13+ Must Have WordPress Plugins for Business Websites in 2024

13+ Must Have WordPress Plugins for Business Websites in 2024

Are you looking for the best WordPress plugins for your new blog or business website in 2024? Rankmath, Wp Rocket & Elementor Pro are my favorite plugins i recommend everyone to use. Also listing top 10 best wordpress plugins that you should use on your blog for more functionalities and features.

Today in this article I am going to share some must have WordPress plugins for every website and blog. Adding some paid & premium plugins so that you should use it on your blog and enhance functionality of your blog.

The life of a blogger becomes easy with WordPress plugins, I have been blogging for more than 7 years and these plugins are making my life much easier.

S NOPlugin NameLink
1Wp RocketClick here to get
2Rank Math SEOClick here to get
3SoliloquyClick here to get
4Elementor ProClick here to get
5UpdraftPlusClick here to get
6MonsterInsightsClick here to get
7WooCommerceClick here to get
8Lazy loadingClick here to get
9Schema ProClick here to get
10Contact form 7Click here to get
11Social SnapClick here to get
12PushengageClick here to get
Best WordPress Plugins

Yes, it is true, if you are using WordPress as your CMS then plugins are required to increase the functionality of your website. I keep on adding new plugins and removing outdated plugins for the growth of my blog.

Now if you ask how many plugins I use on this blog? then my answer will be, I am using more than 26 WordPress plugins on tryootech to make my blogging life more comfortable and add more functionality to my blog.

However, using more or irrelevant plugins will slow down your website which leads to less traffic and sales on your blog. Use less plugins and only plugins that really helps your blog to get more features & are lightweighted plugins.

Must Have WordPress Plugins

When created with the accurate tool, WordPress site can flourish & grow in terms of both traffic & revenue. With the correct tool, your blog would become more enriching and engaging for the person reading it, and they would like to revisit your site. 

In this post listing down some popular wordpress plugins that you should use on your wordpress blog.

Before we talk about the list of the best WordPress plugins, We’d like to mention about what to look for in a plugin. The primary important function of a plugin should be that it should be responsive, i.e., the lags in the software should be bare minimum as more people use their mobile devices instead of desktops or laptops. Another essential thing to look for is whether the plugin is easy to use.

A lot of plugins that are available in the market are not user-friendly. Although they could be a free version, the plugin is not easy to use and, thus, renders the fundamental purpose of the plugin to not be of any use. In addition to the above-mentioned points, another important point we’d like to speak about is speed.

Nevertheless, without further ado, here is a list of the best WordPress plugins that you can utilize to uplift your WordPress blog.

1. Soliloquy:

Soliloquy wordpress plugin

One of the most convenient and best wordpress slider plugin that you should use to add slider funtionality on your blog.

The primary reason for it being user-friendly is its ability to be responsive to the user’s needs and the ease with which you can create stunning and bright content sliders on your WordPress blog. 

A significant reason for soliloquy being one of the most accessible plugins in use is because it’s exceptionally identical to the practices of WordPress. The sliders, when uploaded via a soliloquy, are quick to load, and this makes the entire user interface an overall very pleasing experience.

2. RankMath SEO:

rankmath seo

Among all WordPress plugins for SEO available in the market today, It is tough to home onto one particular plugin that adheres to all the criteria mentioned above. Still, Rankmath SEO is a one of the best SEO plugin available on the internet.

It is widely popular in the SEO industry because depending on what your needs are i.e., whether you’re operating a personal blog or an SEO professional managing a website for a client, RankMath SEO is a valuable tool to make your website search engine friendly.

It is a freemium plugin that comes with some useful features such as XML sitemaps, meta-information editors, readability checker. You can also target the focus keyword using the RankMath meta description editor.

With advanced features that comes with paid plan of Rankmath you can optimize your blog to outrank your competitors in less time. If you are still using Yoast SEO as your seo plugin i highly recommend you to use rank math over it & you will notice the difference.

With the help of this plugin, you can connect your site with Google Search Console and also authorize ownership using RankMath. Content AI is one of the best feature of Rankmath that you will love using. Using paid version of Rankmath helped me in ranking my articles on the 1st page of Google. Rankmath tops the chart for Free WordPress plugins for SEO.


UpdraftPlus wordpress plugin

One of the best WordPress plugins for backup, UpdraftPlus, has over a million active installs and is free to use. Restoration of files while using this plugin is simplified and can be done with minimum technical knowledge.

By using these WordPress backup plugins You can schedule backups daily, weekly or monthly basis, this way you can save your blog’s data and store it on Google drive.

Cloning and migration become very easy with updraft plus. With this plugin, you can backup non-WordPress files and databases with ease. Premium version of this plugin adds more features and functionalities.

I won’t recommend you to spend money on expensive WordPress backup plugin if you have Updraft.

4. MonsterInsights:

Monsterinsights wordpress plugin

For your website to grow and for more people to read your blog, it is fundamentally important to know as to how people find your webpage. Therefore, MonsterInsights is one of the most versatile and responsive plugins available for analyzing your website analytics. It is an alternative to the Google Analytics Plugin, and as many as over 1.9 million websites use this plugin. 

You can also track affiliate links and ad clicks with this plugin. If you are into the eCommerce world then with the help of this plugin you can do eCommerce tracking for Wocommerce, member press, and easy digital downloads.

