Best Keyword Research Tool For SEO 2024 - SEMrush Review

Best Keyword Research Tool For SEO 2024 - SEMrush Review

Thinking About the Best Keyword Research Tool for bloggers? or all in one best marketing tool for SEO(Search Engine Optimization)? Take a Glance at SEMrush most powerful SEO & keyword research tool.

Well, if you are the one who is hunting for the best keyword research tool online, this article will be a boon to you. In this article, you will discover a whole SEMrush Review which will be informative, exciting and will feed your brains with live wire information.

Personally, I have been using the SMrush tool for around 2 years and have come up with a clear-cut conclusion.

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Best keyword research tool for SEO (Freemium)

Recently, I did a survey and asked around 40+ SEO experts about their favourite SEO Tool, And, guess what, surprisingly, 18 of them rated the SEMrush as one of the best SEO Tool online.

But, hold on! Don’t go far early for SEMrush as there are different things worth considering. So, relax in your associated place, chill in with a coffee as we are going to unwrap one of the best keyword research tools. So, let’s begin.

What is SEMRush?  

If you are the one who doesn’t have any knowledge of SEMrush, let us break it down into simpler words for you. SEMrush is a paid tool that is used for a variety of operations such as Keyword Research, Site Audits, competitor analysis and much more.

In reality, if you want to increase your organic traffic, it’s not easy and will require tons of dedication and hard work. But, with one of the best keyword research tool at your rescue, you don’t need to worry a lot.


With SEMrush, you can study on a competitor’s website, see the search volume of keywords and produce a World-class Quality Article.

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Gif Credit: SEMrush

Well, still can’t trust the power of SEMRush, let us move ahead and discover some of its Key Features:

Features of SEMRush

  1. SEMRush Keyword Research

First of all, if you don’t know, there are a few best keyword research tool i.e semrush keyword tool which supports the traditional Keyword Research. In the case of SEMrush, it supports this feature which is truly a great thing.

Further, all you need to do is to enter a phrase and SMrush is smart enough to display useful statistics and volume based on search. All the searches will appear on the Keyword Analytics Dashboard from where you can analyze and include the theme in your article.

semrush keyword research

Now, there are things which really Stands Out in SEMrush. Yes, you guessed it right; it’s the interface of Dashboard which looks simple and stunning in every sense. The user interface of the dashboard is neat and easy to understand.

SEMrush deeply understands its audience and the kind of information customers are looking for. Users are able to access granular data as the data is sorted by countries. Such a thing can be useful for understanding the competition and take advantage of the gap in the market.

Now, as a blogger, I look out on new topics, features and after a series of research, I have found one great thing in SEMRush. Being one of the best all in one marketing tool, it boasts of its Keyword Magic Feature.

With this feature, you can know about the different keywords which you can target. Further, each keyword will be sorted into groups in specific search topics.

In addition, we can also give extra filters such as the number of words we are aiming for a specific keyword. All in all, SEMrush’s keyword research feature is as useful as air for breathing.

Most people use keyword everywhere free chrome extension and rely on their stats and volume of a keyword, Wonders they will outrank their competitors with this strategy, they don’t know keyword everywhere is showing only 50-60% accurate data which won’t help you to rank better however semrush does.

It shows 97% accurate results, what people are searching online, use those keywords in your content and dominate your niche I won’t recommend using free stuff to ruin your business.

If you are into E-comm business or you are blogging with Amazon affiliate site then you can consider this tool as one of the best Amazon keyword research tools. I am using for my amazon affiliate site’s keyword research.

semrush all in one marketing toolkit
  1. SEMRush for Onsite Optimization

After passing the keyword research test with flying colors, it is time to test SEMrush for Onsite Optimization. Being the best keyword research tool, I am sure; SEMRush has it all in terms of onsite optimization.

With the help of SEMrush’s Site Audit Tool, you can do the onsite optimization with whole ease and comfort. To get a more in-depth review of your website, you can check on the On-Page SEO Checker by SEMrush.

This is what, on the basis of my opinion makes SEMrush stand out from the crowd. Further, with a quick SEO ideas tool, you can optimize the SEO as per your needs. It can increase or decrease the complexity of your keyword based on the competitor’s keyword research.

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As you know, SEO can be tough for a beginner as it has got a plethora of things that must be taken into consideration. Thus, with SEMrush’s Onsite optimization, SEO optimization can be broken for you in a much simpler manner.

  1. SEMrush for Competitor Research

Known as one of the best keyword research tools, SEMrush has laid its hand perfectly on competitor research. None of the business is created with any competition around. If you are starting a business, you will have competition around you, for sure.

