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TubeBuddy Review 2024: Essential Growth Tool for YouTuber

Tubebuddy Review

Are you looking for Tubebuddy review? if yes then you have landed on the perfect place, in this blog post i am going to review Tubebuddy i.e world’s #1 tool for optimizing and growing your youtube channel fast. By using this tool you can get more Youtube subscribers and more views on your Youtube channel with just simple tweaks.

This tool will help you get more subscribers in less time, you can optimize your existing content with one click and get more ideas to create videos for your youtube channel.

Tubebuddy is Free to use however if you want Tubebuddy to actually optimize your channel Tubebuddy paid plan is highly recommended. I am personally using tubebuddy start plan for more than 5 years now and generating more views on my youtube channel.

What is Tubebuddy?

Tubebuddy is nothing but a browser extension which is also known as a browser plugin that helps you to do video seo of your channel and you can optimize your channel with latest tags and trends which is powered by AI, it is must have youtube tool to all youtubers.

It is used to add a layer of tools for you directly on the top of your youtube’s website. This helps all the YouTubers and other youtube content creators, networks and brands to save their time and grow their channel and revenue fast.

Tubebuddy, was launched in December 2014 and was even owned by Google earlier. It has been in the youtube field for 13+ years and been developing tools to help YouTubers to optimize their  Youtube channels. This tool Love by millions of creators on Youtube. Even Tubebuddy is certified by Youtube and its safe to use it for your youtube channel.

tubebuddy extension for chrome can help you to become a successful Youtuber. This tool will helps you get more subscribers, more viewers and grow your Youtube channel fast.

With its premium subscription i.e $9/month, you can even get free training that will help you to optimize your youtube channel on a different level, more than 1,000,000+ active YouTubers trust Tubebuddy and using on a daily basis.

Forget about rest myself using this tool for more than 5 years now.

Getting Started with Tubebuddy

Now when we have discussed what tubebuddy is, it’s time to learn how to use tubebuddy for youtube channel?

To get started with tubebuddy extension you need to visit the official website that is “” and click on the install free now button to install tubebuddy for chrome.

tubebuddy review

After that click on Add to Chrome button from Chrome web store

tubebuddy chrome extension

You will see a notification on the top right corner if you successfully installed the plugin

tubebuddy chrome extension download

You can use tubebuddy extension on browsers like safari, firefox, Opera and chrome after installing it head over to youtube. Before accessing Tubebuddy you need to sign in into the extension, you can sign in with Youtube. Don’t worry its safe to use as certified by Youtube.

tubebuddy for Youtube

Now you can see the tubebuddy drop-down menu where you can find Dashboard, Extension tools, Keyword Explorer, SEO Studio, Video Topic Planner, Tag lists and many Youtube SEO tools which will make your Youtube SEO game easy.

tubebuddy toolbox

Tubebuddy extension tools help you save your time in managing your videos so that you can focus more on creating new content for your Youtube channel.

The very first thing you will see in tubebuddy’s menu is the area they call quick links. This helps you to navigate around youtube dashboard easily. You don’t have to waste your time in search of the right section you are looking for, click on any of these links, and it will take you to the right page which you can see in the above image in right side.

However, Youtube Studio itself is good for managing your channel and tubebuddy adds extra functionality to your Youtube studio dashboard.

How to Use Tubebuddy Extension & tubebuddy Features

Let me quickly introduce some major features of Tubebuddy.

  • Keyword Explorer: Their keyword explorer is a great place to start when you get an idea for new content but want to see how it may perform. You can start by entering any keyword, tube buddy extension tool analyzes that keyword and gives you an overall idea, related keywords, and the most used tags from the current top ranking videos.

    It will also show you the current search results, trending queries, and historical data for the term, and finally, where in the world it is being searched for the most.

    This tool helps you create searchable titles and gives you better keywords for your tags and descriptions. With their Keyword Explorer tool, you can explore keywords that are in trends to help you get more views on your Youtube videos.
Tubebuddy Keyword Explorer
  • A/B Testing: You can create A/B tests to find out which type of title, tags, description and thumbnails are effective and helping your videos to rank higher and gain more views organically.
Tubebuddy A B testing
  • Upload Default feature: Its upload defaults feature helps you to save your time, You can easily upload screen by having your title, descriptions, tags ready for a series. You can use it to speed up the process by adding card & end screen templates. This helps you to have your end screen and cards ready from the upload page directly.
  • Bulk Processing: Tubebuddy also has a bulk processing feature that lets you do bulk updates of some of the elements of your video, saving you more time for creating new content.
    Tubebuddy bulk processing

For using bulk processing features, you need to click on my videos page and select “bulk”, here you can update multiple videos descriptions, end screen or cards at once.

