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Check Website Traffic: 15 [FREE Tools] to Estimate Traffic Of Any Site in 2024

Website traffic checker

Well, in a world full of Internet and websites blooming each and every year, you definitely need a lethal weapon to beat your competitors. And, by that, I definitely mean a good Website Traffic Checker. I mean Yes, if you really want to succeed in Blogging & business, keeping track of your website’s traffic has to be the sole key.

S NoNameLink
1SemrushClick here to get
2Similar WebClick here to get
3Google Display PlannerClick here to get
4Alexa.comClick here to get
5SE RankingClick here to get
6AhrefsClick here to get
7Rank 2 TrafficClick here to get
8My Site WealthClick here to get
9SpyfuClick here to get
10QuantCastClick here to get
11BuySellAdsClick here to get
12SitePrice.orgClick here to get
13PR NewsCheck on Google

Its recommended to Check website traffic on a regular basis so that you can generate more creative strategies to beat your competition and drive organic traffic from search engine.

So, Do you want to know the least known ways to track website traffic? Do you want to know the amount of traffic top blog in your niche gets?

I Guess, the Answer will be a “POWERFULL YES” and that’s why you are in a pretty much right place.

First of all, checking your traffic gives you satisfaction.

But, when it comes to tracking the competitor’s website, you should know the amount of traffic they get, ways of their traffic sources, and BOOM! You are good to go out on the battlefield of competition.

Study By Wikipedia

According to Wikipedia, Website traffic is the number of data sent and received by visitors to a specific website. However, this definitely doesn’t include traffic which is generated by different bots.

We are talking about traffic, “A Clear and Transparent True Traffic” which is determined by the number of visitors as and when they visit your site.

Now, in case if you want to view your website traffic, you can use different tools out of which Google Analytics is the most prominent one.

Still, everyone likes some sort of different things and that’s what this article is made for.

So, TODAY, I am going to share some of the best ways to find your traffic report without including exact metrics and sources you are getting visitors.

Hence, let us move ahead and onto an exciting journey to find different ways to analyze, “YOUR WEBSITE TRAFFIC”, the Easy Way.

Why You Must Check Others Website Traffic?

This is the question which you must ask yourselves. Hence, as per our understanding and readings, here are the benefits which you can avail by checking your competitor’s website traffic:

  • You can get a precise report of monthly, daily sessions of your competitor’s website
  • You can know the top keywords, your competitors are ranking for. Hence, you can use the same to drive traffic to your own blog for that you have to have a blog if not? check this guide on how to start a blog.
  • You will know the actual breakup of your competitor’s website like how many website traffic is coming from each source.
  • Further, you can get a more precise view of Organic, Direct, Referral, and social traffic.
  • Know the Actual Engagement Detailing of your competitor’s Here, you can view the Bounce rate, Page Views, Time Spent, etc.
  • Creating attractive content for your visitors becomes a far easy process.

Hence, if you are looking for different ways to check your website traffic, I am here certainly to help you out in any case.

So, what’s next? Well, let’s move ahead and discover the Top 13 ways to check your website traffic, the easy way.

Top 15 Ways with Which You Can Check Website’s Traffic, the Easy Way

1. SEMrush: Number 1 Website Traffic Checker

semrush review image

Talking about the first-ever tools to analyze website traffic will bring SEMRush into the limelight. Yes, this is one of the best website traffic trackers with which you can check website traffic in an easy way. According to top bloggers SEMrush is the top blog traffic checker tool widely used.

It is accurate and provides even the nearest level of visitors who are visiting your website or competitor’s website.

Hence, in case if you really want to know the estimated traffic you or your competitor is getting, SEMrush is by par my first ever choice. Paste your competitors URL below and see the magic:

In addition, it can even give you the complete list of keywords, your competitor’s use for ranking. After which you can use the same and take your website to the next level, quite gracefully. Yes With SEMrush you can easily analyse competitor website traffic.

Now, in case if you have signed in to the SEMrush account,  if not (Sign up now for SEmrush now and spy on your competitors) you need to go to the dashboard, enter the website, or post URL and that’s it.

semrush reports

The system will run on its own and will display results that you would have never thought of. Quick shot: Check organic rankings of your competitors and start creating genuine content that will make a change. You can use Grammarly to write articles & proofread it.