The easiest way to find the opportunities for ranking higher than your competitors is with the use of the Gap Analysis feature. Using this premium feature, you can get a detailed list of keywords.

The keywords will compose of a competitive analysis between yours and the competitor’s website. From this point, you can do some sets of investigation and see the keywords on which your competitors are ranking.

Type Your competitors URL in below search bar and check:

With the all-time useful Gap Analysis feature, you can get immediate results and can implement the same on your website, much sooner. You can use this tool as one of the best competitor keyword research tools free.

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  1. SEMrush for Link Building

It’s no longer a secret that bloggers spend hours, days, and nights to implement perfect strategies for link building. But, guess what, with the best keyword research software at your rescue, link building can become easier for you.

In case, if you are not familiar with link building, it is a method in which you make other website links redirected on your own site. This improves the SEO ranking drastically and can make you climb to the First Page Search Results.

Let us see how beneficial SEMrush is for Link building strategy. At present, SEMrush has the Backlink Analysis tool which can help you in analyzing different backlinks.

All that you need to do is to type the URL and the tool will scroll through the database. After this, it will come up with the best possible backlinks which can benefit your website.

semrush backlink checker

Further, you can take a step forward and can also compare your domain against the competitor ones. With this, you will know how you stack in front of your competitor in Domain rankings.

Get to Know more about SEMrush Link Building

Particularly, I like one function of SEMrush where you can sort areas from where your competitors are getting their backlinks, With which, you can focus on building your own backlinks and eventually succeed in the same.

All in all, for Link Building, SEMrush is probably the best keyword research tool currently available in the market.

This SEO tool can be used as free link building tools in which you can spy on your competitors and boost your link building profile.

semrush dashboard

SEMrush Extras

Already, the above-given top features are enough to say that, “SEMrush is one of the best keyword checker tool ” in the SEO Industry. But still, SEMrush is limitless and there are some more set of features which makes it different from the rest.

However, if you are searching for the best amazon keyword research tool then Semrush will help you find more low competitive keywords to research keyword-based articles for your product on Amazon.

If you are a Youtuber then also you can use Semrush as the best keyword research tool for youtube, you can find out more keywords which people are searching.

I am also a YouTuber I do use this tool for researching keywords for my upcoming video. You also can use Tubebuddy paid version for researching tags for your videos.

Your search ends here on SEMrush if you are looking for the best SEO tool for youtube which will help you to gain more views and subscribers.

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  • Social Media Poster

A new feature-packed with magical functions to uplift your blogging career at a different level. With this tool, SEMrush gives a new makeover to different social media capabilities. Further, this tool is one of the best one for marketers who wants to grow their business to amazing heights.

semrush social media poster

At first glance, the social media poster is easy for scheduling and can queue up newer posts. Although, there are downsides of social media poster which must be taken into consideration. In the social media poster, you can create one post at a time instead of making uploading batches at the same time.

But, most likely, being the best keyword research tool, SEMrush will overcome this drawback much sooner.

7 Hacks to Dominate Social Media in 10 Minutes a Day

In the whole range of some exotic features from SEMrush, Social media tracker tool is a must for tracking competitors. This tool helps in analyzing social media performance and gives you suggestions based on the same. Once you are connected with your account, you can get an overview of every channel’s performance.

Further, it will provide you with information such as audience size, engagement rate and what are the activities channel is doing.

But, while you can change the date range and view the highest performing posts, it is a flaw in any social media analytics platform. As of now, SEMrush shines all the way to compare your social media channel with the competitors.

With this, we can analyse the social media accounts and can work, improve. And outclass your competitor by a fair margin.

  • Brand Monitoring

These days, brand power has taken a shift and people are moving towards brand management at a relentless pace. For any brand, it is important to say the right thing at the right time and know about people’s expectations.

Whether you are dealing with your customer or keeping an eye on your competitor’s website, brand monitoring is an essential part.

Hence, with the inclusion of SEMrush’s Brand Monitoring tool, you can do monitoring in a flawless manner. Starting with the visual thing, SEMrush’s brand monitoring tool has a simple dashboard. The dashboard helps to let you know about the passing of marketing messages and will alarm you about the potential fire condition.

Having the brand monitoring tool from one of the best keyword research tools – SEMrush, you cannot ask for more than this.

Recently they have introduced SEMrush keyword magic tool which works phenomenally to help you get instant keywords ideas for better optimization of your article.

semrush domain overview

Pricing of SEMRush

In terms of pricing, SEMrush is a little expensive but on the basis of its features, things can fit perfectly. Their cheapest plan comes at $99.95 a month. However, when compared with other competitors such as Ahrefs.

