The Ultimate Guide To Make Money From Event Blogging in 2024 [7 Tips You Should Follow]

The Ultimate Guide To Make Money From Event Blogging in 2024 [7 Tips You Should Follow]

From bloggers perspective events are meant to make money from their blog on certain events and festivals. Bloggers are making five to six figures even seven on every possible event they prepare. Anyone can do event blogging and earn a handsome amount of money on a single event day from their blog posts.

You can use tool like Jasper ai to write content for your event blog.

If you want to find keywords for event blog then SEMrush tool (7 days Free trial) is the best tool you should be using to find out keywords for event blogging, however most of you might be thinking is event blogging dead? So simply i will say NO event blogging is not dead. Bloggers are making money from event blogging with least efforts.

Event Blogs get high traffic on the particular event and bloggers bank accounts loads with high revenue. In order to make successful event blog you have to prepare at-least 6 months before of the event.

Before we start telling you about the strategies of event blogging and how to earn revenue by blogging about events concerned with your niche let’s discuss some valuable points you should know.

Keep reading this post you will get more insights and knowledge to rank your event articles on 1st page of Google on certain events.

Event Blogging Secrets and Tips

In this blog post, I am going to share many event blogging secrets and tips that you will not find anywhere else.

Before proceeding in the article lets discuss some questions:

1. What is Event Blogging?

Event blogging is micro-niche blogging, wherein bloggers write about particular specific topics about events happening in their niche for specific time duration or dates.

Event-based niche blogs are predominantly cantered on approaching events, festivals, or any special days of a specific company or eminent personalities. Event blogging at present is amongst the most straightforward method existing today to earn money online with blogging.

Bloggers really make good amount with event blogs however everyone can prepare their blogs for upcoming events.

It is a vital aspect of today’s digital world because writers of specific blogs can raise awareness about certain events taking place in their area, and even about events not happening in their neighbourhood.

Higher the number of people reading these event-based niche blogs, the better money you will make.

If a blog is famous and receives massive organic traffic each month, that blog can mobilize an enormous number of people for events such as a protest, social cause, etc.

2. How To Start Your Event Blog?

Because it is crucial to keep in mind that the event and article that you have written will be relevant for only approximately thirty to forty days leading up to the development and a few days after the event is over.

Certain events that you start writing about are festivals such as Diwali, Hanukkah, Christmas, new year wishes, black Friday, etc. You can also write about specific upcoming events related to the sporting world, such as the forthcoming Olympics in Tokyo at the end of 2021. You can write about other sporting events such as IPL, FIFA, thanksgiving and also about sporting events taking place in your neighborhood.

Other topics that can be written about are events taking place in your city such as the launch of a new store or sales etc. Local news about certain areas can also reach a wider audience through these blogs.

3. Selection of Perfect Domain Name

Once you have selected the blogging event you would like to write about; the next step is to purchase an appropriate domain name in relevance to your event. Try to buy EMD (Exact Match Domain) if possible otherwise no issues if you do not get one, buy your domain name with the right keyword.

One of the reasons for having a keyword in your domain name is that it increases the click-through rate. Consider buying domain names from Godaddy or Namecheap.

After the shift in Google’s Algorithm update, experts claim that the domain name is not that important. Still, we feel that having a proper domain name is vital in increasing the traffic received on your blog.

It is also a focal point to choose the right extension that your domain ends with because event blogging focuses primarily on individual events. For example: If you’re writing about an Indian event like the Republic Day, then always choose the ‘.in’ extension.

Extensions such as ‘.com’, ‘.net’, ‘.org’ can be used to write primarily about international events like the elections in other countries, festivals such as Christmas, Hanukkah, New year, etc.

4. Buy the best hosting for your blog

After selecting a good domain name for your blog now the next step you have to do is buy quality hosting to host your blog. You should keep this note that if you are doing event blogging then your site should be up and running and does not face any downtime.

if you  don’t want to lose your earnings just because of hosting I recommend you to go with some below-recommended hosting providers:

I recommend:

5. Keyword research for event blogging

To improve your SEO rating, choose the right keywords to insert in your text. Proper analysis and testing on keywords are essential. Half the work is done if you execute the right research about keywords, and that will help you get high traffic on your blog.

One of the best keyword-finding tools for your selected event is Google Keyword Planner that is Free to use.

This is an authentic tool crafted by Google that you can use to get your article to rank on Google’s first page.

You can checkout below infographics in order to do your keyword research for event blogging.

Make sure to properly analyze which keywords are frequently searched on Google and implement them in your content appropriately.

If you want to find Keywords as a pro then I recommend using SEMrush

Also, check out the below graphic on 7 basic tips to rank any blog on google.

One of the best tools which you can use for doing keyword research is SEMrush, with this tool you can find out the most profitable keywords that you have to target for your events and if you are monetising your blog with Adsense then you can find out high CPC keywords for massive earnings.

You can read out more about SEmrush Free trial here.

