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TOP 25 Indian Bloggers of 2024 + Their Earnings [RANKED]

Top Indian bloggers updated list

If you are looking for the best tech blogger to write about your product/service then this list is for you! We have handpicked these bloggers based on their experience, expertise, quality of work, domain authority and most importantly their audience size.

People don’t believe me when I say there are lots of successful tech bloggers in India. During the initial days when I was figuring out my articles Strategy, besides my mentor, these bloggers motivated me not to stop trying.

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A number of them are incredibly successful, and therefore are earning thousands of dollars monthly from blogging.

Top Indian Bloggers

We’ve compiled a listing of top tech writers and influencers Based on India, by devoting in their content caliber, follower foundation, domain Experience and submitting frequency.

Listed below are the top 25 tech authors and Influencers who each technician enthusiast should follow:

1. Amit Agarwal

He’s completely unique, and nobody could be like him. A former IITian, before 2004 he was able to work in the USA at Goldman Sachs

He intended to stop his regular job and begin a tech blog named Labnol. You can say he has introduced blogging in India before him blogging was not as popular as now in India.

It was a massive success only following few months of launch. After a couple of months, he had been making at INR 10,00,000/- a month.  Yes, 10 lakhs a month. When he started his blogging career he was not aware that people can make money with blogging with niche blogs.

Affiliate Marketing was the major revenue source from where he made lots of money. People in India call him the Godfather of Blogging. In one word you can say he is a Authority blogger.

He also earned money from showing Adsense ads on his blog, You guys can also use Adsense or Native ads like Hilltop Ads to monetize your blog and earn money from your blog.

After a couple of years of submitting blog articles on tech, he makes about INR 20,00,000/- to INR 30,00,000/- per month.

Now he’s also a columnist in wall street journal that is really very exciting for young bloggers of India to get inspiration from. His major income comes from Google Adsense.


Website/blog: Labnol

2. Harsh Agrawal

Harsh Agrawal runs which is among the most popular blogs in India. He is a full time blogger. He completely epitomizes the youthful Indian who’s independent and has sufficient cash to enjoy his life.

Before starting his blogging career he was working in a software firm named Convergys, where he used to work as a call center employee.

He quit his job out of there and began blogging as a full-time career. His website shoutmeloud premiered in September 2008. 

The site is still running and bringing more than 2 million page views of traffic daily, that is every blogger’s dream.

His earnings for June 2012 were approximately $6,000+.  In reality, he exhibited his earnings on his website.

Soon he had released his February 2019 income, which is near around $30,000+ every month. He earns more than $30K to $50K every single month.

Harsh’s major source of income is from Affiliate Marketing followed with sponsored articles, ad revenue, and info products like E-books, digital courses & getting paid to speak at any event.

Harsh Agrawal is my mentor and learning new things from him on a regular basis. He runs many affiliate marketing blogs in India and outside India. Harsh Agrawal owns a Volvo XC60 whose price starts from $40,000 dollars. Many websites have claimed that Harsh Agrawal is the richest blogger of India.

Want to learn affiliate Marketing in full?

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Visit Website/blog: Shoutmeloud | Coin Sutra

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Watch Interview of Harsh Agrawal with me(Amit Mishra):

3. Deepak Kanakaraju

Deepak is an electronic advertising and marketing consultant from Bangalore.

After coming across a post on blogging & Adsense at a magazine in the year 2008. Deepak got motivated to start a site, and that is the way his blogging journey began.

Ever since that time, there was no looking back as his website is currently rated among the top 10 digital advertising sites in India and is well known.

Monthly Earnings of Deepak from sites is Rs 2,00,000+. Deepak and me working on different projects together.


Visit Website/blog: Digital Deepak

You can watch the quality discussion on blogging With Blogger and Deepak Kanakaraju:

4. Pritam Nagrale:

One of my best friend and top blogger of India Pritam Nagrale, he started his blogging journey in 2004 when no one was aware of earning from the internet, he is running two blogs MoneyConnexion & and earning more than $10000- $15000 every single month from Adsense and advertising on his blog.

He is very down to earth person and has a team of more than 35+ people in his office working on different blogs.

If you want to know Pritam Nagrale net worth? then he is earning more than $20000+ every month. He owns a BMW 5 series car also which is worth more than 65 lakh.

I visited his place and took his interview for my Youtube Channel Tryootech you can see his video below:

5. Pradeep Kumar

Pardeep founded his website HellBound Bloggers at age 17.  After a great deal of struggle and studying,  he turned the site into a professional one.