Other than that, you can even use SEMRush to find the right affiliate products which you can promote and generate sales, sooner.

I personally use SEmrush for more than 3+ years and this only tool helped me generate more than $3547 every month by spying on my competitors and stealing their traffic.

Read more about SEMRush

2. Similar Web

similar web

After SEMrush, if you are wondering How to check website traffic for free then I can recommend is Similar Web. Yes, with Similar Web, you can track the traffic of any website with whole ease and comfort.


Moving ahead, in order to track traffic on Similar Web, you just have to visit the site, type the desired website name and find out different traffic levels of the site.

Hence, this website not only gives you accurate website results, but it can also even give you ranking insights for almost any website you want to check.

Further, you even get to see the total page views, the duration of time visitors are spending, bounce rate, referrals, social traffic, and much more.

similarweb traffic

Well, that’s a fantastic amount of data you can get for yours as well as the competitor’s website, Right?

3. Google Adwords Display Planner

google keyword planner

As of now in a case, if you don’t know, the traditional Google Adwords has been replaced by the New Google Display Planner Ad experience.

Here, you can guess the website traffic a website gets and work on the same metrics for your own site.

Now, the Google Display Planner is a combination of four things as follows:

  • Google Adwords Tools
  • Contextual Targeting Tool
  • Placement Tool
  • Google Ad Planner

In case if you are looking for the most accurate website traffic checker, the Google Display Planner is the sole one.

It has been created by the biggest SEO Guru’s and you can use the same tool to grow your website traffic, to some good heights.

Majorly this tool is used by advertisers who are bidding on any keywords for paid advertisements on Google.

So, below are the details that Google’s Display Planner Gives? Well, some of the essential ones are as follows:

  • Number of visits per page
  • Average time on site
  • Total Page Views
  • Total unique visitors to a website in a months time

And much more…

How can you actually start with Google Display Planner?

Well, starting with the Google Display Planner is a pretty much simple process.

You just need to enter the necessary domain name in the “Get ideas and estimates” section and then tap on “Get ad group ideas”.

Now, you will see the “Available network inventory” impressions as and when you will press enter.

Hence, after analyzing all the data, you will certainly find the data from Google Display planner being a lot more accurate than other websites.

4. Golden Website Traffic Checker

alexa rank checker

Alexa is currently inactive however this was an best tool to check traffic of any website. Wondering about one of the oldest website traffic checkers? Well, take a look at Alexa.

I know, a lot of you folks are pretty much familiar with the Alexa and we sure love to see this website is ranked in the Top 5.

Still, do you know that you can use Alexa to track the traffic website on a freebie basis? Yes, it is indeed possible to track the traffic of a website by using Alexa, “The Free Way”.

So, how you can do the same? Well, let us go ahead and actually know how you can track website traffic very easily.

Let’s dive into how to Track Website Traffic using Alexa?

First of all, Go to and enter the website address right into the search box.

After you have entered the website address, you will get to see different options such as:

  • Alexa Traffic Rank (Global)
  • Traffic rank in specific demographics
  • Alexa Traffic Rank For India

Now, for the competitors, you can see different analytics such as:

  • Page Views
  • Page Views Per User
  • Bounce Rate
  • Time on Site
  • Search percentage

Further, you will even get to see the top search results for any website. Other than that, Alexa even gives you the privilege to compare your site with other 4 websites of your choice.

Thus, without a single doubt, Alexa is probably one of the best website traffic checker available till date, However now Amazon has discontinued this tool.

You can Check Alexa Ranking Of Tryootech here.

5.SE Ranking – all-in-one SEO platform (Highly recommended)


SE Ranking will accurately analyze the traffic of your and competitor’s websites. You will be able to see the distribution of traffic across countries and both organic and paid traffic overview.

Moreover, the tool clearly shows the distribution of organic and paid keyword rankings, competitors’ distribution, and top pages in organic and paid search.

SE Ranking software provides also a lot of major SEO tools for marketing professionals. Accurate rank tracker, comprehensive website audit, backlink checker, and much more you will get just from $4,2/month.

