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39+ Best Free WordPress themes For Blogging in 2024 [Lightweight & Fast]

free wordpress themes

Today I have brought 40+ best free WordPress themes that you can use in your WordPress blogs. These are handpicked and tested free WordPress themes for bloggers who are not willing to go and buy premium themes as of now.

However, also adding some freemium plugins for those who want to use premium wordpress plugins on their wordpress dashboard.

Being an internet user, we live in a world where the term “Free” has become a deadly nightmare. As of now, WordPress is the top platform for enthusiastic bloggers and businesses where you can make your dreams come true.

Of course, you don’t want to give those extra bucks when you are getting free WordPress themes.

Hence, taking you straight into the topic, together with going hand in hand, we are about to discover the best free WordPress themes for blogs for WordPress in 2024.

Well, feeling excited? So am I. Let’s move ahead and unwrap each of the best free WordPress themes, one by one.

Best Free WordPress Themes in 2024

1. Sydney

sydney theme

Among the top 40+ themes for WordPress, Sydney hands down stand as the first one. This theme is perfect for companies and freelancers who want to build their empire to the next level. The customization scenario is a little wider and you expand your creativity while playing with the theme.

The full-screen slider works perfectly fine while the color control provides an ambient usage environment. Further, with the presence of sticky navigation and a drag & drop interface, it looks professional, elegant and beautiful.

The reason why you can go for this theme is that the theme is super responsive when it comes to mobile devices. And, in a world dominated by mobile phones, Sydney becomes a must going option for free themes if you want to install.

Check theme here

2. Hestia

hestia theme

Whenever you look at the free WordPress themes, you dream to get at least some of the premium features which you can get on the free ones.

Here, in the case of Hestia, you don’t have to pay for anything, download this theme and kickoff on your magnificent blogging journey.

Starting off, this theme has a simple design and the presence of simple setup just amplifies the user experience. Even on the devices, the responsive nature is good and all sorts of businesses can implement this theme.

The main reason so as to why you can go for this theme is because of the integration of WooCommerce

Yes, this can be a boon for businesses who want to sell their products online however people use Shopify to sell online and make revenue out of it.

Check theme

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3. Talon

talon theme

Well, among out of these free WordPress themes there is a reason why Talon is at number 3. When you will observe the theme closely, you will see that the large header works as a slider.

This gives a sense of versatility with the design where you can get a simple menu and an overlaying text on the header image.

The icons and the buttons are plenty and you will never run short of options. It is cool where you will get some charts and graph data without any issue.

For color lovers, Talon boasts of different sets of colors, fonts and with Page Builder, you cannot go wrong with the Talon theme.

Check theme

4. Flash

flash theme

Looking for best free WordPress blog themes then take your eyes down at the Flash theme. This theme is the all-rounder for all your multi-purpose needs.

It is an ideal option for businesses that are interested in the latest and professional website themes. In terms of features, the flash WordPress theme rides almost all of them.

It has got the built-in drag and drop builder which works with the Flash theme.

Also, the Flash Toolkit plugin blends perfectly with the six widget areas and allows organizing widgets in a comfortable manner.

The slider is useful for displaying banner images and along with a list of colorful options, WooCommerce, and social buttons, Flash looks better than the best.

Check theme

5. Astrid

astrid theme

Astrid is one theme among the best free responsive WordPress themes which has got several sets of business elements. Such elements will make your company look quite professional and can attract your potential customers. Font and the color options are endless in which you can find your ideal brand solution.

In addition, the presence of a full-width image header looks similar to the one you will find on a paid premium theme. The custom widgets look beautiful in every aspect and the impressive business layout just adds into the marvelous beauty.

At last, along with a set of testimonials, WooCommerce integration, and a marvelous footer module, Astrid WordPress theme is nothing less than a premium one.

Check theme–>

6. GreatMag

greatmag theme

A listing of free WordPress themes is surely incomplete without GreatMag. For people who are looking to make a sleek and user-friendly interface, GreatMag can help in this case.

It is a visually driven theme that is super responsive and displays large images scattered throughout the screen.

For building your social media presence, this theme has got magical social media buttons. It has got the option for switching languages and the power of creative widgets will make your day.

