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25+ Easy Ways To Get Youtube Subscribers On Youtube in 2024

get youtube subscribers

Video content is one of the prominent ways of content marketing since the starting of the year 2024. If your query is how to get more subscribers on youtube? then keep reading this article I am going to share 25+ smart ways to grow your Youtube Channel fast and get you more subscribers.

YouTube which grown exponentially over a period of few years has become the best platform for video blogging, video sharing and at last video marketing.

As you already know YouTube is a free platform from Google and almost 80% of the world population knows about it with over 1 billion active youtube users every month.

Due to growing masses, more people have joined YouTube and found a good way to earn a passive income. But Wait All these wasn’t easy?

Facebook and Twitter have also stepped in the field of video marketing but do you think it will affect the affection people towards YouTube?

If you already have a YouTube channel then you must be wondering how to get subscribers on youtube fast along with can you increase the reach of your YouTube videos?

Certainly Yes.

We all have witnessed several YouTube stars on the rise. Perhaps, this is the best platform to be considered by everyone looking to make online marketing and publicity.

Indeed, YouTube is the best place for bloggers, site owners that help you broaden their internet reach by making a personal connection with their followers.

YouTube greatly enhances the speed through which you can actually drive huge traffic from YouTube. In order to do that you should actively participate in getting more subscribers.

In this post, you’ll learn about how to grow a highly influential & profitable YouTube channel this year.

Together we will teach you the proven strategies and current best practices from growing your subscribers to generate a passive income with YouTube.

The best way to starting and growing your website is to get started on the first attempt.

All of us want to grow our influence on YouTube but how do you do that if you’re starting from scratch with 0 subscribers. 

Top 25+ Ways To Get YouTube Subscribers Fast

Today, we’re wanting to focus on a challenge most of us faces starting a YouTube channel in 2024. With so much competition a better resolution to re-build a YouTube channel has been carried forward this year.

We know how frustrating it can be when you have 0 views & 0 subscribers, people may not know who you are? And what kind of content you produce. You spend a hell lot of time scripting, planning, filming and editing your videos and all your videos get uploaded to YouTube and the results are only a few people watch it.

So, we know what it is like when you’re starting from scratch & we know lots of our subscribers who inspire you to start a YouTube channel.   

So, the most asked question: How to grow with 0 views & 0 Subscribers?

All that said, we will start with implementing a few techniques that will eventually help you accomplish your goal towards obtaining phenomenal subscribers count.

  1. Add a Watermark to your video
Youtube Watermark
WaterMark on your Youtube Videos.

Since your videos are seen by random peoples you can possibly add a watermark that would be shown on all your videos.

This is a nice trick to get viewers to subscribe to your channel. The watermark resembles your creator name alongside your channel name.  

 In order to do this Go to YouTube branding page and allow a new watermark on the video.

YouTube Branding

You’ll find a different way to show the watermark on your YouTube videos. Also, you will be able to remove the existing watermark and use a new one.

Basically, most people use a logo as a watermark on their channel but you should also use the “Subscribe” icon which helps in getting more number of subscribers.

 I am leaving a prebuilt “Subscribe” gif image for you to use as a watermark below.


2. Configure YouTube account details

You can also use a quick hack to add a subscribe reminder in all your videos. Of course similar to branding YouTube allows you to add default settings for the future uploads.

Be kind to people who visit your channel and ask them to subscribe to your videos in all your videos.

configure youtube channel

In order to set up, visit the YouTube Advance page and add a generous description that you like to showcase in all your videos.

Following are the default description I use in all my videos.

how to write about description of Youtube channel

I may edit or include anything at the time of uploading videos on YouTube.

Definitely, this saves a lot of time and ensures I ask my viewers every time to subscribe to my channel. There is an audience for just about every topic and if you can tap right into them, you’ll grow your audience.

3. Use your channel URL with SML magic string

There is another smart way of expanding your YouTube subscriber count from visitors who appears to click on your channel link.

