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10 Small Business Ideas With Low Investment

Today in this post, I  will tell you about 10+ business ideas with low investment, which you can start at tiny scale in low cost, so as you know I am very passionate about Business development and I help others to start their companies which will solve everybody’s problem.

Starting a company is not a big deal, but yes in some cases it can be a big deal. I always assist people to Build a brand rather than running behind money.

So, if you are passionate about building your dreams, then you should start something valuable today.

Most people want to start a business; however, they stuck in these two major problems.

  1. Idea
  2. Money

Anyhow, you can arrange payment from your family, friends and loved ones, however, you always lack on perfect Idea to start a business, lets jump onto business ideas at a low cost.

10 Small businesses you can start today at low cost.

So friends here are some easy businesses you can start with very less amount of money, you should have dedication toward your work that’s all.

1.Food Stall Chain

food chain business ideas
Yes, you can start a food stall, or in a business language we can say a chain of restaurants or moving food vans in your unique style.

As there are so many food chain brands like McDonald’s, Domino’s, Subway & KFC, etc are more than successful and generating substantial profit margins.

if you know business a little bit, you can understand the profit margins in this sector, 100% margin is there to cheer you up to think about it and make your plans accordingly.

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2.Online Re-Seller Store

online reseller store

Image Credit: EduBirdie

The online platform is the best platform to learn and expand your business. Growth is limitless, and you can start selling old products on your website after renewing them at little cost.

You can bring your Offline Mobile store to Online and sell second-hand mobile phones, but it needs some money to buy domain name & hosting.

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Hints: Mobile Reselling, Books Reselling, Idea selling

3.Consultancy Business

consulting business
Do you know most of the Indian consultancy business are overgrowing? These companies are selling services to their customer and providing them with a needy hand to make their business successful.

you can also start your consultancy firm with a minimal human resource, and if you have capabilities to transform unhappy customers into happy customers, then you are all set.

register a toll-free number on your name and start delivering services or help for free after that you can charge for your services your company becomes a brand.

4.Interior Designer

interior designing
You can start a business in which you can help people to design their interiors with your advanced and innovative skills.

There is a massive demand for resources with skills which can manipulate people and drive sales in.

You can work as a decorator, designers and charge a minimum $150 to no limits everything depends on your brand value. The only skill you need is to learn about interior designing or take courses.

You can check the top 10 interior designing schools in India

5.Seasonal business:

seasonal business
What do you understand the term seasonal business?

These types of businesses can help you multiply your revenue 100 times, for example, I will talk about India, seasonal items like Rakhi, Diwali, Holi. You can make your products and start selling them online at Amazon.

you can build your unique products like decorative items, printed festive, etc.

Know some seasonal business ideas.

6.Recruitment Services

recruitment services

Recruitment is the biggest headache for any company or business, conducting interviews, selection, offer letters, onboarding, bargaining on packages, etc are the worst practices, so most companies hire recruitment service providers for performing this job.

You need fantastic data of candidates who want to seek jobs in any organization. You can help companies and candidates as well.

Tip: Refer a candidate to the company and make money from it.

7.Car Pool Service

carpool business
You can start a carpool service which will solve the problem of office going people at the peak hours of business days.

unique things can make you productive so you can also offer some facilities in your vehicle which will also help you to generate more revenue.

Example: you are running an SUV vehicle for carpool then, you can also install a small refrigerator on it and sell water bottles, and cold drinks sound nice hmm? Yeah so likewise you can add more facilities which will stick your customer with your vehicle.

8.Career Guidance Company

career guiding business
Think of those students who all passed their 10th class and struggling to make a way in their career.

those students need someone to guide them in, what to do next, you can start a mini firm which will help them choose the best career option.

You can charge on an hourly basis as well, provide consultation.

9.Online Toy Shop

online toy shop
You can start an online toy shop. Everyone knows, how much children love toys and online platforms do not have that many varieties of toys.

Sell toys only that may become a niche online store, you can dropship as well if you don’t need to invest that much amount in your initial days.

you can learn what is Dropshipping.

you can tie up with local sellers to start selling.

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call center job company
Business outsourcing becomes a kind of trend if you have some space and can invest an amount of money then you can start your BPO which will become the best option for you to earn money.

All tech giants are doing the same thing and earning millions in a day.

Attention: in India, there are some fake call centers are also operating, they just want to cheat you and dry your bank balance.

So, friends, I hope you loved this post thank you for reading.

Please let me know if you have any business idea which can help someone.

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Check out this video for ultimate offline business ideas for your quick success

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