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71+ Best Blog Niche List That Drive More Traffic And Money (2024)

Hey Whatsup people? In this blog post, I will talk about some of the best blogging niche ideas to drive more traffic and money. If you are searching how to find the right niche for your blog then this blog post is the answer. I am also going through my eyes on some of the best niche & micro-niches blog topics to start your blogging journey.

Hope you all are doing really well, I was quite busy with my online business and activities, however, apart from my hectic schedule, today I got time to write about blogging topics that make huge money.

Before jumping into the article let me tell you some tools we recommend for Blogging that will make your life easy and you can start using these tools after you find your profitable blog niche:

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Keep reading, in the next 2 minutes I will try my best to help you out with some popular blog topics that generate revenue on autopilot, Also included micro niche blog ideas that no will tell you. Just remember that struggle and right investments are the most important things.

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Let’s Dive into our blog post.

If your question also revolves around best Niche selection so keep reading this post.

Best Niche to Start Blogging?

Although, as per my experience and time spent in the blogging industry, I recommend you to start a blog which solves any problem, Visitors are searching solution for their problem on Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex or any search engines.

I can explain to you with one example, Suppose I want to know, ‘how can I drive more traffic to my blog or youtube channel’? What I will do, I will Google it out and search for some videos on Youtube.

After Googling, I found some results in the form of blog posts & web pages, I will check out some websites with related knowledge I was searching for, If that post or video resolves my query or problem means I got my solution.

Likewise, if you are planning to start a blog then please make sure to proceed with the knowledge you already have or you are good at, in simple words, you are passionate about.

Don’t get your hands dirty with any other niche you are hearing for the very first time. Blogging is Love, If you do it perfectly, you will get results beyond your expectations.

One more thing I want to add before telling you the most profitable niches to start blogging, Don’t get influenced by someone who is earning millions from his blog, because that was an era when he/she started his blog, however now trends have changed.

People don’t Like old fashion clothes, they want to wear clothes that are in trend, otherwise, their repo will go with their clothes.

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These wordings are applicable in blogging as well, if you will not update yourself according to trend then you are out of the race. Seriously, mind my words.

I always recommend you to go with Blog topics that make the most money which has a lifetime value.

Below are some profitable Blogs on this planet:

  1. WpBeginner: They talk about WordPress and topics around it.
  2. Backlinko: Focuses on SEO & backlink strategies.
  3. Neil Patel: Digital Marketing & Blogging

Remember if you are choosing any topic then choose blog ideas that make money.

Now coming on the Niche selection part, What is Niche?

Niche is a category or some people know it as the topic or industry in which you are producing content. Like I Blog about Blogging, SEO, and Digital Marketing.

If you love fashion you will blog about fashion according to that your niche would be fashion.

The biggest mistake people make is they start blogging by watching someone who is really popular in their niche, brother, that niche may not work for you, or else you are strongly passionate about the same.

Well, it’s your decision which niche to choose, however, it’s my responsibility as a blogger to let you know the clear picture of the scene.

Blog Niche List:

After doing research and competition analysis, I found some niche website ideas in which you can get your hands dirty for really good profits.

So, here I go,

1. Parenting

Parenting niche ideas

In this niche, you can write about parenting tips, baby care, how a new mother can take better care of her infant.

You can also write about products anyone can use for making her parenting life more comfortable, easily you can promote products from Amazon, use affiliate links that will help you earn from your traffic.

If you are not a parent then please don’t try to mislead people because, without experience don’t give fake pieces of advice, ultimately that will ruin your blogging career. Although, I always recommend doing niche blogging for profit but not to cheat anyone and play with their emotions.

Trust me if you are a parent and can guide people on parenting tips then this can be the best niche for blogging.

Monetizing tips:

You can monetize your blog with Adsense, Premium parenting guides in the form of digital and physical books, use affiliate links to promote products from any e-commerce portal, even you can sell your own products like baby care shampoo, toys, clothes, etc.