With the help of this trick, you can append your channel link with “?sub_confirmation=1”


After: tryootech?sub_confirmation=1 (Click the link to subscribe to my channel)

This trick basically works when a user clicks on your link with SML magic string (?sub-confirmation=1), a pop-up show up asking for subscribing to your YouTube channel.

Youtube endscreen

It basically removes the burden and helps visitors to subscribe to your YouTube channel effortlessly.

4. Scripting your YouTube videos

Scripting of YouTube video to get more subscribers

The famous quote from – Sir Winston Churchill depicts “He who fails to plan is planning to fail”

The first and foremost step towards the success of your YouTube journey is to plan your journey beforehand.

It means planning the structure of the videos.

Also, ensure what is that you love creating and focus on enriching your skills. Do not copy others or trending YouTube channels.

Videos generally tend to grow more if you write a video script that helps you organize your videos smoothly and able to keep a track. By writing a script you’ll be able to process better without going off the track.

Thus, a video script is always necessary to ensure you get the best result of your hard work which results in a well-focused video for the targeted audience.

Include the following details into the video script:

  • The exact number of words you are going to say
  • A series of questions you’ll be answering in your video
  • The main point where you should be focusing
  • Any necessary CTA (Call to action) is required for e.g. subscribe to my channel, press the bell icon. Check the description of the video

This will result in identifying the targeted audience. Writing video scripts will help know the subject you’re talking about and give them a better understanding.

You need to plan out a script diligently also perform a table read, rewrite, rewrite again and in the mere process your script will look more improvised and the story you’re trying to convey to the audience becomes much easy for you.

YouTuber’s often look down upon scripting but mastering the art can meticulously take your videos entirely into a new realm. You can use Grammarly for writing the error-free script for your upcoming videos.

This indeed a perfect method for building a huge subscription base. If only scripting is made. Moreover, you can put some hilarious sarcasm or emotionally charged content that will definitely give enough stress for impactful Call-To-Action and gives a reason for the subscription.

Ask yourself: Are they tech geek? Are they non-native English speakers? Are they smart or dumb? What is their level of expertise? Do they understand sarcasm or not?

5. Bring highly engaging content (Most Important!)

create high engaging content on Youtube

Like Aristotle said: “Quality does not act, it is a habit”

Creating content which is highly engaging, informative and entertaining is not a moonwalk.

Although as you have decided to become a YouTuber it is not acceptable that you lose focus in the middle of the video perhaps that will cost you a losing a lot of viewership.

Content that works can be either entertaining or informative. But a highly engaging content which caters the needs of most peoples should be entertaining and informative both.

This is pretty good in terms of making a kind of content marketing but in particular, videos that are informative and entertaining are usually most watched.

Moreover, you should actually be uploading videos that have a combination of burst and evergreen videos. You can use Camtasia to create screencast videos and edit them. I am using it and really very satisfied.

Burst videos generally live for a shorter term, it actually gives you an instant boost/hits but eventually passes over time.

While many testimonials are great but long duration videos on YouTube do not go well with together.

Regardless of how much complicated the topic you’re video should never exceed more than 5 minutes.


Since numerous studies suggest that online video viewers spent too little time and have a shorter span.

Evergreen videos are watched thousands or millions of times and they remain the best archives and will be relevant irrespective of time.
If you feel shy in front of the camera, you can make use of screencast to publish highly engaging content for your audience.

Nevertheless what you do before you hit the publish button make sure you publish videos that are the user-friendly, easily digestible and add value to your audience.

6. Frequency of uploading your videos

increase your YouTube traffic

Now to contemplate the work you’re doing adding subscribers to a channel means the visitors should love the work of the publisher and they might want to see more of your videos.

YouTube subscribers do not actually pay heed to someone who doesn’t produce regular content.

Basically in today’s world where consumers have become more inclined towards entertainment so, your responsibility to make consistent efforts to bring more high-quality content.

As you may know, consistency is the primary factor to develop a long-lasting relationship with your subscribers. And this is same for both blogging & vlogging.

This doesn’t mean you publish half-baked videos. Release your videos in a timely, recurring and planned way.

You can even use a scheduler to publish one video per week or at least 2 videos at month’s end.

