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Why most website ask money for guest post? [Especially health & Tech]

Why Most Website Ask Money For Guest Post

Guys i’ll be straight forward that now almost every website or blogs ask for money. Nowadays SEO became one of the most demanding industry. Paid links are not what Google wants people to practice however we need to accept this fact that google did not have any tool to find is this a paid link or not yet.

Why Websites Ask Money for Guest Post

For making this understanding they introduced new attribute i.e “sponsored”. If websites are selling links or doing paid guest posts then they can mark that link as a sponsored link.

You can check this post to get more clarity on this.

Websites asks money for guest posts because they have put a heavy amount of time and efforts in building their authority and reputation. They have whole right to ask some monetary benefits in return of guest posts or links.

If you are into SEO industry you have noticed that websites in health niche charges a lot as compare to any other niches.

How to ask for Free Guest Post

If you want to build quality links for your website then you know guest posts are one of the best way to build links. You can always ask for reciprocal links in return, you can also ask them to offer free mentions in any of your other websites.

Offer them a high quality well researched blog post with proper screenshots this can help you earn a do follow backlink for free.

You should know if you earn a free guest post it will help you gain authority and trust. This will help you get more referral traffic as well as organic traffic on your blog. You should capture visitors emails so that you can email them any promotional offers or do affiliate marketing with them. Thrive Leads is one of the best tool to capture visitors emails and send them to email autoresponders like Getresponse.

Don’t just send promotional emails they will unsubscribe provide high quality free content that will build your brand and authority.

You can check guest post websites those accept free guest posts you just have to send high quality post they will review it and publish on their blog post. However if you want to hire people for outsourcing your link building work then you can hire them from Fiverr. And you can create content for guest posts using Jarvis ai tool.

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