You can produce more affiliate articles using Jasper ai and increase your chances to earn more affiliate commissions.

2. Home Decor

home decor Niche ideas

If you are passionate about art and craft then you should try this Niche, as this comes under crafts, and we can call it as sub-niche.

Nowadays people are very serious about their decor, especially females, As the internet is penetrating to the rural world also, users are showing their interest in searching results related to decor ideas, if you have creativity and passion, then you can be a Home Decor blogger.

You may help them find ideas through which they can decorate their homes with crafty items and spread positive vibes.

Also, you can classify ideas according to Bedroom, kitchen, home decor ideas for birthday, home decor ideas with waste materials, ideas for the specific countries. 

I am sharing these blog post ideas for beginners, anyone can work on these ideas. This can be the best topic to work in USA or tier 1 countries.

Monetization tips:

If you are good at crafting, you can sell your handmade crafts, paintings, raw stuff for crafting, Adsense is the by default option for you, affiliate marketing is the evergreen option you have, Are you a genius in handmade crafting?, then you can provide Paid tutorials who want to learn.

Also read: Which platform is best to start blogging?

3. Personal Finance

Personal Finance niche idea

Are you talking a lot about money-saving tips? Why not share those tips with a broad group of people, I mean to say, why not start a blog and provide you tips their.

Is it a good idea, right? Yes, it’s really a good idea, Help others to save their money.

Money is the only thing which is mostly loved by everyone on this planet, anyone can earn money, however, the biggest challenge is to save that money.

As per your expertise and interest, you also can recommend various, monitory investments and saving plans. If you are based In India then writing about finance, legal advice & money can be the best topics for blogging in India.

Monetization tips:

Banks are providing huge commission on per leads you to refer to them, if you help them get leads you get paid, for Personal loan, short term loan  credit cards, savings account, insurance policy, etc

You have huge opportunities to tie-up with financial experts & advisors for providing paid advice or consultancy, and earn huge in commissions or referral charge, you also can become an affiliate for the financial software.

It can promote books related to finance and motivation. However, if you feel, you are expert enough then you provide financial advice to clients.

4. Personal Development

Personal Finance niche idea

This is the only niche that is common to everyone, near about all want to grow their personality and looks mature.

If you are interested in and have good knowledge of attitude development then you can try in this niche as well, this is the growing industry of today’s generation. Share your knowledge with people who are looking to upgrade themselves in terms of self-development.

Even if you are a good speaker and influencer, you can also try to make video content for youtube, which will help you to reach a wider audience and generate an extra source of income.

Competition is rising in this industry if you are looking to start, do it now, otherwise, it will be late to rank after your competitor.

Monetization tips:

Amazon affiliate, Adsense, your Paid E-books are some ways through which you can monetize your content. You can also provide special classroom/online training of personality development that will help you earn extra bread & butter for you.

Although, your creativity will help you earn more.

5. Politics News

Politics News Niche

This is the best industry if you love politics, you all know how this industry operates, I mean to say, how politicians fight among each other, you can gain profits, as people are searching more about the latest trends about what’s going on in this industry.

If you have interest & likes to chat more about politics then no one can stop you from achieving success, just show what you consume from news channels and newspapers, try to make that news more appealing and creative, always remember, the more creative you will, the more traffic and attention you get.

You can checkout sites like Newyorktimes, Thewashingtonpost for news ideas to write about.

Like Bollywood gossip, you can also share politics gossips.

Monetization tips:

In this niche, I prefer you to go with Google Adsense, info links. The major downside in this niche is, the amount of traffic you get will not consistent, it fluctuates as per hour’s demand. And, you will not be able to convert your traffic into your customers.

That’s why you should focus more on content generation and promotion of your blog.

6. Interviews

interviews niche idea

Do you know hosting interviews can become a tool for your success? How? let me explain.

As I told you that taking interviews of top people in your Niche or Industry, celebrities may change your life forever, yes forever, now some benefits of taking interviews.