Stick with your plan and do not upload videos off the schedule.

This certainly will hurt the reputation of your YouTube channel.

For instance, it’s similar to watching your favorite TV series, where a new episode comes out without disrupting the time or schedule.

This consistency will help build a loyal subscriber base for your YouTube channel.

7. Use different methods to optimize your titles

Able to distinguish things is one of the most important aspects of YouTube success.

The best way to start to try giving your videos offbeat names. With the help of this technique, you will get a lot of people to visit your channel based on curiosity alone.

The quirky titles will play a major deciding factor for getting views to your channel through social networks.

However to maximize the number of views you will need to dive into the SEO part of YouTube marketing.

how to get YouTube subscribers fast

Here are few tips one can use for optimizing YouTube titles for greater reach

  • Use the keyword in the title – Using keywords in video titles has pretty good effects on videos. Google crawlers never watch your video but they look for other things, so putting the keyword in the title is always beneficial so that Google bots what your video is all about. You can use SEMrush for Keyword Research for youtube videos. Try SEMrush Free for 14 days.
  • Use Google AdWord to identify the searches – You can make use of relevant keywords that has high volume searches and low competition to maximize your visitor’s capacity.
  • Do not make use of long title – Google limits the use of the title to 66 characters and adds YouTube | before the video (taking an extra 10 characters). So your ideal video title shouldn’t be more than 50 characters.
  • Make the title descriptive – You can tweak the description part make it look interesting to the visitors also tell them what the video will be about.
  • Make the title engaging- Rest aside having attractive title will get you more click. The more click you have the higher it will rank. 
  • Do not use the word “Video” in the title – Never use any irrelevant keyword in the title, this will only result in taking up space and won’t help you rank higher on YouTube search engine.

8. Use customizations

grow YouTube channel

People rely on you for honest opinion to trust your brand on your YouTube. So, in that case, make yourself appear professional.

Also, you have to make most customizations options that YouTube has to offer.

If you already have a blog with decent traffic you can use similar branding elements for your YouTube channel.

This will be easily recognizable across all the platforms.

Make a pretty crafted design for custom art for your YouTube that will help you establish yourself as a brand.

You can also hire a freelance designer from Fiverr who is well versed with creating your own optimized YouTube channel art.

You can also use a custom background header and some design elements straight from your blog.

9. Personalize video thumbnails

custom thumbnails on YouTube

Here are a few things many established YouTuber’s agree upon.

Create a custom video thumbnail for every video that you publish on YouTube.

If you haven’t heard about annotations and use of relevant images as custom thumbnails for your YouTube channels then use of a custom video thumbnail with a minor annotation will provide users with the information of videos you publish.

Also, it is seen a custom thumbnail and use of relevant images will help you increase your videos CTR (click-through rate).

At this point of writing YouTube currently offering a section of thumbnails from 3 different intervals.

  • ¼th mark
  • ½th  mark
  • ¾th mark

Choose the one that showcases the best about your video.

10. Create an Engaging Channel Trailer

YouTube channel trailer

YouTube has great features to offer one of these is Channel Trailers that automatically plays a clip of a video upon opening the YouTube channel.

A Channel Trailer is something that users should pay a lot of attention while working on. As a Channel Trailer keeps the visitors engaged in your video.

This is the moment where you are going to allure your content attention for a few seconds. A Channel Trailer is usually somewhere between the 30 seconds to 60 seconds.

You need to utter a valid reason why your potential subscribers should stay on your channel, and what is that you have to offer them.

If you are not camera-shy do not be afraid to give a quick, informative and engaging introduction with a script (If required).

If you are well versed with a few technical things, consider checking Channel Reports and Viewer Retention Rates to judge whether you’re putting off potential subscribers using long and boring channel trailer.

Try different ways of modification until it becomes perfect.

11. Ensure That You Have Setup Proper “Call to Action” annotations

grow on youtube

Call to Annotations are one of my favorites, although it puts a stress on subscribers with annoying popups in the video.

If used in a substantial way you are ought to get more subscribers after they have clicked during the video.

