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WordPress Vs Blogger – Which Is Better & Why? Detailed Comparison (2021)

Different users on many different platforms ask this question that we should choose which Blogger or WordPress for blogging? and which of these two blogging platforms is better?.

WordPress Vs blogger

Most of you will hear this feedback that you should choose WordPress in comparison to the blogger as there are so many benefits to it.

Blogger vs WordPress which is best to Start Blogging?

Blogger vs wordpress

Here we will tell you what features of Blogger and WordPress self-hosted (which you host on your hosting service), then you decide on your own which will be the best suitable for you. We hope that after this article, you will be able to decide according to the requirement that which option is best suited for you.

What is Blogger and its Features: –

As you know, Blogger is a free tool from Google, with the help of which you can create a blog. Blogger is a great tool for people who want to start a blog without investment. Let’s see the blogger’s special talks –

Easy to use – Even if you do not have too much technical, you can easily create your own blog by following some steps.

It’s free – Creating a blog on Blogger is absolutely free and there are no charges at all. Blogger does not charge any subscription fees, registration fees, sub-domain fees, hosting fees.

Free themes and Customization – A lot of free themes are available on Blogger. You can choose any theme on your blog according to your requirement. Apart from free themes or free templates, you can customize the template without CSS. If you want to edit the template then you also have full access to it, and edit the template to change the default HTML, CSS, Javascript code according to your need.

Free hosting from Google – One of the biggest benefits of Blogger is its free hosting service. Along with Free hosting, its biggest advantage is reliable and 99.999% up-time. If your website gets too much traffic or an increase in traffic, your hosting company will either downgrade your website or slow down.

All these problems will not come here. Blogger does not even perform the site down on the website’s load peak. Here, you do not need to worry about hosting plans when your website is popular.

The benefit of Google platform: – Because the blogger is Google’s product, so it becomes easily integrated with Google’s second service or product. Such as Google+, Google Places, Google Webmaster, Google Analytics, Picasa Web, Google Docs, FeedBurner, Picasa Creative Kit, Google Drive, Google Merchant, etc. You can integrate and maintain all of these services with the same email id.

Security – Google keeps updating the security patches of the blogger according to the requirement, so you do not have to worry about anything.

Domain Name: – When you create a blog on a blogger, you can create your sub-domain on a Blogspot without any domain name, and later you can link it to a blogger by requiring domain name purchase.

Website Indexing – Do you know that the Blogger sites, Google search index, indexes in 24 hrs. Faster indexing means that traffic to your blog will start coming soon.

Easy to use and understand – Blogger is considered the easiest blogging platform and its reason is its interface and editor.

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We have just explained the advantages of the blogger. Now we will explain the differences between the blogger and the word-press, which will help you to understand the best suitable platform.

All your data in Blogger is hosted on Google’s servers, so you do not have much control over databases and files, while in the WordPress self-hosted blog you host blogs on the server of your choice so complete your blog’s database and files. Control happens to you.

Difficulty level – Creating and using a blog on Blogger is very easy compared to WordPress. You can create Blogger in less than a few minutes after having less technical skills, but in WordPress, you need to have technical skills in order to be aware of hosting.

Expandability – Despite many tools and themes available on Blogger, it is less than WordPress. After a limit in Blogger, you can not expend your blog while too much flexibility and expandability are possible in WordPress. There are thousands of easy to use free and paid plugins in WordPress that you do a lot on your blog.

Look and appearance – Well there are many themes and layout options in blogger, but still there are not many professional appearances in the blogger as you can bring in WordPress. To make the appearance and look better in WordPress, there is a lot of free and paid options compared to blogger. You can give a professional look to your blog using WordPress’s high-quality themes.

Hosting – In creating Blogger, you do not have to worry about any kind of hosting expense, while in WordPress, you have to purchase a web hosting package from a good hosting provider to create a blog. Well if you go to then you get free blog hosting but with a lot of limitations, you can not place ads on there.

That’s why we are here to tell you the difference between WordPress self-hosted service and the difference between the blogger platform of Google (self-hosted

Support – blogger has limited support compared to WordPress. In Blogger, you get some online documentation and community support but that is not enough, while WordPress has very active support forums that can support you.

wordpress guide free

Difference between WordPress and BLOGGER:-


Blogger is Google’s Platform This means all your data are stored on Google. You can easily create a blog in your Gmail ID and you can create up to 100 Blogs with the help of a Gmail ID, but you do not have access to the server, Google has the right to it, that means Google Whenever you want to close the account or close your blog, you can not make any claim or objection to it.