  1. If you take interviews, this will help you in networking with those people and help to build quality contacts.
  2. It helps in building your reputation and authority as well.
  3. You will learn the insights of those people.
  4. Their contacts will also get to know about you.
  5. Your communication gets stronger.
  6. This will help you to polish your outreaching skills.

Extra benefits you can write down in comments if you feel.

Monetization tips:

You can use Adsense and as your primary monetization methods. You can also monetize it via Amazon affiliate program by recommending products or tools talked in the interview session.

7. Gifs & Memes

Gifs & Memes blogging niche ideas

This is one of the trending & rolling niches you can get into. Plus point here is, you can make memes and gifs on any trending topics, you also know trending topics get more traction than any other traditional sprouts, you understood what I mean to say.

The only major drawback you will face here is, your blog posts & memes will not be evergreen, you have to digest this major concern, and your traffic will also fluctuate as per trends.

Pro tip: you can also share your memes and gifs on social media, majorly on Instagram and Facebook. Facebook will drive more shares that will help you grow organically.

Monetization tip:

You can sell combos premade of memes and gifs for other businesses, you can also use ad networks like Adsense,, info links, etc for generating some revenue from your content.

8. Gift Ideas

gift ideas niche

Here in this Niche you are solving the biggest problems of people who are restricted only in some ideas of gifts, you know on any occasion, the most common gifts people send are mugs, photo frames, and bouquets that’s all, we don’t have options.

So, If you have some killer gift ideas why not share it with your audience, you may also sell your own gift products on your blog, you can do affiliate marketing with Amazon products. 

I can say this Niche would be, one of the best and creative niche to start your blogging career.

Don’t let the opportunity go from your hand, you can make a good amount of revenue from this blog by selling your own handcrafted gift items, you also can take custom orders for higher prices.

Monetizing tips I already shared with you, or you can use your crazy mind to earn more. You can find more affiliate marketing niche ideas from Amazon product categories.

9. Upcoming events

Upcoming events niche idea

Are you also searching for events online for networking? No/Yes/maybe? No? No problem, I am searching, and I was very disappointed that there are very few websites/blogs who are sharing information regarding upcoming events and meetups, facebook’s Local App is an example of a kind.

Here you have opportunities to let people get updated with the latest events and meetups around them.

You can also make one section for premium meetups or membership lock-ins, for example, if a person is regular and attends at least more than 5 events a month and for that, he is paying more than Rs.5000, however, you can offer him monthly subscription for just Rs.3000.

This strategy will help you acquire more clients for the long term.

That will help him to save some penny and you are also getting perks every month. Isn’t that cool? Yes, it is.

For your expansion you can tie-up with certain brands for selling tickets, you may earn commissions on every single ticket sold through your reference.

10. Health

Health niche idea

This Niche became more popular and crowded, as the population is increasing every single minute, more people are getting sick and becoming patient.

If you are planning to start a Health blog then keep in mind, Google is very serious about the knowledge you are sharing with your audience on a Health Niche Blog.

You have to be authentic and clear on your recommendations and solutions.

Nowadays most Health Blogs are misleading people and trying to sell through their blogs using affiliate products.

However, you should not do the same.

Provide correct information, knowledge which resolves their query for what they are searching for.

You can start Micro Niche Blogs in Health Niche, you can blog about, hair fall, skin diseases, diabetes, acne, etc.

11. Biography

Biography niche idea

People search for people who are popular or getting fame. So if you love reading the biography of other celebrities or Youtubers then you should write about new celebrities who all are not famous, however, in the limelight and will be becoming the next big star of the industry.

Let me also share a bonus list of micro-niche ideas for US market:

12. Paintballs Reviews

In the United States people play this game and this is one of the most popular niches you can write about. Hardly you will get any competition in this industry to rank for any certain keywords.

Monitization: You can add amazon affiliate links in your content while recommending any product or equipment.

