5 Twitter Advertising Best Practices for More ROI, Traffic & Conversions

5 Twitter Advertising Best Practices for More ROI, Traffic & Conversions

Do you want to learn twitter advertising best practices? don’t worry I will be sharing every possible Ad Targeting Practices which you should learn to target twitter ads for your business or your client’s businesses.

Now it’s time to dive into the article which I crafted for you.

Social advertising plays a crucial role in getting your brand’s message to your target customers. If you would like to supercharge your growth and sales, you might want to think about focusing your efforts on Twitter ads. Yes, Twitter is losing its customer base, however here are the facts we believe why.

Let’s discuss twitter advertising best practices for you guys.

Twitter has its free platform for data analytics based on the audience’s footfalls. If you are using twitter for your business that means you are exploring every possible platform to create your brand value and catch many eyeballs.

twitter advertising best practices

In this case, the audience age between 25-34 is high users around 28%, then 35-44 years old with 26%, 3rd places age between 18-24 with 17% and 55-64 ages people are on the 4th highest which speaks English and is based in the UK, US, and India.

So you can imagine how big is the social media market and you can encash them very easily by spending some chunks of money.

percentage of twitter users

The Numbers that will attract you

77% of top organizations and 70% of small businesses have their presence on Twitter. 79% of Twitter users recommend the brand they follow on Twitter. If your customer is following you on Twitter, they are more likely to recommend you. And for the incredible number of all – a whopping 67% of Twitter users are likely to buy from the brands they follow.

The data is crystal clear. There is a direct relationship between your Twitter presence and your sales figures. Isn’t this enough to get active on Twitter?

Using twitter for business enables your brand to get noticed by the people who follow you, like, comment & Retweet your tweets.

  • let me tell you with one example:

For the past 21 years, Coca Cola has been delighting its customers with a #HolidaysAreComing campaign featuring a festive coke truck. A few years ago their UK branch ran a campaign to help its Twitter followers keep up with the TV ad campaign. 

Coca-cola created GIFs and promoted through Twitter ads. And this year, they have gone a step ahead and created custom emoji that appears whenever anyone tweets their #HolidaysAreComing hashtag. This was another great example you guys should follow in order to connect with your audience emotionally.

coca cola twitter tweet ad

Want to create high performing Twitter ads?

Follow these Twitter advertising best practices outlined below. We discuss Twitter advertising targeting and Twitter keyword targeting. Read till the end, where we discuss a simple and easy Twitter marketing strategy that offers the highest ROI – flexible audience targeting.

1. Strategy for targeting followers with Twitter Ads

The advantage of Twitter lies in the fact that every day, millions of people log in to Twitter to discover what’s happening, which makes it a platform to connect with your customers as well as the media. It is also easier to grow your network on Twitter organically than Facebook due to the way EdgeRank works. 

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Instead of putting all your eggs into one basket, it is better to find different ways to advertise using A/B testing.

On Twitter, ads appear only in the timeline, which makes it easier to spot, which means your targeted Twitter followers won’t miss it.

  1. Focus on real-time trends
  2. Develop a meaningful relationship with your audience.
  3. Create a Twitter ads campaign targeting followers of handles and usernames.

This will allow you to pick up and nurture a targeted audience beyond your followers, You can convert them as your email subscribers as well and send them automatic emails using email marketing software like GetResponse and upsell them with your other products.

Social Media Advertising can help your growth 10X fast. You just have to tweak the best strategy for your advertising on Twitter or any other platform.

2. Create well-optimized  Twitter Ad Campaigns

The Twitter campaigns are straightforward to set up. It gives a direct screen that allows you to keep track of where you are at each step of the way.

  1. Log in to ads.Twitter.com.
  2. Choose the objective of your campaign based on your goal.
  3. Give it a name.
  4. Schedule your launch and end dates
  5. Select your conversion tag.
  6. Select your audience.
  7. Follower targeting is under the new audience below “add keywords.”
  8. Choose the name of your competitor to create a custom segment that is relevant to your business.

Twitter also provides you a list of recommended usernames and handles for you to consider. Set your budget for the campaign, and you are good to go.

Now we come to the most critical part – choosing the creative that you want to use. When you are creating tweets, make sure to add value to the usernames that you target, to avoid looks spammy. Make sure that your ad is pleasing and eye-catchy.

  • How to create targeted Twitter Ads?
How to create target Twitter Ads

Targeting your Twitter ads is very important. However, it is complicated. You can create a target Twitter audience based on these targeting options:

  1. Twitter behavior targeting
  2. Age targeting
  3. Interest targeting
  4. Twitter location targeting
  5. Twitter keyword targeting.

Twitter behavior targeting lets you choose the behavior characteristics that include buying behavior, influencing behavior to cooking. Twitter interest targeting lets you focus on people who are interested in aspects like sports, job search, etc. Twitter geo-targeting enables you to choose users based on their location.

Their keyword targeting lets you segment your audience based on the keywords that they search. The keyword targeting works like Google’s keyword planner. There is even an age targeting feature that allows you to specify the age of the users you aim to target – All Ages or based on Age Range.

3. Twitter tailored audiences

Twitter tailored audience replaces Google’s remarketing, which allows you to target the people who have visited your website, or have interacted with your app or email marketing campaigns.

You can use the GetResponse Email Marketing tool for remarketing your users.

Do you want to target the people who visit your website?

Then you need to follow these steps: Install the Twitter tracking pixel on our website. Don’t forget to exclude people who have already subscribed or bought from you in the campaign that you run for the discount sales or offer period.

Flexible audiences let you pinpoint who you want to reach, giving more control over how your message is delivered.

For example, you can communicate with your existing customers by downloading a list of their email addresses. It’s a wonderful opportunity to reach them with a new campaign and get them to buy again. You can also compile lists of Twitter user names to identify and target influential or active members around a particular topic.

Twitter tailored audiences
  • Where your ads will be displayed?

Twitter ads are displayed only in the timeline. But you can also choose to show the ads through Twitter audience platform which allows Twitter ads to be displayed on third-party sites and apps, except Hootsuite and Sprout Social.

4. Always Experiment With Your Feeds

You already know that you have to test multiple things in order to get more ROI from your twitter ads, don’t just promote single tweet again and again it will annoy your user.

According to best social media ads practices, your ad should not be shown more than 3 times to a particular user, you have to play with different tweets and ad copies so that users can show their interest and clicks on your ad.

5. Spy On Your Competitor Ads

If your niche is super competitive then you have to spy on your competitor’s ad. This will help you to be in the top lists and gain more market share. You can use one tool known as PowerAdSpy to spy on your competitor’s ad on every possible social media platform.

Some of the twitter advertising examples for good results.


Image Credit: WordStream

SHAQ twitter ad example

Image Credit: SHAQ

Twitter advertising examples

Image Credit: Intuit QuickBooks


Targeting isn’t always perfect. You would end up with a small group of people who would want nothing to do with you. But use the right targeting and creative strategy to get your audience to your website from where you can push them down the funnel through other channels like email and get them to convert.

I hope this twitter advertising guide helped you somewhat in achieving the goal of your ad, now is the time to let other’s know about the same a share would be much appreciated. You can comment down below your queries about Twitter Ads and strategies.

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