Use this free WordPress plugin from Truepush to engage your site visitors in 2024

Use this free WordPress plugin from Truepush to engage your site visitors in 2024

WordPress, currently, provides 58,000+ plugins in the repository. The purpose of these plugins could vary from engaging users, retaining them, increasing your ROI, and more. i am going to do kind of Truepush review so that you can take your decision to choose best push notification wordpress plugin for your website.

When we talk about user engagement, there are hardly any free tools or plugins available in the market. As a marketer today, you’d need to spend an average of $1200 a month in user engagement.

From a brand’s standpoint, engagement is important to build customer loyalty and increasing the lifetime value of users.

Here is one such plugin from Truepush that you can use to work on your user engagement and increase your conversions significantly. 

Truepush WordPress Plugin allows you to send push notifications straight to your user’s devices for free. Be it a blog, a media website, an e-commerce platform, or any other niche, you can use this push notification plugin and send important announcements and updates. 

Before we begin, you can download the plugin on WordPress here and follow this integration process. Now, let’s move ahead to why this plugin is required. 

Why should you use the Truepush WordPress plugin? 

  • Engaging your segmented readers

Your website visitors are from different demographics. It’s important to engage them with the relevant content and updates. At least 68% of customers expect brands to engage them using personalized communication.

Using this plugin, you can send push notifications to specific segments of your subscriber base.  

For example, if you want to send a new ethnic collection to the woman audience on your site. You can create segments using the Segmentation feature from Truepush and send this campaign to all women. 

Similarly, you can create more predefined segments like country, state, last visited date, and more. Or, else you can create custom segments using tags provided.

Segment feature from Truepush dashboard 

Reduce your acquisition costs

It’s five times more expensive to acquire a new customer. Businesses have now turned more customer-centric to reap profits and establishing the identity. Using this free plugin there are no costs involved in engaging your users.

You can send unlimited campaigns to unlimited subscribers. 

Increase smart interactions using Triggers 

Triggers are interactive push notifications that are sent based on certain actions. 

For example, you can send a push alert after x minutes of users staying on the site.  

Triggers create a sense of urgency for users to take some action. These notifications are created with the intent to drive sales, increase site traffic, downloads, sign-ups, etc. 

Building good user experience using Welcome Opt-in 

The first step to make the onboarding experience better is to send the welcome notification to your users.

Using Truepush, you can send a welcome notification to your users the moment they allow to receive notifications on their devices.

An example of welcome notification. 

This will allow your users to get connected with your brand. 

Automating push with one toggle button

Truepush plugin gives you an option to turn on or off the automated push notifications as shown by the arrow below: 

For example, if you have a new post going out in WordPress, you can make it live the moment it gets published and avoid creating a notification yourself.

Automating your push will save time and effort to build a new one and makes it an engaging process altogether.    

Track metrics that matter

Tracking metrics and understanding data is a crucial part of any marketing efforts. Truepush provides you analytics to track your notification campaign metrics like the number of subscribers reached, the number of clicks on the campaign i.e., Click-through rates, number of subscribers who viewed the campaign, and more. 


User engagement is crucial for all the business that exists today. However, it could turn out to be expensive or useless if the tools are not used effectively. 

Truepush WordPress plugin will allow you to engage your site visitors with better analytic and features that will remain free- forever.

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