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How to Start Blogging In 2023 From Scratch [Under 20 Minutes]

Want to know how to start a blog in 2023? I have covered everything you want to know about how to start blogging.

Voila! You’re here because you think you can relinquish the ultimate glory of “Starting a blog in 2023”. Undoubtedly! Now you are ahead of 10 Lakh people in this world. It’s because you have moved ahead leaving the majority of people who did not have the courtesy to generate extra sources of Income probably because they want to stick with their regular 9 to 5 job, get appreciated by seniors and wait for the annual increment.

But, all these while you keep reading other blogs about their blogging journey. Now get ready with the initiative to earn some extra penny from the Internet with or without your job.

How to Start Blogging?

Alright, you can start blogging besides a regular job or whatever work you are doing, later when confidence builds up and starts making a lot more money from your blog to sustain a healthy living via blogging. Although you may need to leave your work at the office and take blogging as your full-time career.

It’s always difficult to start new things and gets adjusted after a while, this is similar to blogging, I will guide you with everything in this detailed post. By means of blogging, you can do everything on your own, you need not have to hire an expert to create a blog for you. You can save that money approximately $60/Rs.4000 in buying your hosting and domain name.

There are two primary objectives of learning how to blog. First “how to start a blog on WordPress” and Second “How to develop a blog for someone in return of Money.” Before I brief you about the initial steps of how you can make your blog ready in the next 30 mins, I would like to add some points to your knowledge base.

Blogging first started as a prominent way to have an online personal weblog. Through which a person update journal about their day. The ‘weblog’ refers to ‘blog’ now. Like many inventions on planet earth, peoples have found great potential by having a blog and blogging started climbing up there.

Since then a blog is no longer used for marketing but it has become a home business in and of itself. Blogging is fun, the legitimate way to share the knowledge that generates a decent income from the internet.

Blogs have two outmost advantages such as. A blog constitutes frequently updatation of the post. It can be anything sharing with the world. Blog posts are added several times a week.

Blogs allow for reader engagement which is why readers finding the most captivating post has thousands of comments down under posts to have a discussion with the blogger and others who read the blog.

The good news is that prior to starting a blog I have curated a relatively easy guide for you. Let’s start with a brief about How do I actually started with blogging?

How do I actually end up blogging?

I started blogging 4 years back and this is my 3rd blog by having more than 5 blogs on different niches. I am generating different sources of income all this while. But it wasn’t the same when I started back.

During my initial days, I was not sure about blogging and things associated with it, I used to search on the internet “How to make money online?”

Fortunately, I landed up seeing one blog post that offered me 20 best ways to make money online, I can’t wait to read the article and grasp the entire article without losing a sec, blogging on the top of the list, the other first two options were 1) Affiliate Marketing, 2) YouTube & Third was Blogging.

Although it was pretty easy for me to dream about blogging and generating tons of money with it. The only thing required was a laptop and an internet connection. It was then I felt the necessity to feel like a boss. Almost everyone in blogging has experienced this once.

Moreover, the enrichment becomes more fulfilling when you think of earning 20x money over your regular 9 to 5 office job. It was when I used to work for an MNC as a Software Network Engineer.

The kind of feel like “boss” or starting something being an entrepreneur is always fulfilling in nature. More when I see myself struggling to meet my financial goals, I need to sustain my family is the primary reason why I opted for blogging.

Anyways, I started with the first 3 options on the list.

I created YouTube Channel With name Tryootech, besides started a blog where I affiliate products with no or less knowledge in affiliate marketing.

Later I found several mistakes pertaining to blogging. Hence, I devoted enough time to learn things regarding YouTube channel and blogging basics by reading blogs, watching videos. Also, affiliate marketing was pretty tough for me which I made simpler by joining affiliate marketing courses and in no time, I have learned things that went missing.

Although from a beginner point of view my blog posts started receiving traffic worldwide. And, it took no time to write several other eye-catching blog posts which received huge traffic in just 2 months. And I finally started generating some income. And at last, over a period of 3 years I am earning a decent income and able to hire 2 managers salary every month.

Therefore, blogging is the best and Free medium to grow your business and authority. You can build your trust, authenticity & presence online. My major revenue source comes from Blogging you can see below screenshots. It is possible to make money from your blog, proofs are below.

Thrive themes affiliate earnings:-

You can see sales I drive through my blog, above stats are only from one network I am showing you, I have registered for more than 38+ affiliate networks.

thrive theme affiliate earnings

 Thrive theme affiliate traffic:-

Below are some traffic stats for Thrive Themes.

thrive theme affiliate traffic

here are few more screenshots with other affiliate networks the Power of Blogging.