13. Fishing Rod Reviews

You can write about fishing rod reviews and add affiliate links from Amazon. On every sale, you can earn maximum commissions as these rods average cost is more than $100. This would be the best topic to write about.

14. Gun Cases Reviews

One of the most profitable blogging niche and you will not find any competition here. I am talking about now it may rise in the near future after this blog post.

15. Pet food Niche

People in America spent $30 billion on pet care and $13 billion only on pet food. Now you can get an idea there is a massive opportunity in the pet food industry. You can checkout on blog which is a micro niche blog and earn impressive commissions from Amazon USA.

16. Archery Site

You can sell archery accessories from Amazon. For better understanding, you can check out for more ideas about products to promote on your archery blog.

17. Pottery

Pottery is something that is not new however now people searches more about pottery online and buys related products, this can be your best opportunity to write and get traffic in this niche also.

18. Crowd Funding

Websites like and are dominating this industry and generating new opportunities in the crowdfunding industry.

19. Drone Tutorials

By writing about drone guides you can easily sell drones and make huge commissions.

20. Coffee Shaker reviews

Another low competitive niche to start your micro-niche blog, you can easily sell coffee shakers and coffee bean packets from Amazon.

21. WordPress plugins

This is one of the most profitable blogging niches however nowadays this becomes more saturated and has some competition. Wpbegginer is the top blog in this industry and making in 6 figures monthly.

22. WordPress themes

You can talk about WordPress themes and sell different themes from studio press or mythemeshop.

24. Home security

In this niche, you can sell home security cameras, monitors, and other gadgets required in Home security. You can provide guides on how to make their home a safer place to live and what do’s and don’t about home security.

25. Online dating

Another profitable industry to write about you can check out for the latest dating affiliate programs and monetize your dating blog. This niche is super profitable and competitive too. If you are looking for long term blogging opportunities then this niche would be great to start with.

26. Cruises

A hot topic to write about, You should have a passion to create content in this niche. These are some micro niche blogging topics that the least people know in the industry.

27. Weight loss

Profitable niche to get into and earn money from Clickbank offers. You can use mediabuying to get initial sales and conversions. Many bloggers in USA and Canada using Bing to promote these type of offers and making more than $1000- $2000 per day with CPA offers.

28. Hairloss

This is a problem you can promote hair care products or can do affiliate to hair transplant services by tieing up with hair transplant clinics.

29. Debt Settlement

Provide guides on debt settlement and write about more guides to save more and invest.

30. Yoga

This can be the most profitable niche as this is related to health and you guys know health blogs are doing really well in terms of revenue. You can sell affiliate products from ClickBank, Shareasale, and Amazon. Easily you can drive sales to your paid Yoga coaching programs.

40. Airlines

Traveling is fun and the guys who are exploring the world loves to search more about best and affordable airlines to buy tickets. If you blog about different articles or talk about travel hacks then you can easily do affiliate from that pays you 40% of the sale amount.

41. Makeup

Not only girls anyone can start makeup blog and provide tutorials, hacks, tips to look beautiful, and earn money with your blog.

42. Supplements

Write about supplement reviews and sell supplements directly from Amazon. For converting people in this niche you have to build some authority and trust. This is one of the mild competitive industries to run your blog.

43. Insurance is one of the renowned website selling policies you can also provide tips to choose the best insurances and earn from affiliate commissions.

44. Baby Products

In this industry, you have lots of products to promote, you can write guides about using baby products, do the review from multiple brands, parenting guides, baby food guides, etc. In this niche topics are endless. Provide value and get more conversions.

45. Bitcoin & Cryptos

Super Profitable and risky niche to get in. If you have started your blog in crypto 5 years back then now you would be a millionaire by now. The best thing about the crypto niche is you can get huge affiliate commissions and sponsored posts.

46. Dog Grooming

Have ever heard that people spend lots of their hard-earned money on their pets grooming products?

pet grooming niches

Websites like are selling pet grooming products and from this website, you can get ideas about what you have to promote on your pet grooming blog.

