want to create a site more about visuals, Tumblr can be the ultimate choice.


Tumblr gives you the privilege to make your images look appealing, classy and attractive, all at the same time. Further, you can even include images, videos and music right from the first word, “GO”. Tumblr comes among the top free personal blog sites that you can use for writing free blog posts online.

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Features of Tumblr

  • Hundreds of Free Themes to use
  • Post on your blog directly from the email section
  • Add High-Resolution Pictures
  • Availability to use third-party apps
  • Regularly publish updates on Facebook account
  • Option to schedule your blog posts
  • Create your own theme with ease
  • Convert your posts into audio ones
  • Availability to keep your posts public and private
  • Option to create your own custom domain
  • Automatic update on Twitter for your latest blog posts

Finally, from the list of available free blogging sites, Tumblr is one of the best platforms to start your personal blog, the efficient way. You can say a free blog website maker.


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In case, if you are looking for a list of free blogging sites which can give you free templates, free hosting, and an easy web builder, give Webs a heck try. After this, you will surely be amazed by useful features, it brings on the table for you.

Pros of

  • Provides a much simple and elegant layout along with the drag, drop functionality
  • You can customize your blog as and when you like
  • It also comes with an inbuilt mobile website builder which can make your web pages mobile-responsive
  • You even have the option to include your social icons such as Facebook Like box, Twitter Feeds, and other social media icons
  • Good range of theme support available for creating an appealing site
  • Webs are quite search engine friendly
  • It even serves you with the local listings which you can easily use in your business listings without paying extra
  • Webs Web analysis gives you a complete traffic data analysis to let you track all your data

Cons of

  • Theme support given is limited with the free plan
  • A limited set of features available with the free plan and premium features starts at $6 per month. Here, you can get different features such as unlimited pages, webs branding eliminated, password-protected pages, 1GB Storage and much more.



Talking about the California-based company will bring into the limelight. Yes, it was started in the year 2006 and right in 2007, it was named among the top 50 best websites by the Times.

Weebly is a popular platform that is free and is used by people to create free blogs on the go however self-hosted blogs gain more SEO benefits like if you create your blog on WordPress.

Currently, they are hosting personal websites of over 10 million people which is quite stupendous.

Hence, you can publish your content on the Weebly sub-domain. Or else, you can even post content on your custom domain and you will not be charged anything for that.

Further, you can drag, drop items, create menus, pages, and categories based on your personal choices.

Pros of Weebly

  • Speed and usability are two of the most known reasons, why people use Weebly. You can easily create your website in less than 5 minutes which is amazing on Weebly
  • Ranging from commercial to marketing apps, Weebly gives you tons of options to use apps on your preferred choice
  • Even with the free plan, Weebly provides SSL certificates without an extra charge
  • It gives you 500MB storage which is more than enough for personal blogs

Cons of Weebly

  • Storage space is limited and you cannot really start a professional blog on Weebly. In case if you want to start a professional blog, you will have to purchase a premium plan.
  • Ad displays on the free plans which can sometimes annoy a user and will not give a smooth experience to website users.

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7. Penzu


In case if you ever want to write your personal blog, take a look at the Penzu blogging platform. It is one of the coolest free blogging sites which gives you the privilege to post journals on your blogs.

Further, you can even upload unlimited images as the server provides unlimited storage for its users.

Features of Penzu

  • Multiple Journal Support
  • Smartphone Access
  • Ease Navigation
  • Rich Text Formatting
  • Auto Logout
  • Unlimited Storage
  • AutoSave Feature

Pros of Penzu

  • All over the world, Penzu is used by around 2 million people where you can peacefully write your personal blogs.
  • Privacy on Penzu is 100% where all your data entries are kept private
  • Penzu offers you a military-grade 256-bit AES encryption with which you can easily encrypt your data.

Cons of Penzu

  • The Free Plan of Penzu doesn’t allow the users to create multiple journals, journal customization, and added security.

8. Squarespace

square space

Well, this amazing listing of free blogging sites is almost incomplete without Squarespace. Yes, it is one of the easiest ways to create your own website in a pretty quick time.

Further, you can customize your website as per your will and will be able to do everything you were looking for.

For photographers, it is one of the most well-known platforms where people are earning a substantial source of income. In addition, Squarespace offers different templates that can revamp your site and make it look pleasing and amazing.