ShareASale affiliate commission:-

shareasale affiliate commision

These are some more stats for you.

shareasale affiliate commision stats

You can see I am earning up to $45/3,121.54 Indian Rupee per transactions and getting almost 5 to 6 sales per month without doing anything, I just need to help newbies with my blog posts that’s all.

Let me show you the pages that are driving huge sales for me,  some of you may think that I might be driving sales from YouTube or any other platform however below is the proof.

Share sale affiliate earnings tryootech:-

Shareasale affiliate earnings tryootech

You can see the above pages driving my sales and also payouts in the above two lines.

These are some stats that show that there is an opportunity which you people are losing, you also can start blogging and make money online.

Now I will guide you through how to start blogging in 2023 full guide.

Since starting, of a new blog you have to be very clear about which niche or topic you are going to start your blog, below are some activities we need to do for developing a WordPress Blog.

  • Find Good profitable Niche.
  • How to book domain name and save money.
  • Best hosting provider to start your blog
  • Linking of the domain name with hosting provider.
  • Installing WordPress in Cpanel

Step1: Finding a Good Niche to Start blogging:

Finding a perfect Niche is the most crucial aspect of your blogging journey, this is where all the hard work relies on. Although before jumping into, you need to do some market & interest research, Blogging is a medium through which you resolve problems of others. Become a problem solver and trust me traffic is yours!

The most important question of the century is why people will tend to visit your blog?

Let’s assume you have perfect knowledge about a specific thing that others don’t have. They might be in search of finding the specific answer to the question.

You can write a post, stating the actual answer to the question or solve a problem that people have asked for. In regard to answering queries to huge masses, you are getting direct traffic to your website/blog. And in return, you get paid for products you affiliate. Even you can help others and get paid whatever amount asked for making the resolution.

Or you can find a category in which you can express yourself with words and educate people with your knowledge if you are still facing issue in Niche research you can refer to this guide best categories to start blogging as a career. After you found the right Niche which suits your interest you can straightaway book your domain name before someone else grabs.

Step 2: Find a Good domain name for your Blog:

  1. A domain name is your identity and name of your website like I have,,, etc.
  2. You can book domain names from GoDaddy(recommended), Bigrock, NameCheap(recommended), are the top companies to register domain name for your blog.
  3. GoDaddy domain name suggestion

godaddy domain name suggestion

See in the above image I searched for and it is available you need to enter your desired domain name and register.

Before booking a domain name I would like to add some points:

Always go with a short and easy to remember domain names which people can understand and remember by looking at it.

I did the mistake of registering the domain name “tryootech”. Perhaps the domain name is a little hard to remember as a human mind read things in images like Facebook if someone summons Facebook then an image will come up showing a Facebook logo or like Neil Patel dot com (His face will come in your mind) right? so register easy to remember domain names.

  • Prefer Dot com domain names only because people remember .com TLDs as compare to .in, .org, net, and so on. Don’t book names with numbers like 99techplus, hotstar45, blogging1001, etc.
  • Avoid repeating alphabets in your domain name like Tryootech (i used double o), Coool (using three o), coverr, Flyy, etc not recommended.
  • Never go with reputed brand names like you can’t book facebook44 dot com or philipscontact dot com, etc.

You can generate some cool domain names from below websites:

  1. Instant Domain Search
  2. Shopify Name Generator
  3. Name Mesh

Step 3: Best Hosting Provider For Your Blog With (Discount Coupon)

After the registration of your domain name, you need to buy hosting for your blog. Hosting is a platform where your blog will stand and grow over time.

If you ask me Which hosting to go with? I would recommend A2Hosting because of its speed, performance, support, positive reviews, and reliability.

We need hosting to store our files online and we are booking online space for our blog.

A2hosting discount coupon code

Now What you have to do is you just need to visit the hosting website by clicking below the given link and follow the mentioned steps.

1. Click here to activate 68%Off Coupon Of A2Hosting

2. After visiting the website click on Get Started button Choose the best hosting plan and proceed, as you are a beginner I would recommend you to go with Shared hosting plan which is the right set for your blog.

You might be thinking why I recommend shared hosting for beginners?

Although you’re planning to create a blog for yourself. But during the initial days of blogging, you might not have huge traffic on your blog. Shared hosting allows you to host a website without worrying about high fees & downtime.

For instance, at beginner level you do not have a huge number of traffic or code files, why to pay for 3 BHK if your current requirement is for a room only, in future, you can upgrade to VPS hosting which works as an intermediary for shared and dedicated hosting.

  • A2hosting discounts hosting plans:-

A2hosting discounts hosting plans

Let me tell you which plan to choose.

