Easy Ways How To Get Quality Backlinks And Rank Higher SEO (Updated)

Easy Ways How To Get Quality Backlinks And Rank Higher SEO (Updated)

SEO is the most popular term nowadays people are using and searching for, everyone wants to rank on the first page of Google. What will happen if you rank on the first page of google? so with this said I will guide you on how to get backlinks for your blog.

Being shown on the first page will help you get more views, more traffic, and more earnings.

In this blog post, I will show you how to get quality backlinks for your articles to rank higher in SERP. You can earn backlinks or you can get links by doing blogger’s outreach, In order to gain links, your content and blog post should rank on the first page of Google. Rest depends on your site’s web design & quality of the content.

More traffic is equal to more Money

Now the major question arises how Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other search engines will find you?

  • Search engines will find you when they crawl your webpage, indexing is done properly, and you ate getting quality backlinks from high authority websites.
  • Out of Billions of websites or blogs how you will get noticed? Only Backlinks and quality of your content will help you to get on the very first page of Google.

What are Backlinks?

Backlinks are the Links which redirected on your blog/website from other websites/blogs, through which referral traffic drives to your blog and passes link juice, Link juice will help you to gain more authority and trust really fast through backlinks, you can get high search rankings on Google.

Google still considers backlinks as a major ranking factor. If you are not building links for your articles then you might never get better rankings and response you are wondering to happen.

Now which kind of backlinks are useful in SEO and how many types of backlinks are there?

There are so many types of backlinks you will notice. But majorly two main types of backlinks which everyone knows and built.

  • DoFollow Backlink
  • NoFollow Backlink

DoFollow Backlinks: 

These are the type of links which can be identified by Search Engines and passed link juice to your site. Dofollow links will drive huge traffic to your Website if you get high-quality links from any well-reputed blog/website. If you paste any link on your article without defining any attribute then it will be a Do follow backlink.

NoFollow Backlinks:

These type of links which can only be identified by humans. No search engines can identify these links. Nofollow links act as normal links to any page. These links also have the potential to drive referral traffic to your website but you will not get any organic search benefits.

Nofollow links are marked as rel=”nofollow” these links do not pass any link juice. However, if you get links from really high authority sites then no-follow links will also help somewhat in SEO. Nowadays brand mentions are the highest-ranking signals.

Link building is the tactics all bloggers use to make their blog search engine friendly so why are you missing this opportunity go outreach bloggers in same niche or you can ask for cross-linking.

What is Authority in terms of SEO?

DAPA(Domain Authority and Page Authority) is developed by MOZIf you get high-quality backlinks from high authority websites then you will rank higher in Google Results.

If you build links for your sites then you will experience growth in your domain authority and trust. However, Google is not considering DAPA as a ranking factor as this is third party thing Google only value PageRank.

You can check DAPA of any website here: Open Site Explorer 

If you manage to get Do-follow backlinks from High Domain authority sites then you will experience spikes in your rankings and your site is pulled up by google for many organic keywords.

And one important thing you should keep in mind that don’t build links only for home page, you should build links for your post pages as well.

Here I am sharing 5 ways you can get backlinks from:

Ways to get quality backlinks for SEO

  1. Guest Blogging

    Guest blogging is a practice through which you get the chance to write content for other blogs/websites. If that blog has the good number of traffic that will open chances for your site to get noticed by new visitors. Again Guest blogging is not easy as it sounds like, doing outreach is not easy.

    For outreaching bloggers, you can use tools like Buzzstream or MailShake which will ease your task. I personally use buzz stream as this is the cheap and best tool for outreaching and finding influencers for your campaign.

  2. Join Forums

    This is the other best type of practice you should do to create multiple backlinks. Some Popular forums like Warrior Forum, Affiliate Fix & BlackHatWorld, for those who are interested in learning and discussing, can join these forums. And those who want to get backlinks should choose forums with do-follow backlinks according to your niche.

    Pro tip: Be active for more than one year in any of the forums then after one month you get eligibility to add a link in your signature, be active, answer questions and you get links automatically because of signature.