The overall benefit which you will get from the GreatMag theme is its simplicity.  And the insane collection of widgets, all around the theme.

Check theme

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7. Parallax One

parallax one theme

Among different impressive free WordPress themes for business, the Parallax One is personally, our favorite one. It boasts of a beautiful parallax one effect where you can quickly upload an image.

Well, the fun doesn’t end here itself. This theme has got a super-effective responsive design where all the focus is kept on the homepage.

This works similarly to the landing page where you can attract tons of traffic much sooner. On top of such things, this theme contains different modules that are pre-designed. And, you can edit and insert your own content as and when required.

At last, with the availability of team member profiles and social buttons, this theme will be harder to resist.

Check theme

8. Newsmag Lite

newsmag lite theme

If you are hunting for a newspaper or a magazine-style theme, look no further than the Newsmag Lite theme. Among 40+best themes from WordPress, this theme is a little bit different. In this theme, you can post banner ads where you can make little money from the same.

Further, every category is broken into widgets and the menus are fully customisable. The interface is clean and the theme provides four blog page styles. And even works perfectly fine on all the latest Smartphones.

In addition, you can gain access to video spots, dynamic widgets and what more you can want from a free theme. Overall, in Newsmag Lite, options are plenty and you will never get bored off, at any time.

Check theme

9. Moesia

moesia theme

For businesses regardless of any size, the Moesia theme can be a boon to you. It comes with a massive eleven predefined blocks which you can place anywhere on your home page. Each of the blocks can work with parallax backgrounds which can grab the attention of some of your potential visitors.

In addition, setting up background colors in the Moesia theme is as flawless as you may like. With the inclusion of really cool animations and effects, Moesia theme looks much more premium and eye-appealing.

Along with social media buttons and a custom header, Moesia theme can make any site, the Superstar in no time.

Check theme

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10. Allegiant

allegiant theme

Allegiant WordPress theme stands a class apart. First of all, it has a soothing design and with the availability of a large header, services can be highlighted in a cool manner. It is perfect for smaller businesses, agencies and other organizations that are willing to step up in the online world.

Luckily, one of the modules is solely made for testimonials for attracting clients at a faster pace. The Allegiant theme has its integration with the WooCommerce and Yoast SEO, WPML, Contact form 7 can boost your organic traffic.

Overall, this theme is a neutral one for businesses that want to reach new heights of success and glory.

Check theme

11. Anariel Lite

anariel theme

If you are a blogger and you are looking for a clean layout free WordPress theme, then Anariel Lite can be a perfect choice. Among different WordPress 40+ themes, this free one is great for modern as well as stylistic elements.

Also, it has got a touch of the minimalistic design where the whole theme works on the content first scenario.

Here, you can have multiple blog posts with a single featured image which is quite amazing. Well, the good news is that this theme can be upgraded to a premium one with some exciting features right for you.

However, the Anariel Lite theme makes it easier for young bloggers to kick-off their blogging journey on a higher note.

Check theme

12. Hueman

hueman theme

Among the best WordPress themes, Hueman theme is one of the most highly rated free themes. This theme is fully responsive and can flawlessly work on every Smartphone. It has a header, footer and the theme is best for blogs and magazines.

The collection of unlimited fonts and colors looks cool and you can customize the whole of them based on your creativity and imagination.

The support of localization is present in this theme which does include translating the content for every other customer.

At last, the presence of a great tool for uploading a logo, social media buttons, and sleek design makes the Hueman, perfect theme for every blogger.

Check theme

13. Phlox

phlox theme

The Phlox theme is the best free business WordPress theme that has some fantastic features. Ranging from larger sliders to overlaying the title text, social media buttons, this theme has it all. This stylish theme can be downloaded from the Averta Website.

Further, it gives people like photographers, bloggers, and travelers a great option to start their own blog at a cheaper price.

Apart from this, there are different layouts, shortcodes and design elements that makes this theme, unique in its class.

Along with the WooCommerce, Google Fonts and customizable widgets, you really can’t go without Phlox.

