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Best competitor analysis tools to spy on your competitor’s strategies in 2024

competitor analysis tools

Sometimes you need to spy on your competitors to get their secret strategies for success. Here in this post, I am sharing the best competitor analysis tools to better understand your competitor’s doing on the internet.

Best Competitor Analysis Tools

Let’s directly get into the tools to track and spy on your competitors.

1.Google Trends

Google trends

This is a well renowned and very popular tool check where your competitor is being mentioned and what people are searching for with your competitor’s name.

You can also set Google Alerts so that you shall not miss out on brand mentions on the internet. If your competitor is well established player or big website you check in recent trending section to spy on your competitors.

Also you can check by searching keyword in Google search engine by the desired keyword you want to rank and check the SERPS of any search engine.

2. Social Mention

You can track real-time social media search and analysis for your business competitor.

social mention tool

You can check social mention result for “Walmart”. This tool will help you have an eye on your competitors to track their activities they are doing online and activities indexed in any search engine.

This is one of the best competitor research tools that you should consider using in your tools list and have track on your competitors in businssess or industry.

3. Similar Web

Similarweb traffic checker free tool

One of the best tools to check the organic traffic of any website. Similarweb shows the accurate data of organic traffic for any website. You can check how much and from where your competitor is driving traffic o their website.

You can use free chrome extensions of Similar web that you can use on your daily basis to find similar websites and how much traffic they are driving to their websites every single month.

4. Crayon (track competitors digital footprint)

crayon competitor analysis tool

Actionable competitive intelligence at scale, By using this tool you can easily get free competitive reports. This tool helps you find revenue & funding history, website rank and social reach, in-depth data, and history of messaging shifts.

5. Semrush

SEmrush competitor analysis tool

Online visibility platform, everything you need to dominate your niche online. You can do SEO Keyword research, competitor research, PPC, and social media marketing from just one platform.

This is quite popular tool in seo industry and provides organised data about your competitor ranking above you. You can use this tool for your business and agency to get more clients and rank you websites on your desired keywords.

6. Siteliner (check broken Links of any site)


This tool helps you find duplicate content and broken links, you can find broken links of your competitors and pitch them your links in return. This way you can make backlinks for your website with fewer efforts.

7. Builtwith ( see what technology your competitor is using)

builtwith technology lookup

With this tool, you can find out the technology used in building a website or web application. That’s how you can analyze your competitors and which technology they are using on their websites.

8. Daily 140

Daily 140

Track recent Twitter follows and favorites of 3 Twitter users accounts what your competitors are doing, get daily emails with the most recent follows and favorites of the Twitter users you want to have an eye on.

9. Mytoptweets


With this tool, you can find the top 10 tweets based on engagement. You can use this tool to find out which tweet performed well for your competitor and you can replicate the same with your followers.

With this strategy, you can drive organic traffic from Twitter on your blogs, business websites, telegram channel, Facebook group, grow your Instagram page, get more youtube subscribers, and much more.

Also, check out Twitter unfollow tools

10. Spyfu

Spyfu competitor ppc keyword and seo research tool

The best tool to find PPC Keywords And SEO Strategies of your competitors. You can research unlimited SEO and PPC date with just a $33/month cost.

Spyfu is best renowned as the best Google ads competitor Keyword spy tool, Monitor PPC competitors, Google ads keyword research, PPC negative match recommendations, and much more.

If you are using this tool then you can track SEO keyword rankings, backlinks of your competitor and top websites by google ads spend and search traffic.

Guys these were some of the best competitor analysis tools I personally use for my business and clients’ work. Hope you loved reading this blog post, if you loved it share it with your friends and family to educate them if they are into digital marketing and blogging.

You can anytime reach out to me via email check about section of this blog. If you are looking for any SEO services or Web development services then you can contact me anytime via email.

Use these tools and outperform your competitors from Google Search and Ads. My Personal favorite is Semrush for all-in-one SEO & competitor research.

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