Should I Republish Content? Update Post With This Better Way

Should I Republish Content? Update Post With This Better Way

Confused or not clear about to republish content on your blog? There are many bloggers are not sure about to republish there old content with new dates or not? My simple answer to your this query is No, do not republish the same content with new date, Update them instead.

I have worked with many bloggers in the industry they are getting millions of traffic on there website by just updating the content instead of republishing.

Every blogger wants to update their outdated content with fresh content however reposting the same post with just some update in not a solution as this is not a good practice in SEO.

Should I Show the Published or Updated Date to Users?

Yes Google recommends you to show published dates and updated dates that will help the readers to know the freshness of the article. And based on my personal experience i recommend only showing the updated date.

You can use tools like Copy ai to make your articles more compelling and refresh it with the latest updates.

Should I Change the Published Date?

No as per google seo practices you should not change the published date only dates can be updated with the freshness of the content or else seo errors may occur.

Does changing the published date affect SEO?

It can help you in boosting CTR of your blog post and i don’t recommend changing dates.

You can check your CTR (Click Through Rate) from Google Search Console of your individual posts and change the headline & meta data for more organic clicks and traffic.

Delete dead Pages from Website

You should also delete dead pages from your website on regular basis. Pages not contributing and traffic or not adding value should be removed.

You can use tools like SEMrush to check out pages getting least traffic or no traffic. Even this tool will help you in finding pages that are not updated recently and you can audit your website and find the seo errors and fix them.

Best way to Update your Content on Website

You can just visit your sitemap and checkout the last modified dates that is visible in below image.

last modified dates in sitemap

This is how you can get idea about your non updated content and update it accordingly if required. Updating old blog posts helps you get more impression and clicks.

And while updating your old content update with correct and fresh information. As you know search engines loves fresh and unique content.

Update your content that shall rank and attract backlinks naturally. Analyse your competitors backlinks profile and replicate the same.


You should not republish the same blog post again and again updating it will do the job. If you are still reposting the same content by just changing the dates it will harm your SEO in long run and Google will fetch wrong intentions about your website and can result in deindexing of your blog articles and you can also lose your top ranked positions.

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