How to Select Good Email Names for Your Personal Email Address

How to Select Good Email Names for Your Personal Email Address

Hey! Are you tired of searching for the desired e-mail address on the internet? Are you a normal user and seeking to get a professional-looking email address from the prominent email service providers?

In this post i have shared a practice that will help you how to come up with a good email name for your business or personal use.

Are you a professional and looking forward to getting exclusive email names without any hassles? Do you want your email address to reflect your professional attitude while presenting it to someone?

The article mentioned hereby dedicatedly explains the best strategies to select good email names for your professional career growth.

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Selecting a unique and decent looking email address is exceptionally important for the normal as well as professional users.

Normal users prefer getting email addresses from prominent email service providers such as Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, etc. However, the individuals including the Bloggers, YouTubers, IT experts, and others prefer getting a personal email address via personalized hosting services.

Whatever the requirements may be, it is crucial to adopt the best strategies for getting a good email address for initiating professional career growth in no time.

Strategies for Selecting a Name for Your Personal E-Mail Address:

You may be wondering that selecting an email address is simple and requires no effort. But, you must be smart enough in choosing the same having professional exposure.

Several studies on the issue prove that trusting the sender works as the most important factor to open an email or not.

Let us suppose that you are applying for a job using an email having a funny exposure.

In such a situation, the chances even to open your email will be extremely less as the name sounds unprofessional.

You are feeling amazed. Is it? But, it’s the fact as the ‘From’ name tells a lot about you.  Always prefer an email address that is easy to remember, and spell leaving a good impact on the receiver.

The best strategies for selecting good email address names for your personal email address are as under:-

  1. E-mail name selection:

The rule of thumb permits you to choose your own name for the purpose. However, there exists a great chance that another user at any specific place might be using it.

But, have you ever thought of considering another e-mail service in addition? Perhaps you have not done it. Hey! If you are not getting the desired e-mail name with any particular service provider like Gmail, then why not go for Outlook, Yahoo, or others?

Yes, I understand that you will be compromising with the exceptional functionalities provided by Google in Gmail. The services are mostly similar with all the e-mail service providers except the availability of the functionalities of online editing software like Google Docs.

The people most often cater to prioritize the purpose of sending, and receiving e-mails with basic functionality of file attachments, and others. In such a situation, why not go for the services providing us a professional email address making our name as the brand name.

It is better to choose Outlook or Yahoo instead of Gmail in case we are getting an independency to choose professional-looking e-mail addresses like That’s it.

  1. Convenience in Pronouncing and Remembering:

You should proceed to select an email name that you can easily remember and pronounce. The strategy will extremely be helpful to let the people remember your email without any difficulties.

While picking the same, you better prefer your own name structured in a well-organized manner reflecting your brand presence. Better avoid unwanted characters and hard to spell words in between the name to make it valuable in all aspects.

Important points while selecting a personal email address:

  • Avoid the unwanted usage of the unprofessional words (like demon, angel, rockstar, cutie, etc) during the time of creating a personal email address. Such an address will put up a question mark upon your level of professionalism and understanding.
  • Prefer picking your own name during the time of creating your email address. You can even put forward your brand name associating with your own name in a well-organized format.
  • Specifically for the ladies, it is essential to avoid using the surnames during the time. This will be helpful for you if you are residing in a country like India, where the surname normally changes after the marriage.

Always remember that the email address is your online identity. You must be attentive enough during the time imagining your professional lifestyle after several years.

There exist several online email address generators that you can use for the purpose. Instead, your creativity and professional attitude matter the most while creating a meaningful email address.

  1. Using personalized domain for the purpose:

One upon a time, it was extremely expensive to go for a personal domain and a custom domain email. However, the consistent advancement in the technological edge resulted positively for the persons willing to have a professional-looking e-mail address.

The professionals prefer using the custom domain e-mail at personalized hosting services rather than the normal users. Such an ID reflects its brand presence proving to be excellent for the purpose of branding. In addition, they will find themselves eligible in accessing all the essential features of their favorite e-mail services.

You need to set up an e-mail forwarding feature as well. It will let all the emails coming to your custom domain transferred to the commonly used email service such as Gmail.

The sender will send you the mails using the custom domain name such as However, after enabling the email forwarding feature under the hosting service you use, you can get all your mails inside your favorite email service such as

  1. Prefer evergreen email address for the long term:

The point counts both for the normal as well as the professional users. You must never prefer registering your email address using the business, or the company name. The point matters in the sense that you never know about the future happenings.

You cannot predict your presence in the present company in the upcoming years. For example, suppose your name is Mac Collins and you are working at present in Mercedes Benz.

During the process to build your email address, you can never know your future life situations of continuing in the same company for the upcoming years.

It is better to make the email keeping your name under the same instead of putting the word Mercedes Benz inside it. The evergreen email address counts here in the form of your own name rather than using the company name in between.