Many have reported an increase in the number of subscription after they have particularly used these annotations to their videos.

It is a simple click created in order to ask others for subscribing your channel which is then added back in video generally referred to as “Call to Action”.

This is a proven technique to get YouTube subscribers and eventually you will see your channel grow in size.

But this technique only works if it is used in a proper sequence. Either the user will not find interest in subscribing to your channel.

Do it in a legit way, and it will pay off.

12. Utilization Of The Right Tool

best tools to grow YouTube subscribers

There are numerous tools on the web. Proper utilization of these tools will help your channel lift off quickly alongside help you promote in your promotion.

These tools are meant for obtaining a greater share of potential subscribers.

Most people are seen using the TubeBuddy which is a great tool for someone who is serious about YouTube marketing.

I am using TubeBuddy for months and it eventually helped me find new visitors, generate more income and automate the entire YouTube process.

Get Tubebuddy Account and skyrocket your Youtube Channel.

13. Let People Find You

youtube subscribe button

YouTube provides us an option that ensures linking your official web page. If you have received one why not do it?

This technique helps you grab more visitors for your YouTube channel which is thoroughly capitalized on when you directs the curious visitors to your website.

In this case, your channel will also become verified as an original representation of your brand on YouTube.

You can place your website link below the channel settings of the YouTube page. Consider adding the website URL to your channel.

There may be an option to add the “Subscribe” button somewhere on your blog to drive traffic to your YouTube channel.

14. Limit the Videos to under 5 minutes

time limit for YouTube videos

YouTube is a platform where many people come to seek detailed, in-depth reviews but the high converting videos are those ones which are optimized for less than 5 minutes in length.

The survey suggested that in the year 2014 an average length of YouTube videos was 4.4 minutes. For sprouting vloggers, this is their golden chance to follow the time limit.

Following a stipulated timing will help you build the subscribers base.

Once, you have a good number of subscribers, you can experiment with content length and see which one works best.

Keep the video short, informative as well as entertaining for the next 5 minutes.

It’s a worthy effort but it will pay off soon.

15. Use a YouTube Intro & Outro

intro for youtube

Every other online marketer knows the power of Call-to-action or CTA’s.

So, why not use these skill of yours give a reason to subscribe to your channels through the use of Subscribe-Able- Call-To-Action.

If you have ever paid attention to any YouTube video on popular channels, there is a good chance that the video will be fragmented into different sections such as:

  • An introduction (What’s the video about) referred to as Intro
  • End slide (End screen) referred to as Outro

A YouTube video will consist of some kind of the end screen template that may include content, sites, products mentioned in the video along with the CTA.

This CTA encourages the visitors to pay a visit to your site, or perhaps buy a product or watch additional videos and even subscribe to your channel.

The end screen is a great way to add a call to action widgets.

This encourages the viewers to subscribe help them visit your next or recommended videos from the list.

End screen allows a user to pick from different clickable elements to match your goal.

youtube video settings

The Intro & Outro usually contains some clickable links which require specific actions from the visitors to drive sales or enjoy your other videos.

This sooner or later makes a difference between someone thinking of clicking on the suggested video and other thinking to check out the website associated with your YouTube channel and thus, it helps in converting.

youtube outro size

The best YouTube Outro Size is 1920 x 1080p for a standard HD 16:9 ratio. This results better when viewed in large screen or mobile devices.

When it comes to making an Intro & Outro for a YouTube video there are not much of technical things associated with it.

Prepare an 8-sec clip at the end of the video so that visitors can read over the appeared text and take action before the screen goes black.

youtube outro resolution

You can use tools in regard to building a custom end screen template. You can add a background of your choice or use favorite background or patterns for adding a dimension that let users focus on.

You are required to choose CTAs that makes sense to your relevant content on YouTube. Of Course, you can include more than one actions and optimize it to make sense based on the videos other users have watched.

16. Edit Your Videos Ruthlessly

Grow on youtube fast

Thomas Hawk is a well-known photographer who claims that he rejects almost 10 shots for every single shot that he publishes.

