15+ Tips for Becoming A Successful Blogger in 2024

15+ Tips for Becoming A Successful Blogger in 2024

How to become a successful blogger in 2024 just by following our tips on your Blog. You can become a successful blogger just by replicating successful bloggers and you should know the exact path to follow for your blogging success.

I am unhappy to say that 75% of Blogs does not even get 5,000 monthly visits because of many reasons and factors. I don’t want you to be involved in it. Successful Blogger means Successful Blog, so let me tell you “How to Make your Blog Successful”.

16 Tips to Become Successful Blogger (Infographics)

Here are 16 tips to become a successful blogger, just read all thoroughly.

how to become a successful blogger
Tips for success in Blogging

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Become Successful Blogger

Want to Become Successful Blogger Read All the Points!!

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Briefly Explanation of Each Point

1. Blog at Least Twice a Week

It is advisable for you to blog at least twice a week which will be great if you are a part-timer blogger, however, if you are a full-time blogger then you can blog at least 1 blog article per day. Bogging daily will improve your writing skills as well as improve the domain authority of your blog. You can use Grammarly one of the best tools for writers to check grammar and punctuation of their article. If you do have existing articles on your blog then you can use it for proofreading your articles.

Check out posts about the best proofreading tools you can use.

2. Articles Must be of 2,000+ Words

A research was done by Brian Dean to found that articles more than 1890 words tend to rank higher in search engines. So,  write a long-form of content.

I recommend writing more than 2,000+ Word Article. You can see my latest articles I have written more than 3000+ words of articles even 5000+ words of an article.

You might be wondering what the reason behind writing long articles is? So let me tell you long in-depth articles ranking better in search engines and get better crawling by the search engine spiders.

Your article also get opportunities to rank on multiple keywords you can see in the below image that this article is ranking on several different keywords

article ranking on multiple keywords

You must optimize your articles for search engines this will open new opportunities for you to become a successful blogger. You can use SEMrush (14 days Free Trial) for optimizing your articles and open roads for success.

If you want to enhance your skills and become a better version of you then you should invest in self learnings you can check out programs by Linkedin Learning this will accelerate your learning curve.

Become Successful Blogger
Source – Backlinko.com

3. Paragraph Must Not Contain More than 4 Lines

Yes, you read it correctly, If I write 10 lines in a paragraph then will you consider reading? May be or maybe not however there are more chances that 90% of people didn’t like more than 4 lines per paragraph.

You should practice writing short paragraphs with to the point information. It is advisable to write long articles however crisp articles. You should get whatever he/she was searching for.

If you want to become successful in blogging then you should be know how to play with words and grammar you can use Grammarly chrome extension for writing error-free articles.

4. Active on Social Accounts

Now, people spend more time on social media, and to gain their attention you have to be active on all social accounts and produce at least 1 post daily however in my case I am posting more than 20+ pieces of content on my social media channels.

You should understand that the trend for social media channels will be changing as per the human content consumptions. Nowadays Tik Tok is booming the industry and has super organic reach, it was the same as Instagram and Facebook.

You can promote your content on every possible social media platform available on the internet. Youtube is the another best platform you should promote your text-based content and get huge conversions. Writing blogs and making videos on the same topics and placing links in your video description will help you get more eyeballs and intent-based users which will help you to get more potential buyers and customers.

If you have a youtube channel and not getting subscribers then you must check out this post.

Also, check the cheat sheet to get your Videos ranked on Youtube for Free.

You can use Social Pilot to schedule your social media. Get 14 days Free trial.

5. Respond to Every Comment

What happens if you have commented on any blog or youtube channel and you didn’t get any reply? Chances are you may not going to visit that blog or channel again.

On the other hand, if anyone consistently replies to all your comments then chances are you will visit that blog again and again. whenever you are replying to any of your comments with their name the won’t forget you until 5-6 years that you have replied to his or her comment.

Make your users feel delighted to let them know that you are reading their comments, In this way you are building a healthy connection with your readers.

I know that it will become tough when you become so popular and successful blogger or Youtuber although try to respond as many as possible or you can hire a moderator for doing this job.

So, I recommend to reply to every comment on your blog and engage with users.

6. Follow the User Suggestion

If any user is giving you suggestions or feedback then keep following it to maintain your blog because lots of big companies spend lots of money on user testing campaigns and you are getting it for free.

If you know what your user wants, then you can deliver them what they want and maximize your conversions and sales. You might have heard about data companies they are spending lots of money on knowing their customer behavior and nature that’s why every feedback counts in the betterment of your blog and organization.

