10 Best Landing Page Builders To Make One Page Website (2024)

10 Best Landing Page Builders To Make One Page Website (2024)

About a decade ago, it was not that easy to perform the activity as the world of the internet was away from the magical effects of Facebook ads, bing ads, Google ads, and other advertising avenues.

It was essential to code up the landing page and customizes it as per the necessity. Programming skills were necessary for individuals. This necessity was keeping the majority of people away from getting in touch with this game-changing technological functionality.

Acknowledging the situation, the best landing page maker knocked on the door of the digital marketing world in 2011. The technology kept on rising with advancements, and reaching up to the year 2024, it became exceptionally amazing for us. 

Here are some top landing page builders for you (QuickLook):

  1. Instapage
  2. Unbounce
  3. Engagebay
  4. GetResponse
  5. HubSpot
  6. Landingi
  7. Leadpages
  8. Clickfunnels
  9. Wishpond

However, I recommend you to go through the whole article once for a better understanding and read in brief about landing pages which you can use to build your one-page website.

Exploring 8 Best Landing Page Builders of 2024:

The current edge of digitization has put forward several tools at our disposal to quickly launch a well-optimized and high-converting landing page. These will help you notice an amazing hike to let your readers/ customers purchase the products/ services leading to a great revenue generation for your business.

Let’s quickly tell you a list of best landing page builders.

1. Instapage:

instapage discount

Instapage helps you in creating the super amazing, feature-rich, and mobile-responsive landing pages from the wide availability of 200+ templates.

The platform is available with the simplest ever available drag and drops functionality. It allows you to create the best landing pages suitable for business owners, bloggers, marketers, and others. You can also use instapage as a mobile landing page builder.

The platform is available with an eye-catching interface with less than two minutes of customization procedures. You can maximize the rates of conversion with Instapage by using the best customizable editor. Moreover, you are independent of integrating the landing page into your site without code. 

Features and Specifications:

  • User-friendly interface and easiest to use direct WordPress integration.
  • Drag and drop functionality letting you move the content all around without hassles.
  • Page editing feature to make it mobile responsive within minutes.
  • Easiest ever form creation, page designing, and user-friendly plugins.
  • 200+ templates with the keyword-insertion feature for your PPC initiatives.
  • Codeless implementation and integration of FB ads, Google Analytics, and others. 
  • The capability of sending the leads to Salesforce, HubSpot, GetRespnse, AWeber, and others.  
  • A/B testing functionality and ability to add the custom codes to desired pages.

Instapage is available with a base plan of $99 per month. It includes the feature of A/B testing and Heatmaps. The premium plan starts at $179 per month.

It is the best and most-affordable landing page software for the people. It never requires any code to operate, making it perfect even for non-technical individuals all around the world. Instapage can be the best landing pages builder for affiliate marketing as well, affiliate marketers can use this to build their affiliate landing pages for offers to promote.

Get Instapage Landing page Builder

2. Unbounce:

unbounce discount landing page builders

Unbounce is one of the technically equipped platforms for advanced level users. It is available with the best drag and drops functionality along with diverse sets of tools for the easy landing page builders.

The software is capable enough in significantly improving the post-click conversion rates. It even tests and executes the custom landing pages, and move ahead in launching the campaigns amazingly.  

It was the first-ever landing page software, and still holding the top position under the category. 

Even the high-end technology professionals use the platform for making, launching, and optimizing the landing page for any business initiatives and campaigns. 

The platform is ready for use with the functionalities including A/B testing, Google Adwords integration, along with the visitor’s analytics. 

The globally-renowned brands including Vimeo, New York Times, New Balance, etc believe in the platform’s services to be an authentic landing page builder tool. However, the software comes out as an expensive one in case the user is planning to get the enterprise-equipped functionalities. 

I would say Unbounce is the perfect fit landing page builder for agencies.

Features and Specifications:

  • Super-easy user interface with best-in-class drag and drop functionality. 
  • Rich availability of user-friendly plugins, page design, and form creation tools.
  • Over 125 Artificial Intelligence-powered templates with AMP-ready mobile-responsive pages.
  • The functionality of editing the pages to make them mobile responsive.
  • Extensive keyword insertion properties for the best-in-class SEM campaigns.
  • Property of adding the pop-ups and sticky headers to enhance the pages.
  • Feature of adding the best landing pages with the tools including MailChimp, AWeber, etc.

This easy landing page builder is initially available at $79 per month for the base plan. 

However, the premium plan will cost you around $159 per month, and the enterprise plan will take it at around $399 plus every single month.

