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Increase Potential Earnings with Cloudways Affiliate Program

cloudways affiliate program

Cloudways is a managed cloud hosting platform that helps make server management easy. It caters to marketers, freelancers, entrepreneurs, and digital agencies. Cloudways offers affiliates five top-of-the-line Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) providers to host their web applications. The customer can set parameters of the server and then deploy multiple web applications with complete ease, including WordPress, Magento, Laravel, PHP, Drupal, etc.

Cloudways Affiliate Program

Cloudways Cloud Providers

You can launch a server on any of these five server providers. 

  1. DigitalOcean
  2. Linode
  3. VULTR
  4. Amazon Web Services
  5. Google Cloud Platform

Web Applications available on Cloudways

Deploy any of these web applications you on Cloudways

  1. WordPress (including WooCommerce and WordPress Multisite)
  2. Magento
  3. Drupal
  4. Joomla!
  5. PrestaShop
  6. PHP (including Laravel framework)
  7. OpenCart
  8. Yii
  9. Yii 2
  10. osCommerce
  11. Symfony 3
  12. Codeigniter
  13. CakePHP
  14. ProcessWire
  15. Zen Cart
  16. X-Cart

Earning Through Cloudways Affiliate Program

best hosting affiliate program

Cloudways has a high paying affiliate program at ShareASale which allows affiliates to earn through a timely commissions payout system on every single sale. Leveraging this commission structure helps affiliates earn a big amount on a timely basis.

commission structure of cloudways affiliate program

Here’s how the commission’s structure works.

As far as the commission structure is concerned, for every five sales, an affiliate earns $50 per sale. However, on the sixth sale, the affiliate will earn $75 per sale till the 20th sale and onwards. This is how affiliates can scale their earnings by increasing the number of sales.

Affiliates who want to earn big money,  by bringing in more sales,  than they can contact the Cloudways dedicated affiliate managers to work around a custom commissions plan. This plan is for affiliates that already have a following and wish to scale their earnings to another level.

The affiliates’ sales close on the 20th of every month, counting 30 days in between even if they close only one sale. Hence, there is no minimum requirement for the commission payout on the sale.

why choose cloudways affiliate program

Access to Creatives

As soon as an individual marketer signs up with Cloudways as an affiliate on ShareASale, he/ she will get access to promotional materials. These are banners of different sizes that are available in the creative section. What’s interesting is that Cloudways updates the creative section with relevant graphics regularly which are ready-made for blogs.

affiliate banner of cloudways hosting

Performance Monitoring

Affiliates can check their performance through the ShareASale profile dashboard. Here, real-time stats regarding clicks, conversions, and commissions are available to help measure the impact of the affiliate.

24/7 Support

Affiliates can get in touch with dedicated Cloudways affiliate managers through [email protected] in case of queries or guidance. These dedicated affiliate managers respond quickly and help to address most problems in a timely manner.

Furthermore, to help improve conversions, the support team also guides in promotional strategies like SEO tips and digital marketing tactics. The end goal is to improve and increase the affiliate’s conversion rate and ultimately increase sales.

Bloggers can find guidance in searching for relevant keywords, SEO optimization, and adding refreshing images to their blogs. This not only helps them increase visibility but will eventually improve their website’s rankings as more visitors arrive on the page.

Performance marketers can also ask the dedicated Cloudways affiliate managers about top countries to target their paid campaigns and promotions. Furthermore, these managers will also guide marketers in creating the idea of PPC oriented landing pages to increase conversion rate.

All in all, these affiliate managers are well-versed in the industry and help affiliates devise effective strategies to improve sales and climb the ladder to higher earnings. 

Cloudways Affiliate Program is Best Suited for…


One of the popular ways of earning online is by creating a blog to advertise products and services. Every sale that closes, increases the earnings of the blogger. It’s bloggers like these who can capitalize on the opportunity to increase their earnings through the Cloudways affiliate program.


Mentors and online course authors now have an incentive to create more courses on their website. Since they cater to a larger audience, recommending the Cloudways platform will prove to be a fruitful source of earning for them.

Website Designers

Many website designers give recommendations on website hosting and web page builders. While they recommend web applications like WordPress or PHP, suggesting Cloudways as an all in one platform will put them at a great advantage. This managed hosting platform gives customers the freedom to choose from a variety of leading applications and a suitable Infrastructure provider. As an incentive, designers get a commission every time they manage to sign up for the customer with Cloudways.

Digital Agencies

The true potential of the Cloudways affiliate program is best experienced by digital agencies. The digital agency can scale earnings through closing sales as the firm caters to a larger pool of freelancers, entrepreneurs, and new business owners. To scale commission-based earnings, there’s always the option of opting for a custom plan.

How to Sign Up

Sign up with the Cloudways affiliate program on ShareASale and send a request to Cloudways on their merchant page. An auto-generated authentication email will be sent and clicking the link will notify the admin about the request.

There are many merchants on ShareASale, and the Cloudways Affiliate Program ranks in the top 500 there. It provides a great incentive to earn and fit in the payout schedule.

That’s all it takes to become a Cloudways  Affiliate. Start earning and get in touch with the dedicated affiliate managers to familiarize yourself with the processes.

Final Thoughts on Cloudways Affiliate Program

I found this affiliate program quite reasonable to earn some extra bucks. It’s a great place to start or scale your earnings. Cloudways platform is already a known brand in the industry. Hence, I didn’t need to go out there and start from scratch when I had to explain what the platform does.

The second thing I enjoyed about the platform is the payout structure. I can now systemize my payments and plan for more marketing activities. Check out the affiliate program for yourself and throw in your two-cents about it in the comments section below.

Click here to join Cloudways Affiliate Program

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  2. I regularly make money from cloudways.

    Yes Monthly payouts from one affiliate program excites.I receive monthly payouts from my multiple blogs. The hosting is really Powerful and hence easier to sell.

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