The process is very similar for each of these features. For example: To copy cards, we can replicate this playlist link across all of our videos. This will encourage people to watch more of our videos in succession and connect more with our channel.

  • Comment Moderation: Its comment moderation tools let you easily connect with your audience or viewers. To use this feature, you need to head to the comment page.
    tubebuddy comment moderation tool

On the comment page, you’ll see the tubebuddy icon, here you easily filter through comments that you haven’t responded to yet. These comments contain questions, comments that need to be followed up on, or comments from Patreon supporters or feedback from your subscribers.

This helps you better engage with your community, audience, viewers, and active subscribers.

  • Canned Responses: Once you start to filter through your comments, you may find people often asking the same questions, to make it easy to manage, tubebuddy extension offers canned responses.tubebuddy canned responses

Tubebuddy canned features allow you to create standard replies as simple as thank you to as complex as a welcome.

You can choose or decide the response you want to use or when to use it. Tubebuddy also offers a wide range of research tools for planning out your future videos.

These optimizations will help your videos to rank higher in search results, which is very important since youtube is the second largest search engine in the world.

  • SEO Studio: With their SEO Studio you can rank your Youtube videos in Youtube search with ease. You just have to put your target keyword in SEO studio and click on start.Tubebuddy seo studio
  • Tag Lists: Now i will share how to use tubebuddy for tags? You can list down your Youtube tags in one place and you can use them later, with this tool you can make different groups of tags and use them when you are uploading any Youtube video this will save your lots of time.
    Tubebuddy tag lists

Tubebuddy offers nearly 100+ tools for your youtube optimization and the license required to access each device will be listed in the bottom left-hand corner like:

  • Thumbnail generator to create thumbnail within youtube.
  • A/B testing to determine which thumbnails perform the best for your videos and channel.
  • Promo materials to track who is clicking your content and having a link always redirecting to your most recent video.
  • Member perks including music, graphics, channel valuation and a way to collaborate.
  • At the end a mobile app so you can take some of the tubebuddy’s extension tools on the go with you.
  • You can easily optimize your Video titles with AI recommendations.
  • Tubebuddy makes it super easy to manage youtube comments from tubebuddy dashboard itself.

Tubebuddy Pricing

Tubebuddy pricing

PRO: $9/ month, access to most productivity and video optimization tools + unlimited access to tubebuddy mobile included.

STAR: $19/ month, access to the ultimate bulk processing tools + unlimited access to tubebuddy mobile included.

LEGEND: $ 49/ month, access to advance functionality for maximum results, + unlimited access to tubebuddy mobile included.

Now most of you are thinking is tubebuddy safe?

Yes, it is safe and trusted by top YouTubers even me personally using this tool for more than 4 years now and enjoying high ranking of my youtube videos.

Final Words on Tubebuddy:

Will I am Youtubing for more than 4 years now and I have more than 300K subscribers organically. After using Tubebuddy for that long now I can say this is one of the best investment you will ever make if you want to be a successful Youtuber. This single Youtube SEO  & channel optimization tool can help you earn in 6 figures. This chrome extension also helps you to get youtube subscribers fast.

By using paid plan of this tool you can save your money and time. Thousands of Youtubers are using this tool and enjoying their success. You can go with Tubebuddy if you want name, fame & success in your Youtubing journey.

Tubebuddy FAQ’s

What is TubeBuddy used for?

Tubebuddy is used for optimizing your Youtube videos and this tool helps you get more tag ideas and get more views on youtube.

This should your one all in one tool for youtube channel optimization.

Is TubeBuddy free or paid?

Tubebuddy is a freemium tool, they do have free account option however with limited features, if you want to use thier advanced features then you should go with thier paid plan and which is worth spending your every penny.

How much does TubeBuddy cost?

Tubebuddy costs you around $9/month for Pro plan and $19/month for star plan and $49 for their legend plan.
And if you are a beginner and have less than 1000 subscribers on your channel then you can get pro plan for just $4.50/month.

Hope you find this Tubebuddy review helpful and for further queries, you can comment down in the comment section, I’ll be happy to help.

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