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5 Best Content Creation Tools to SkyRocket Your Revenue in 2024

Content of your blog is the first thing you should focus more, You have heard this quote many times “Content is king” based on your quality content your earning graph fluctuates. If you are in the competitive industry, then only your content will help you to stand alone from the crowd. To create excellent and quality content, you need some of the best content creation tools.

However, you can also create content without any help of machines, although, if you want to outrank your competition in Google and increase your earnings, then you should invest in premium tools.

I will be sharing some free and paid tools so that you can try both of them for your better understanding. Earlier I was not using any means to create content.

Once I realized that something is missing with my blogging strategy, then one friend of mine recommended some tools to create content, and now you can see my articles are ranking in google and getting traffic for free.

Without further ado, let’s discuss some best tools for content creation.

Best Content Creation Tools in 2024

1. SEMrush

If you are looking for the best and only tool you want for your all marketing needs, then I would say SEMrush is the winner tool you guys should use. If you are a blogger, YouTuber, business owner, marketing specialist, or freelancer, this tool is all in one marketing tool you will need.

SEMrush provides you Content Marketing toolkitwith the help of this toolkit, you can create well-crafted SEO friendly content within a minute.

semrush content marketing toolkit

How this tool works:

how semrush content marketing toolkit works

To use this tool, you need to enter one keyword on which you want to create content in the search box and then click on the create SEO template button. Just after that, you will get a recommendation from SEMrush on how to create SEO friendly content which ranks better in Google SERP.

Let me show you some examples:

In the below image you can see I have searched for Keyword: “Best ideas to start blogging” after hitting the enter, now you can see SEO recommendations for your content. You will get competitor URLs and keyword ideas which your competitors are using in their bog articles. Use Keyword recommendations in your blog post to get search traffic with ease.

Semrush seo content template toolkit results

With the help of this tool, you can find semantically related words, Backlinks opportunities for your upcoming article, How much should be your readability score, and most importantly, what should be the length of your article. SEMrush displays data based on Google’s top 10 rivals.

Semrush content creation tool

This best content creation tool also tells you how your competitors use your target keywords to rank in search results. You can see the top 10 Google search results for the 1st page. With this feature, you can create a better content marketing strategy for your blog post.

best content creation tool

The Best part about this tool is you can also see basic recommendations related to the page title, what should be your meta description, how many H1 tags you should use, How many times you have to enter your Keyword in the article. You can also find keyword ideas which you can use in your article.

semrush features

You can also get an SEO writing assistant in this tool; you can also send recommendations to your google docs from the same dashboard.

seo writing assistant SEMrush

All an all, this is the best god tool for all your content generation requirements.

Get SEmrush Content Marketing Toolkit 7 days trial worth $99 for Free

2. Jasper Ai

Jarvis ai content generation tool

Jarvis Ai is the leading AI content generation tool for your website, blog, social media, email, Facebook ad copies, Google ad copies, etc. This is one of the powerful content generation tool that you should use to save money on content writers.

Check Jasper Ai review here.

3. Grammarly


Grammarly is one of the free content creation tools which helps you to create the best content for your business. Content creators use this, too, as an article rewriter tool for their text-based content. You can check punctuation mistakes, proofread your articles with Grammarly for error-free writing.

You can remove all your grammatical errors with this AI-powered writing assistant. Improve clarity and readability of your content with just some clicks. The best feature of this tool is tone customizing of your blog post; you can set the reading flow of your articles and convert language readability as per your target countries. Grammarly provides a free plagiarism checker and chrome extension.

You can fine-tune your articles with Grammarly Premium so that search engines can understand your language based on intent and rank you higher.

Download Grammarly Chrome Extension

4. Visme


Visme is the most potent freemium tool to create infographics, charts, thumbnails, presentations, documents, printables, social media graphics, website graphics, animated gifs, timelines, flowcharts, flyers, etc.

You don’t have to be a pro graphic designer, best content creation tool for non-designers. This is your secret tool for a visual age.

Anyone in digital marketing finds this tool useful for there daily content needs.

Who can use Visme?

Anyone who creates content online, bloggers, YouTubers, HR professionals for sending engaging memorable, offer letters, sales personnel for send pitches to their customers or other brands, people who belong to the education and training industry.

content tool for businesses

One for all your graphics requirements, you get many extra features and templates in the there premium version, I can bet on this you won’t regret.

Create an account on Visme

5. GetResponse

getresponse discount

One of the amazing email marketing tools to send beautiful emails to your subscribers, You can build landing pages which you can send in your emails. You can design email templates in minutes. No pro skill required; anyone who is creating content can repurpose with Getresponse.

Use GetResponse Free for 30 days (No credit card required)


We know that content marketing is a powerful tool for getting more traffic and leads. But, what if you’re not sure how to create the right kind of content? There are so many different tools out there telling you about their features and benefits—it can be hard to tell which ones will actually help your business succeed.

Jasper Ai & Semrush are the highy recommended tools that you should use to create quality content for your website, blog, business website or for your clients.

Let me know your favorite content creation tool which you use in your daily day to day life. If you liked this article share this with your friends. If you want to know about these tools or want any assistance just reach out me at [email protected].

Amit Mishra

Amit Mishra

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Love to help people with my advance skills to earn living online. Learn Blogging, SEO & Digital Marketing on this blog.

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