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Become Successful Blogger

Become Successful Blogger in 2018 (Infographics)

Become Successful Blogger in 2018 just by Following our Tips on Your Blog. If You Become Successful Blogger then You Will Make More Money. So Follow our Strategy Now.

I am unhappy to say that 75% of Blog does not even get 5,000 monthly visits because of many reason and factor. I don’t want you to be Involved in it.

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Successful Blogger means Successful Blog, so let me tell you “How to Make your Blog Successful”.

16 Tips to Become Successful Blogger (Infographics)

Here are 16 tips to start a successful blog, just read all thoroughly.

Become Succesful Blogger

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Briefly Explanation of Each Point

1. Blog at Least Twice a Week

It is advice for you to blog at least twice a week which will be great if you are a part-timer, but if you are full-time you can blog at least 1 per day.

2. Articles Must be of 2,000+ Word

A research was done by Brian Dean to found that articles more than 1890 words tend to rank higher in google. So,  write a long form of content. I recommend writing more than 2,000+ Word Article.

Become Successful Blogger
Source – Backlinko.com

3. Paragraph Must Not Contain More than 4 Lines

Yes, you read it correctly, If I write 10 lines in a paragraph then will you consider reading? May be.. but there are more chances that 90% of people didn’t like more than 4 lines per paragraph.

4. Active on Social Accounts

Now, people spend more time on social media and to gain their attention you have to be active on all social accounts and produce at least 1 post daily.

5. Respond to Every Comment

What happens if you have commented on any blog or youtube channel and you didn’t get any reply? Chances are you may not going to visit that blog or channel again.

On the other hand, if anyone consistently replies all your the comments then chances are you will visit that blog again and again.

So, I recommend to reply every comment on your Blog and engage with users.

6. Follow the User Suggestion

If any user will give you suggestion then keep following it to maintain your blog because lots of big companies spend lots of money in user testing campaign and you are getting it for free.

Never neglect user suggestion, for example – if they suggest that your image quality is not good then make it good for them.

7. Make the User Easier to Contact

Your blog must contain a contact form so that user can get in touch with you whenever they want and again try to reply every user of your blog.

8. Learn Basic SEO

Learn basic SEO to make your blog more powerful so that search engine can give some value to you.

I will recommend these blog to learn SEO




Learn Some basic SEO and apply on your Blog

9. Collect Email for Newsletter

You can ask visitors to subscribe to your blog, you can also give an ebook when they subscribe to your blog. As we know the proverb “Money is in the List”.

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Send them Newsletter Periodically, you can also send them products. According to a survey 1 Email Subscriber worth is $45.

10. Use HD Quality Images

To maintain a quality of your Blog you can use HD quality images on your blog. You can get Royalty free HD images from pixabay.com and pexels.com

11. Write Quality Content Consistently

As we know “Hard Work Pays Off” if you write great 2,000+ word quality content consistently then you will get great traffic to your Blog which means more money.

12. Adnetwork must be Adsense

Adsense is the best ad network in the industry right now. Don’t use any other alternatives. I suggest to use either adsense or media.net but do not use any other because third-party ad network doesn’t pay high than Adsense and Media.net

13. Give Conclusion to the End of Articles

If you are writing a theory article or explainer articles then Conclusion must be at the end of the article. A conclusion is a part that every visitors read.

14. Make Audience Know You Better

Make sure your blog contains “About Us” page so your audience can know you better. This is very important in the marketing point of view, if they know you better then chances are they will trust you and if you have any products on your blog then many of people will going to buy it.

15. Have an About Us, Contact Us and a Privacy Policy Page

Maske sure to have a –

• About Us Page

• Contact Us Page

•  Privacy Policy Page

If you have these page then Advertiser may contact you properly and you will make handsome money.

These pages are also necessary to approve your adsense account, so go ahead and make it right now.

16. Be Friendly with your Audience

Last but not least, Be friendly with your Audience, engage with them, make lots of fun with them. If you become selfish then no one will like you.

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Do You Have More Points? Let me Know in Comment Below!

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