Further, with their other business plans such as Guru ($199.95 per month), you can generate the number of reports. And, have access to different historical data. Now, unless you are a professional SEO master, the Pro Plan is more than enough for most of the marketer’s needs.

Moreover, among the best keyword research tool, SEMrush pricing is at a comparative rate. If you are the person who is looking to go farther with SEO and wants to do link building, SEMrush is the one-stop solution for you.

Given below is a detailed list of the pricing of SEMrush. Go through each of the pricing, choose the suitable one, and start using one of the best marketing tools of 2024.

semrush prices

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Good News for the Indian Bloggers and Website Owners

When it comes to blogging, there is the majority of the Indian population who are diving in this field. For this sake, there is SEMrush who is continuing its legacy and has come up with an exclusive feature. Under this, the Indians will be able to check keywords that are targeting India. Hence, if you are the one who is targeting the Indian users, SEMrush is a boon for you.

Here, you can keep a check on the competitor’s keyword ranking in a detailed manner. Every time, the SEMrush database gets updated; you will just need to access the Indian database. After accessing, you can get useful keyword information, rank on those and make your blog rank to glorious heights.

In-Depth Review of SEMrush

semrush tools

Recently, SEMrush has added tons of new services which are as follows:

  • SEO Magic Tool
  • Content Tool
  • Traffic Analytics
  • Lead Generation Tool
  • Organic Traffic Insights brand Monitoring Tool

And Much More…

Altogether, talking about one of the best keyword research tools and not displaying its tools, probably not a great option. Hence, let us move ahead and discover the 4 features which content tool offers:

  1. Keeping a Track on how your content performs:

With the SEMrush content tool, you can keep track on your content performance. It gives you all the metrics which you will need to improve your content on a daily basis. Here, you can know the number of shares your article has got on Facebook, Google+, Twitter and LinkedIn. Further, you can evaluate and know on which day your article has got the most shares. At last, monitor the number of shares and use the content tool from SEMrush to the fullest.

semrush seo audit
  1. You can know which websites are referring to your content

With the availability of content tool, you can track the backlinks which your article has made. However, if the backlinks have come from spammy consumers, it is of no use. Moving ahead, the content tool helps to access the quality and quantity of your links to improve the overall performance of your website.

  1. Track the Performance of your SEO

In the race for the best keyword research tool, SEMrush is not far away from being the best SEO tool. If your content is indexed with perfection, you will have a constant traffic flow for targeted keywords. With the use of the content tool, you can know how the article is attracting traffic and will also find the indexed keywords. Here, you can track up to 5 keywords which is more than sufficient. Also, if you have missed any keyword, SEMrush suggests you the same to add and improve your overall SEO Score.

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  1. You can know which article has got better results

Using the content tool from SEMrush, you can discover which are the articles having better results. Further, you can create customizable URL groups and perform deeper analysis. After this, you can decide on the source, author, and topic with which you can get better results.

Semrush content analyser featureBrand Monitoring Tool: Tracking your Online Reputation

As we have explained the Brand Monitoring tool in the above section, this time, we will discover its in-depth benefits. Hence, the following are the benefits of the Brand monitoring tool.

  1. Keeping Track of Online Mentions:

According to a survey, 70 percent of the customers trust online reviews. So, if you are blogging, monitoring should be your number one priority. With the presence of a brand monitoring tool, you can keep a track of the online mentions and can compare the customer reviews. Further, you can calculate the potential reach in social media and different online communities. At last, with one of the best SEO tools, tracking will not be an issue for you, inevitably.

  1. Finding New Opportunities for promoting your Brand:

If there is any professional blogger or any customer who mentions your brand, it can be a huge set of plus points. With a brand monitoring tool, you can get an insight into your competitor’s opportunities and grab one, two or many. You can learn their branding tactics and can apply to your website, without any issue. At last, you can find new channels through which you can distribute your content. In this, you will not waste much of your time, money and everything will appear smooth and efficient.

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  1. Tracking and Managing the Backlinks:

If you become a master in finding backlinks, SEO will be at your feet one fine day. Yes, in blogging, backlinks play a major role. And, if you are having backlinks from major sources, Google recognizes that website as a high-rank one.

Now comes the part of the Brand Monitoring tool in the case of Backlinks. With this tool, it becomes easier to identify the backlinks from different sources. Further, it depicts whether your brand name is being mentioned around the world or not. And, what is the location of your backlinks. After this, you can act on them and use one of the best keyword research tools with ease and comfort.