In this time he became enthused about blogging and recognized that blogging is more than writing publishing & sharing knowledge, it is a moderate to discuss quality information.

In his website, he covers matters like social networking advertising, marketing resources, WordPress, SEO, online small business suggestions, e-commerce, etc.

Many distinguished bloggers contribute articles to his website.

pradeep kumar hell bound blogger

Visit Website/blog: Hell Bound Bloggers

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6. Anil Agarwal

Anil is the proprietor of Bloggers Passion, a website dedicated to assisting fellow bloggers to earn money via a blog.  He started the site from the year 2010 after becoming inspired by some of the significant money-making niche sites on earth.

His dedication, hard work, and persistence led his success in blogging, And if you don’t know he is also an SEO Expert.

What began as a hobby with this masters-level holder has turned into a full-time profession.

I personally met Anil Agarwal and found he is a really very down to earth and humble person.

bloggers passion

Visit Website/blog: Bloggers Passion

Watch My Video Interview in Hindi with Anil Agarwal:

Click here to know the tools I use for blogging

7. Jitendra Vaswani

Jitendra Vaswani is an expert blogger, speaker, and also an influential electronic marketer.   After graduating from Engineering from the year 2012, he based Bloggers Ideas, an online marketing blog.

In this website, he mainly writes about blogging ideas, traffic raising tips, SEO, interviews with top search engine optimization specialists, product reviews, etc.

bloggers i

Visit Website/blog: Bloggers Ideas

Read this: 25 Brilliant Tips to Make Your Blog as Pro Bloggers

8. Amit Bhawani

One Of my Favorite Youtube creators and Blogger of India, I inspired by his work and consistency. He is also running a Travel vlogging youtube channel as well TripRazor, However, PhoneRadar is his major project nowadays.

Learn how to grow your Youtube Subscribers Fast on Youtube. Nowadays you should also have a youtube channel to drive more traffic to your blog. Don’t miss any avenue to make more money from the Internet.

His website is about gadgets and technology.  He was able to write about mobile phones, tablet computers and technology news from across the globe.

The highest possible income from his website was approximately $25,000 a month.

He was able to have around 35,000 visitors every day.  His site was popular.  His other renowned blogs include the name such as But from the previous one year that he isn’t blogging on his primary blog because he’s moved to a different level.

You can follow him on Instagram as well: Amit Bhawani


Visit Website/blog: PhoneRadar

Watch Video with Amit Bhawani on my Youtube Channel Tryootech

Amit Bhawani with Amit Mishra

9. Kulwant Nagi

Kulwant is a 30-year-old full-time specialist blogger who’s well recognized from the blogosphere world.

The guy started his blogging profession in the year 2011 and since he never needed to return.  After shooting at the dark for the first seven weeks, he left his very first buck online and today is earning $10,000+ per month.

In his website, you’ll discover a great deal of information on subjects like blogging tools & tips, SEO, WordPress, social networking suggestions, money-making tips, and motivational tales.

I interviewed him for my youtube channel and was in a conversation face to face, He loves to travel a lot. Recently he has started his content writing company AffloSpark.

Order your first content writing work With AffloSpark.

However, if you are a blogger and love writing articles on your own then Grammarly will help you to write & proofread your articles. I personally use the paid version of Grammarly.

Get 25% off on Grammarly.

blogging cage

Check out his blog: Blogging Cage

Enroll in Affiliate Marketing Mastercall by Kulwant Nagi (50% Off only for Tryootech Visitors)

You can Watch Interview of Kulwant Nagi in Hindi With me here:

10. Ashish Sinha

Ashish Sinha, an IIT & IIM grad, has varied work experience. His love for technologies has caused the beginning of this site, which afterward became an area to talk about the startup and technology ecosystem.

From information to reviews, hints to tips hacks to upgrades, and this site touches everything.


Visit Ashish’s blog: Next Big What

11. Srinivas Tamada

His site is for people who are more technical instead of a non-professional. His website is 9lessons.

Information and quite popular with the developer & developer community. Srinivas is currently 20+ and earning the large sum of money out of his site.

This is true and proven that anyone can make money with blogging the only thing is to get started.

Although, he hasn’t revealed his earnings following my figure that he makes cash equivalent to Harsh Agarwal or more. His earnings might be anywhere from $4,000 to $ 7,000 a month including all stations.

srinivas tamada

Visit his website: 9lessons

12. Arun Prabhudesai

His website is mostly a company and a tech website.  He provides advice about startups, financial information, And the Stock market also covers news on technology and businesses although he is a great Youtuber too with near about 2 million subscribers on his Youtube channel tech.