Thus, it is same for any type of editing,

If you do not pay attention to making a video and publish them without knowing the consequences you might hurt your brand as a whole.

Ensure that you only pick the best part of shooting a video while recording.

Take multiple shots if you are not sure about a specific take.

Although I use a decent laptop with a high specification to edit videos. I used Adobe Premier Software for editing the videos it is based on windows.

Get the right tools before you start recording videos or editing them. Editing videos generally is a painstaking process and consumes a lot of time. However, it is better to use a laptop/desktop carrying decent specs for convenience.

17. Optimize Your Video Descriptions

how to write YouTube video descriptions

Now, we will try to understand the concept of SEO of YouTube videos. Therefore the video description is not to be neglected.

The description part helps others to find your videos through search engines as because only a short paragraph will be showed up when the video gets loaded up.

Unlike, the title, the keyword should also be placed in the description section of your video. Also, avoid overriding the keywords which can actually hurt your chances of showing up in searches.

Keep it absolutely natural and authentic.

18. Make The Most Of The Meta Tags

meta tags for youtube

You can make use of the Google Keyword Planner to get the most relevant keywords for your YouTube videos.

Add them in your videos to let others find them via Google and YouTube search engines.

Keep the density low for the keywords to prevent hurting your rankings. Instead, use a few well researched and well-placed keywords would certainly help you rank well in both scenario.

A low video count does not mean the poorer content instead it would undeniably mean issues with the discoverability.

Metadata plays a crucial role in displaying your video rightly in major search engine results. You can use other videos to see what sort of Meta tags are being used. It will definitely offer a proper idea of using Meta tags.

But avoid copying other Meta tags as this won’t help in your case.

19. End Your Videos On a High Note

youtube growth tips

It is important for you and others YouTuber’s to end the video on a high note.

This signifies a last dialogue to the audience before the curtain fall. It is quite evident that videos those ends in a memorable fashion become quite popular.

You can also ask the visitors to subscribe to your channel if they like your videos. Also, ask them to visit your website too.

Now, you have fully understood the concept of ending a video in confidence so that they know that you appreciate their viewership.

Include a tail slate or a brand Outro using a standard banner


A “Subscribe” annotations across all your videos.

20. Consider Collaborating With Fellow Youtubers

collabration on youtube with harsh agrawal shoutmeloud amit mishra

Collaborating becomes an essential part of your YouTube journey.


The most obvious answer is – it is good for you, the audience and the collaborators too.

Creating a video is art perhaps a constructive one. Seeing other YouTubers as competitors will only leave you in utter despair and hamper your progress.

Try to collaborate with other YouTubers working in your field or niche. Ask them gently for permission to work together on something interesting.

Though it’s little hard to approach some top YouTubers you can easily gain the trust of those having similar or maybe higher subscriber base than yours.

Eventually, you will be able to connect with the audience, as well as your collaborator. With this, your viewership increases and your audience will get to see something unusual that they haven’t seen in your channel from a long time.

Therefore, it’s a Win-Win for you as well as for Collaborator.

21. Interact With Your Loyal Fan Base

grow YouTube fan base

Social media is a great place to interact with peoples and to know about their choices.

Similarly, it is a phenomenon about how much you care.

When your subscribers know you care about them, they will care about you.

It is recommended to communicate with your audience and listen to their requests followed in the comment section of your videos.

It is also possible that at certain times you have to face the anguish nature of your audience, pay the least attention to them and help others who ask for assistance.

Replying to comments is an essential part of every YouTuber. It makes you and others feel connected all the time. This results in building trust with one another and you’ll turn up building a loyal fan base.

22. Consider Giveaways and Video Challenges

grow fast on youtube

Giveaways are promotional tools and help in improving the awareness of the brand to drive more visitors and results in more sales.

Offering Giveaways to the audience in return of something is a special gift to your YouTube channel loyal fans.

Free YouTube giveaways help you allure for new subscribers. You can easily fetch a few give away you want such as:

  • A new tech gadget
  • A branded t-shirt
  • A hosting subscription

Giveaways are the best way to generate email lists. But your audience also loves the chance of getting something for free. Moreover, they will ask others (friends) about it especially if the product or prize is value for money.