Features of Squarespace

  • Comes with a Style Editor
  • Built-in Mobile Website
  • Great Number of Templates
  • Free Typekit Fonts
  • Ability to add custom CSS
  • Can Install multiple templates at once

Pros of Squarespace

  • It gives good access to use different sorts of templates which can make your website look appealing
  • Comes with a drag and drop builder facility which can assist you in creating pages, make changes and customize the site as per your needs
  • Ranging from online stores to marketing tools, you can find almost everything on Squarespace.
  • Gives free access to Google fonts with which you don’t need to use Google Fonts or any additional plug-in.
  • You can easily access the CDN with which the load time of your site can be reduced to a considerable

Cons of Squarespace

  • Pricing is a bit on the higher side

If you are interested to learn more, you can check this Squarespace review.


9. Yola


At present, over 12 million people use Yola which makes it one of the best free blogging sites in the current world.

Further, Yola is even available in six languages such as French, English, Italian, German, Spanish, and Portuguese.

Pros of Yola

  • The website builder you get in Yola is a mere simple and easy one. Here, you can add different features, styling, and contents to your site. Further, you even get drag, drop functionality with which you can add widgets as and when you want.
  • Access to different templates, Password protection and even to different social media sharing icons
  • Yola is a complete search engine friendly platform from where you can get organic traffic straight from Google
  • Comes with Google Map Integration, Tumblr blog applications, Video Backgrounds, and site statistics
  • Yola is available in 6 languages

Cons of Yola

  • In the free blog of Yola, you get only 3 pages, 1 GB of bandwidth, 1GB Storage and only one subdomain
  • You can’t access support and cannot create unlimited pages while using the free plan

10. Edublogs.Org


As the name says, if you are into the education niche, Edublogs can be one of the best free blogging sites for you.

Here, if you are studying in a school, college, or university, you get the chance to create your blog for free. Currently, the site is holding around a million educational blogs and is still on the verge of expansion.

Pros of Edublogs

  • The biggest reason which can make you write blogs on Edublogs is their access to themes, plugins which are meant for education.
  • Access to advanced features such as forms, social sharing, tables, fonts, maps and much more
  • Full set of privacy options available such as password protection with which you can protect your files
  • File and media upload option to let you upload photos, videos, podcast, and files
  • Customize the look of your website with themes, logos and much more
  • Get access to around 250 premium themes which are a part of the free plan

Cons of Edublogs

  • The biggest drawback of Edu blogs is that they don’t allow search engines to crawl their websites. Hence, you will need to publish your content and depend on social media to attract visitors to your site.
  • Storage space is pretty much limited where you only get 1GB with the free plan.

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 11. Wix


Well, talking about one of the best free blogging sites will bring Wix straight into the limelight. In case, if you are looking to build a stunning website, you can easefully make use of Wix.

Here, you don’t need to code a single line, and the drag, drop functionality will do everything in an easy manner.

Wix is an altogether good website builder that can help you to create your dream website, within minutes.

As per the reports, 103 million users are already registered on Wix and every day 45,000 users are joining Wix.

Hence, let’s move ahead and know the Pros and Cons of Wix:

Pros of Wix

  • Wix offers 510 professional templates which are updated on a regular basis to match your professional standards
  • Comes with an innovative drag, drop builder functionality which can help you create a website, the easy way
  • Wix has got support buttons with which you can get customer support
  • It offers a great mobile editor which allows editing your website even with your Smartphone other than the desktop version
  • Using Wix Apps Market, you can easefully add different functions to your websites such as live chat support, email marketing, newsletter, testimonials, booking, scheduling, reservation, pricing tables and much more.
  • Wix has got every single SEO setting back in their bags

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Cons of Wix

  • Once you have chosen one template, you can’t really choose another one without re-inserting the whole content
  • Not designed to cop up with e-commerce needs
  • If you are using Wix’s free website, you will get different ads on your website after you will publish your article. Hence, to remove ads, you will have to upgrade to the premium plan, where the Combo package is the cheapest of all.

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12. Medium


Being one of the fastest free blogging platforms, Medium has surely captured the pace and is on the road of expansion. Here, you can create your own stories and have your individual personal space on the Internet.

Hence, you can just create your account for free, contribute your content and share it on different social media platforms.