I am also a Youtuber and I know youtube can change your life forever however if you are working on both i.e blogging & on youtube then your earnings will also get doubled in less time. You have to believe that if you are not working online then you are missing a lot on the table.

You can enroll for my Youtube Business Mastery Program (Hindi) if you want to be a successful Youtuber.

Mostly you will find News related content on his blog, He is very active on his Youtube Channel. On his youtube channel, he is covering smartphone & Gadgets related videos.

He arrived back from the USA to begin this site because he enjoys creating content and blogging.  Aside from blogging he’s a great love for photography.

He’s also a budding entrepreneur who’s convinced about the future of the Indian blogging industry. He is based in Pune city.

trakin tech

Visit Arun’s Blog: Trak in

13. Jaspal Singh

Jaspal Singh runs a site called  Although, we understand very little about his private life.  But he’s a mechanical engineer that enjoys visiting the gym.

His website is all about applications, web tips, and tech news.


Check out Jaspal’s Blog: Save Delete

14. Dev Sharma

With a primary focus on producing fantastic advice to educate his readers on everything and anything WordPress.

He has generated in-depth guides on WordPress hosting, getting started with Google analytics, enhancing the security and speed of your website, plus a whole lot more.  His site makes regular traffic of 100,000 a month.

Visit Dev Sharma’s Blog: WpKube

15. Sorav Jain

Sorav is one of the best digital marketer & funniest authors that have made a title. For himself at the blogosphere world.  International Youth Advertising Forum had acknowledged him among the Top 25 Social Media Professionals of India.

He creates content for Youtube, Blogs & Instagram and has a good number of Instagram followers, I am working on gaining more followers on Instagram if you also want to learn then check out this post on how to get more followers on Instagram.

His website is all about electronic advertising from advertising tools for electronic advertising classes to newest digital happenings into leveraging social networking platforms to developing your subscriber base.

However, if you are looking for Discounts on Sorav Jain’s Courses then you can check here.

So, if you are looking to start your Digital Marketing Journey, then you can check out some best digital marketing institute in Delhi.


Check out Sorav’s Blog: Sorav Jain

Watch Interview of Sorav Jain With me:

16. Sandeep Mallya

Sandeep Mallya is a Bangalore-based entrepreneur that runs the Popular SEO and inbound advertising blog 99signals with more than 20,000+ subscribers globally.

In his website, you’ll Discover detailed posts, tutorials, and how-to guides on a wide selection of internet marketing subjects, such as link building, neighborhood SEO, social networking, email, and much more.

He is earning really handsome money from his blog we don’t have exact numbers as of now.

sandeep mallya

Check out: 99Signals

Must Read: Top 20 SEO Ranking Factors (In 2018) You Should Know

17. Ankit Singla

My pro blogger friend Ankit is a 25-year-old full-time writer hailing from New Delhi.

He’s quite enthusiastic about internet promotion and uses his website to give excellent articles & tutorials to direct newbie bloggers to enhance their sites.

His website mainly concentrates on blogging tips, SEO, social sites Optimization, traffic building tips, and a whole lot more.

When he started his blogging journey then his blog was later he changed his blog’s name to In India he is a pro affiliate of SEMrush and earning more than an average blogger every month.


Visit Ankit Singla’s Blog: MasterBlogging

Watch me with Ankit Singla in the same frame:

This is high time to start blogging as a career.

18. Raju PP

Raju is the creator of TechPP site, a brief form for Tech Personalized. This is only one of the most significant technology sites with a focus on private and customer technology.

The site has segments featuring articles on News, Reviews, Tips, Tutorials, and Articles all associated with smartphones, gadgets, internet tools, and technologies related to goods.

Raju and his little staff who run the site attempt to consciously Differentiate themselves from the run of the mill tech information sites by curating content and providing a platform for individuals to air their perspectives and problems publicly.

Raju pp

Raju PP’s Blog: TechPP

19. Abhijeet Mukherjee

Abhijeet runs the site Guiding Tech, among the favorite tech Websites in India today.  While reading a newspaper article on Sabeer Bhatia, the founder of Hotmail, Abhijeet came across the term blog’ from the guide, and that sparked his fascination with blogging.

Now, through his website, he shares stories on technology, science, and civilization for the urban and educated youth. He considers that if you’re able to produce a loyal crowd, a website will remain profitable.

the best part of running a blog is you can sell your blog later with 30X to 40X more profits. If you also don’t know how to start a blog then this guide will help you to start, however, if you want to learn to blog then check out this.