It is essential to use the first and last names during the process. You can even put your nickname in between to assure the online availability.

  1. Using the Dot Functionality:

One of the vital ways to register the email address is to implement the dot functionality. However, you should know the fact that Gmail never distinguishes between them.

For example, the email with the names steve.johnson, stevejohnson,, etc, are similar usernames in the eyes of Gmail. Google equally treats all these email names.

Most importantly, if the desired email address is already taken by someone in a single format, all the rest format with a dot will no more be available for you.

The periods or dots never matter for Gmail or Facebook emails. If you are going ahead to use Yahoo or Outlook mail services, these do matter.

Talking about Yahoo mail services, the e-mail, and have independent existence for two different persons.

In the case of Gmail, the dots never matter. You can proceed towards sending an email to and it automatically moves to

  1. Considering the issue of name safety:

Name safety is a vital issue during the creation of your email address. You will still be thinking about using the real name in your email address. Yes, you should use it, but the purpose matters the most.

It is advisable to use the real names only for the purpose of creating a personal email address. Even, in the case of Facebook, it is advisable to use the original names for account creation. The management can even delete your account if found inappropriate, or fake.

For the professional email addresses, using the real name can negatively impact your personal life. Every single online activity counts letting the people know your online concerns.

The problems may often arise in case you are a celebrity or public figure. To avoid every single activity getting public online, you must prefer not selecting the real name and feel cool-headed.

  1. Brainstorm:

You should prefer brainstorm, and note down a few good email names initiating their registration process. The steps prove extremely beneficial in saving the time to search for all such email names that were difficult to find in the world of the internet.

You need not make a huge list of names for the purpose. Just move forward with five to six names instead of going forward with one individual name that has already vanished.

The strategy keeps vital importance for all your future professional priorities.

  1. Avoiding the use of hyphens and numbers:

The unnecessary use of hyphens and numbers inside the email address turns out as the biggest mistake by most of the people located globally.

The hyphens and numbers sound extremely unprofessional and confusing in association with the same. E-mail addresses should be simple and quite easy to remember.

Similar is the case with the website URLs as well. The unwanted usage of numbers and hyphens makes the address difficult to remember by the people resulting in the generation of unnecessary traffic diversion.

For example, suppose you are telling the people an e-mail address, You will feel difficult to let them know and note down accordingly. It is better to keep the e-mails as simple as possible for reflecting on a professional presence.

  1. Never prefer to opt for an email service that expires:

People most often go with free email services having the least reliability. They feel happy to get the desired username with such email services. The email addresses with such providers may take the form, or, or some others.

All such email services may expire in a short time frame leaving you abandoned with the preferred email. Why choose such free services having the least reliability score in the public domain?

There may be a possibility to grab such customized e-mail address free of cost. But, you will never get any value for the same in the eye of your customers, or the employers.

After a couple of years, you will never be able to receive e-mail from the senders. You can imagine how horrible the situations will be?

You will keep on waiting to receive some important e-mails directly related to your career, or business growth. But, the e-mail service provider or the host expires. It will be really difficult to search every single individual or the organization and let them aware of your new email address (if created).

You will have to keep on changing your email contact frequently whenever the service provider will stop serving you the services. The situation will turn out to be the biggest troublesome situation if you have already mentioned the same inside the vital documentation, and forms.

Instead of using the services of all such providers, better go for the generic stand and prefer Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, like e-mail services. These have the greatest level of reliability at the global level owing to the quality service.

  1. Creating an e-mail address catering to any specific purpose:

This rule is most likely for the business owners as there does not exist any possibility to create an e-mail address like,, or

However, when you moving forward with the custom domain name, you can opt for such e-mail addresses easily. Your service provider will make you available the desired domain name referring to your business, or something others.

Suppose you are having an informative blog and want the people to communicate with you regarding their queries, you can prefer opting for an email address like, or

You can even go for a professional-looking e-mail address like to effectively handle all your sales-related communication with your customers.  That’s why it is better to have a unique domain name available with customized e-mail servers.

As compared to normal users, the professionals opt for personalized email services only. This strategy works out the best to popularize their brand name and make a unique identity. It costs them a little bit depending upon the buying conditions of the concerned service providers.


To sum up, there exists a vital importance of an email address in the current technological edge.

A good email name ideas reflect all about your online presence, technological experience, thoughts, and personal branding. It is the medium for letting people know about your online identity and analyze your global presence accordingly.

Do remember that your e-mail address tells all about yourself rather than someone else. Whenever you are going to select an e-mail regardless of using the same professionally or personally, go ahead and use the information mentioned above for creating an iconic e-mail address without any risk factors. By using above mentioned explanation you can now find good business email names for your business.

If you loved reading this article a share would be appreciated, let us know what other problems you face while selecting a name for your email.

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