5 Best Backlink Checker Tools & Apps of 2024 ( Free & Paid)

5 Best Backlink Checker Tools & Apps of 2024 ( Free & Paid)

Are you looking for backlink checker tools that you can use to check your backlinks for free? I have picked some of the best tools for you to check backlinks without paying anything. If you want my quick picks then i recommend to use Semrush & Linkminer.

Backlinks help you build your authority and help you drive referral traffic and pass link juice.

5 Best Backlink Checker Tools

1. SemRush

I been using this tool for more than 5+ years and love the accuracy of this tool. If you want to use it for free then also you can use it without paying anything. Semrush gives you daily 10 searches for free.

semrush backlink checker

You can also use this tool to check website traffic and find out keywords driving organic traffic to your website.

Key features you get with this tool:

  1. Fastest backlink discovery tool
  2. Reliable authority score
  3. Conduct deep link analysis
  4. Get PR & Marketing strategies

You have to signup in order use the platform and you can also try 7 days free trial of SEMrush.

2. Linkminer

linkminer backlink checker

Linkminer is also widely used free backlink checker tool that you should consider and it also comes with some limitations in free version. You can see the link placement in website preview format.

One of the cool feature of this tool is you can mark the links and create a list from where you desire to get backlink. According to linkminer they have database of 9.5 trillion backlinks.

3. Ahrefs

free backlink checker tool

Ahrefs also gives you free access to check data of your backlinks without buying a subscription. However, this tool also comes with a limitation to check backlinks.

Key features:

  1. Showcase you best backlink mark
  2. Quite good classification
  3. Fresh Data

According to AHREFS they have the 2nd most active crawler after Google and they claim to have the best database of backlinks with them. Their backlink database updates every 15 minutes.

With their free backlink checker tool you can access domain and page level metrics with just one click.

4. Keyword Everywhere

Keyword everywhere backlink checker

Image Credit: Keyword Everywhere

Keyword everywhere tool provides you an option to check backlinks for free. This tool provides you upto 10,000 top backlinks data with one click. Their data is updated on monthly basis which kind of feel not worth it if compared with other best tools in the list.

This tool comes with free chrome extension that will help you get backlinks and seo data on the go and you can export the data of backlinks in csv file too.

5. Moz Link Explorer

moz backlink checker

Moz cliam to be the best backlink checker tool in the world with database of 44 trillion backlinks. With this tool you can research competitor backlinks, find broken links to your site, check spam score of backlinks, discover link building opportunities, get idea of top performing content with domain authority.

See new and lost backlinks with Moz for free. You also get 10 searches Free for a month.

You can watch this video to know some of the free best backlink checkers:


As per my personal experience these were some of the best backlink checker tools and apps that you can use to check backlinks data of your website or your competitor’s website. My Personal favorites are SEMrush & Linkminer.

Many SEO experts have recomended these tools to check backlink profile of your competitors and build new backlinks.

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