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PPC Keyword Tool: Manage SEM Campaigns efficiently and effectively:

In the whole range of SEMrush tools, SEMrush’s PPC Keyword Tool is the finest one. It gives the user the ability to manage, monitor and implement all the changes in relation to PPC campaigns. You can organize your keywords and set the ad group level to a level of perfection.

  1. Collect Keywords in Different Ways:

Here, you can import keywords from different Adwords Campaigns such as .csv, .xls sheets, and .txt files. In terms of the PPC Keyword Interface, it looks sleek, simple and helps you to easily organize your campaigns. In addition, you can find the keywords and phrases, merge keywords and produce a quality article in no time.

  1. Optimize and Manage Keyword Lists:

With different filters from the PPC keyword tool, you can choose the best keywords based on difficulty, CPC, volume and other essential metrics. Further, the “Remove Duplicate” button will delete the duplicate words from your list. At some point in time, you can even add Negative Keywords in your Campaign.

  1. Make your keyword list better with recommendations
semrush review

Sometimes, you can come across duplicate, negative and unnecessary elements that are of no use. Here, with SEMrush being one of the best keyword research tools, you can use the “Recommendation” feature and make your campaign perfect. You must always execute recommendations in the prescribed order. Under this section, you can optimize a few links where you can “clean” your keywords as and when required.

Reverse Engineering For Better Content Results

Having one of the best all in one seo tool by your side, Reverse engineering is not just a word for you. With SEMrush, you can intelligently reverse engineer the social media techniques which are working for other sites.  Here, you can collect the master list of competitor domains and start to plug them one by one.

Further, you can analyze what you want to reverse engineer and work on that thing with dedication. Whatever the issue is, you can make use of the sidebar navigation to access specific data and analyze different points.

In-depth Competitor Analysis

  • Perform Deep Analysis Research

With the Deep Analysis research tool, you can perform organic research on an in-depth basis. For this, you will need to click on the “Organic Research” and you will be headed straight to the “Position” Analysis. By default, the data shown is US-specific but you can change on the basis of your country.

Once you are all set, the analyze Organic Traffic Estimates everything and will give you results for the same.

  • Spy on the Competitor’s Traffic stats

After doing the above setting, you will witness the Organic Traffic Estimates which will give you an idea of the website’s organic traffic volume.  Here, you can take a look at the overall traffic statistics too. Just click on the “Traffic Analytics” and you will get a breakdown of the whole competitor’s website.

Remember, SEMrush doesn’t have mobile traffic stats and includes only the desktop ones.

  • Assess the Competition Strength of SERP

With SEMrush being one of the best marketing tools and offering tons of tools, “Positive Changes” is a useful one. It shows the changes in organic rankings for any domain and URL. Here, you can keep a check on the top 100 organic search results for finding newer keywords, improved keywords, lost keyword and declined keywords. Further, you can filter out the results based on your preferences and categories.

Pros of SEMrush

  • The finding of high-rank keywords is easy and you don’t need to spend hours doing so.
  • Comes with a vast variety of tools which can help in your SEO and SEM efforts
  • Excellent customer support service and the trainers are well knowledgeable and co-operative.
  • Competitor Research Analysis is incredible and performs without interruption

Cons of SEMrush

  • The pricing is a bit on the higher side and could have been little lower
  • You will need some time to learn the different operations and functions in SEMRush. Here, you will need to watch the trainer videos or read tutorials to get a clear idea on “How to use SEMRush”
  • Sometimes, the data of the backlink can appear inappropriate.
  • Limited Access to the Historical Data (90 Days) with their Pro Plan Package
  • You can add limited customers to your existing plan

Do I Want You to Use SEMrush?

Absolutely Yes, I recommended SEMrush without much doubt in my mind. Among different SEO tools currently available in the market, the SEMrush is one of the best keyword research tools. Hence, if you have read the full SEMrush review, you might have already fallen in love with this Masterpiece.

Further, it is a perfect tool for people who want to crush their competition and want to rank their website on the first page of Google. However, you can’t expect a miracle after few days of usage as SEO is not a sprint; it is a long time process.

So, make sure to grab the tool which comes with a 7Day Free Trial right at the start. And, if you are willing to get good results, grab this offer right after this review.

Experience SEMrush pro trial Free for 14 days

SEMrush Tool: Is It The Best keyword research tool?

