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5 Best Free Unfollow Twitter Tools To Unfollow Non-Followers in 2024

You know twitter is the most awesome tool for social media marketing for bloggers and online businesses, you can use twitter to promote your articles for more reach and SEO benefits. In this post, I will be sharing some of the best and free twitter unfollow tools which you can use to unfollow twitter non-followers.

Before jumping on the easy unfollow twitter tools bear with me for a minute.

I use twitter to reach more people with the help of trending hashtags to do social media marketing. I started using twitter way long back and was unaware how should I use twitter, in the meantime.

I started following people who come on my feed and some famous personalities of India.

I started following noob people as well on twitter, my intention was if I follow them they will follow me back which will help me to grow my twitter followers instantly however it not happened my following list went up to 1500 people and my followers’ list was 45 then I realized that I should unfollow them on twitter and make my newsfeed more clear and precise.

While I was unfollowing people I realized it’s again a hectic work to perform and time-consuming then I came with some tools which I used to unfollow people on twitter.

Free Twitter Unfollow Tools to unfollow people who do not follow you back.

1. CircleBoom


CircleBoom is one of the best tools to manage your Twitter account. You can remove inactive, silent or overactive connected twitter accounts, unlike my likes. Clickboom also provides you with the benefits to delete my Retweets with few clicks.

With the help of this tool, you can discover new content and publish them on your profile which will attract more genuine followers.

Also, you can set RSS feeds to auto-tweet photos, articles, videos, etc from any RSS feed which will help your followers to get fresh content on a regular basis.

Anyone can get an in-depth analysis of your social profile and can kick out spammers from your circle. They also provide a smart search tool that helps you to connect with new peers who are relevant to your profile as per trends.

I have used this tool several times for my personal profile and for my clients, it is a must-have tool if you are looking for twitter management tools to unfollow people on twitter.

2. CrowdFire


CrowdFire is again a  best social media management tool, with the help of this tool you can discover quality content and schedule content for your social media channels.

This tool also helps you to filter out twitter accounts who are not following you and with some clicks, you can remove them from your community.

Previously it was known as “JustUnfollow” which is one of the best free tools to unfollow non-followers on twitter.

In the free version of Crowdfire you can unfollow up to 25 non-followers accounts, however, if you want to increase the limit then you need to upgrade to a paid account.

You can discover articles and photos as per your interest which your audience will love to see and share, this will help your community updated with fresh quality content.

I love this feature of Crowdfire that you can publish content from your own websites and blogs which attracted me to take their paid subscription.

This tool also provides a chrome extension through which you can easily share articles you like the most on your social media channels. With more than 19 million+ user base this tool is dominating the market.

Crowdfire also provides you their android and iOS app which you can use on your smartphone and unfollow non-followers on twitter.

3. ManageFlitter


Manageflitter is a web-based twitter management tool as per them it works faster & smarter with Twitter. It is one of the best tools to unfollow non-followers on twitter. This is a free tool and has upgrades to the pro and Business level.

With their latest and improved version, you can manage multiple Twitter accounts without hassle. They also provide benefits to view and track analytics to improve your performance for a better productive outcome.

They also provide more features to find out fake followers on twitter this will help you to select non-followers on Twitter and unfollow them with one click.

4. Tweepi Geeky Flush

Tweepi geeky flush

Tweepi is one widely used free tool for unfollowing your non-followers on twitter. You can flush twitter followers who are not following you back with some clicks.

With this tool, you can follow highly relevant users who are following the same interest or relevant to your niche.

They also provide user bio search, full name, company name, location search to connect with like-minded people for your growth on social media.

Tweepi is easy to use simple tools to unfollow people one by one.

5. iUnfollow


One of the easiest twitter unfollow tools that prompt you to signup with your twitter account and unfollow followers who are not following you back.

They also provide a fan tracking feature which is pretty cool, you can also cancel follow requests on the go with easy clicks.

This is a basic free tool with limited features to unfollow non-followers on Twitter, however, it is not reliable as CircleBoom.

It is best practice to use twitter unfollow tools to clean your Twitter follower list on a regular basis.

Make sure you don’t unfollow celebrities or brands you love the most as there is very least probability that they will follow you back.

You should consider following me on twitter at @akaamitmishra for a daily dose of quality content on blogging, SEO & Digital Marketing.

Let me tell you that Twitter is a great place to connect and share content with people having the same interest, you also should consider sharing this article on twitter with your followers and if you have more tools you use to unfollow non-followers on twitter do let me know in the comment section.

If you want to know more about tools I use then you can visit this page.

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