  • Content is served by different secure medium servers.
  • Private information is kept in the confidential form using the essential security measures
  • Your written posts can reach to a large group of audience


  • You are not the owner of Medium as it is owned by ‘A Medium Corporation’. Hence, they can decide to shut down your writing work, as and when they think is the right time. You can use Grammarly to proofread your articles
  • Your written publications appear in some choices in Medium itself
  • You really cannot choose your own design layout for your website
  • Setting Redirects from Medium to WordPress is impossible
  • You don’t have complete control over your owner experience

13. Ghost


Wondering about one of the simplest and free blogging sites? Well, take a look at the Ghost platform. Here, you can use this platform to quickly build your website right from scratch.

Or else, if you are hunting for a better version than WordPress, Ghost can be a great choice to start your own blog.

Further, it comes with a beautiful and elegant design layout where you get the privilege to use a pure blogging platform.

Pros of Ghost

  • For beginners, Ghost is very simple and easy to use the platform
  • Ghost provides a flexible and easy user interface where there is a division between content creation and preview
  • Ghost dashboard is one of the major highlights where you can see feature-rich pages when we compare it with WordPress

Cons of Ghost

  • You can’t get real users to feedback as Ghost is a recently launched blogging platform
  • It is still in beta-testing mode and needs lots of improvements to be done
  • It does not provide a large number of plugins as WordPress does

14. Postach


It is one of the best blogging platforms which makes use of an external note organizing program known as Evernote.

Hence, with Postach, you can easily create your very own blog posts and can manage your content with ease and comfort.

In case, if you are willing to sign up for a Postach account, you will need an Evernote account to do the same.

Pros of Postach

  • Postach makes posting fun and super easy
  • There is no limitation on storage and depending on your Evernote level of service, you can get a whopping 60MB of upload free every month
  • Postach comes with good content management where you can connect to Discus and even make people comment on your blog

Cons of Postach

  • In order to get other features, you must know to code
  • It comes with a limited set of customization
  • You cannot see your post previews
  • Not feasible to import contents from other sites
  • Video and Audio are not supported
  • Postach does not come with any community forums

15. Jimdo


Are you in search of a hassle-free blogging platform? If your answer is Yes then Jimdo can be a good choice.

Hence, if you ever want to build an online shop, Jimdo can help you make it to an absolute level of perfection.

With Jimdo, you don’t need any coding knowledge and the simple drag, drop builder tool can help you create your site, the easy way.

Pros of Jimdo

  • It’s a free platform which comes with some amazing set of features and you don’t really need a paid plan
  • In case if you know to code, you can use Jimdo to some deadly good effect
  • Its super cool for small to medium scale businesses
  • Jimdo web pages are search engine friendly and you can get organic traffic from the web with Jimdo

Cons of Jimdo

  • You can face template restriction issue
  • Jimdo is probably not a good choice for US Sellers

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Important Facts Which You Must Know About Free Blogging Sites

  • Given below are some of the most useful tips while using the best list of blogging sites for creating your dream blogs:
  • Firstly, you don’t have got any control over the address of your blog. Hence, blog owners can delete your blog as and when they want.
  • Most of the free blog will allow you to post content in the form of pages and blog posts. Yes, you can add videos, images and other media elements to your blog without any issue.
  • You can’t really upload a theme or template created by you on a free blog. Still, on Blogger, you can upload your designed templates with just a click on the button.
  • You don’t really have access to every single plugin when you work on a free blog.
  • Making money becomes pretty hard if you are writing on the free blog
  • Free blogs don’t allow you to add PHP, JavaScript on your blogs.

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Final Word of Mouth: Top 15 Free Blogging Sites To Start Your First Personal Blog

I hope, I have covered every single free blogging sites which can benefit you to create your own blog, the very first time.

Hence, if you have your own blog, you can connect with people, share your ideas, and shine all over the Internet.

Thus, if you are a beginner and searching for what else to do in your lives, blogging is one good answer.

We know blogging is tough at the start but as and when you will dig deep in, success will definitely knock your doors. Hence, you just need to start your first blog, write content regularly, and wait for the magic to happen.

Still, from my personal suggestion, Blogger and WordPress are the two most renowned platforms which can make you take the first step, towards blogging.

Other than that, if you know other free blogging sites names, feel free to tell in the comment section. And, as usual, I will be grateful enough to include the same, for sure.

Finally, if you really liked this article of the “Top 15 Free Blogging Sites 2018”, share it with your friends, family. And, be the “Next Blogging King, the World has ever Witnessed” with grace and passion.


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