10 Link Building Strategies For Local SEO

10 Link Building Strategies For Local SEO

Link building is an essential part of SEO; Google itself counts links as one of the main cornerstones of a successful SEO strategy. Local SEO link building is an effective way to rank a local business in search engines. A higher ranking means more leads, customers, and more revenue. So if you want to build authority backlinks to your website, 

Unique Link Building Strategies for local SEO 2021:

Strategy #1 Regular Finding the Link Opportunities

If you want to earn links, especially of good quality with long-term benefits, then creating a list of opportunities is necessary. Yes, this is the first and most important strategy. Go with your Google friend and look at the website and area you are serving. To find such opportunities, here are a few examples of how to search:

  • Business Name + “Write for us.”
  • Industry Name +” forums.”
  • site:.gov your city + services.
  • City Name + Nominate a business.
seo string to find guest post accepting blogs

In this way, you will gather tons of potential link opportunities. 

Strategy #2 Enhance Your Google My Business Listing

In terms of local SEO, the one thing that still matters is the Google My Business listing. Yes, make sure all the information you provide is correct on all your listings. You should focus on a few things: name, address, phone number, website URL, business hours, categories, and business descriptions. Apart, if you added any photo, make sure it should be of high quality and along with the services that you offer.

Google My Business Listing

Strategy #3 Don’t Forget To Steal Your Competitors Local Backlinks 

Have you ever thought about why your competitor is ranking ahead of you even when you are offering the same services? A little search into what your competitor is doing will give you insight into some new backlinks opportunities. And this is an effective marketing strategy.  And luckily, this is very easy with the help of tools Ahrefs and SEMrush. After entering the domain of a competitor’s website, you will instantly see their number of links, profile, organic keywords, and its strength within a fraction of time.  

Steal Your Competitors Local Backlinks

Strategy #4 Sponsor Real World Event

Did you know that you can use events as a part of your link building strategy? Yes, you can utilize these two types. The first is to create your event or advertise them on third-party event sites, then link it back to your website. Such links are incredibly relevant and come from high authority sites. 

Another way is sponsoring a real event which is being hosted by the other. By this, you build good and high-quality backlinks and a great way to make a good relationship with other authorities in your industry.  Hire a professional local SEO company and let them handle everything. 

Strategy #5 Connect With Local Schools

If you are looking to earn backlinks related to the education era, then the effective strategy is to connect with local schools or education sectors. Reach out to a local school, institutes, or university and make a healthy relationship. If you are thinking of offering scholarships, make a list, and mention your website page with complete information. It includes education requirements, award amount, gridlines, deadlines, each and everything. You can also organize a writing competition, where participants write on surrounding topics. For more effective results, you can also choose the topics related to your business. By this way, you can publish the essay winning writing on your website.

Strategy #6 Local Promotion of Content

This is another one of the best hand in hand strategies. Creating good quality content is the first step, but the next step is to make sure it gets seen. So, it is good to promote your content locally. Figure where local community hangout online, such as Forums, Well-known bloggers, or social media groups.  Create a list and track your outreach, and most important, Do not forget to follow up. 

Strategy #7 Create Local Resources

Another effective or creative strategy is the creation of the local resource. This is a great way to build local relevance. Resource pages are web pages that link to industry, educational or local resources that improve site visitors’ user experience. You can either submit this resource to another website that focuses on your city or place or can publish or add to your website to do some outreach. 

Local Resources

For example: If you are a staffing agency, then make resources on the top companies that employ in your city. If you’re a hotel, create a tourist-friendly guide on things to do, or visit in the town. BY this, you can reach out to the businesses, and you will see the link back to your content.  

Strategy #8 Show Your Presence on Link Building

When it comes to social media backlinking, most people think it’s complete wastage of time. This is because they are considered SEO little beneficial or no-follow, but still an important base of links. With the help of SEO packages, you can smartly build quality links for local SEO. 

  • Always consider the about us section of your social media page.
  • Write a brief description for the about section that describes clearly about you and your services.
  • Do not forget to include a website link in all posts.
  • Add page buttons underneath your cover photo.
  • Add the website link to the description of an image. 

Note* Last point works better when done for your profile picture and cover photo.

Strategy #9 Connect With Local Directories

Another powerful link building strategy for local SEO is to submit your website on high-quality web directories. It is the easiest way to get links from the local citizens. All you have to do is find the highly relevant website, sign up, claim your business, and add the necessary relevant information. If you are a beginner, you can start your listing on:

  • Google My Business.
  • Bing Places for Business.
  • Yahoo! Small Business.
  • LinkedIn.
  • Facebook.
  • Whitepages.

Strategy #10 Podcast Link Building 

Another effective strategy that is highly emerging in the world of marketing is podcasts. 50% of people like to listen to the podcast, which is the best way to create high-quality links. You must participate in a podcast interview. Most podcast hosts link your site to episode posts and write a custom introduction about your business. In this way, you can easily earn quality backlinks, increasing the search engine’s rank and traffic to your website. 

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