Top 5 Most Popular Blogs for Women To Follow In 2024

Top 5 Most Popular Blogs for Women To Follow In 2024

Are you in search of the best blogs for women to follow? As a Woman are you looking to upgrade yourself in terms of health, money, growth & business? if your answer is yes then definitely I will be sharing a list of blogs that every woman should follow.

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Blogs are the best sources to gain knowledge and learnings which will accelerate your growth. The best part of blogs is you can skim easily through the whole article and read what fits as per your query and satisfy your needs, this helps you to save more time.

Today blogs help you get covered with the latest trends in fashion, beauty, news and other interests you want to follow. Blogs help you to learn new things and update you with the latest trends and knowledge.

By doing some research on the internet I have a list of top blogs for women to follow and bookmark them in your browser.

Below are some of the best blogs for women to follow on a daily basis.

  1. CupOfJo cupofjo This blog primarily focuses on Style, Design, Food, Travel, Relationships and Carrer guidance for women. This website gets around 1.5 million+ visitors & around 5 million page views every single month. CupOfjo is a really famous blog among women in the United States.

    Who Owns Cupofjo?
    Joanna Goddard is the owner of Cupofjo blog and she started her blog in January 2007, she grew up in England, France & Suburbs of Michigan. Her blog also received rewards and recognition by some veteran websites such as Forbes, J.Crew, People, etc.

    What major categories do they publish their articles?
    Majorly they publish related to Lifestyle, culture, motherhood, food, travel, advice, relationships, etc. If any woman searching for personal development blogs for women then AcupofJo is the best destination to lookout.
  2. Hellogiggles
    One of the leading blogs if you want to learn how to manage your money, professional advice on lifestyle. This is one of the must-follow blogs for women. They also cover lifestyle, relationship, tech, travel, love, dating, entertainment, etc.

    Now they are also creating videos to educate their readers and engage followers with exclusive content. With their open community, they try to resolve real issues of Women. This is one of the best blogs for women over 50 who are struggling with aging problems.

    Who is the Owner of HelloGiggles?
    HelloGiggles is owned by InStyle Beauty Group and Meredith Corporation. This blog has been created by actress musician Zooey Deschanel, Sophia Rivka Rossi, and Molly McAleer in 2011. This is one of the most famous lifestyle blogs for women to follow.
  3. theblondeabroad
    BlondeAbroad blogs share some awesome tips on travel for women. You will learn how to plan your solo trips, some travel hacks, tips on travel safety and experience of women travel bloggers.
    They majorly cover Luxury travel, solo travel, female travel, adventure travel, couple travel, budget travel, student travel, volunteer travel articles which target women of college and working professionals. One of the must-follow blogs for women who love travelling and exploring new places.
  4. KellyOlexa
    A one-stop destination for women who love being fit. This is the world’s most famous website which shares a lot of health and fitness-related tips owned by Kelly Olexa.

    This is one of the top health websites which gets more than 300 million visitors every single month. Now, this blog has been redirected and rebranded to

    How Fitfluential can help you?
    This blog primarily covers fitness advice, Food recipe tips, and advice which makes this blog as one of the best blogs for women to follow and read articles for quick growth and success.
  5. thefashionspot
    This blog covers more about fashion-related articles, styling, beauty, celebrity news, etc. If you love reading news related to celebrity gossips, latest trends in fashion this blog will help you keep updated.

    TheFashonSpot also writes about wellness, health, fitness, mind & spirit this will be cherry on the cake if you are following this blog. If you bleed fashion this will be must-follow blogs for women.

These are some top blogs for women to follow and get updates with the latest trends and news in their desired field of interest. It would be great if you guys can recommend some blogs in the comment section which girls and women can follow for their betterment and growth. All blogs i have mentioned are also blogs for women over 50.

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