  3. Comment On Famous Blog Posts

    If you provide value to someone then you will also get something in return. Commenting on Big Blogs can also provide you DoFollow as well as NoFollow links. Some blogs provide Do-follow backlinks. So start making a habit of commenting on other blogs.

  4. Competitor Backlinks

    It always said every successful person is successful because of his competitor. now you are thinking why so? so let me tell you if you know the backlinks of your parallel person then it becomes very easy to overcome his ranking. You can use SEMRUSH, Ahrefs for doing this research.

  5. Broken Link Building

    As you all know websites contain so many links and while shifting content links may get broken and the user or the person who clicks on those links may land on empty space. It is better to fix your broken links with broken link fixer. There are so many WordPress plugins are available for free.

  6. Web 2.0 Links

    Web 2.0 links are kind of shady links and considered in grey hat SEO practices however most SEO’s and webmasters try to cheat Google with their unethical ways to get higher rankings.

    Now, most of you wondering how web 2.0 links are made? its simple links coming from subdomains like xyz.wordpress.com, xyz.weebly.com, xyz.tumblr.com, xyz.blogspot.com and there are tons of sites on which anyone can make web2.0 links.

So, friends, these are the five simple and smart ways to create backlinks of high quality.

Do you know Google’s Ranking factor depends upon 200 Ranking Signals?  If you want to know you can read it here: Google’s 200 Ranking Factors

Below are some most important signals you should work on immediately:

  1. Webpage Load Speed: According to the latest updates of Google Algorithms, it has been clear that load speed plays a very crucial role in rankings. If your website’s load time is more than 3 to 4 seconds then there is a need to optimize it ASAP. You can check your websites’ load speed at Pingdom.
  2. AMP(Accelerated Mobile Pages): This project is started by Google to help us optimize our web pages for smartphones, if your page is fast enough to load on mobiles then google will rank you higher.
  3. Sitemap Submission: Submit your sitemap to Google webmaster for indexing, you can generate your sitemap with the help of Yoast SEO Plugin. It looks like https://tryootech.com/sitemap_index.xml.

Also, focus on Social Share. 

Search engines give priority to those content which gives value to the user and do not cheat them, so create viral quality content so that you get more and more shares.

How to get high authority websites?

If you want high-quality Backlinks then you can contact High authority site like Buzzfeed, The Huffington Post, any news content website whose DAPA is more than 50. You can pitch them for guest posting, or present some value to them like you can make interactive and eye-catching infographics for them.

Some points you should remember:

Do-Follow Backlinks look like

  • <a href=https://tryootech.com>Amit Mishra</a>

If you get any chance to make backlinks you can make is like the above link, that link is readable for Search engines.

  • Always start your website with web 2.0 links

if you are a beginner in your career then you should focus on building 2.0 links.

What are 2.0 Links you should focus on?

These are Foundational links: Facebook page, Reddit, Pinterest, medium, stumble upon.

all social media channels will give 2.0 link juice which will help you rank in beginning.

“Make accounts on almost all social media channels it will help you to get 2.0 link juice for your blog.”

Make Habit to answer on Quora:

Do you know quora is one of the best platforms to generate high-quality SEO signal for your blog, you should answer at least 5 questions daily on Quora.

  • Search questions in your niche and try to answer it in the best possible manner so that it does not look like any spam. Provide value to the user, so that they can comment back to you and share your answer with everyone. This will help you gain more boost for your blog as well as personal branding.

Focus on .edu & .org websites to grab quality links:

Always try to search for .edu and .org domains to get high authority links, Do you know these websites have High DAPA which will skyrocket your rankings in SERP.

  • You can try to comment on their blog posts and you can simply contact them or make some donations to charity websites and get a do-follow backlink in return.

Practice above given methods to get quality backlinks from high authority websites.

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Please do let me know through your comments if you want to know more about backlinks.

Recent Updates in Link building in September 2019:

Google has introduced two new attributes with respect to links those are rel=”sponsored”  & rel=”ugc” UGC stands for user-generated content.

For understanding results on SERP much better Google has introduces these changes and that’s how Google can now figure out paid links or sponsored backlinks.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post share your opinion on how you get backlinks for your blog?

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