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25 Brilliant Tips to Make Your Blog as Pro Bloggers

blogging secrets, how to become pro blogger

I had to start blogging because I liked writing and I enjoy it. You will only know what you do for blogging. Most people do blogging only for two reasons. For the first passion and second cause to earn money by blogging.

how to become problogger

If you spend 2 hours daily on your blog and your blogging does not come to you, then it means you need to think again about your strategy. If you are not motivated by yourself then you should read the blogger motivation guide. If you read the blogger motivation guide then you will feel refreshed yourself so that you will be able to do blogging.

25 Brilliant Tips to Make Your Blog as Pro Bloggers

The most important thing in blogging is that you always try to learn something new in it and share it with others with new information.

So let’s see what we can do after that, we can make ourselves like a pro blogger.

1. How to Make your Blog a Professional Blog:- 

Whenever you go to do something, keep an eye on one thing that you try to give more than your expectations in whatever work you do. If you do this then it will work very much in your life. If you are one of those millions of mediocre bloggers who are not able to do anything more in blogging, then this time is the time for you to take action.

In this post, I will share some tips that I have learned in my blogging career. If you follow these tips, then I can assure you that you will become a better blogger in the next 30 days than today. I hope you will follow these tips.

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2. Always keep your confidence in yourself:-

Take care of one thing that you never take any advice from a non-confident person. If you also share Confidence without any information, then nobody will believe in your information.

Now the question comes to you on how you can become a confident blogger. So here I share some tips for you that you can use to become a confident blogger.

blogging secrets

3. Your posts and writing style

The writing style in blogging plays a very big role. So you have to make your writing style good to be a confident blogger. When you write a post, imagine that your reader is sitting on your chair. And you’re understanding him. If you look at your blogging as a conversation, you will be able to drop your footprint in blogging well.

Whenever I use the word “you” in this article, it means that these articles are only for you and your “only”. This article is written for only one person and that person is you who read this article. If you publish your article using this kind of point, then both your posts and writing style will improve.

And as well as your blog will look like a content pro blogger. So this is a very important point that you have to work on.

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4. Your blog’s design

If you have ever visited a restaurant then you must have seen that the waiter in the restaurant has worn a very uniform to impress you.

Many people when they come out of a restaurant, they get impressed with the waiter and give them some tips. Just like when you work online, your design is your suit. And you are a waiter.

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If your blog’s design is not great and professional. So you do not have a good impression of him.

So to get the tip from the visitors, you have to give your blog a professional look. One thing you care about is the design of your blog for any visitor, its first impression. So make your first impression better than great.

5. Build a Network with other bloggers

If you know a 2-4 popular blogger, then you should ask yourself why I do not know more than 2-4 populist bloggers. The main reason for this is that you have never tried to know about them. All successful bloggers prefer to show their brand more than their names.

Add an author box to your blog and add some details to it. And add your profile to your blog’s sidebar. After doing all this, confirm that you do not have a quality photo and bio add in your blog. If you do this then people who visit your blog will also connect with you. And this will make you a good relation with your blog’s visitor.

The valuable resource from Problogger: Ultimate Guide To Networking With Bloggers

6. Always be honest

If you have to be a professional blogger then you have to be honest in everything. Being honest in blogging is a very important factor. This thing I started an experiment and you believe that after the next 7 days I felt the difference in many things.

I hope that if you also use this method, then you will surely get a better result. If you remain honest then your confidence level will also increase. The increasing confidence level will also affect your writing and your online work.

how to rank your new website

7. Choose the right Blogging Platform:

You can use Google’s free service Blogger or WordPress (most widely used blogging platform) to create a blog. I started with Blogspot, and when my traffic started growing, I booked my domain and shifted to WordPress. Blogger is relatively comparatively easy, if you are not much tech-savvy then it will be ok to start with Blogspot, and when your blog starts becoming popular (at least one lakh page views per month) it can be shifted to WordPress. This is what many successful bloggers have done, i.e. this is a tried and tested route.

This post will guide you: WordPress vs. Blogger – Which Is Better & Why? Detailed Comparison

 8. Create a Blog of Your Interest:

In blogging it is very important that you choose the topic of your interest. Blogging and Digital Marketing has always been a topic of interest to me, so I chose it.

If I was seen to earn money, I could have blogged on many subjects, such as Marketing, Management, etc., my internal motivation was reduced in a few days and interest in my blogging decreased. Create a blog on the topic you are interested in, and it is not necessary that you have studied in that subject.

If an engineer is interested in cooking then he can make a cooking blog, yes it is necessary for him to buy it on the internet or books, but if the interest is genuine then it will be fun to do all this.

