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7 Top Blogging Mistakes Amateur Bloggers Make In Initial days

Blogging Mistakes amateur bloggers Make

Mistakes are always good to make, you learn something from your mistakes every time you make, however, some blogging mistakes are better to avoid as a blogger which amateur bloggers make in their initial stage of Blogging career.

In this post, I will be sharing some mistakes bloggers make as a noob.

You might be knowing that blogging is not an easy business, gone those days when blogging was a hobby and everything ranks well in search engines.

Blogging mistakes

Now it became so competitive that without proper knowledge and strategy, you won’t get rankings.

I am blogging for 6 years and learning new strategies and hacks every single day.

let’s dive into the article and talk about mistakes amateur bloggers do.

7 Blogging Mistakes Amateur Bloggers Make

  1. Selecting the Wrong Niche Selecting a perfect niche is the major problem for almost every newbie bloggers, they get influenced by other top bloggers and start with a super-competitive niche, which they regret later.
    You have to be very specific and choosey when selecting a perfect niche for your blogging journey. Do some R&D before jumping into any niche you want to work on.
  2. Custom Domain Name Not choosing custom domain names are the common blogging mistakes every amateur bloggers make. They choose domain names like,, which does not look professional. I highly recommend them to get a good domain name Like, which are brandable and easy to remember. You can book domain names from or at really affordable prices. Custom domains help your brand to get noticed and become more popular. Learn how to start your new blog on your own and make money online.
  3. Cheap & Crap Hosting from unknown brands One of the biggest blogging mistakes almost every blogger makes when they are in the starting phase of their blogging journey. Never buy hosting from unknown, non-reputed brands as always prefer buying hosting from A2Hosting, Bluehost or Hostinger. I personally use A2Hosting for 3 of my micro niche sites because of 20X fast Speed, good customer support & affordable price. If your hosting selection is not perfect then it can be your worst blogging mistake you ever make.
  4. Blog Design The design of your blog decides how long users will stay on your blog and read your articles. Your blog design can majorly hit your SEO rankings. Navigation should be very easy with menus and internal links. Don’t just populate your article or home page with annoying ads and affiliate banners. blog design Your blog should be responsive and compatible with mobile-friendly interfaces, my so many blogs have been hit by the latest google updates just because they were not mobile-friendly. Use AMP(Accelerated Mobile Pages) WordPress plugin to load fast on mobile devices.
  5. Free Themes Not going with paid premium themes is one of the top blogging mistakes newbie bloggers do. This may happen because they don’t want to invest in premium themes Like GeneratePress Premium, StudioPress just for the sake of saving some money which costs them later. Because of this, they do not get good SERP results. I highly recommend people to use the GeneratePress Premium theme which is responsive, SEO friendly & lightweight. One piece of advice to every blogger who keeps on looking at free themes on Google: On google, you get nulled themes that contain malware and viruses, if you use those themes your blog’s security will be at risk. Use plugins Like Sucuri to strengthen your blog’s security.
  6. Copying Content From other Blogs When you are a new blogger its hard to write blog articles, due to lack of content writing skills newbie bloggers start copying content from other top blogs and use them on their own blog with some little changes. We call this practice Plagiarism, Google hates duplicate content that amateur blogs do. Plagiarised articles never rank on search engines. These mistakes to avoid when blogging. You can hire content writers from Fiverr if you are not good at writing content and check plagiarism with Grammarly Plagiarism Checker before hitting the publish button on your WordPress dashboard.
  7. Not Investing in Tools Do you know not investing in tools is a very common mistake almost every blogger does?  They don’t know tools can help them find a path for their success. Bloggers should invest in tools Like SEMrush(14 days Free trial), LongTailPro, Grammarly, GetResponse, etc Every business requires some investment in order to get results fast. If you invest in blogging tools you can accelerate your growth 30X fast and soon you also recover your invested money with additional profits.

These were the most common blogging mistakes every amateur blogger is making when they start blogging. If you also going to start your blogging career do not repeat these blogging mistakes it will cost you later.

If you loved reading this article feel free to share your major blogging mistakes in the comment section and share this post with your newbie blogger friend.

You can watch this video on three blogging mistakes new bloggers make:

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  1. Hi Amit,
    Thanks for sharing the top 7 ones but I believe “lazy bloggers do not focus much to promote content” and that could be the biggest mistake they are doing.

    – Thanks,


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