If you are in need to find the competitive keywords which your competitors are using, SEMrush is probably the best SEO tool online. In either case, if you want to do the backlink analysis, SEMrush hands down are the best option.

For estimating the traffic of any website, SEMrush will give you accurate results. Although, there are other tools on the Internet for estimating the traffic. But, SEMrush gives you accurate results than the rest.

Whether you are looking to increase your income by promoting products or increasing organic traffic, SEMrush is the best marketing tool.

Overall, with the availability of tons of features, simple user interface and accuracy straight to the point, SEMrush has the power to make you a millionaire blogger, one fine day.

This tool also can perform Reddit best keyword research tool.

FAQs on SEMrush in 2024

Relating to SEMrush, we know that there are multiple queries and everyone wants to find a solution to it. Hence, under this FAQ section, we will answer some important SEMrush queries with which you can get a clearer idea of the same.

What Is The Main Functioning Of SEMrush? Is It Worth Paying For This Tool?

Talking about the best keyword research tool will bring SEMrush straight into the limelight. This tool is a complete package for Bloggers, Agencies and SEO enthusiasts. 

Further, In SEMrush, you can do everything from keyword research to backlink analysis with ease and comfort.

Other than this, there are other features that are worth considering and going for.

Is it worth buying SEMrush? Yes, definitely. SEMrush is worth every penny which you will pay for the paid plan.

Why Should I Go For SEMrush When There Are Other SEO Tools Available In The Market?

Yes, without any doubt. There are other SEO tools available in the market which are said to be alternatives to SEMrush. But, to let you know why SEMrush is one of the best keyword research tools, read the given below stats:

Over 1 million users are using SEMrush
SEMrush has a database with over 800 million keywords ( You get HUGE topic ideas regardless of your Industry)

Over 120 million domains to analyse (You can analyse any website and find out the backlinks associated with them)

What Are The Different Pricing Plans Of SEMrush?

Currently, SEMrush offers 3 pricing plans to start with:

Pro ($ 99.95 per month)
The pro plan is the perfect option for bloggers and freelancers who want to grow their website to a great extent.

Guru ($199.95 per month)
The Guru plan is the perfect option for small businesses that want to grow their website using SEO.

Business ($ 399.95 per month)
The Business Plan is perfect for agencies who want to grow their settled business using SEO. With a Business plan, you can get access to White Label Reports, extended limits, API access and much more.
Spy on your competitors and rank high in search results with SEMrush.

Can I Make Money Using SEMrush?

Yes, SEMrush is one of the best keyword research tools to build websites. Hence, If you are looking to build a profitable affiliate niche, SEMrush can be a handy tool for you.

Here, you can find different profitable keywords on which you can write your article. Also, you can use SEMrush for doing thorough research on your competitor’s website.

So, the opportunities are limitless if you are willing to use SEMrush to its fullest extent. Further, you can even start promoting SEMrush with the help of their affiliating programs which can give you recurring incomes every now and then.

Is SEMrush Free?

Unfortunately, SEMrush is not a free SEO tool. It is a premium SEO tool but you can try SEMrush free trial for the first 14 days.

You can work on your SEO techniques after which purchase pro plan and take off your business to glorious heights.

Learn how to do traffic analytics with SEMrush


Even today, people think that SEO is rocket science and it is impossible to understand it. But, if you are using the right tools, you can increase your traffic in no time.

SEMrush is one of the best keyword research tool which can help you to grow your business to heights of salvation and glory. Here, you can perform tons of operations ranging from keyword research to backlink analysis and much more.

If you are keen to make your “Name in the blogging Industry”, SEMrush is one of the finest options for you to go for. As you know there are SEO tools available on the Internet. But, not all of them can match the precision and feature-rich composition of SEMrush.

Or if you are looking for Semrush Discounts so Semrush is providing massive discounts on their yearly plans, before opting for yearly plan you can try SEMrush Free for 14 days.

So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead, sign up for the 14 days free trial on SEMrush and become the “Next Big Name in the Gigantic Internet Industry”.

Also, check this amazing tool name Linkio, Linkio is an anchor text generator, a valuable tool for every SEO expert and specialist from around the world. This tool is powerful because it lets webmasters automate their backlink building efforts with complete confidence.

Most anchor text generator software provides you with valuable data, but Linkio provides its users with an effective plan of action based on the data it discovers. It is important because it saves you time and you’ll know which anchor text is the best for use so you could improve your link building campaign.

Some best offers for you:

Now its time to share your opinion about SEMrush, Tell how you will use SEMrush? in comments, over to you, if you found this article helpful and want to show some love then please share this article with your friends.

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