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9. Become an Authority Blogger:-

You should always make yourself an Authority Blogger and your blog an authority blog. Now the only question that arises in us is how to become an authority blogger. If you follow the following things, then you can convert yourself into an Authority blogger.

To become an Authority Blogger, you should take advantage of social media. For this, you have to make your identity as an authorized person on social media. Update all your social media profiles with your details. Every single social media account should show your blog and your personality.

Add the same profile images to each social account (Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Gravatar, etc) So that people can easily recognize you on any of them.

Always give your opinion on social media on every hot topic or trending topic of your niche. Each of your opinions should be valuable to them who follow you. Never have any doubts about yourself. Create your identity on social media just as a specialist blogger.

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10. Give people credit to their work:-

A very common and good thing of a successful person is that they do not forget to give credit to their work. If you talk about today’s blogger today, there are many bloggers who do not like to credit others for their work.

If you also do this, it means that you need to bring it inside yourself. If a person is doing better than you, then you should give credit to that person and that person should never be jealous.

Every person in this world is better than anyone or any person. You should see the work of the people and if you feel that this person is doing a great job then you should praise him and share his content too.

By doing so, your self-confidence will increase and you will also get professional respect.

11. Make a business network:-

To become a pro blogger, building a strong network with visitors is very important. In the right words, it is a very important thing.

You get more respect when you have a great network. Which makes your Confidence even more.

A business network plays a very important role in growing your business.

Connect with your subscribers via emails read this: Email Marketing is the Best Marketing Tool To Skyrocket Sales

You should use social media to create a great network. And social media should solve the problem of the people. If you solve somebody’s problem, then it gives you a very good effect. Along with Social Media, you should also join your niche related forum.

It is, therefore, necessary that you give some time in your time to make a great connection. Do not make connections with people only for their own benefit but instead try to solve their problem.

If you have a great connection with your people, people will promote your business on your own. So from today start building a business network with the visitors.

blogging basics

12. Do smart work along with Hard Work:-

This does not matter which niche you are doing business on. Hard work is necessary for your business. But with hard work, you should also do smart work. If you write a post daily 2 hours and do not work on the promotion of that post, it means that you are still in the same situation in which you were 1-2 years ago.

Smart work means that if you take 2 hours in writing a post, then apply 4hour to promote it. If you have to be successful in the blogging field, then you have to use the hand as well as the brain.

There are many people who are making millions of dollars because of their smart work and a great idea. I would suggest that you choose the right set of the blogging tool, work on your work-time-management and along with it become more productive.

Awesome stuff: 5 Scientifically Proven Ways to Work Smarter, Not Harder

Keep your social and personal life in good balance, because if you have to be successful, then it is very important to be happy. If you are 100% satisfied with your life then you are more likely to succeed in every single work.

13. Keep the value of your time and make a team:-

If you have 10-20 great ideas then you will need a lot of time to change those ideas into reality. But if you have a team then you can turn those great ideas into reality in a very short time.

That’s why a team needs a lot to run a successful business. A team makes your idea and work easy.

14. Select Broad Topic:-

If you have to create a high traffic website then you have to increase your scope. If someone just makes a blog about iPhone, then soon he will not be special to write to him. If someone chooses his mobile phone then he will always have to write something or something.

Similarly, making blogs on cricket will be good to create blogs on sports. Keep your scope bigger than big so that you have more options to write. Keep in mind also that your blog is of interest to the masses. That is, there are crores of people who want to read such things, only then can create a high traffic blog.

15. Your blog should be focussed on a particular area:-

If you put all kinds of things on your blog, you will not find loyal readers. So, select one of the broad subjects and focus on that. For example, Tryootech is known as a Digital Marketing and Marketing blog, if I start writing about that movie reviews and cricket matches, my readers may confuse what to expect in this blog.

After being focussed, you will also be able to earn money from the blog later. For example, if you have a travel blog then you can contact some big hotel chains or travel operators for advertising, but if you write on every single topic So you have such offers to come.

16. Serve Your Service:-

Whatever blog you like, create a blog with a sense of service. Many times people just want to make a blog for making money, maybe some people succeed in it, but as far as Hindi Blog is concerned it’s not easy to monetize, and if your main goal is to blog If you make money then you will become very demotivating.

It is, therefore, necessary that you create a blog from the attitude of service, and think about helping more and more people.

17. Create Valuable Content:-

I had already thought that I have to create value, which is to make something that is beneficial for people who can really help them. I have always put a lot of emphasis on the QUALITY of the Article. Never post just for posting even though there is some gap in your two posts … but do not compromise with quality.

And remember that regardless of the topic you blog, travel blog, finance-related blog, music blog, etc, the value can be created. You have to treat your readers as a KING and they can give as good one as possible to read them.