This is one of the best plugins to check detailed analytics of your website. You can boost your conversions using this plugin, you get to know what visitors are doing on your website, from where they are coming, which page is getting major organic traffic? etc.

5. Elementor Pro:

elementor pro discount

Elementor Pro is a drag and drop builder plugin which help you to build your pages of your blog post and make your posts more attractive and eye caching. You can also build home page, header, footer and write content using Elementor Pro.

It is most powerful pagebuilder plugin you will ever use. Using this plugin for my own blog as well. You can use Elementor Pro with your WordPress dashboard and it works very smoothly and easy to use.

6. WooCommerce:

Woocommerce wordpress plugin

The fifth plugin is WooCommerce this best WordPress ecommerce plugin if you want to add store like functionalities to your blog. It is most widely used e-commerce plugins. You can build ecommerce store on WordPress with more features on your blog.

WooCommerce plugins is free plugin however you can upgrade in to their paid plans. You can also use Shopify if you want to build your ecommerce store from scratch.

7. Lazy Loading: 

LazyLoad wordpress plugin

With a very minimal file size, Lazy loading can optimally manage and combat website performance problems. It displays to the viewer, images, or frames which are only accessible and of aid to them.

Lazy loading reduces the number of HTTP requests mechanism and speeds up the loading time of your website’s images and frames. However if you are using WP Rocket then you don’t need this plugin as this feature comes with Wp Rocket by default. This plugin is also owned by WPRocket.

8. Schema Pro 

schema pro wordpress plugin

It is an SEO tool specifically designed to help in increasing the rank of your website on any search engine i.e., optimizes your site to become more search engine friendly. After installing this tool onto your website, this plugin helps to improve the data that is picked up by Google crawlers and spiders when visiting your website or blog.

All the data on your site can be presented with a proper structure and can become more appealing to the users reading your blog. Spiders are google bots that continuously read your blog, and hence this plugin gives you a higher search engine ranking. 

However, if you are using Rankmath Pro then you don’t need to use this plugin.

9. WP Rocket

Wp rocket wordpress plugin

Wp Rocket is the world’s best wordpress caching plugin you will ever use. Having been installed by 1 million+ users, however i am also using this plugin for tryootech.com and my site loads way faster than my competitors.

It convalesces your website’s server performance by caching every portion of the webpage. Also, it reduces the download time of your website. It also integrates your website’s content delivery network or CDN. 

A must have caching plugin to load your website fast like rocket.

Here you can check loading time of my website using WProcket in the below image for mobile phones.

wp rocket performance result on phone

Also check my website’s load timing using WpRocket on Desktop

wp rocket performance result on desktop

10. Contact Form 7:

contactform 7 wordpress plugins

Easy to integrate and use is the WordPress Contact Form 7. It is a plugin that is very prominent in the market today, used to generate lead-generating forms, Contact us forms. Upon installing this plugin, the user will be able to create forms on their website.

This plugin can be customized using themes that would, therefore, enable the forms made using this plugin very vibrant and visually appealing.

11. PushEngage:

Pushengage wordpress plugin

Pushengage is one of the best web push notification plugin that you can use on your blog to send push notifications on web and phone.

Using Pushengage you can send out push notifications about their new posts to their most valued subscribers who have subscribed for information to be sent to them. You can also check Truepush for sending push notifications for free.

12. WooCommerce PDF Invoices, Packing Slips, and Credit Notes

WooCommerce PDF Invoices, Packing Slips, and Credit Notes

This WooCommerce PDF invoice is a popular plugin for generating automated invoices, packing slips, and credit notes for your WooCommerce orders. You can attach the PDF invoices or other documents to the respective order emails. There are multiple pre-built templates available for creating invoices or other purchase documents. With this plugin, you can also add a custom number for PDF invoices in WooCommerce.

This plugin allows you to add the GST, VAT, ABN, and other tax details to the invoice. You can also include a custom field in the WooCommerce invoice documents. With this plugin, you can add a “Pay Now” link to your invoices and also provide a “Pay Later” option at the WooCommerce checkout. You can customize your store’s invoice template using WooCommerce’s visual and code editors.

The PDF invoice plugin has both free and premium versions. Pricing starts at $69 per year.

13. Social Snap:

socialsnap wordpress plugin

One of the best WordPress social media plugin that helps in driving engagement and traffic from social media. Social Snap provides you to choose among more than 30 different social media networks and apps to share your content.

They provides you with a feature through which you can place social media buttons anywhere you want on your website. You can edit button shapes, color, animation and more. Showcase social proof numbers of individual and social proof counters.

Before publishing your post you can see how your social media posts will look like. This WordPress plugin is responsive and looks beautiful on any device. Get stats & analytics of your social shares. Social Snap is the only social share plugin you ever need.


I hope these most popular WordPress plugins will add more functionalities and features to your WordPress blog or website. If you ask me which premium plugin is my favorite? then i will say WP Rocket is my most favorite plugin that helped my blog to load faster and help me rank better in search engines.

Must watch this video if you are still looking for some of the best WordPress plugins you should use.

Do share this post with your blogger friends or who want to start their blogging journey. Let us know how many plugins you use and which one is your favorite.

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