Check theme

14. Shopisle

shopisle theme

Shopisle theme is a free theme however it does come with some premium upgrades. Starting out, this theme has a responsive design which will help customers to view on smaller devices. Localization files are given in this theme which will surely benefit to a great extent.

With the availability of WooCommerce, you can make your own beautiful store or if you want to make your professional online store then you can go with my ever favorite Shopify.

Sell the products and can make your dream revenue in no time. The About Us page supports text and images, and it can depict your site in a lucrative manner. Overall, this theme packs it all with online stores and informational sites.

And, you will never get bored as this theme will never miss a chance to please you at any moment, whatsoever.

Check theme

15. Vantage

vantage theme

If you are looking for free WordPress business themes? Vantage is one solution. This theme is completely free to start with and serves a responsive layout right from the beginning. Also, it integrates with the most popular plugins like the WooCommerce and Page Builder.

Actually, the WooCommerce plugin is the best one for those who want to start their online selling business.

Not to mention, it has got a custom background and the availability of a custom menu makes the Vantage, a theme all-rounder.

This theme is response and SEO friends to help you get more organic visitors from Google or Bing.

Check theme

16. Zerif Lite

zerif lite theme

Zerif Lite is one of the most suitable free responsive WordPress themes for the digital world. This theme offers navigation from page to page which makes it easier for the visitors. Further, this theme offers a page contact form and the availability of localization makes the translation process flawless.

Further, you can place the call to action in the large header image and can overlay the text and buttons in a perfect manner.

Overall the Zerif Lite theme is excellent for small businesses and from a marketing perspective; Zerif Lite is a must to go choice.

Check theme

17. Rocked

rocked theme

Don’t go by the name of this theme as it boasts of beautiful design and is a modern responsive website. This free theme is great for corporate businesses. It has got logo uploads, color control and the availability of predefined blocks makes this theme much better.

Further, page templates can be useful for making the front and the full-width pages. And, with the presence of 600 fonts, your site can be the “Best from the Rest” in no time.

For bloggers, there is a full-fledged blog which makes it an ideal option for boosting the search rankings sooner or later.

Check theme

18. Riba Lite

riba light

To fulfill the needs of the storytellers, Riba Lite can help this case. It features an amazing responsive layout and the addition of WooCommerce cannot make it any better.

There are translation files in this theme which is wonderful if you are looking to expand your reader base.

Truly, the Riba Lite is a wonderful theme for writers and bloggers who love to share their inner creativity through their writing. Moving ahead, you can upload your own logo and changing post types doesn’t get any better.

Finally, there is an author box that comes with the Riba Lite theme which makes it the perfect package for authors and bloggers.

Check theme

19. Make

make theme

People who are looking for the best free WordPress themes for blogs, Make theme can fulfill all your needs. It comes with a massive header that you can use for promotional banners and product images.

The responsive layout is super sleek, easy and the social media buttons can generate tons of followers.

Further, the drag and drop builder is a great feature that can help in moving elements without any issue. In addition, with plugins such as Gravity Forms, Contact Form 7, Jetpack and others work perfectly fine.

Overall, customize everything from scratch and excel in your inner creativity with the Make theme from WordPress.

Check theme

20. Alizee

alizee theme

If you are in search of WordPress themes for artists, Alizee is one theme that has got a grid theme format. Yes, you can make anything from photo galleries to portfolios and you are the masters of your own destiny.

This theme has a masonry look which makes it quite similar to Pinterest.

The responsive nature of the Alizee theme is super fast which can work on almost every mobile device. In addition, the parallax header is a good addition to grab the attention of people and let them stick to your website.

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The togglable menus are the main highlight of the Alizee theme where you can implement a togglable sidebar on your homepage.

Some other features of Alizee include Custom Scrolling, logo/favicon upload tool and Font Awesome Icons.

Check theme

21. ColorMag

colormag theme

Colormag is the free WordPress theme for small businesses like Magazine or the publishing industry. Why is the case? It is pretty simple. This theme is the ideal solution for making magazines in a much beautiful manner.

It contains spots where you can post your ads and can make tons of money from it.

In addition, you also get access to different social media buttons to form where you can attract your potential customers. Along with the availability of custom headers and colors, ColorMag can enhance your creativity to some serious extents.