Start your 14 days free trial of Unbounce

3. EngageBay


EngageBay helps you build powerful and responsive landing pages that convert visitors into paying customers. The drag-and-drop designer makes it easy to choose colors, fonts, elements, and styles without writing a single line of code. 

Best suited for small businesses, startups, and solopreneurs, EngageBay offers eye-catching templates that allow you to launch landing pages within minutes. 

EngageBay is more than just a landing page builder though: it is an all-in-one marketing, sales, and customer support software that offers a 360-degree view of your customers. You get multi step automation, omnichannel marketing, deal pipelines, live chat, and a help desk. 

Features and Specifications:

  • Drag-and-drop landing page builder for quick creation
  • Vast library of pre-built templates
  • Highly responsive and mobile-friendly design for compatibility on multiple devices
  • A/B testing for landing pages to help you achieve the best version
  • One-step SEO settings for your landing pages
  • Reports and dashboards to help you monitor landing page performance
  • Directly connected with the CRM for lead capture and activity monitoring
  • One of the most affordable landing page builder

EngageBay offers four plans: Free at $0, Basic at $14.99/month, Growth at $49.99/month, and Pro at $99.99/month.

You also get a 10% discount on annual plans and a 20% discount on biennial plans.

Start your free trial of EngageBay

4. GetResponse:

getresponse discount

GetResponse is the best-in-class one-stop marketing solution for all your requirements. With the features, the individuals can create responsive and lead-generating easy landing pages. I have used GetResponse to build high converting landing pages for one of my e-commerce clients and they were really amazed by the looks and feel of the landing page.

I recommend this page builder if you are a freelancer or digital agency GetResponse is the best landing page creator for WordPress sites.

It will let you generate the user’s interest and rich revenue for your business requirements. 

Just for the price of one-software, you get the functionality of multiple similar tools under the category. It lets you feel the advantages of easy-to launch solution having versatile capabilities. 

The downside is that the software wants you to use its e-mail software at $15 per month price. Moreover, it even forces you to upgrade soon after reaching over 1000 page views. It wants you to avail $49 per month pro plan after going across this point.

Features and Specifications:

  • Accessing of over 5000 Shutterstock photographs to use on your landing page. 
  • A/B testing functionality with a feature to integrate the countdown timers.
  • Better conversion rates with built-in analytics.
  • Easy to rotate the content all around the landing page. 
  • Easier integration with the best-in-class tools including Kissmetrics, Adwords, Bing, etc. 
  • The flexibility of adding the PayPal button for receiving the payments on the go.
  • Available with a bunch of features including landing page creation, hosting webinars, email marketing, etc to name a few.  

The most-affordable email plan starts only at $15 per month. It increases up to $49 per month for the pro plan, $165 every month for the max plan, and $1199 per month for the enterprise plan setup. 

SignUp free for GetResponse

5. HubSpot:

hubspot landing page builder

HubSpot is available with best-ever features to let your customers convert into the business leads. It puts forward a diverse range of tools for digital marketers, business owners, and entrepreneurs. 

You get the functionality of personalizing your landing page content for the different website visitors. However you can checkout Jarvis ai tool to generate content for your landing pages.

As per the visitor’s source, location, availability, device, and others, you can showcase different contents. The users even get a capability to optimize the landing page with the advanced testing features, and analytic tools. 

The biggest advantage of HubSpot lies in the capability of tying it into their CRM and avail the advantages of a complete suite of tools. The effective marketing campaigns let the customers take interest in your business, and generate leads for great benefits.

Features and Specifications:

  • Includes the best A/B testing and mobile-responsive features.
  • The platform holds over eleven super-designed templates.
  • Hundreds of other templates are available from HubSpot Marketplace.
  • Easier landing page personalization option including the best CRM features. 
  • The capability of integrating with other powerful HubSpot’s functionality.
  • Easier video adding capabilities.
  • Best ever plugins, page design templates, and content creation tools. 

The platform costs you $50 per month to avail of the base plan. It charges $800 per month for the super-premium plans from the professional marketers and entrepreneurs

6. Landingi:

landingi discount

Landingi is specially built for the non-technical individuals helping you quickly set up the best landing page for your purpose. The individuals get an advantage of countless landing pages and unlimited domains. Moreover, you can even enjoy the benefit of unlimited leads to earning great revenues. 

You can create, publish, and optimize the page and execute the A/B tests as well. The platform has 200+ templates with the easiest drag and drops feature. The company personalizes the landing page as per the target audience for generating great leads.

The companies including PayPal, Collapse, and Sony Music uses the platform for strengthening their landing pages. This automatically relates to the authenticity of the software.   