While WordPress does not have such a thing, you can host it yourself, which means you have the right to have whatever data you have in WordPress. You can turn it off whenever you want and when you can start it. For this, you get a WordPress software that installs in Hosting.

When you want to start your blog and when it will stop, you will set it apart. You can also share whatever data you want with the third party, you also have to decide for yourself.

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In Blogger we can use only a few templates that are already in Blogger. A template is a kind of texture or design that we can use to change the appearance or look of our blog by using it in Blog.

There are very few templates in Blogger that can be used and those who do not have a good look at Blog and you can not even create layouts in it, meaning that you can not design your blog according to your style or style.

There is no such thing in WordPress, you will find thousands of free templates or themes, and that too high quality, which will look like your Blog Professional website. You can make your own layout, which means you can give it a shape according to your mind. To conclude, WordPress is much better than Blogger.


In Blogger, Google gives you some tools through which you can control your blog but there are some limitations and you have to work in the same. If you want to put something more on your blog, then it is not possible.

You have to work with the tools provided, while the WordPress Open Source Platform, which you can customize according to your wishes and put the features in your own interest, in this, you can improve your blog by installing any plugin.


Blogger is Google’s Platform This means that it provides the best protection for blogs created in it. If your blog is in it then you do not have to worry about security. Hacking it is very difficult and no matter how much your traffic comes, your blog will never slow down. It is not that WordPress is not safe.

It is also very safe, but Blogger does not win, you host your blog in it. This means that the ones you are hosting are limited if they are limited resources. You need to take care of the security of your blog because it can not handle more traffic, so you can use the plugin. This means that Blogger is better than WordPress in terms of security.


In Blogger, Google gives you 1GB of space, you have to store all this, but you can easily add it to your Google+ account so that they will get more space in WordPress, which costs $ 4.95 / month. And you can also use the space as much as you want.


You can transfer your data to another platform in Blogger, but it is very difficult to work and you can also spoil your SEO, which can reduce the traffic of your site and you may suffer loss, that is, the month Or the hard work of the year is most likely to be wasted.

In this, Google Portability gives convenience, but this data remains on Google’s server for a long time, so there is no such thing in WordPress if you have to change the domain name of Blog or change the hosting site or change the platform, in WordPress You can do everything easily and you do not have to face any difficulties.

This means that even in the Portability WordPress blogger is better in some ways.


Blogger does not ever bring its updates, nor adds any new features. Google has not made any changes in the following years, as mentioned earlier, that WordPress is open-source software, so its update has come many times You can update it in your own way and improve your blog.


SEO has become very important in today’s times, which helps to increase the Traffic of Blog / Website and make it search engine friendly. Blogger is also behind WordPress in terms of SEO, although there has been a change in SEO in the past few years, that is not enough, while there are many plugins in WordPress that can improve your blog’s SEO and also change can do.


Apart from this, you can create an account for free in Gmail and through a Gmail Id, you can create your own blog in Blogger. For this, you do not have to spend anything for this reason that people start from the beginning, while you can also create Free Site in, but due to some limitations, people do not create a site and Word.

wordpress is best platform to start blogging

Now we will see facilities for website look

Best Blogging Platform- Blog Look:-

Blogging is very important for your blog to be responsive so that your blog is well-show on all platforms and your readers can easily read your content.


blogger guide

When you create a blog on Blogger, you provide basic templates in Blogger Free and recently Blogger has also launched some New Design Templates which you can put on your blog.

Also on the Internet, you get Free and Paid Responsive Template which you can add to your blog and make your Blog look more Attractive.

Now if you talk about widgets, then many companies have created widgets for your promotion and your convenience, which you can put on your blog.

For Example Social Media, Facebook Like Box, Latest Post Widget, etc. That’s why Blogger is no longer far behind in Word of WordPress.


wordpress guide tutorial

On WordPress, you can design the theme according to your convenience, so you can make your blog look as you wish.

With this, you can easily find lots of Free and Paid Templates on WordPress and you can download templates from other sites on your WordPress Blog.

Now, if you talk about widgets, then you get plugins for almost everything on WordPress, through which you can easily add anything to your blog and enhance your blog’s look and convenience.

