23 thoughts on “11 Killer Ways How to Drive Traffic From Twitter to Your Blog”

  1. Hey Amit,

    I really like your article quality, and I really love your all articles and especially those Twitter techniques are useful for all of us

    Amit always shares amazing article thank you, keep it up.

    Olid Rahman

  2. Hi Amit Bhai !

    Great Post! Thank you so much for sharing this valuable post on How to drive traffic from twitter to your blog. This will definitely help new bloggers with less follower to drive traffic easily.


  3. Thanks, Amit,
    For sharing such a awesome tips to drive more traffic from Twitter. Twitter is 3rd social traffic source for my site.

    But, I know that after implementing your tactics. It will be top social traffic source.

  4. If you follow Amit and Trypootech regularly, then you will come to know Amit has implemented most of the things in this blog post what he shares in his article.
    This is so amazing.
    If you are looking forward to how to write an SEO optimized article then please analyze this article.
    Good Job Amit. You are amazing.
    Keep Rocking

    Abhijeet Ingle

  5. These are really great tips to drive high traffic to our blog using Twitter.
    I get high traffic to my blog from Twitter. Twitter is my second source of traffic, first is Quora.

  6. Bro Bro Bro I’am One Your Oldest Youtube Subscriber And Blog Reader . I learn a lot from you and try to implement it . you give damm value to your subscribers . This post open my eye about twitter previously i think twitter is the just platform and not necessary for blogging but now i know what is twitter .

    ThankYou So Much

  7. Hello Amit,
    As always, a great post on how to drive more traffic. I’ve been mingling some of your articles here and figuring it out what will work for me, I am new into blogging and I really need these kinds of tips to boost my blog on twitter. I have gone through so many others blog but I find it easier to understand the steps in your blog. Traffic will definitely inspire new bloggers in the blogging world. there are more I have to learn from you to make my blog more powerful.

  8. It was really a new article for driving traffic.till now don’t use twitter but it is rrally gonna help me in driving traffic. Thanks for the amazing post.

  9. Hello Amit,

    Awesome Post. I am a big fan of twitter and facebook. But after using them for many years I found that twitter works well on driving quality traffic to my blog posts. I have noticed that twitter traffic converts very well if you are doing affiliate marketing or selling your products and services. Thanks for sharing this helpful post.


  10. Amit,

    Wonderful insight. I have been reading your blog since last 2 days and got inspired and started my own blog. I would like to meet you in person



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