A2hosting plans:-

a2hosting plans

As I mentioned if you are a beginner you can go with Linux Shared hosting Lite plan or if you would like to go with unlimited websites, unlimited databases you can go with Linux Shared hosting Swift Plan.

Click here to activate 68%Off Coupon Of A2Hosting

How to buy hosting from the A2hosting guide:-

how to book hosting from a2hosting guide

After selecting the plan you just need to select the above option (I will use my existing domain and updated nameservers) if you have an existing domain, in your case you have just booked your domain name in the above steps.

Please write the domain name very carefully and click on Use.

Buying A2 hosting process:-

buying a2 hosting process

After selecting for 12 months/one year plan your costing will be Rs.3655.67 approx (it may be less or more depends on taxes & currency rates) for Lite Plan.

You need not add any other services let it be the default because we can use and configure services with the help of plugins later, then click on Continue.

A2 hosting checkout form:-

a2 hosting checkout form

details A2 hosting

After that, fill this form with your correct details, add PASSWORD, and choose a security question and give an answer.

For payment process make sure you select CCAVENUE as a payment method as you can see in below image,

You can pay by debit card, credit card, net banking, or even with Paytm(only for Indian users) as well. For people outside India can use Paypal for a smoother transaction.

The payment process of a2hosting:-

payment process a2hosting

Once you have completed your order you will receive the payment confirmation receipt with Cpanel Login Details and Nameservers details.

3. Now you have to Link Domain name With Hosting, What you can do is you have to simply add Nameservers received via email to your domain name registrar i.e Godaddy or Namecheap.

Let me show you the process.

Visit Domain name registrar –> DNS settings of your domain –>Nameservers –> Click on Change Nameservers.

Godaddy nameserver change process:-

godaddy nameserver change process

Step 1 Click on Change button and then choose custom nameservers to copy & paste nameservers you have received via email, in some cases, you might receive 4 nameservers don’t worry simply click on Add nameserver and add 3rd & 4th one then click on Save.

How to update nameservers in GoDaddy:-

how to update nameservers in godaddy

Step 1 Nameservers will take 24hrs to propagate properly, (domain name propagation takes time, wait for a while). As you have accomplished 80% of the work.

Step 2 After 24 hrs you have to Login to your Cpanel dashboard ( login link and details provided in the email and A2hosting Dashboard details)

If you still confused how to change nameservers of your domain name in GoDaddy  you can watch below tutorial video:

How to install WordPress in Cpanel:-

how to install wordpress in cpanel

Step 1 Your CPanel will look like the above image, find Softaculous App installer in the panel and search for the above icon i.e WordPress icon.

Step 2 Click on the WordPress icon then a new dashboard will open as you see in the below image.

install wordpress for blog

Step 3 Install WordPress for the blog

Step 4 Click on Install Now, to start installing WordPress on your domain name, it’s very simple.

WordPress installation guide:-

wordpress installation guide

Step 1 Choose a domain, make sure your (in directory) option should be empty as you are installing WordPress on your domain name only.

WordPress installation process:-

wordpress installation process

Step 1 Create your credentials Admin Username and Admin Password, you can go with default password as you can see in the above image the password is very strong this will help your blog to protect from unwanted login attempts.

WordPress installation tutorial:-

wordpress installation tutorial

Step 1 Now Click on Install after that it will take 2 to 5 mins to install WordPress in your New blog. Now Login to Your WordPress Dashboard using the credentials. It will look like the below image.

WordPress Dashboard:

wordpress Dashbord

Step 1 Your Blog is ready to use, before that you need to add some useful plugins. You can refer to this guide Best plugins for WordPress.

Step 2 Now you need a beautiful theme for your blog, after WordPress installation, you will get default WordPress theme that is just for the demo purposes, you need to look out for a lightweight well SEO optimized responsive premium theme for professional blogging.

I recommend you to go with StudioPress Premium themes & MyThemeShop.

Or, If you want the current theme I am using for this Blog then you can go with the GeneratePress Premium theme.

However, if you are confused about how to install WordPress on your new blog you can refer below video:

Finally, get ready with your post to reach out to the audience and help them understand the motive behind your blogging. Blogging requires consistency means regular publishing posts and content updating to existing posts.

If you are facing any issue in Starting a blog then you can reach out to me at amitmishra[at]tryootech[dot]com or you can text me on Facebook messenger.

Share your views about this article, you can ask your queries related How you can start your blog? with me in the comments, however, if you are not yet ready to start blogging then you should definitely check out the top reasons to blog.

Do share this article with your friends who want to live a boss-free life (sharing is caring).

Bonus for You:

If you are buying web hosting with our affiliate link for 1 year or more duration, you can just email your invoice at [email protected] then I can send you your bonus on your email id.

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