4 Best Project Management Tools - Your Productivity Partner

4 Best Project Management Tools - Your Productivity Partner

If you are searching to signup for the best project management tools? I have listed some of the top project management tools that will help you boost your productivity. Every brand or business has its easy-to-manage project routines. however, only some of them use calendars, or Gmail to manage all of these.

These tools are good at managing at small levels or best picks for startups. If you have a decent team, in-house or remote, then you should have professional tools to manage your tasks and improve your productivity and manage your client's projects. These tools will help you to manage, track, collaborate, and keep all these in a single system.

So, in this article, we will learn about the best project management tools, that are beneficial to small businesses to big brands.

What are Project Management Tools?

Project management tools that helps you to organise the team, track their record or performance, and maintain all tasks in a loop. Helps you build a effective team and meet your end goals.

Before moving ahead, first, you must understand the key benefits of project management tools in real life, which are as follows:

Benefits of Project Management Tools

There are numerous benefits of using the best project management tools, a  few of them are as follows:

Improves Team Collaboration

If you start a project without a working plan, it will likely become disorganized, making it difficult to determine which team member performed specific tasks.

In this context, the best project management tools, which we will discuss later in this article, can be highly beneficial for executing operations perfectly and on time.

With these tools, you can easily duplicate tasks, establishing a consistent process for your venture. This will help resolve conflicts during execution and ultimately enhance team collaboration.

Improves Efficiency 

Executing all ideas into action and using the best project management tools is crucial for achieving optimal final results. Many project management tools are available in the market, so choosing the best one depends on your level of project execution and workforce.

Traditional methods require significant time and manual effort to manage tasks effectively. However, today, using the best project management tools saves a lot of time and manual labor, making the setup process smoother.

These tools can also be connected with other tools via API to make the process easier and more efficient.

Resource Management

Utilizing company resources in the right direction is very important. Each team member plays a crucial role in the company's success.

Planning and managing resources can be easily monitored by project management tools, helping you identify the resources allocated to particular tasks or projects at any given time.

resource management

With these tools, you can easily create reports, charts, and analyses.

Easily Centralize the Data

With the best project management tools, you can easily manage projects from a single-point source. Tasks like deadlines, resource allocation, milestones, and much more can be viewed and managed in real-time with these tools. This saves a lot of time, strengthens your management, and maximizes output in very little time.

Live Monitoring

You can easily track live stats of your project and receive notifications upon task completion or any updates. This directly helps the team make timely, accurate decisions and adjustments.

These are a few benefits of using the best project management tools. Now, we will cover the four best project management tools for your ventures, which are also highly demanded today.

4 Best Project Management Tools

There are many excellent project management tools available in today's digital world. However, choosing the right one according to your specific needs is crucial. Here, we will discuss the four best project management tools that can be easily used by small ventures and large companies alike.


Trello is a very powerful project management tool, you can easily create and track tasks easily in different boards and lists. This shows the live stats of the project, you have started.

trello project management tools

Features of Trello

Trello contains lists, boards, and cards to present the project databases, has checklists and subtasks, and the main one is task allocation and notification updates. 

This also contains deadline management with a regular activity log. You can also integrate other tools or software into this. 

Trello Pricing 

  • Trello has both plans - Free and Premium
  • Premium plans include the plans - Standard, premium, and Enterp[irze, starting from $5/monthly. 


The notion is one of the best project management tools, for team collaboration. All works can be settled in a single page in notion, by making its dashboard look simple with trackers and all. 

Notion project management tools

Notion is the best choice for beginners and is very easy to use. Small teams and freelancers can use it to its full potential. 

Features of Notion

The notion has AI featured for writing and has multiple views, i.e.- tables, lists, etc. You can easily create notes or a gallery here. Have integration systems with many other tools or software at very ease.

Notion Pricing 

  • Notion has both plans- Free and Premium.
  • Free for 2 users and has limited features like collaboration.
  • Premium plans have Plus, Business, and Enterprise; starting from $10/monthly. 

Signup for Notion here.

Mircosoft Office

Microsoft Office is the best project management tool for personal or office use. It is highly popular and versatile, with more than 80% of companies using it regularly.

Microsoft Office includes MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, MS Outlook, and many other Microsoft applications that make your work simpler and more effective.

Each of these applications has unique uses and purposes to cater to your office projects and tasks.

Features of Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office is used for creating documents, spreadsheets, and presentation trackers, and for storing data. It now has mobile apps for different applications, making your work accessible via your smartphone.

Microsoft Office Pricing

It offers home and business plans, starting at approximately Rs. 4,800 per year for one person, with many other customized plans available on a monthly or yearly basis.

Zoho Projects

Zoho Projects is one of the best project management tools, and all sizes of companies can use it, whether you are a starter or a well-established one. 

zoho projects

This tool is available in both - mobile and web versions. This helps you to break the big project into small tasks and make it more manageable here, with milestones, task lists, etc.

Features of Zoho Projects

The main features of Zoho Projects are task management and automation, building roadmaps, time tracker, on-time reporting and analysis, with a chat section to solve any query or share any updates. The important one is the integration system. 

Zoho Projects Pricing 

  • Zoho Projects starts from $5/month and has a 10-day free trial deal.
  • Have a free plan including 3 users and up to 2 projects only. 


Choosing the best project management tools can be very difficult. You can easily schedule a free demo call with vendors to understand their tools better. You can also consider the project management tools discussed above especially i like Notion. We have already mentioned their features and pricing, which will save you a lot of time and resources. These tools can easily help you assign and allocate tasks or projects to small or large teams. Investing in these top project management tools is always worth it for your ventures.

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