7+ Best SEO Keyword Research Tools For Beginners & Businesses [Free + Paid Both Included]

7+ Best SEO Keyword Research Tools For Beginners & Businesses [Free + Paid Both Included]

Are you looking for best seo keyword research tools for beginners? If yes you have landed on the perfect blog post. As we all know about the importance of Keywords in SEO. From content writing to Google Adwords, Keyword research is important.

If you are not using the right kind of keywords you will not get the enough traffic to your blog. So it becomes necessary to add keywords in your content.

I personally Love SEMrush for doing keyword research for my blog. It is world’s leading product for doing keyword research and content planning. You can also use Jasper ai content generation tool for generating unique content for your blog.

Before writing any blog post, make sure that your content is SEO friendly. One of the most difficult tasks is choosing the right keywords for your content.

All you have to do is research, research and research. In this blog post, I am going to share top best SEO keywords research tools which is good for both beginners and experts. 

In this digital era, there is wide variety of tools available that helps to figure out what keywords are best for your content.

Basically keyword research tools are of two types. One is based on basic keyword research tool and the other is based on competitor based keyword research. Some tools are free while some are paid, so choose wisely.

Let’s read about best keyword research tools in detail. Pick the one that best suits your needs regarding your business type. 

7+ Best Keyword Research Tools List

1. Semrush

semrush keyword research tool

Semrush is the keyword research and analysis tools you can ever use for doing keyword research for your website, blog, e-commerce store, Google shopping ads, etc. You can get low competitive keywords by using Keyword Magic tool of SEMrush.

If you are considering any best paid keyword research tools then you should go with this tool.

You can try SEMrush Risk Free for 7 Days

However, if you are not sure you can checkout benefits of Semrush.

2. Google Keyword Planner 

One of the best keyword research tools is Google keyword planner that I personally use and recommend, its really easy to use GKP tool. Best thing about this tool is it’s free and you can directly integrate it with Google AdWords.

All you have to do just sign up and create your account. I recommend this tool for beginners however if you are looking for details and competitive analysis, go for other advanced available options for keyword research.

3. Ubersuggest

Another most popular tool is Ubersuggest. Go to ubersuggest (Now acquired by Neil Patel) and sign up your account. This is one of the affordable seo keyword research software for beginners.

You can visit keyword explorer tab and search your desired keyword. You will get entire list of similar keywords with their search volume, keyword difficulty & rich data to help you get an overview of any keyword.

You can also check your competitors data that on which keywords they are ranking? Try this tool today it comes with freemium subscription model.

Now they have updated with new features that will help your website to improve SEO errors on your website. You have to pay $20/month as subscription cost for ubersuggest.

4. KW Finder

Are you one of them who don’t want to waste your time on cheap tools? Then this one of the best seo keyword research tools. Within a short span of time this tool has gain a lot of popularity. This software tells you about keyword difficulty score & other metrics of any keyword.

Start using this tool with a free trial and then switch over to paid plan if you found this tool helpful. This tool also supports various languages and provides you multiple options to choose countries and state according to your requirements. 

This is one of the best keyword research tool that you can use it for free.

5. Soovle

Another most famous keyword research tool is soovle. It gives you recommend keyword ideas from Google, Amazon, Youtube and much more. With its drag and drop feature you can save your keywords. Also you can download its CSV file. So must try this soovle tool today. 

6. Keywords Everywhere 

Another most favorite and popular tool is keywords everywhere. You can add chrome extension of this tool and start finding keyword on your web search on Google. The best part about this tool is that you will get amazing results like search volume, CPC, and competitor data.

However, this tool is now paid and you have to buy credits if you want to search using their chrome extension.

As we all know Google is the best powerful keyword research tool which is totally free of cost. When you search something on Google it provides you ton of data and suggestions that people have searched for.

You can get many keyword ideas with just simple search, you can get many LSI keywords from Google suggestions and recommendations & Also searched for box.

8. Keyword Shitter

This tool gives you thousands of keywords results for free. You just have to add your keyword in Keywordshitter tool and it will display hundereds of LSI keywords people searching on different search engines.

When the search is complete, just stop the tool otherwise it will continue giving you ton of data which is difficult to handle. It does not show search volume or CPC. So I would not recommend this free tool for SEO.

9. Google Search Console 

Do you know Google search console also helps you to find good keywords? There are many paid or free keyword research tools available but no software will tell you about the existing keywords that you are already rank for? Sounds shocking?

Google search console gives you the entire data of your website and tell you about the keywords that you are already ranking. So download the data into a Google sheet and check your keywords impressions, clicks and the position of your keywords.

Collaborate Google search console with Google analytics for more keywords. What else you want for? Try this tool today. 

10. MorningScore

MorningScore SEO Tool

MorningScore is an all in one premium SEO tool that you can use for doing keyword research. You can do Keyword management, link scanner, website health check, SEO missions, SEO reports, Website scanner and much more.

Considered one of the best seo keyword tool that you ever need.

They also provide risk free 14 days free trial no credit card required.

Get 14 days free trial of MorningScore

So these are the all keyword research tools list which is absolutely free and gives you tons of data. You can share more keyword research tools in the comment section below.


Personally i like SEmrush which is best keyword research software for analysing SEO issues with my website and fixing seo errors on my website and improve my SEO in search engines.

If you loved reading this post do share it with your friends who are looking for best free seo tools to improve their seo.

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