Top 10 Website To Make Money Online By Doing Micro Jobs in 2021

Top 10 Website To Make Money Online By Doing Micro Jobs in 2021

If you are searching for some online part-time best side jobs? then in this article, we have concluded some easy online micro jobs those you can work from your home or any part of the world. You know because of the internet now it is possible to earn money online with your regular job. The majority of people are working online and making in 6 figures every single month. Before proceeding further let me quickly tell you what are side micro jobs?

What are micro jobs?

Online micro jobs are the jobs that provide small tasks to perform and you will get paid some amount after completing your job. Now many people around the world are working online to sustain their living. Here I am going to tell you some best micro jobs from which you can minimum $100 to $500 and more than that in 1 or 2 months after getting started if you do it seriously.

Online micro jobs are excellent for people to earn some extra money and a great source of side income. When I started my online journey I was making money by writing content for other top bloggers and doing some freelance work on top freelancing platforms like Fiverr and Truelancer.

I must say Especially teenagers who are looking to earn some pocket money freelancing is the best way to earn some cash, it helps students to be independent and become more responsible for their life.


Online jobs are an excellent source of income for people who want to work from home or want to be self-employed. Nowadays people prefer to work online as they get the flexibility to work from anywhere they want. One can choose activities and tasks according to their need, interest, and skills. They can charge whatever they want to charge as per hour or as per tasks.

You can earn your living by doing these jobs on your own terms.

Let’s discuss some of the best platforms to work part-time with your full-time job.



Fiverr is an online marketplace for freelancers. It’s one of the most trusted freelance websites. Here you can provide your services in exchange for money. Name any online work, and you will find people offering their services for just $5. Here on this platform, you can start selling your services from basic $5 to $1000 and more in Fiverr Pro.

Fiverr is free to join, you can signup for free and get yourself registered, and start earning money as soon as you get your first order. Fiverr charge $1 per GIG you sell as commission.

You will find gigs related to Social media, SEO, Copywriting, Graphic designing, and many other small jobs. Fiverr can be the best micro job online for jobseekers to earn side income.



This is one of the most significant SEO market places on this planet, another micro job place where you can provide and sell your services for any price. SEO CLERKS takes 20% of every gig you sell as their commission. 

Here you can find some small jobs related to SEO which include link building, logo designing, proofreading of articles, blog commenting, and many more.



Truelancer is an Indian platform, and it is a 100% authentic and trusted site that provides legit micro-jobs. Here you can hire people as well as can work as a freelancer. 

Here customers can find services from professionals like Developer, Designer, Virtual Assistant, App Developer, and many more other services from professionals.



Guru is a great platform to find part-time jobs. It is best for people who are good at coding and scripting. If you are a programmer, then this site is best for you. You can provide services like Web Designing, Graphic Designing, Script Designing, and some small jobs like writing and translating, and more.



It is one of the largest micro job site that provides millions of small jobs annually. This site has more than 9 million registered users, with more than 4 million clients who post more than 3 million small jobs every year. They approve only authentic users and sellers on their platform to maintain the quality of work.

Here you can provide services like Sales and Marketing, Customer Service, Admin support, Accounting & Consulting, Animation Motion Graphics, Voice-Over, and many other small jobs.



Crowdsource is another legit micro job site that provides small jobs like Writing, Proofreading, Article Writing, Image Moderation, Video Moderation, and many more. This website is not as popular as any other site on the list.

If you have skills in writing, then this can be the best platform for you to start making money online.

7. Simply HIRED (SimplyHired) 

Simply HIRED

It is one of the best employment sites and a big platform where companies list big tasks. Here you can earn a considerable amount of money for completing the functions provided by the companies. It’s one of the best sites for making handsome money every month by doing some tasks you love doing.

Here are some of the services you can provide Associate Commerce Editor, Writer/Editor, Marketing & Communication, and many other small jobs. Getting the first order will be difficult but not difficult. You can get your first order by sharing your profile with your community and ask your friends to share and order through this platform if they have any requirements.



This is one of the oldest freelancing sites that provide money-making opportunities to skilled people. And the place that started an online platform to help the freelancer to provide their services online. 

Right now, it has more than 42,126,043 employers and freelancers globally from over 247 countries. Here you can find many small micro jobs according to your skills and comfort.

9. PEOPLE PER HOUR (PeoplePerHour)


This is an excellent marketplace where you get paid hourly, here you can offer your service on an hourly basis. For eg., you can charge $10/hour for writing an Article from your clients. People on this platform earning like 5 to 6 figures every single month. If you google you can get some names with their case studies.

Services you can offer Web/Graphic Designer, Marketing Manager, Link Posting, Social Media Manager, Project Manager, and many more. If you have skills and you know you can deliver the best to your client then you should definitely try this platform to earn money online.

10. DESIGN CROWD (DesignCrowd)

It is an online crowdsourcing platform founded in 2008, and it’s one of the best micro job site that provides a fantastic platform for all different kinds of designers. This site also includes copyright ownership for every design you make.

Here are some services you can offer here on DesignCrowd Logo Design, T-shirt Design, App Design, Web PSD Design, Flyer Design, and there are many other small jobs available on this site.

11. YSense

If you are not ready to work as a freelancer then you can earn money on Ysense formerly known as Clixsense. Where you can perform some tasks and fill survey offers in return for some money. If you take this platform seriously then you can generate lifetime recurring commissions from this platform. You can earn money by referring this platform to your audience or friends.

Perform some tasks and earn free cash on ySense.

join ySense and start making money online.

12. EarnKaro

Earnkaro is an Indian platform where you can earn money through affiliate marketing by promoting products from this platform to your audience. This platform is boon for those who did not have amazon affiliate approval and not able to sell products from Amazon.

This website provides you a tool to make your links as an affiliate link from Amazon and other partner websites. You just have to promote your generated links and if you were able to drive some sales then you make a commission on every sale you get from your affiliate link.

Signup for EarnKaro

Let’s discuss some FAQs related to part-time jobs

Can I earn money sitting at home?

Yes, you can earn money while sitting at your home, learn some skills like blogging, SEO, PPC ads, programming, app development. etc
Skills can help you grow fast online to help you to earn your living online.

Are micro jobs worth it?

Yes, micro jobs are worth it and are for those who have some extra time to invest like students, part-time workers, shopkeepers, seasonal workers can work micro jobs to earn some chunks of money. It will help them to pay their tuition fee and pocket money.


There are many other micro job sites available on the internet where you can find small jobs and tasks to perform and earn money online. And if you seriously want to earn money online by doing some small part-time jobs then you have to work seriously on these platforms.

Also, note that earning money on the internet is not that easy how it looks like you have pour your efforts and time in order to make your journey successful. Learn as much as you can, acquire some skills, and then start selling your skills. People register on these freelancing platforms and not able to get even single sales that is because they are not serious about their work and profession.

Just Learn and apply if you want to generate some good revenue from these online jobs.

Do share your questions and thoughts in the comment section and share this post with your friends who is looking for some online work from home jobs.

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