Software is perfect for SEO freelancers, agencies, and enterprises as it has diversified plans for everyone.

Register now for a 14-days free SE Ranking trial and try all major SEO tools in one platform!

6. Ahrefs: Freemium website traffic Checker

ahrefs review

Looking for yet another trusted website that can help you track website traffic, the easy way? Take a look at Ahref.

By far as per my examination, Ahref has got pretty much more things to offer than people have thought.

ahrefs review

Alike SEMRush, you can log into the Ahref dashboard, enter the domain name and get traffic details, the instant way.

Further, you can even dig into the search results of the top traffic pages and get more traffic on your website.

Overall, although Ahref is a paid tool, still you can get some chances to check your website/ competitors website

stats, the accurate way.

You can get 7 days trial of Ahrefs in 7$.

7. Rank 2 Traffic

rank 2 traffic

In case if you are moving into the field of blogging and digital marketing, you will need to know how to generate traffic, like your competitors.

And, if you are a blogger, you will probably know the importance of Alexa Traffic Ranking. Hence, with the Rank 2 Traffic Tool. You can easily check website traffic, without much issue.

How does Rank 2 Traffic Benefits Bloggers and Digital Marketers?

Start comparing your site with your competitors and you can easily identify the core points on which you can rank and make your website shine.

You can by par estimate the competitor’s website traffic before even launching your own blog or a website.

Finally, you can analyze trends, the pros cons of your competitors, and develop a much better website compared to theirs.

8. My Site Wealth

my site wealth

To be honest, plenty of website traffic checker is available on the Internet but not all of them can give accurate results.

Hence, this brings me down to My Site Wealth which can be used to find a much accurate data of yours/competitors’ website.

First of all, it comes with a set of amazing features with which you can estimate the pricing, traffic, and the domain value.

Hence, by analyzing all the available data and analyzing website assets, you can either build a good website or know your website’s actual worth.

My Site Wealth Features

  • You can easily check the Domain Authority of any website
  • You can track, daily, monthly and yearly visitors.
  • It even has Alexa Rank Comparison which can give you the privilege to compare two sites.
  • You can check on your current source of the website and know ways to generate new traffic.

9. Spyfu

spyfu review

SpyFu is one of the most powerful SEO Tool with which you can track the website’s traffic, the easiest way.

Other than that, you can even know the type of keywords competitors is ranking for. You can try the same on your website and get fruitful results.

Further, it even helps to expose the search marketing secrets formula which can help you to spy on your competitor’s website.

Features of Spyfu

  • You can easily check your website/competitor’s website traffic and avail accurate data
  • If you are using the Adwords campaigns, Spyfu is the tool you must be using at any cost.
  • It helps to track different keywords of your competitors which can help you to rank on the same. Further, you can even monitor SEO Rankings on Bing, Google, and Yahoo.
  • It helps to eliminate the bad Keywords
  • Finally, you can improve your website rank just by clicking on your competitor’s keyword strategies.

All in all, in case you are looking for a perfect tool to track website, Spyfu can help you with the same, without any doubt.

10. QuantCast.Com

quant cast tool

Among internet users of all over the world, is one of the most popular ones. In case if you don’t know, Quantcast is a digital marketing agency which was founded in the year 2006.

Further, the company has its specialization in audience measurement and giving real-time advertising to the users.

So, what does Quantcast provides to its consumers?

First of all, Quantcast is a free website traffic analysis tool that helps you to give direct audience measurement.

Here, it includes traffic, demographics, interest, and many more things that are in the bags for you.

quantcast for publishers

As per my testing, I found Quantcast to show less number of visitors as I have seen on Analytics.

Hence, I am not sure about the accuracy of Quantcast. But still, you can use this software in case you are a newbie in blogging. And, can trust the accuracy of this website traffic checker.


buysell ads image

Basically, the BuySellAds is known as the ad network used for selling banner advertisements on websites and blogs. Hence, with this available platform, you can get close to near insights of any page and website.

Here, other than getting the website analysis, you don’t get to see the estimated page impressions for a website which sells advertisement with the help of BSA.

