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50+ High Authority List of guest posting sites [Guest Blogging Sites]

Folks on this page i have listed more than 50+ high authority guest posting sites where you can publish your guest posts and drive massive traffic. If you are in SEO universe you know how important is guest posts to rank your websites in search engines.

I am listing massive list of websites accepting guest posts some accept guest post for free and some charges a price to post your website with do follow link.

Links help boost your organic rankings on search engines.

Guest Posting Sites

Blog NameCategoriesDAPAContact
Websites accepting free/paid guest posts

Guys these were some top websites accepting guest posts where you can submit your guest post and earn a do follow backlink in return.

Some sites will allow no follow links however no follow links also contribute in SEO for your website.

How to Find Guest Posting Sites?

I have listed some high authority websites for guest blogging however if you want to do your own research then you can use below string or keywords on google or bing to find quality guest post accepting websites.

  • “Write for Us”
  • “guest post”
  • “post for us”
  • “submit guest post”
  • “contributing writer”
  • “submit post”
  • “Write for us” Health
  • “Submit post” Your desired industry

This is how you can search guest posting websites for free. You can contact them via their About us page or contact us page and ask to submit a high quality guest post for their website.

One thing you should ask them if thier website is a part of PBN or not if that website is a part of any personal blog network then do not submit post or get link from that website because PBN websites carry low link value and it can harm your website in SEO.

Guest posting needs patience and effort. On top of that, you need some paid SEO tools to get the result fast. If you are short of time, it is advised to hire a reputable guest posting service to do it for you, which will grow your site’s traffic.

Why Guest Post is important?

Many of you thinking why guest post is important in SEO however i have told you earlier in the first part of this post however let me explain. Guest Post help you in building quality links for your website so that you should rank high in Google organically.

Google analyse backlink profile of your website and rank you based on your content & backlinks.

If you are gaining links from high authority websites then it also helps you get referral traffic to your website. If people are coming from referral and spending more time on your website than it goes positive signal to Google and your website gets more search impressions that you can monitor in Google Search Console.

Tools for Guest Posting

You can do this process for 100% free however if you are using tools then it reduces your time and increase your productivity. Let me tell you some tools you can use for outreaching website owners.

  1. Gmail: You can use Gmail to land your emails in primary tab.
  2. Buzzstream: For Outreaching this is best and affordable tool.
  3. The Link Chest: Boost your site rankings with easy to win backlinks.
  4. Semrush: To monitor backlinks & spy on your competitors

If you want to list your website in this list you can contact us or reach out to via email at If you enjoyed this post just share with your friends. Ask any question related to guest posting in comments.

You can bookmark this page i will keep on adding more high authority websites regularly.

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