PayPal Referral Program: Earn up to $100 by Referring other users to PayPal

PayPal Referral Program: Earn up to $100 by Referring other users to PayPal

Paypal undoubtedly the major player of online payments has recently announced that they are restarting their referral program and now users can earn up to $100 by inviting other users to Paypal.

If you don’t know about Paypal, then Paypal is a winner platform for sending and receiving money internationally. Anyone can send or receive international payments very easily.

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Small businesses to large businesses use Paypal daily for monetary transactions. This is the best opportunity for everyone to earn money with Paypal Affiliate Program.

PayPal referral program: Earn $10 for every referred user

Earlier, when Paypal was started, they offered $20 for opening a new Paypal account and $20 on successful referral, this strategy played a very affluent role in the popularity of this online payment giant.
Now they have relaunched their referral program because of many other new PayPal alternative companies are evolving and sharing the market space. This will be interesting for bloggers, and people who promote Paypal on their blogs or online platforms can now use their referral link instead of a normal link.

paypal referral program

You can earn $10 for every user you refer to Paypal.

You should keep in mind that you will be rewarded referral commission of $10 when user referred by you will open a U.S. PayPal account and completes a successful payment of at least $100 within the 14 days of signup.

Your referred used will also get $10 after “eligible transaction” of $100 within the 14 days of signup through your referral link. It’s a win-win situation for both of you with limitations.

How To Get Your PayPal Referral Link:

Anyone who has Paypal account in Good standing can sign in to their Paypal account and generate their referral link.

Steps for getting referral link:

  • Sign in to Your Paypal Account, as they have launched this recently so you will get a pop up asking to generate your referral link, you can see in the below image.
steps of generating paypal referral link
How to generate paypal referral link
  • Once you click on the refer now button a pop up will generate asking to fill your details that contain your first name, your registered email id, your mobile number. Fill those details and click on Get your referral link.
paypal referral link

Now you can copy this link and share with your audience; you can share your referral link via Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, Facebook, Twitter or even on whatsapp directly from Paypal.

One best thing I want to show you that after copying your link when you click on submit you will be redirected to auto-generated email message check below image.

paypal referral message email

Points you should remember about PayPal affiliate program:

  • You can earn maximum upto $100
  • Your referee user must use your referral link to sign up and receive international payments least $100 within 45 days of signup.
  • You can read the terms and conditions here.

Wherever you are promoting your referral links, you have to mention that you will receive a commission from Paypal if they signup from your link. Failure to this will violate terms and conditions of the Paypal referral program, and Paypal has all rights to ban your account and hold your commissions.

You should provide disclosure for the smooth functioning of your referral payments. This is the best opportunity for U.S. PayPal users to earn some good commissions with Paypal referral program.

One more thing if you are using affiliate links in your blog article then you should make them no follow. On WordPress you can use pretty links or thirsty affiliate WordPress plugins to make them no follow and manage your affiliate links easily.

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Affiliate disclosure: some links on this page contains affiliate links, we will earn some commissions if you use these links to signup.

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