6. Writing Content for your blog

The next challenge you will face after finalizing keywords is content, you guys can also use Jasper Ai tool to generate high quality content that ranks better in search engines. You have to write quality content that will rank well in search engines.

You can get content ideas for your exclusive event blog from google trends or just by doing some research on google or social media platforms.

Many bloggers start event blogging just to earn money from Google. However your should focus on creating value to your readers instead of just writing articles just for events.

Keep this thing in mind that your every event based blogs does not get traffic on upcoming events as it becomes difficult for new bloggers to out rank news websites.

7. How to Monetize Your Blog by Blogging events

We now broach the section you were eagerly waiting for, which is how to monetize your blog by blogging events. Google AdSense and affiliate marketing are among the most reliable and valuable tools that you can employ to make money through your event blog.

  • Your Google AdSense revenue depends on the traffic and clicks on your ads on your website. If you are getting more than 10,000+ monthly visitors you can also use Ezoic to safeguard your Adsense account and increase your Adsense revenue.
  • You can use affiliate products according to your event and audience to boost your income. Join the affiliate program which provides high commission rates if you promote their products.
  • Using CPA, which stands for cost per acquisition some call it cost per action, you can promote CPA offers on your blog and increase the proceeds that you receive from your blog. For this, you can join affiliate networks like Maxbounty, MyLead, Jvzoo, Vcommision(If you are an Indian), Admitad, impact affiliate network, etc.

8. Promotion of your event blogs

You are not going to rank anywhere if you are working for your event in a competitive niche, then you need to find some backdoors to rank your content fast. If you personally ask me what should be my strategies to promote our content then I will say: you should start creating backlinks, profile backlinks, comment backlinks, broken link building, 301 redirect links.

Start pitching other bloggers for the guest posts in relevant niches. You can checkout one tool Adsy for guest posts and get do-follow links in return. One secret tool you can use to build quality links is the LinksManagement tool.

Event Blogging- Pros and Cons:


It is simple to earn a good amount of money in a short period by blogging about events, such as within a few days, which is a fantastic way to make a few extra bucks.

Event blogging is a picture-perfect way for people who do not want to work year-round and get to spend time with their families during holidays and festivals.

Event blogging also proves to be a good side job for people who do not want to quit their primary job and can take up event blogging as a side profession to earn some extra money.


One of the significant disadvantages of event blogging is that you would be required to invest in an excellent dedicated server which would cost a lot of money as these supreme quality servers prove to be quite steep.

But, there is a way out of this web. You can benefit by using an excellent hosting service that provides its services as and when you demand. A hosting service also handles the traffic on your blog.

Another drawback of event blogging is that you’d lose out on a lot of money in the event of a technical glitch like server issues, theme issues or plugin issues. Furthermore, it is essential to stay online continuously until the event is over, which would take a lot of time.

Tips for event blogging :

Listed below are some of the tips that we’ll like to impart to you, our trusted clients, to aid you in writing about events.

  • One primary attribute that your blog should possess is that it must have quality content, i.e., the content should have value and should be a notch above than being just readable.
  • It is essential to create good quality backlinks. Having sub-standard backlinks on your blog will severely affect the performance of your blog.

That’s all for now about event blogging.  We hope this article assists you in providing you with the required information that you need to start your event blog.

Listen to Podcast Purpose of Blogging.

Income Proofs of Bloggers

Here are some income proofs of blogging from This is just for your motivation for your event blogging.

Some Common Questions on Event blogging:

Do bloggers really make money?

Glassdoor reports that the average blogging salary is about $38,000 per annum. Many full-time bloggers I’ve met have made an average of about $2000 a month.

Is blogging still a thing in 2020?

Blog posts remain relevant through 2020. In total around 409 million people use blogs each month. 51% of companies use blogging to promote and improve content.

FAQ,s About Event Blogging

How do I start an event blog?

If you’re not sure how to start an event blog, here’s a few tips:
– Pick a website and domain name. You can do this for free through social media or with a company like
– Find an event management app (such as Eventbrite) and set up your events
– Add pictures, videos, and blog posts about the event as it progresses (these are usually called “live blogs”)
– Interact with your audience by including their questions or thoughts in your blog post

Do bloggers really make money?

The answer is that they can. Bloggers can earn a living blogging if they take the time to build their blog and readership to a point of sustainability. Keep in mind, though, that bloggers don’t always make money from blogging itself. Some bloggers supplement their income with freelance writing or another form of work.

Some of the most popular blogs on the internet, such as PerezHilton and PopSugar, generate so much traffic and revenue that their bloggers qualify as millionaires. On the other hand, for every blogger who becomes successful there are many more who struggle to make any money at all.

The key for those looking to monetize their blog is to find something you’re passionate about

Who is the highest paid blogger?

Moz: $44.9 million per year.
PerezHilton: $41.3 million per year.
Copyblogger: $33.1 million per year.
Mashable: $30 million per year.

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Let us know in the comments about any queries that you might have on blogging about events.

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