Overall, the functionality of ColorMag is pretty basic and you will see no issue whatsoever.

Check theme

22. Enlightenment

enlightenment theme

The Enlightenment is yet another theme that has comes with a combination of modern and clean elements. It uses plenty of white spaces where all your focus will be on the content itself.

Create layouts where you can add a sense of variety to your site which can make people stay longer. In terms of the responsive design, it does wonders for customers who want to view your site on a smartphone.

The custom backgrounds and colors can assist branding and the featured image header can display a photo on your homepage.

At last, you can implement four columns and with customization widgets and sidebars, the Enlightenment theme is the easiest solution for your small business.

Check theme

23. Arcade

arcade theme

If you are looking for a pretty basic and lightweight and responsive free wp theme, the Arcade theme can be the best choice. It comes up with a large image header that takes up almost the entire screen.

The header is perfect for people to tell a story about your company and to inform them about your latest products. This theme comes with a customizer that is pretty easy to use which allows customization to infinite extents.

Further, there is an availability of eight post formats that contains images, gallery, video, links and much more.

The Arcade theme is pretty basic, decent and can suffice the needs of small-scale bloggers however if you can spend some amount you get a super premium theme that I am using on this blog i.e GeneratePress easy and best theme for bloggers.

Check theme

24. Spacious

spacious theme

For people who like to play with each and every option of the theme, Spacious will be the best option. Moving further, its responsive design is ideal for businesses, blogs which comes with a four layout structure.

Along with the blog structure, this theme comes with 13 widget areas where the drag and drop interface is a good addition.

Spacious provides the functionality of translation for people who don’t really speak your native language. The primary color feature helps to match your logo and the presence of wide layouts brings a sense of simplicity to Spacious, for sure.

Check theme

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25. Llorix One Lite

llorixone lite theme

Despite being a free WordPress Theme, Llorix is nothing less than a premium WordPress theme. Here, there is the presence of the one-page layout which can make your content present in the strongest form.

Further, there is a customizable ribbon from where you can tell people about your website. You can have your own call to action buttons where you lead customers to other areas of your website.

It comes with Testimonials which are important for building credibility and can help with uploading images, quotes, and names. At last, Llorix surely ranks better in the 40+themes for WordPress without any doubt.

And, along with news widget, social media buttons, and map functionality, nothing can get any better with this theme.

Check theme

26. Regina Lite

regina lite

If you want a theme for the medical website then Regina Lite is the sole option among free wp themes. Surely, it can be used for other businesses but the demo is always based on the medical line. To start with, the theme is responsive to which, the mobile users can also view your site.

In addition, the WooCommerce addition is a nice touch from where you can sell your own products and generate income. Translation files come along with this theme and there is the presence of social media buttons.

For doctors, there is a special Book an Appointment button which can be helpful for the patients in the contracting process.

Overall, this theme is a great option for all medical organizations who want to kick-off their medical journey, sooner or later.

Check theme

27. MH Magazine Lite

MH magazine theme

As the name suggests, this theme is probably the best one in 40+ free themes for magazine bloggers. The responsive design of this theme has got tons of stories that you can add to your site and can fit-in the viewer’s mobile phone. 

Here, you can either go for the premium version or continue with the basic one which has still got great features.

At last, the MH Magazine Lite theme is completely customizable, translatable and can suffice the needs of almost any blogger, in no time.

Check theme

28. Bulan

bulan theme

Coming from Theme Junkie, the Bulan theme is a great option for professionals and beginners who are looking to start their own website. Bulan serves responsive design and has got different page templates to design the website in an easy manner.

Further, Bulan theme boasts of advanced control panel and the ad management system never goes out of style. The presence of translation function makes this theme a must to go option for readers, bloggers and travel lovers.

Overall, among the 40+ themes for WordPress, Bulan is the simplest and a sleek website for every blog lover.

Check theme

29. Vega

vega theme

The Vega WordPress free theme has got a premium look and comes with some great set of marvelous features. Its look is beautiful and the availability of minimalist design doesn’t get any better.

Further, the Vega theme cuts down on all the clutter and can display your information in a precise format to your visitors.