Perhaps you are funny but occasionally when I write an article, I think in my mind that this article will be read by INDIA’s Prime Minster, and automatically my quality improves. Keep in mind that millions of people will read your articles and they should not be time-free.

18. Link to other related posts in a post:-

Whenever you are writing an article and if you are telling something about it in which you have written something before, then give it a hyperlink.

This will help you: Become Successful Blogger in 2019 (Infographics)

For example, I have mentioned about the inspirational speech of Steve Jobs in some of my posts, so I hyperlink their name so that if the reader wants to read more about them, then click on their name to reach that post.

19. Learn some rules related to the Internet:-

You should know a little about these things: Page Rank, Alexa Rank, Submission Directories, Search Engine Optimization, Meta Tags, Keywords.

Most of the popular blogs send Google traffic. So if you want to make your blog popular, then you have to check on the first page in Google’s search results. And to do this you have to be familiar with the above-given terms.

20. Learn how people search on Google:-

Tryootech gets the most traffic from Google. When I write any blog post, I try to include keywords that people can use to search such articles. For example: When someone wants to read inspirational quotes, he will generally search for “Inspirational Quotes”, and that’s why I keep quoting titles related to quotas as “keyword”. Apart from this, using keywords in the post also allows you to come up in search results.

How to make money online

21. Make the blog layout attractive:-

When a visitor comes to your blog, he should feel well. When I started the blog, one mistake was made that the background was black and the text was white … which was attractive in view … but there was a slight strain on the eyes, so later I changed it.

Black text and white background are the most used, so if there is any confusion, then do this for them. Posting using one-half image inside the blog posts looks a bit attractive, besides you can use any other color for headings rather than keeping all text black.

22. Extend the blog’s external links:-

External links mean that your blog is linked to another website or blog where click visitors can access your blog. To generate an external link, you can submit your blog to Blog Directories and comment on others blog When inserting, you can enter your blog’s URL and create your own link.

Google will give you the same value as your web site related to your blog, and your page-rank and Moz rank will improve, and your site will come up in search results.

23. Create a single blog at a time:-

I have noticed that many people make 3-4 blogs together, if you want to create a highly popular blog then it is not okay to do this because your energy and focus divide 3-4 and you can get a blog You can not even judge with it. It would be better to be fully committed to one blog and work.

If you have confusion on which blog to work on, then take a little introspection and try to answer the following questions:

  1. a) Which blog is my genuine interest, which I can sustain for a long time?
  2. b) Which blog can I help more and more people? Or which blog really needs people?

If you create a popular blog then you can easily create more blogs and by using your popular blog’s traffic, you can also make use popular too … so before making a blog fully dedicated, make it big.

24. Keep in mind while posting:-

The URL of your post is created according to the title you give to your post. If your title is in Hindi then the URL will also be created in Hindi which will not be a search engine friendly, so when you are going to publish a post for the first time, give its title in English and once it is published it will be changed Make tax in Hindi.

By the way, if you want, you can keep both keywords in Hindi and English.

For example: If your post title is “my story” then post it for the first time give it “Meri Kahaani” or “My Story” title, and immediately after publishing, edit the post and title it “My Story” Give it

Apart from this, if you have a choice to edit the URL of the post separately, then you can directly enter your desired URL there.

While publishing, do not forget to select related categories and tags from that post. Once your post is published, immediately share it on Facebook, Twitter, etc., so that they can instantly spread on the Internet and reach as many people as possible.

25. The biggest mantra: Stay engaged!:-

If I only want to give advice on creating a high traffic blog or website, then it will be “Engage. “By being engaged I mean that you get involved completely in your blog, your focus should be on the same thing and do so until you make it successful. Now, you have to define yourself to be “successful”.

Initially, my knowledge about blogging was not equal, but by continuously being engaged, gradually I knew most things that a professional blogger should know, and still the process of knowing is going on.

When you are engaged, you think of yourself as to how to make my blog more valuable, how to write articles, how to use plugins or widgets, how to increase traffic Everything you start thinking about yourself .. Read about and implement it to make your dream come true.

You can check my  favorite tools for Blogging here (My blogging tools)

However, if you are looking for ways to earn through your WordPress blog the checkout: Best ways to monetize your WordPress Blog.

In these articles, I have shared a number of important points that can help you fulfill your dreams! If you focus on all these points then your blogging career will improve very well and you will become a successful professional blogger.

If you need any help from any of these points then you can ask by comment.

Amit Mishra

Amit Mishra

Professional Blogger, YouTuber with 370K Subs, Digital Marketer.
Love to help people with my advance skills to earn living online. Learn Blogging, SEO & Digital Marketing on this blog.

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