5 best free cRM for small business in 2024 [FREE & PAID]

5 best free cRM for small business in 2024 [FREE & PAID]

After testing more than 15+ crm softwares I finally come with 5 best free CRM softwares for small businesses and enterprises that you should use to manage your Customer relationship management and Deals.

In order to run your business successfully, you should use CRM tools to manage your Leeds and customers and to develop a healthy relationship with your clients and customers.

As I said, I already tested more than 15+ CRM tools and came up with the best five that you should use for your business on daily basis.

Before jumping into the Post, let’s discuss some commonly asked questions that why we should use CRM tool for our business?

What is CRM?

A CRM is a customer relationship management tool that every business uses to maintain the healthy operations with leads and customers to generate more sales and revenue.

You can have a track of your clients & deals for smooth operation of your business.


Going to list some free best CRM for small business and enterprises that you guys can use and perform multiple tasks using that CRM software.

1. Privyr

Privyr crm

Frankly speaking, I am in love with this tool i.e. Privyr. This CRM tool made my work really easy as I can use this tool on my iPhone as well to directly communicate with my leads by just clicking on the contact buttons & send emails as well.

You can directly integrate this tool with your Facebook ad manager or Google ad manager and directly import leads from your lead generation forms.

This tool also has a feature of timeline through which you can easily have a communication with you lead and maintain record for better understanding of your leads and convergence.

This is my must have tool for managing leads for my business.

2. Pipedrive

Pipedrive crm

Pipedrive is one of the best CRM tool that I am currently using for my business. it is very easy to use and manage leads on the go.

i love Deals feature in this tool i can easily manage all my deals and leads on one place. You can see in the below screenshot of Pipedrive CRM.

Pipedrive best crm tool

Love the reminder & deals management feature, you can integrate this crm with your calendar for call bookings, meeting & even generate invoices for the deals you win.

Automations are super easy to create and automate your tasks using this tool. You can also create automations using webhook using Make Automation.

3. Refrens

Refrens crm

This is my another recommended CRM tool that you can use to manage your leads. This tool has many features like you can easily create invoice and sales pipeline using this tool and best part. I like about this tool is they provide a network of businesses through which you can easily generate more business and clients for your services or product.

They provide premium plan in which you can test their functionalities and features. If you really like the tool & find it useful, then you can opt for their premium features and subscriptions.

This tool has been developed in India and backed by many funding rounds and funded by many known celebrities in startup world.

4. Zoho Plus CRM

zoho crm

This is another one of the best free CRM tool that you can use again developed in India. However, it becomes quite expensive If you add more team and people can your crm.

This CRM software has tons of features for any business like deals tracking, sales pipeline, team management, salesiq, etc.

Using this tool, you can do so many things. However, this tool find some confusing with lots of features that which feature can be useful for your business which is not.

Definitely this tool is not for a business start of a company because they provide so many features and combinations that is not good for a new user. That’s why I won’t recommend this tool for beginners and new start-ups.

5. HubSpot

Hubspot crm

This is quite popular crm tool in the industry however its quite expensive if you want advance features and add more team members with hubspot crm.

You can also use this CRM for free with limited features and functionalities. You can easily track sales and activities of your teams on the one single page. You can also get enterprise crm features in hubspot CRM Software.


These were some of the best crm tools for small & medium scale businesses however my pick would be Privyr & Pipedrive as i am using it for more than 2 months now and really satisfied with the features and functionalities.

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Also list some best free crm for small business that you know and have used earlier for your business.

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