So Let’s Talk About Backup / Transfer of Website:-

In order to properly blogging you should always take a backup of your content so that you can restore your blog from that backup if you have any kind of problem in the Future.

So talk about taking Backup of Website-


It is very easy to back up a backup or theme inside Blogger, from time to time, you can keep your content backed by downloading and saving it privately.

Always keep a backup of the blog from time to time, if there is a problem with your blog or you want to transfer your content to another platform or blog, then it becomes very easy.


Creating a Backup of Content on WordPress is very easy. You can also make WordPress your backup from time to time so that you do not have any issues with the Future.

You can use your hosting panel to create a back-up of content or you can also take a backup of your WordPress Blog using the Backup Plugin.

So you do not need to recreate your content.

You should periodically create a backup of your content, which should cause some damage to your blog due to any of your Mistakes in the Future, then you do not need to start from Start. You can install a Backup of your content again on your blog. Save your time and hard work.

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So At Last, We Compare 1. Blogspot: Why and why not? & 2.Wordpress: Why and why not?

  1. Blogspot: Why and why not?:-

Blogger or BlogSpot platform is very useful when you want to start a blog, just to share your thoughts.

When you do not open a blog for money, or you need a platform that does not have any technical knowledge, BlogSpot is really great.

In terms of Functionalities or SEO Benefit, there are many limitations in BlogSpot, but overall if you want a platform that is 0 cost, then BlogSpot is the right choice.

At the same time, if you blogging for money, fame, or branding, then BlogSpot is not the ideal choice. The reason for this is that there is limited control over the visibility of your search engine, and after some time you have only some limited features to add.

I have read this many times that Blogger is Google’s platform, its SEO has more advantages, but it’s a pure rumor. It does not matter exactly which platform you are doing, whether it is WordPress, Blogger, this and any platform, SEO depends on how you have configured your site for the search engine.

We have limited control in the Blogger Platform, and despite the fact that it has added SEO benefits, there is a lot of SEO optimization in BlogSpot.

  1. WordPress: Why and why not?:-

WordPress gives you full control over your blog, and you can technically do whatever you want. You get complete control over SEO, you host your own files, you can add SEO plugins, which help make your blog SEO friendly. Moreover, you can always add fresh SEO techniques such as star rating, authorship without sweating.

WordPress gives you the freedom to do whatever you want but at the same time, you have to manage your blog. You have to install WordPress on your server and maintain the blog.

If you are building a blog, thinking that you have to make it popular, earn money from it, then you should prefer a self-hosted WordPress blog. If you are an occasional writer or a hobby blogger, otherwise BlogSpot is the best pick for you.

Matt Cutts Ideas: Blogger or WordPress for SEO?

Matt Cuts is not just Google’s Engineer but he is also the head of the Google Webspam team. They are among those who tell common people like you and me that what Google hopes for a website, and how the search engine works.

MattCutts also uses WordPress for their personal blog. They have also mentioned that Blogger is good for new users, but WordPress gives you more power and you can customize it as you like.

If you talk about SEO, the default installation is both the same. WordPress’s default installation is not SEO friendly, but you can make it SEO friendly by using Plugins. Vs

Understanding what is the difference between and is very important. If you want to make money from WordPress Blogging, then you should know the difference between them, otherwise, you can earn money even after doing hard Word. So let’s see if is the best in

  • org is a Self Hosted Platform, while is a Free Platform.
  • Get Full Theme Support at Where you can upload a custom theme and customize the Exist theme. While is available in You can not upload Custom Theme to here only You can use the Exist theme and customize some of its Basic Feature.
  • You can upload plugins for Blogs / Websites at While the plugin is not allowed on i.e. you cannot upload plugins here.
  • Sell Adsense on i.e. you can connect your website/blog to a platform like Google Adsense, and make income. While WordPress Ads are not allowed, that means you can not earn money from Ads from here.

Friends, here I have told 2 most important Web technologies about which one is and the other is with the difference between the two. Vs What is By saying a website can be earned money and can get free hosting from said.


After watching all these points, one thing is clear that if you can invest a little bit then WordPress is good but if you are starting, you can also use Blogger. We personally created our own blog on Blogger as well as many bloggers have also seen that they prefer Blogger only. Best Blogging Platform.

Blogger is much better because it is very easy to use because if you want to make a career in blogging and do not want to invest more in the beginning then Blogger is the best for you.

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