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5+ Online Business Ideas You Can Start Today in 2024

Getting tired of that 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. job? Well, believe us, you are not the only one. For this reason, more and more people start new businesses online every day. And it’s getting more and more popular. 

There’s no surprise that the influencer marketing industry is set to grow to approximately $9.7B in 2024. This shows how much “online” we live nowadays. And also – if there were no watchers, there would be no influencers as well.

This is just an example to show you how online businesses have grown in the last decade.

Online Business ideas

Another great example of online business could be a print on demand Shopify platform like Printify that lets you print things like t-shirts that are made by a third party. For more guidance on online business ideas, check out the list below.

1. Becoming a Virtual Assistant

what to do with 10k

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If you don’t have much experience in a specific field but still want to earn some extra money to pay off your student loans or earn some side money for your travelling, you could try to become a virtual assistant.

Virtual assistants can do many things – fill up tables with data, check data, upload pictures, and products to a website and so on. It also gives you a great experience that you can use later on in your life.

For example, you might learn how to work with a particular CMS like Prestashop. To find a job like this, check Facebook groups where people are looking for freelancers.

2. Starting a Graphic Design Business

online business ideas

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If graphic design isn’t new to you, then you should try it at least as a side business and after some time – even make the main source of your income.

Maybe, later on, you will even open up your own virtual advertising agency? Who knows, you might! But to start with, create a website with your portfolio and contact information.

After that, start advertising and creating designs. Make sure you participate in all kinds of virtual contests, for example, the ones who ask you to create a logotype, like LogoContest.

3. Becoming an Influencer

We’ve talked a little about this topic at the very beginning of the article and you already know that it is definitely worth doing. But how do you start and what do you do? First of all, decide what kind of influencer you would like to be.

What excites you? You might choose fashion, travel, makeup, technology reviews, lifestyle, and many others. Just make sure you don’t choose all of them at once because this way you won’t determine your target audience.

After the decision has been made, turn off the laziness regime and dedicate to a consistent creation of content and remember that Instagram stories are very important (if you choose Instagram as your main platform).

4. Starting a Blog

Writing a blog by itself won’t make you any money. The most important part of converting your blog into a business is monetizing it. To do so, firstly you need to be very specific about your content and it’s consistency and write a perfect blog description for a better ranking of your blog.

After you already have quite some content to show off, you need to start advertising. It is a great idea to create profiles for your blog on social media, especially Facebook and Instagram.

This way you will generate more traffic, reach more people, and it will be easier to keep them updated about your newest posts.

And when you gain enough traffic and audience, you can start contacting all kinds of companies about advertisements – you can write reviews about specific products or services.

If you have some funds and thinking what to do with 10k? then I must say start your blogging career.

5. Social Media Content Creation

how to make money online

Source: Unsplash

As you probably already figured out, social media is not only very popular nowadays, but it can also be very profitable.

No doubt it is an amazing space to create an organic advertisement, but we need to remember that somebody is getting paid to create those advertisements.

That could be you. If you join any freelancer group on Facebook, you will see that people and companies are often looking for people to be Facebook page administrators.

This means you would be answering to potential clients’ requests, referring them, and creating texts and visuals for posts.

6. Becoming a Youtube Vlogger

We all know that Youtube is popular. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that if you create a Youtube video and call yourself a vlogger, it will automatically generate money.

You need to ask yourself if video creation is something that really interests you because it’s a really hard job in the long run. You will have to think about consistency, quality, relevance, filming, and editing the videos.

The easiest path to start earning money as fast as possible is filming reviews – you just need to decide what kind.

You will not start receiving money and products to review from companies at the beginning, but it will happen eventually if you stay consistent with your content.


These were some online business ideas without investment or needs very little investment to start. I am a Youtuber and blogger by my passion and profession. I am loving my life and enjoying every second of my life. You guys also can start your online business very easily if you take action and start working online.

if you try any of these small business ideas I can bet on this that it can change your life completely. Making money online is not that hard which people think if you proceed with proper learning and right guidance you can achieve success in a very little span of time. Be your own boss and enjoy your life like a king.

Amit Mishra

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