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7 Remote Work Tools For Bloggers to Communicate, Collaborate & Organize in 2024

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Blogging is the most robust approach to communicating your company’s activities, products, and services to the outside world. It’s a more straightforward way of engaging in digital marketing by providing your market with adequate information about your company products. With the blog’s help, you can communicate with your potential and current customers about your innovations and improvements.

7 Helpful Remote Work Tools and Software

Why do you need blogging in the 21st century? The world is moving online, and people are searching for information about different products and services online. You can take advantage of blogging to increase quality traffic on your business website.

Blogging about your company’s services is a cheap and effective way of marketing your brand. Engage in blogging about your business today and earn a good reputation online.

Despite the many pros that come with blogging, it is never easy to maintain an active blog. Generating content for your blog and posting it is not enough. There are specific tools that you require to help you blog remotely.

Blogging tools will help you work remotely on your blogs faster without compromising on your content’s quality.

Here is a discussion on 7 top remote tools that you can use for your blog.

1. B2evolution

It is an ideal tool that can help any blogger host their blogging server. The B2evolution blogging tool is compatible with Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP software. It makes the device favorable for both beginners and experts in blogging.

B2evolution can support different programming languages that one can use in creating their blog site.

Here are some of the advantages of using B2evolution for your remote blogging:

i. The software is an open-source tool. There are many remote blogging tools out there that will require you to pay before owning them up.

This can be costly, especially when you are a beginner in blogging. B2evolution is a free blogging tool that you can download anytime and anywhere and enjoy working on your blog.

ii. The software is easy to install and use. When looking for a convenient blogging tool at any level of blogging, b2evolution is best. It comes with advanced tools that an average blogger can use to host their blog sites.

iii. B2evolution blogging tool gives you the ability to alter your blog site theme. The blog site theme is key in determining the appearances of your site. B2evolution allows you to customize the skin in your blog to fit your desires.

You can set different skins for your readers accessing the site from tablets, desktops, and smartphones for them to have personal experiences. With the support of PHP, you can also create your custom skin types.

iv. You can set a list of emails for your audience, and b2evolution will send them newsletters about your products.

2. Blogchat

Are you looking to create an engaging blog site? Blogchat tool is made to accommodate PHP and MySQL languages. This makes it possible for you to have a chatbox on your blog page. The chatbox on a blog page is essential in keeping your readers engaged should they have a question or a comment.

When you need to get feedback and understand your readers, a chat box is essential. Take advantage of the live chat box and ask your readers what they want to know more about your blog post.

3. Canva


Canva is an ideal remote blogging tool for bloggers looking to have interesting blogging posts. Any blog post should be attractive to readers and visitors. You can make your blog site attractive by using canva blogging tool.

Why is canva an ideal remote blogging tool?

i. You can create a banner for your blog post, which you can utilize to emphasize your essential message on the post.

ii. It helps you make your blog posts and site attractive. You can add a text to your image, which will attract viewers to read what is in the picture. This can be a great way of making your brand go public. Images with texts in them invite more readers than a blank image or text with no picture.

iii. Canva blogging tool is free. Every remote working blogger will find affordable means of making their blog post appealing. Canva allows you to beautify your blog site by adding graphics at no cost. For mode advanced functions, use one of these Canva alternatives.

iv. If you have no graphics skills, canva offers free tutorials to learn several graphic design techniques and ideas.

4. Revive Old Post

revive old posts tool

You don’t have to share your blog post manually; reviving old post tools will help you to do that automatically. Reviving the old post tool can revisit your archive blog posts, and repost them.

All you have to do is download the tool, integrate it with your blogging site, and schedule the reposting duration. Reposting the relevant posts about your business will lead to an increase in organic traffic to your business website.

The tool has a free version and a premium version. The free version will limit you on how you can use it, and it only works on social media and not blog sites. The premium edition offers more features and benefits to your remote blogging work.

Check them below:

i. You can schedule the days and times when the tool should repost your blog posts on your blog and social media.

ii. The tool can also share media files with your followers and visitors.

iii. You can integrate it with other tools to provide statistics on the increase of traffic on your blog site and website.

5. Sumo


It is a blogging tool that enables you to add useful features to your blogs. Such features are email captions, analytics, and social sharing buttons to your blog post. Sumo can either come in a free or a premium version.

The free version is ideal for amateurs. Premium version, on the other hand, gives more advanced features to remote bloggers with vast experience.

Here below are some of its advantages:

i. Adds subscribers to the email list. Any blogger knows how vital requesting readers for emails in interchange for their newsletter is. However, convincing readers to share their email addresses is an uphill task. Sumo can help you resolve this by connecting with the most popular email providers.

ii. Increases website traffic. Much traffic on one’s blog means increased revenue. Sumo will give you features that will attract traffic to your blog post.

iii. It can also help you grow social shares to your blog site, contributing to an increase in traffic on your posts.

iv. Sumo is stress-free to learn. Any remote blogging beginner can learn how to use it and improve the effectiveness of their blog sites.

6. Grammarly Writing Tool


It’s an online blogging tool that helps remote bloggers check spelling, punctuation, and the overall readability of the post. Every remote blogger desires to have articulate and proper written articles on their blogs, boosting the number of readers. It is available in various versions, that is, free and premium versions. The premium edition gives advanced features to the free edition.

Some of the key advantages of using Grammarly include;

i. Grammarly helps progress one’s writing style, making your articles more real.

ii. It suggests words or phrases that might have ambiguous meanings removed or suggests better versions making your articles more appealing.

iii. Grammarly can correct the many errors in the articles, so you are sure of error-free work.

iv. The free version is readily available, and you can integrate it into your writing tool for quality posts.

v. Besides helping you edit your work, you can also use the application in place of your writing application. This will help you correct your blog post as you are typing it.

7. Image Optimization Tool

Images form an important factor and give a blogger a better edge in search result rankings. While some images are copyrighted, making them hard to copy, there are free site images. Others provide quality photos while charging a small amount of money.

Image optimization has various benefits, among which are:

i. The use of an image in articles reduces file sizes without altering their quality, speeding up your page loading, and makes your blog more search-friendly.

ii. Attractive images can help increase traffic on your blog site.

iii. The use of titles for optimizing images helps both readers and search engines understand what your icons mean.

This article does not cover every remote work tool that you can utilize for your remote blogging. Hundreds of them are available on the internet. However, it is not every blogging tool that you will find online that may be compatible with your remote blogging work.

Check on how easy, or complex the tools are before integrating them on your blog site. You should check out for trial versions of the premium blogging tools before you pay for them. Are you wondering where to get remote blogging jobs to utilize these tools? Search Remotely for top remote blog jobs and earn while working from home.

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