Never neglect user suggestions, for example – if they suggest that your image quality is not good then make it good for them.

7. Easy Navigation

how to become successful blogger

Easy navigation I mean to say that make your blog so easy to navigate for users to find what they want for example your blog must contain a contact Us form so that the user can get in touch with you whenever they want.

If they are navigating in categories they shall find available categories on your blog, if you are finding it tough to customize your website’s design then you can hire someone from Fiverr I hire people based on my requirements whenever needed.

8. Learn Basic of SEO & Blogging

Learn basic SEO & blogging to make your blog more powerful so that search engines can give some value to you.

I will recommend these blogs to learn SEO and Digital Marketing.

Learn Some basic SEO and apply to your Blog. You can follow blogs Like SearchEngineLand and SERoundtable for the latest news in SEO worlds. You must follow official Google’s Webmaster Central Blog for the official announcement from Google Webmaster corner.

9. Collect Emails On your blog for sending Newsletters

email autoresponder

If you are not collecting emails of your visitors and not converting them into your blog subscribers then you are losing a big chunk of money on the table. You can use Thrive leads to collect emails and Aweber (30 days Free) as your email autoresponder for scheduling automatic emails when someone subscribes to your blog.

By doing this you are building a hot audience for you to promote your latest blog posts and offers.

10. Use HD Quality Images

To maintain the quality of your Blog you can use HD quality images on your blog. You can get Royalty free HD images from pixabay.com and pexels.com.

Images should be optimized for the better loading speed of your blog, you can use short pixel for image compression & WpRocket to load your site fast. I am using the paid versions of both that works awesome.

11. Write Quality Content Consistently

As we know “Hard Work Pays Off” if you write great 2,000+ word quality content consistently then you will get great traffic to your Blog which means more money.

If you are wondering how to drive more traffic from search engines then you should focus on building your blog’s authority by writing and updating your articles daily and building link building profile of your blog. If you write mesmerized content on a regular basis then you can attract good link opportunities for your blog.

Building quality links to your article are the most important process of promotion you can use the LinksManagement tool (Get 50$ bonus) for fastening this effort.

And if you find writing articles hard for you then you can hire the best content writers from AffloSpark.

If you want to write quality articles using AI then you should checkout jasper.ai to write more quality content in less time.

12. Monetization Should be Must

Thinking of to monetize your traffic with ads? then Adsense is the best ad network in the industry right now. You can use Adsense, Media.net to monetize with display ads on your site however if you want to monetize with CPA marketing then Maxbounty.

If you are going to start affiliate marketing then try to get approvals from different affiliate networks like Shareasale, Jvzoo, Admitad, clickbank, Berush, Impact etc.

13. Give a Conclusion to the End of Articles

If you are writing a theory article or explainer articles then the Conclusion must be at the end of the article. A conclusion is a part that every visitor reads.

Write important points in bullets so that visitors can get quick shots of what they are looking for.

14. Make Audience Know You Better

Make sure your blog contains the “About Us” page so your audience can know you better. This is very important in the marketing point of view if they know you better then chances are they will trust you and if you have any products on your blog then many people will going to buy it.

The connection is everything in content marketing. You are interacting with them via your content, personalization will work better in digital marketing.

15. Have an About Us, Contact Us and a Privacy Policy Page

Make sure to have a:

• About Us Page

• Contact Us Page

•  Privacy Policy Page

If you have these page then Advertiser may contact you properly and you will make handsome money.

These pages are also necessary to approve your Adsense account if you want to monetize your traffic with Ads, so go ahead and make it right now.

16. Be Friendly with your Audience

Last but not least, Be friendly with your audience, engage with them, make lots of fun with them. If you become selfish then no one will like you and you will lose your readership and influence. Work smart on your blog. You should have your blog ready which will open new opportunities for learning and earnings.

If you don’t have a blog and you want to start your blogging journey then don’t waste your time do it today check out this post to start your blog on your own and become a successful blogger.


How do bloggers get rich?

Yes if you google top bloggers you will find some successful bloggers those are making in 6 figures every month.
They get rich by working consistently and improving their skills. They earn money by making affiliate sales, ad revenue, sponsored posts and brand tie-ups.

Can I earn money through Blogger?

Yes definitely if you are working seriously and have basic knowledge of SEO then yes you can make money on blogger or WordPress whatever platform you are using to create content.

Who is the highest paid blogger?

According to my research HuffPost makes $500 million per year through its blog.

If you are looking for the best deals for bloggers then you can visit our deals for bloggers Page.

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