Reasons to use paraphrasing tool while writing content for blog

Reasons to use paraphrasing tool while writing content for blog

Writing is common between businessmen, students, and bloggers. During the process of writing, there come different problems including quality, plagiarism, word count problem, and some others. 

Thanks to the technology that have enabled the writers and other professional to make their content better. Paraphrasing tool is one of these tools that are helpful for the writers in different purposes. 

In this article, we will discuss the uses of paraphrasing in different fields but before that, let’s have an introduction to the paraphrasing tool. 

What is Paraphrasing and how it works?

Paraphrasing is the process of changing the words in your writing usually to make the content unique. The paraphrasing can be done manually and using an automatic tool but between these methods, the tools are more efficient. 

This is because the tools are based on modern technology which automatically generates unique content and has fewer chances of mistakes. 

How does it work?

The basic work of paraphrasing is to replace the words in your writing with its synonym to make some difference between your writing and the source, from where the content is matched. 

All of this entire process happens using advanced algorithms that finds the best word to replace. The most important work of an efficient paraphraser is to keep the original meaning of the content. 

If the meaning of the content is changed then the paraphrasing is not successful and, in this regard, you should always consider the best paraphrasing website that maintains the original idea of the writing. 

Why Paraphrasing tools are popular?

Paraphrasing is very popular for writers to improve their writing skills. The paraphrasing tool is quite popular because it appropriately makes the process of paraphrasing with a better result. 

In some of the cases, it improves the readability while in most of the cases, it makes the content unique. Whether you are willing to change the words but keeps the meaning the same or you want to convert the difficult writing into an easy one, this tool can be helpful.  

Another benefit of using the paraphrasing tool is that it helps the user to select the synonym of paraphrased words. 

For instance, when you paraphrase a context, it highlights the words that are changed and on clicking these words, the tool suggests selecting the word of your own. 

The below image shows how it happens:

Reasons to use paraphrasing tool while writing content for blog

Common uses of Paraphrasing:

  • Simplifying the text

The content you are writing might be difficult to read especially when you are doing technical writing or writing-related to law and science. 

When you are writing technical things, you need to have easy to understand words because the reader might not be aware of the things you are writing. 

To make them understand, the best way is to write in a conversational tone. However, this type of writing is possible with the paraphrasing tool. 

Entering the text in the paraphrasing tool will find the alternatives words to the difficult words and this way, the content will become easier to read. 

Not only this, but an efficient paraphrasing tool is also able to shorten the long and complex sentences to increase the readability and to make the text easy to understand. 

  • To make the language effective

You might have written a piece of content that has flat or uninterested language and this may not attract the audience to read your article. 

To enrich the effectiveness of your writing, you can use a paraphrasing tool which can help to make your sentences more readable. 

Some paraphrasing tools are based on artificial intelligence and will be discussed later. These tools can help you not only to change the words of the context but also to change the sentence structure. 

Through changing the sentence structure, the writing will become more effective as well as easy to understand for the users. 

For bloggers and webmasters, this process is an essential part as Search engine optimization recommends using the easy language that is friendly to a grade-7 student

  • To find the synonyms of words

Being a student or a webmaster, if you are looking for pasting a factual sentence to your writing then you might use it directly because of the duplicate content issues. 

However, changes in words can solve your problem. The paraphrasing tool is not only used for changing the words but also to find the best synonym for most of the words in your writing. 

Most of the authors use to find the synonyms according to the content. For example, the paraphrasing tool will use the synonym words which is best for your content in terms of making effectiveness. 

For SEO, the semantic words are very important for making keyword clusters and to rank higher quickly. Finding the semantic words manually through research is quite difficult but paraphrasing tool can help the SEO experts and content marketers by finding it automatically within seconds. 

  • To rephrase the quotes

Having a lot of quotes in your assignment could make the assignment difficult to read but with the help of paraphrasing, you can paraphrase the quote and make it in the form of a paragraph. 

In academic writing and blog posts, the paraphrasing of the quotes is appreciated because it refers to the interest of the users. 

The basic purpose of rewording a quote is to open the quote into detailed writing which increases the understanding of the users. 

Not only this, some of the quotes especially the old quotes are too much difficult to understand for young students, and to make them understand, rewording can be helpful. 

Below, the example shows how to quote paraphrasing makes easy to understand writing: 

quote paraphrasing
  • To improve the sentence structure and difficulty

Some of the efficient paraphrasing tools are enriched in making the sentence structure according to the recommendation of the search engines. 

For example, the shortening and simplifying of the sentences throughout the context. 

When you enter the text in the tool, it will swap the synonyms and find the easiest-to-understand words. Some of the popular tools also opt to set the difficulty level and upon selecting the best setting, you get the best readable text. 

Users always love to read the “easy” words compared to the “difficult” words. This is also common that the teachers use the rephrasing tool 

  • For learning purpose

Newbie writers are usually weak in the sentence structure and somehow in the selection of the words. They usually know how to research but don’t know the way of making a strong sentence structure with their thoughts. 

Their thoughts are much powerful as compare to their writing and in this regard, they can enter their writing into this tool to get an effective outcome. 

This way, they get the chance of learning a lot from their writing. For example, once they rephrase their writing, they will know what words are replaced and how they can use these types of words later. 

Besides, teachers also use this method to make their lesson plans easier to understand. By making the notes more readable, the students feel it easy to understand the concept what the teacher is trying to deliver. 

  • For removing the plagiarism 

Copying directly from the internet is never allowed because of plagiarism and to remove this plagiarism, the paraphrasing tool can help the user.

Whether you are making a blog post or an assignment, your thoughts might be similar to the published content over the internet. 

To make some difference to avoid plagiarism, you need to find an appropriate paraphrasing tool that changes most of the words and keeps the actual meaning. 

When most of the words are changed by a paraphraser, the plagiarism issue is confined and hence, you can use this newly generated content anywhere without the hesitation of copyright infringement. 

Some of the paraphrasing tools are efficient to paraphrase and check the uniqueness at the same time to remove all the plagiarism and generate a super unique article. 

  • To improve the translated sentence

If you are a translator or a webmaster, then you might be familiar with the issues when a translation is done. 

After a translation is done, there are different contextual problems including incomplete sentences and poor selection of words. 

To improve the sentence structure by making an appropriate selection of words along with completing the sentences, a rephrasing tool can be helpful. 

Remember, even with the availability of efficient translation tools including Google translators, there are some problems like usual word orders. You cannot use the translated sentence without proofreading and if you can proofread, a paraphraser can help you. 

Apart from paraphrasing tools you can check out some best ai tools writing tools that you should consider for your content marketing work as it will help you explore new opportunities to create your content and rank high in the search.


The above-mentioned benefits of paraphrasing are just specific while the uses of paraphrasing tool can be according to your profession. 

The most important use of paraphrasing tool is to make your content unique and effective. Most of the bloggers use this tool to generate quick blogs and upload them on their blogs to improve consistency. 

In academics and content writing, you might have to write on the same topic again and again which may cause self-plagiarism. Through utilizing the paraphrasing tool, you can easily avoid the self-plagiarism or any other plagiarism. 

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