Easiest Ways to Earn Money During Pandemic 2020

Easiest Ways to Earn Money During Pandemic 2020

The coronavirus pandemic is a tough time for everyone. Plenty of companies decided to lay off their employees from the economic impact that this situation brings. As such, it became tough for both fresh graduates and experienced workers to find a job. 

Earn Extra Money During The 2020 Pandemic

To overcome this situation, widening your perspective is very helpful. Understand that there are various ways to earn money aside from mundane office work. In this article, I will list and explain the easy ways to do that from the comfort of your home. 

Sell gigs on Fiverr


Fiverr is a great way to start small. This site allows its users to sell various talents and services at their own set price, and these services usually include logo designing, making jingles, or making flyers and banners.  

To use Fiverr, users must sign up for an account and set up what gigs you offer. These gigs can be anything according to what specialties that the users can offer. Then, they choose a price for their talents and let people find their service.

The income that Fiverr can give ranges from $5 per hour minimum. However, the possibilities are endless, and users can earn much more, based on the gigs chosen and the quality of their skills. 

Take up freelance opportunities

If you’re looking for a similar site that allows you to earn more, I recommend freelance job sites like Freelancer and Upwork. Here, you can contribute to more serious tasks like administrative jobs, company data entry, or even translation jobs. 

However, these freelance job sites work slightly differently compared to Fiverr. After signing up for a free account and list specialties, users are more encouraged to apply to projects. Mostly, employers on the site choose freelancers from the applicant list, rather than offering to individuals.

As it requires more in-depth knowledge and experience, you can earn from a minimum of $10 per hour. The amount can increase depending on the kind of project that you do. 

Make money blogging

If you’re deeply passionate about a particular topic, you probably shouldn’t let it go to waste. Start making money by sharing knowledge or experiences with the people that share the same interest.

To begin, choose a web hosting provider that guarantees uptime, offers a reasonable price, and resources that meet your needs. Uptime is crucial for monetized blogs because they make money from having good traffic. A prime example of this is Hostinger services, which will grant you plenty of resources, let you easily scale, provide a free domain, and an SSL. 

After that, build the blog and monetize it. AdSense is an easy way, to begin with, install it on the site so that third-parties can place advertisements. However, this method is very reliant on on-site traffic, and bloggers might make little to none initially. 


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Try affiliate marketing, where bloggers can write about what they are interested in and find sponsors that sell products relevant to their niche. That way, they can be informative to the readers and make money as they help sponsors sell products. 

You can also create a membership site. Simply put, certain contents on the site are gated and only accessible to people who pay for their subscription. 

Monetizing a blog through these methods can make $200 to $800 per month. However, with persistence and effort, your blog may reach a bigger audience and earn more. 

Sell your unused items

Have some old items lying around? Sell them to people who would make more use of it. 

For starters, try eBay. This site allows its users to sell used items from several different categories. They charge a closing fee and a referral fee for each item sold, which might amount from  8% to 20% of the total sale. 

Alternatively, auction your old items off. Auctioning sells your items to the highest bidder, it maximizes gain from the sales and might even earn you profit. Here, eBay will take 10% of your earnings.

The amount you can make from this depends on the amount and quality of items you can sell. Selling items from decluttering your garage or used apparel will earn you a few hundred dollars in total. Do search for unused vintage or collector items lying around in the house, as those items can make up to $1500 per sale, even higher. 

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Join Patreon to fund your creative work

Patreon is a membership site that aims to support creative workers around the world. Its users create accounts to post their art, while consumers of the work become ‘patrons.’ These patrons are the members or supporters who pay these artists per month or post. 

This site has no limitations to the kinds of art that users can post. Creators can post drawings or paintings, which is the category with the most growth on Patreon. They can also be a YouTube creator, a podcaster, a creative writer, and many other options. 

What’s great about earning from Patreon, is that its memberships are tiered. The more the patrons pay, the more content they will get from the creators. This can be a chance for creators to earn more as they create more and improve their skills. 

Creators can earn up to $800 per month, with an average of 100 supporting patrons. For newer accounts, I recommend setting patrons to pay per quality post as it allows to build credibility and eases your deadlines for creating content. 

Write informational books or short stories for Kindle

Another way to make money through writing is Kindle Direct Publishing. Having a Kindle Direct Publishing account allows you to self-publish books and short stories, and let people purchase them at a price that you set. These books will be sold on Amazon Kindle, and creators can take 70% of the total sales of your publications. 

Short fictions are a good way to begin. Writing short stories takes up way less time to create than books, and it appeals more to the readers as it is easier to digest. Start the process by taking a quick look at the genres that sell most on Amazon Kindle

If you have a deep understanding of a specific field of knowledge, try writing a short informational book. Since your creation will be packed with knowledge and insight to the readers, you can set a higher price compared to fiction writings and alike. 

Through self-publishing on Kindle Direct Publishing, users can earn roughly $377 to $1000 per month. Do note that the estimation applies to stories and books that are priced between the standard $3 to $10 per item.

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Sell handmade crafts on Etsy

Etsy is an e-commerce site that targets people who love handmade crafts, vintage items, and craft supplies. They sell a wide range of goods, including crafted bags, jewelry, or products like home accessories and furniture. 

To sell your handmade crafts on Etsy, sign up for a free account, and open your shop. Then, list the items that you have made to sell. Do note that even though opening a shop is free, listing per item will cost $0.2

It is important to describe your store properly. Make sure you use the right keywords so that people can easily find your product through the search bar. To do this, simply look at competitors who are doing well and sell similar items to you. See what keywords they use to describe their store and products, and incorporate them into your product and store description. 

The income that you get from Etsy depends on what you sell and its quality. However, the rough estimation is $50 per month for small handmade items.

Become a virtual assistant

Technically, a virtual assistant is a regular office assistant that works remotely. They are usually responsible for administrative tasks but are not limited to it. Virtual assistants can be assigned various tasks to support a business, such as social media management, small digital marketing tasks, or even event planning. 

To become one, start by preparing an appealing CV. Just like applying to regular jobs, highlight certain specialties and skills that are great for the virtual assistant position. For instance, emphasize skills that show your organizational, communication, and multitasking skills. 

Then, apply for the job through various job portals. Upwork is a great example, as it has a virtual assistant category where users can simply browse through related opportunities. You can also try Zirtual to find opportunities quicker, but note that it is a paid service. 

Guys these were some earn money in pandemic ideas to start earning in this tough situation and sustain your living online.

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