You can also check out brands like Andis, Aria, Best Shot, Bio-Groom, Breath Healthy, Cleangopet, Coolpup, Casual canine for more pet grooming product ideas.

47. Tatoo removal

This is again a problem niche in which you can sell tatoo services and guides to remove permanent or temporary tatto instantly.

48. Security system reviews

This is a growing industry where you can sell job portals or programs related to security systems and provide reviews on accessories used in security installation setup.

49. Kids Party ideas

Kids from USA, Australia, Europe search for more crazy party ideas, you can provide them with different party ideas and convince them to buy party products from Amazon with your affiliate links, you can promote, cakes, groceries, chocolates, gifts for their friends.

50. Car Wax Reviews

You can review wax from different brands and monetize with Amazon affiliate links. This will be your micro-niche in the automobile industry, you can also pitch different wax brands for paid reviews as well.

51. Political opinion

In this Niche, you can write about political news, give your opinion on any trending topic related to politics that will drive organic traffic from search engines. You can monetize your blog by brand mentions, paid posts, and by placing ads from Adsense.

52. Wiki niche (biography niche)

In this niche, you guys can write about the Biography of celebrities and make money through AdSense.

53. Water filters

You can write about the problems caused by bad water and promote water filters by providing solutions.

54. NFTs

As you guys know crypto industry is booming and is on the verge of expanding you guys can start your website on crypto, NFT’s and news regarding these content. Its super trending niche you can also create NFT News website to get active users.

55. AR & VR

As Facebook has changed their name from Facebook company to Meta and in their keynote they have mentioned that they are focusing more into AR & VR technology and also launched Horizons. This shows bright future in Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality.

So, as I have covered nearly 53 niche site ideas in which you can work and get more traffic for your blogging success. Undoubtedly these were some of the best niches for blogging anyone can start in no time.

After reading this article, if you are planning to start your Blog then I can recommend to you the best-hosting Provider: Hostinger (20X Fast hosting in Affordable cost my personal favorite).

Let’s talk about some FAQs

  1. What are the most profitable blogging niches?

    Majorly Health, Travel, Marketing, Hosting, Fashion, travel, Finance, Lifestyle are some of the most profitable blogging niches.

  2. Where Can i Find a profitable blog niche?

    1. Go with your interest where you feel effortless to write and share your views even if you are not getting paid for blogging.
    2. Spy on your competitor’s monitor what they do which blogs they start.
    3. Pick niches with less keyword difficulty.
    4. Do some market research what people want, which problem you are solving with your blog?
    5. Check backlinks to affiliate sites with SEmrush by this method you will get new blogging niche ideas.

  3. What type of blogs make the most money?

    Affiliate blogs make the most money, if you compare an AdSense blog with an affiliate blog you will find affiliate blogs generate more revenue with less targeted traffic.

  4. Is blogging profitable in 2024?

    Yes, blogging will always be a profitable business. You will generate revenue on a consistent basis if your blog is driving organic traffic from search engines.
    For being profitable in blogging your niche also play vital roles.

Watch my video on Best and latest Profitable Niches For Blogging:

Now, It’s your turn to let me know in which niche you are in and what other niches will be profitable for blogging in the near future?

Use Semrush (Get 7 Days FREE Trial) to find keywords and niche ideas to start your blog.

You guys can check out Jasper ai for writing content for your blog 10X faster than humans, i am using BOSS MODE of Jasper and loving it.

You can check out useful tools for blogging.

Purchase Micro Niche Keywords Ideas to get most profitable niche ideas.

If you are from India and you know Hindi then you can watch my Paid webinar on How to choose a profitable niche to start your profitable blog:

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You can ping me on Whatsapp at +91-9370036105 (No Calls) if you want to start your blog and have any questions related to blogging and Niche Selection.

Amit Mishra

Amit Mishra

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Love to help people with my advance skills to earn living online. Learn Blogging, SEO & Digital Marketing on this blog.

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