Abhijeet mukherjee blogger

Visit Guiding Tech

20. Sandeep Jain

GeeksforGeeks.  Before he worked together with DE Shaw as an application programmer.

Since the title of this site belongs, this is directed at computer programming and science fans that are looking for a great group of algorithm and programming based interview questions.

From the top 10 interview questions about aggressive programming articles on several different languages to interview encounters of candidates in top product businesses, this site covers all of it.

Check out Geeks for Geeks

21. Anand Khanse

Enthusiast and a receiver of Microsoft’s most precious expert award for Ten consecutive years.  He conducts a company full time and blogs around Windows, which can be fire he obtained in the previous ten decades.

Through This Website, Anand provides advice that’s mostly targeted in the Windows 10/8/ seven users also addresses problems regarding Microsoft and Windows operating systems.

His website creates a monthly average visitors of 10 million webpage View that is insane. Ishan and Jaya, the husband-wife bunch, are the creators of this site ilovefreesoftware.

Everybody likes free software and thus does this bunch. Instead, they did not stop there and united this love to get free applications by using their enthusiasm for blogging and began their site.

This site covers various best free apps on the web and rather than only trial versions.  Head over to their website to find download links to different free software that may be helpful to you.

They make more money via Google AdSense and affiliate products.

Visit I love free software

22. Chandoo

Chandoo describes himself as Chief Excel Officer of the website.

That’s not a surprise given his website is about Excel.  He’s enthusiastic about Information Analytics and Visualization and during his website, he assists his readers to understand fundamental and advanced shine.

Additionally, he’s developed training programs on Excel/VBA/Macros, made excel templates for project management & dash coverage, and authored books on Excel formulas.


Check out Chandoo’s Blog: Chandoo

23. Shardha Sharma

Shraddha is the sole female blogger on the listing of top Indian authors.  She’s well known for her internationally recognized site which began before in 2008 as

YourStory is a top media site that is devoted to sharing Teachers, entrepreneurs, and Founders tales and contains profiled 15,000+ entrepreneurs.

Your Story is making money with brand mentions, Google custom search, Events, Google Adsense & sponsored articles by the brands and businesses.

Now they have launched more avenues around Yourstory naming HerStory, SocialStory, SMBStory, YourStoryTV, MyStory, YS Korea, YSAuto, and many more. Yourstory is earning big with Google Adsense.

Shardha is among top indian bloggers who are contributing to indian blogging industry and one of the richest blogger from India.


Visit one of the most famous Storytelling blogs in India: YourStory

24. Siddharta Joshi

Siddhartha is a somewhat socially aware travel blogger.  He believes in the idea of world Without Borders’ and the ability to travel to break down barriers among people.

Through his website, he catches the dreams of individuals and shares tales, travelogues, travel tips, photography ideas, traveling product reviews, and a couple of travel videos.

His hope is that by combining those tales he is going to have the ability to inspire people to journey and learn more about the world more.

Also, he expects that sometime in his life, he can throw his passport in a bin and traveling freely around the world.

sid joshi

Check out Sid’s blog: The Wanderer

25. Umang Trivedi

Umang Trivedi is no standard travel blogger with finished two 15,000 ft treks from the Himalayas.  He targets three sections of traveling experience, unique, amazing experiences.

Throughout his website, he likes to discuss info about itineraries, things to do, travel tips, nightlife, and eating places.

Head directly to his website if you prefer to research bungee jumping, scuba diving, river rafting into unique travel places to home remains, and jungle lodges.

umang trivedi

Visit Umang Trivedi’s Travel blog: Travel max

These were some top bloggers in India who are blogging for more than 10+ years and earning their living online also running best Indian blogs.

After reading this article about the best bloggers from India, I think you are ready to start your blogging journey today.

Now it’s your turn to let me know which is your favorite Blogger from the above top Indian bloggers list?

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Sharing is caring, let your blogger friends know about top bloggers from India. Share your thoughts in comments.

If you are a blogger and doing good in numbers feel free to contact us for featuring you in this list at [email protected].

Amit Mishra

Amit Mishra

Professional Blogger, YouTuber with 370K Subs, Digital Marketer.
Love to help people with my advance skills to earn living online. Learn Blogging, SEO & Digital Marketing on this blog.

Featured in: Cloudways | Joshtalks | ResellerClub | BlueHost
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