Hence, with Vega, you won’t be lost in those complex settings as it gives a sleek and simple interface for workability.

Along with open content rows, recent post lists, and multilingual settings, Vega still impresses all-day long.

Check theme

30. GeneratePress

generatepress theme

According to the reviews all over the Internet, almost all are saying that the GeneratePress is a brilliant theme. It is simple, sleek and is easy for any skill level individual to start off with the theme.

The great thing about GeneratePress is that the theme can be installed in minutes and bloggers can start blogging.

For the advanced developers, this theme is fast, lightweight and customization is done at the highest possible level.

Looking further, you will see five navigation spots, slide bars and drop-down menus which makes the GeneratePress impressive and brilliant however I am using the premium version of this theme on this blog.

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Check theme

31. Eighties

eighties theme

The eighties theme from WordPress is about putting your content right in front of your visitors. It has a beautiful layout. 

The header is super responsive and is big enough to cover up the whole screen. There is the presence of slide bars and menus which can make the navigation process much easier.

In addition, there is an availability of headers, menus, and colors which makes the whole user interface customizable. At last, translation support can help people to connect with you in a much interactive manner.

Check theme

32. eStore

estore theme

eStore is the same as the name suggests. It is a WordPress theme that is designed solely for selling products and living your dream life much more early.

This theme is multifunctional in every aspect and gives a sense of flexibility to the site owner.

Everything which you can possibly think of is included in this theme. Riding through the features, the eStore boasts of multi-currency support, multi-language support and spots for ads.

In addition, the eStore theme gives an option for the visitors to review their past products and analyze which can be the best one for them.

With the eStore theme, you can create your own online store, take it forward. And, grow your online business to new heights of success and glory. This is a free theme if you want to build your e-commerce store online.

Check theme

33. Modern

modern theme

The Modern Theme is modern and classy free WordPress theme. It is super responsive where people can view your site on tablets and smartphones.

The custom background contains links and the availability of thumbnail images just adds into that spark. Further, there is a header slider which works the best for sharing your work.

Choose the number of columns, change colors, fonts and do whatever you want to do with the Modern Theme. By default, this theme has a black and grey shade which you can adjust and change as per your brand.

Check theme

34. Radiate

radiate theme

The Radiate theme has got plenty of positive reviews and which is the reason, it is in our list of the 40+ themes. It comes with a sleek layout and there are different white spaces that put the focus solely on the content.

The header area can grab up a good picture while the grid-based layouts can link blog posts with ease. This theme comes with a parallax header that can translate and grab the attention of potential visitors.

In addition, there are sticky posts which can help with navigation. Overall, the Radiate theme is a clear yes in every aspect and you should give it a try, for sure.

Check theme

35. Virtue

virtue theme

Thinking about a list of wonderful options in a free theme of WordPress? the Virtue theme can be a savior for you in this case. It comes with a powerful design and has a modern look for suiting every business.

It is responsive with which you can find no trouble while viewing on the mobile devices. For integration, it can team-up with WooCommerce and start selling your digital products in no time.

We will suggest the Virtue Theme for beginners but even the experienced campaigners can make changes in the source code. At last, with the addition of the translation feature, what else you can ask from a free theme?

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Check theme

36. Auberge

auberge theme

The Auberge WordPress theme is yet another great option for businesses and bloggers. It is retina ready and its responsive nature takes it to the 40+ themes of WordPress.

It is a must to have a theme for shops where you can display your food products and sell them using WooCommerce.

Here, you can make use of the Jetpack plugin and make the food menu in no time. Further, with the help of a translator, reaching out to new audiences don’t get any better.

The customization colors are nice and the slideshow works wonderfully in every possible way. With Auberge, you can show off your best products and can appeal to them to buy one.

For interaction, the availability of threaded comments helps to interact with the customers. And the presence of the column option makes the whole interface look organized and clean.

Check theme

37. True North

true north theme

If you are looking for a free responsive theme combination of modernism and cleanliness, the True North theme is never far away from you.

Whenever any visitor will land on your webpage, they will see the beautiful header area on your webpage and nothing can be as soothing as this.