Features and Specifications:

  • Availability of over 200 landing page templates.
  • Super-easy drag and drop functionality.
  • Compatible for embedment on your Facebook page for added business leads.
  • Sufficient plugins, and form creation tools.
  • Easiest integration with SalesForce, Mailchimp, and several other platforms. 

The software is not available with features including A/B testing and pop-ups with all the available plans. The different pricing includes $29 for Create, $49 for Automate, $109 for Agency, and $185 for the White Label plan. 

Start your Free Trial of Landingi 

7. Leadpages:

leadpages discount

This is one of the best available platforms for generating leads and converting customers to generate revenues. You can even integrate the functionalities with all your favorite tools including Facebook ads, Google Adwords, etc

The platform is available with powerful tools, and over 160 free and easy landing page templates. Even non-technical users can easily customize the page with any technical skills.

The software is available with advanced functionality like A/B testing, and in-built payment options. You can even create the pop-ups of capturing the leads from anywhere all over the website. 

Features and Specifications:

  • Best-in-class drag and drop functionality.
  • Page editing capabilities to make them mobile-responsive.
  • Easy integration with WordPress.
  • Over 156 templates for stunning designs.
  • Difficult to publish pages in the user’s own URL.
  • Facebook ad-builder internally integrated for easier handling.

There are three existing plans with the platform. You can avail of the base plan for $25 per month, pro-plan for $48 per month, and the feature-rich advance plan for $199 every single month. 

Start 14 days Free trial of LeadPages

8. ClickFunnels:

clickfunnels discount

The platform is available with an exceptionally out-of-the-box solution that all the similar software severely ignores. The software allows the entrepreneurs to sell any of the products online with available assistance. 

To go ahead with the software, you simply need to track your sales funnel, pick up the best design, and immediately upload the stuff. You can go ahead in modifying the landing page the best-in-class drag and drop tools. Now, you are ready to go with a boom to rock the business market. 

Clickfunnel best suits the entrepreneurs who are deciding to move forward with the online content, or online course selling businesses. Moreover, it even works for other businesses due to the best-ever tools compatibilities. 

Features and Specifications:

  • Exceptionally amazing platform for easy landing creation. The purpose of generating the leads, generating sales, and execution of the online event is successfully fulfilled with the platform. 
  • The functionality of taking your business live online.
  • Simplest ever templates with video adding, and code tracking functionalities. 
  • Capability to capture leads with forms in an easy way. 
  • Lesser customization option as compared to the other available tools. 

The software is available with the Starter and the Etison plans. The former is available with a $97 per month charge, and the later one with $297 every single month. 

9. Wishpond:

wishpond discount

Wishpond is available with two different options under the platform i.e. Do it yourself or Get it done for you. The company makes you available to a team of professional individuals with a later plan. The team members include copywriters, project managers, marketers, designers, and others. 

The platform turns-out even more than simply a landing page builder. The individuals can utilize the functionality of creating social media content, pop-ups, and execute several automation assignments with ease. 

You can consistently create unlimited and best mobile landing pages even with the base plan. Moreover, you can even keep on creating social contests and op-ups to meet your requirements.

However, to create the number of leads every single month, the company keeps you limited. The finally created easy landing pages are mobile-responsive, and allow you the integration of customized form fields. 

Features and Specifications:

  • Availability of over 100 landing pages under the environment.
  • Presence of versatile marketing tools including email marketing, pop-ups, and contests.
  • Easier integration with over 300 other services for better user engagement.
  • A/B testing functionality just with one-click activating the feature. 
  • Pricing depends upon the total number of leads generation.
  • Unlimited landing page availability as well as the social contest, and pop-ups. Even the base plan ensures proud availability.
  • Good content editor with sufficient customization options.   

The software comes with $49 per month for the starter plan, $99 per month for the next higher level plan, and $199 every single month for the topmost plan with premium features. You can consider this as the cheapest landing page builder in the market.

You can watch the below video if you are still confused about the selection of drag and drop landing page builders.


To sum up, it is exceptionally important to create a landing page with lead generation and high conversion capabilities. All the above-listed best landing pages will make you feel strong enough to create an easy landing page with revenue-generating capabilities. 

There exist several common features among all the mentioned platforms. This includes the drag and drops capabilities to design the page easily without any technical expertise. 

However, there exist several unique features also, making you feel empowered to design the platform with feature-rich capabilities.

Do let me know which landing page builder you guys are using for your marketing need and it would be appreciable if you can let me know which feature you love the most of your landing page builders.

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