List of 35+ High DA Blog Commenting Sites for 2020 [High Quality]

When I started my blogging journey in 2014 I use to work for my clients on SEO projects, whenever we think of Off-page SEO blog commenting was the only option comes in our mind. At that time we have ranked many niche blog articles with the help of comment backlinks only.

Some of you might be thinking “does blog commenting still work” as SEO has been changed totally?  Then my answer would be Yes it still works, I have ranked my niche websites with the help of comment backlinks and web 2.0 links only.

If you guys also want to boost your rankings with the help of comment backlinks I am going to share the list of blog commenting sites with high DA (Domain Authority) where you can get do-follow links for commenting on their articles.  I have also included some websites that provide you with instant approval for comments you post.

You guys also know commenting helps you to build a relationship with other bloggers as well. If you post relevant comments which add value to the user and the blogger whom you want to connect with then your chances for approval of your comment become high. This way you can drive more referral traffic and also a do-follow backlink for your blog.

List of 35+ Blog Commenting Sites (with DA) for 2020

Few benefits of Blog commenting?

  1. Backlinks: By commenting you are building backlinks that will help you in ranking better in search engines. You get these backlinks effortlessly, you just have to write your comment and after approval and indexing you will start getting benefits of that link.
  2. Traffic: Blog commenting helps you to get found on the internet, this is also a good source of getting referral traffic on your website. If you have written more than 100+ words of comment then people who visit the page notice your words and most of them visit your website. This way if you are using AdSense or any advertising network then you can expect some free traffic and revenue. Some of them might subscribe to the email newsletter that will help you to get more email leads for your email marketing business.
  3. Relationship: Believe it or not, comments can help you build your networking more strong. You can make good relationships with people who belong to the same industry or niche.

List of High DA Blogging, Social Media Marketing, Internet Marketing blogs for Blog Commenting

  1. SmartBlogger: DA 58
  2. SmartPassiveIncome:  DA 66
  3. Copyblogger: DA 78
  4. BloggingBasics101: DA 53
  5. CloudLiving:  DA 37
  6. Inspire to Thrive: DA 39
  7. DA 43
  8. BloggerIdeas: DA 47
  9. Yoast SEO Blog: DA 81
  10. DA 59
  11. AdvanceWebRanking:  DA 55
  12. Blog: DA 42
  13. Niche Pursuits: DA 52
  14. DA 44
  15. RobbieRichards: DA 41
  16. Authority Hacker: DA 49
  17. GotchSeo:  DA 40
  18. Enstinemuki: DA 43
  19. Bloggingtips: DA 59
  20. Madlemmings: DA 45
  21. Stepforth: DA 45
  22. Techipedia: DA 51
  23. Battellemedia: DA 65
  24. Marketingcharts: DA 73
  25. Elegantthemes: DA 85
  26. Quicksprout: DA 69
  27. Toprankblog: DA 69
  28. Techwyse: DA 54

List of High DA Health and Fitness blogs for Blog Commenting

  1. 100DaysofRealFood:  DA 65
  2. HiveHealthMedia:  DA 51
  3. AggiesKitchen:  DA 56
  4. FitnessVsWeightLoss:  DA 35
  5. Diabetes Strong:  DA 52
  6. TechWalls:  DA 57
  7. HealthBeckon:  DA 53

List of High DA Blog commenting sites in Finance Niche

  1. MoneySavingMom:  DA 70
  2. SavingAdvice:  DA 63
  3. ChristianPf:  DA 56
  4. ComFree:  DA 50
  5. ModestMoney:  DA 54
  6. OneCentAtATime:  DA 58

How to do blog commenting for traffic?

Yes, it is correct that with the help of comments you can drive quality referral traffic to your blog. what you have to do is find some blogs in your niche and start commenting on those articles, make sure you are commenting after reading the entire article, don’t just say “nice post, “awesome post” & “love your articles” your comment will not get approved ever. They know why you are commenting.

In comments you should provide alternate solutions to the problem discussed on the page if you are aware of, you can appreciate the blogger for providing awesome information with adding value that justifies the authenticity and relevancy of your comment.

Even you can reply to the questions other people were asking on the page, that’s how you can attract more users to your blog.

You can check below the image of how you should be commenting on other blogs to build strong relationships and backlinks.

blog commenting example

Always remember, try to ask questions in the comment section that is relevant to the topic of the post. Use some keywords related to the topic in your conversation while typing your comment, this enhances your comment approval chances.

For doing the same you can also hire people from Fiverr or SEOclerks to do your job, this way you can save some more time for yourself and work upon building more strategies for your blogging business.

Let me tell you I also have a team of freelancers and inhouse members who are working on different tasks, some are working on building quality links which include building comment backlinks, web 2.0, directory submission, press release, email outreach to other bloggers, etc for our blogs, and the rest of them are engaged in creating high-quality content for our online business.

Just keep calm and make your off-page SEO strategy ready and you can start with building comment links from the above websites.

Blog Commenting Sites list FAQs

  1. How do you write a good comment on a blog?

    If you want to write good comment on a blog then keep below things in your mind:
    1. Write short and crisp comment.
    2. Don’t try to spam the comment box.
    3. Your answer should be relevant to the article must include target keywords.
    4. You can use emojis to make you comment more appealing and attractive.
    5. Add value with your words don’t just share your opininon.
    6. Be respectful to others while writing your comment.
    7. Don’t just comment for the sake of backlink
    8. Comments can also help you built your network and reach more audience.

  2. What is the use of blog commenting in SEO?

    People do comment to build good relationship and drive some quality traffic to their blog and google can read your words and what people are talking about your brand.

    You guys know branding is one of the most crucial ranking signal in SEO.

  3. What should I write in comment?

    You should write your own thoughts or opinion on a particular blog post. You can also ask questions that are revolving in your mind related to the content.
    Also, You can suggest and provide review of the article in comment section.

  4. What type of link will be made if you comment on a blog?

    Most comment links are nofollow however their are 5% blogs those provide dofollow links in comments.

I hope you find this post helpful for your SEO journey. I will keep updating this post by adding more websites for building comment backlinks, you can also bookmark this post for regular use.

You can watch this video about Link building:

Now it’s your turn to type some relevant questions related to the topic so that I shall respond to your comment when I see it. Share this post with your fellow blogger friends.

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