Almost all giveaways on YouTube asks users to follow the creator on social media platforms to be eligible for the giveaway contest. Therefore, a YouTube creator also accumulate lots of new users using this approach.

It’s is best if the giveaway is related to your niche If it is not, your audience will still love getting something absolutely for free. If you want to learn Youtube marketing you can check out Youtube’s Creator Academy

23. Cross-Platform Promotion is Essential

promote YouTube videos

In the social media era, the biggest advantage of being active on a various social platform is a must.

If you’re wondering why your YouTube channel is not growing then first ensure that your brand is discoverable or not.

You need to be active on various social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Google plus. Pinterest, Instagram, snap chat and others.

Also, you can use tools such as Buffer that helps you keeping a track of regular posting schedule.

You can run Facebook & Google ads and use tools like Pay with a tweet that let people tweet for a product with a tweet.

This is how a successful business runs. To ensure you have curated proper methods to build a brand being visible around the web is essential that let others know about you and what you do.

24. Push For Your First 1000 YouTube Subscribers

how to get subscribers on YouTube

No matter what you do, your aim should be reaching the first 1000 subscribers as soon as possible. You need to assimilate a list of tasks for promoting your channel on social media at your maximum abilities.

 A budding YouTube channel that receives a decent amount of traffic will help you stay focused and motivated to work even harder or create better values for your audience.

You can also ask your friends & relatives to make a visit to your channel and if they are interested then they can subscribe to you.

Although social media platforms are quite enriching that manage to develop personal connections about your undertakings. Ask them for checking out your videos on YouTube for likes and subscriptions.

25. Create custom Human Thumbnails

Try to include custom video thumbnail that becomes the cover of the video so that it gives a preview of the content determining whether a visitor is going to play or not your video.

A good way to urge people to start playing your video is by including an image of your smiling face with direct eye contact as the thumbnail for your video.

“Smiling outwards generally depicts manifestation of happiness carried and help serve a connection to others” as said by an expert psychologist.

Conclusion: Keep high aspirations & Experiments with things

What worked for others may not work for you. So, keep a high aspiration and start experimenting with things.

Develop a habit of working as per schedule. Like I say, in most of my videos.

Keep experimenting with camera angles, backgrounds, video thumbnails and techniques that I have mentioned in the article. Keep a track of everything you do and make sure you find how they are affecting after making changes.

Well, I am not asking you to shell out cash for putting your YouTube channel for promotion. Instead, you can create a budget and go with a full-proof plan to increase your subscription base.

The internet is duly a crowded place and there are many big players around you.

So what you can do is to make advertising your channel with varieties of customized ad formats including the following

  • Display ads
  • Overlay ads
  • Skippable and non-skippable video ads
  • Bumper ads
  • Sponsored cards

Since, YouTube has a separate ad space similar to Facebook, twitter that allows advertising based on demographics, in-market audiences.

optimize youtube videos for Ads.

Your YouTube channel is a trustworthy brand.

Building something of value on YouTube usually requires a lot of hard work, dedication and time. It is a long-term commitment, to be honest, and unbiased in front of your audience.

26. Use Viral Tags

if you want to grow your Youtube subscribers really fast then one strategy I use, I copy video tags of my competitor’s video and viral video on my topic with the help of tube buddy, Now use those tags in your video that will help your video to get in suggested videos and browser feature.

I am using Tubebuddy paid plan and it is worth spending each penny.

Try Tubebuddy for your Youtube Channel.

Amit Mishra

Amit Mishra

Professional Blogger, YouTuber with 370K Subs, Digital Marketer.
Love to help people with my advance skills to earn living online. Learn Blogging, SEO & Digital Marketing on this blog.

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    Improve Youtube SEO. Adding appropriate video title, description and tags are all part of Youtube SEO. Not only does it rank your videos, but it’s also useful for increasing viewers and subscribers. There are many tools that will help with YouTube SEO, such as Google Keyword Planner and TubeBuddy.

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