In addition, the responsive layout is unique and the custom widget gives tons of options.

Also, this theme is SEO friendly, the True North theme can withhold almost every plug-in to make your website, a true success in the global market.

Check theme

38. Olsen Light

olsen light

With the Olsen Light, you can expect to receive a little more than the usual. In the 40+ themes for WordPress, it is one of those themes which can feel soothing to the eyes.

This theme is for blogging and comes along with different widgets and branding stuff which you need for your site.

For example, there are social media buttons which can help you to connect with people on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

If you want to manage all social media accounts then you can use SocialPilot (14 days Free no credit card required).

In the form of reviews, the Olsen Light theme is getting some really positive reviews one day or the other. As you know, bloggers don’t really like complexity and they want everything in a simpler manner.

Moving towards other features, the full-width template is more beneficial. And responsive design layout makes Olsen Light a complete package.

Check theme

39. Simple Business

simple business theme

We solely enjoy the Simple Business theme because it’s simple. It is a simpler theme for every other business ranging from corporate agencies to smaller businesses. This theme provides a sleek and feature-rich solution where there is an availability of tools like Photo optimization.

This free wp theme is super-responsive and there are tons of colors, designs, and other customizable widgets.

Although Simple Business is a free theme, it doesn’t miss out on most of the features. Not to mention, it comes with a Nimbus theme that offers an additional membership for accessing the entire theme library.

Overall, if you are a business owner, Simple Business is a must to go there, for sure.

Check theme

Check out Thrive Responsive premium theme for your blog (For moderate budget)

40. Perfetta

perfetta theme

Looking for a clean WordPress free theme, the Perfetta theme is the best for any food blog. Here, you can display large images and the presence of a beautiful feed will be a boon to beautiful recipes.

This theme comes with a one-column layout where the visitors can visit and visualize the delicious recipes you have posted for them.

In the top 40+ themes for WordPress. Perfetta can be the one which the food companies are looking for.

You don’t need to have any development experience in this theme and everything works perfectly fine.

At last, with the addition of thread comments and the magnificent translating feature, foodies will fail to resist once they will visit your blog.

Check theme

41. GK Portfolio

gk portfolio theme

Providing a similar type of interface like the Apple Company, the GK Portfolio theme is just that simple. It contains the grey and white shade which helps in creating an elegant environment.

For making a portfolio, you will have to look nowhere else than the GK Portfolio theme. In addition, this theme comes with different Hover animations with some custom backgrounds and effects.

At last, the necessary translation feature is the key factor which can attract people of all races and can help in building your blog, to new heights.

Check theme

42. Tracks

tracks theme

The track is an amazing blog feed theme and comes with a custom header and a large typography module.

This theme solely focuses on the content and it is a one-column theme. Here, the visitors will have no issue in reading your content and the recent blog posts are present right at the top.

In terms of its responsiveness, it is an amazing theme where there is an option for uploading your own logo.

Further, with social media buttons and support for translation, you will love every function of the Track Theme, inevitably.

Check theme


Till now, I hope you must have chosen one, two or even more of the given above themes. Well, these lists of the Free 40+ themes for WordPress are amazing in every aspect. They bring a sense of value for every person and can suffice the business needs to an absolute level of perfection.

We know how difficult it is to choose themes based on the kind of content you are delivering. Hence, in any case, you are feeling wandering lost, head back to this article and you will find the right answer for Which Theme is the Best for My Blog?” In the age of the world where everything is digitized, all of us want our blog to become famous, generate traffic and live the KING Size Life.

Now that you have got the free WordPress themes collection in your armory and there is only one thing left.

Choose any one of those, build your site, start working hard and you will ‘Shine like the Brightest Star, the World has ever produced on this planet. ‘

Rewards: I want you to share your opinion and let me know which theme you liked the most, a Share  & Comment would be appreciated, you can get perks from me, just share this post and send me the link and screen-shot via email I will deliver you something valuable. Comment & share.

Amit Mishra

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  17. Yes, a beginner can surely go for the free themes. But I will also suggest, as you grow yourself, try to switch to the pro version of the theme. Lots more added benefits are there in the pro version. It even applies to the plugins also.


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