Hence, in order to know the traffic detailing, you will need to click on the Ads here banner which points to

After this, you can get an insight into your traffic in a much precise format.



Originally, the site price is created with the intention to know the estimated worth of a website. But, in case if you don’t know, it can also be used to guess the estimated worth of any website.

So, what you really need to do?

Well, you just need to enter the website address and you will find each and every information which is needed.

Other than that, the provides other detailing such as:

  • Daily unique visitors
  • Daily page views
  • Website Worth

A Quick word of mouth

In case if you want to know the daily estimated visitors, you can do the same using the SitePrice platform.  But as you know, the data provided by this site is not 100% accurate and it only gives you an idea of the estimated traffic.

13. PR News

prnews io

With the help of PR News, you can actually predict the number of visitors who read your blog post. Here, the company has got unique viewers estimators with which they can estimate your article’s daily visitors.

Now, the same is done with the help of cookies, plug-ins, and ids.

So, what you really need to do?

Well, you just need to enter the domain name and the estimator will give you the number of readers counts.

Features of PR News

  • The platform can predict the number of views nearest to the accurate level
  • It is also helpful to predict the traffic of a website and workable on websites who hide their view counters
  • Finally, the site is helpful if you want to get some PR for a new product, app, blog, and website.

FAQ Section On Website Traffic Checker 2024 Tools

Now, now that you have known the different tools with which you can estimate the website traffic, let us now move ahead and see the FAQ section for all those tools.

Q1. Which are some of the best tools for checking the website traffic on an online basis for free?

Given below are some of the best and accurate tools which can help you to check website traffic for free online:
1. SEMRush (Helps to give you accurate Data): Best Website Traffic Checker
2. Alexa (Free Tool but much popular to give you website insights)
3. SimilarWeb (A nice combination of website analytics in which you can find demographics, links, user metrics, and much more).

Q2. What is the best way to track the number of visitors on my website?

So, far, as and when we have covered the article, if you want to find the best ways to track visitors number, you can go for the given below tools:
1. Google Analytics
2. Clicky
3. Optimizely
4. Crazy Egg
5. SEMrush
6. Ubersuggest

As in the beginning, I recommend you to use the Google Analytics for which you can get the code, you paste in your website. And, you can get an accurate number of visitor’s results, in no time.

Google Analytics Features
1. Number of Users
2. Average Time Spent on the Website
3. Average Number of Page Views
4. Bounce Rate View
5. Top Performing Pages

Q3. Which are the best alternative tools to SimilarWeb available online?

In case, if you are looking for an alternative to SimilarWeb, we recommend the following websites:
1. Ahrefs
2. Moz
3. SEMrush

Q4. How good are the website traffic estimators?

Well, that’s a fantastic question if you are much keen to use the website traffic estimators, especially the free version.

Now, most of the traffic estimators don’t really provide you accurate data. But some of them are still available on the Internet which can provide you near to accurate data.

Still, you can make use of the given above website traffic checker and can estimate yours as well as the competitor’s website in an easy way.


So, as we are into the concluding phase, you definitely know the Top 13 Tools/workable ways to check your website’s traffic, the freemium way.

Hence, I hope that the above-mentioned website traffic checker will help you to analyze traffic and let you grow your website to infinite heights.

Still, I would suggest you to not only rely on the free tools and in case you have got the money, Investing in a premium version of the above tools will help you a lot,  my best pick SEMrush I can bet on this you won’t regret, however, If you have a website and aren’t sure how to monetize it, check out to learn lots of different ways you can develop another revenue stream from your website or blog.

These were some traffic checkers for the website which you can use to check traffic of any website and rank better than your competitors and drive more leads and sales.

Finally, if you really enjoyed this article on the website traffic checker, share it with your friends, family, and, rise above your competitors, the never known way. These were some proven ways how to check website traffic.

In addition if you guys want to generate content for your blog then you should consider using tool.

Picks for you:

  1. Get SEMrush trail 7 days for Free (Best for analyzing your competitors and traffic of any website)
  2. Check out Best themes for your blog
  3. Make your own blog and start making money.

Also, check out my favorite tools I use for blogging


You can contact me at [email protected] for any queries or listing your tool in the list.

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