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How To Analyze Your Website Performance Versus Your Competitor

How To Analyze Your Website Performance

If you’ve been in the online business long enough, you probably know by now the most important thing to put into consideration when handling your own website. You need to make sure you can be seen when someone does a quick search about you, and that you’re on top of the list when they do because your competitors are sure to be doing the same thing already. One of the ways to achieve this is to be mindful of SEO, specifically competitor analysis.

What Is Competitor Analysis?

Competitor analysis is simply the process of monitoring what your rivals are doing SEO-wise so that you can get ideas for your own digital marketing campaign. As with everything in business, you must be mindful of other businesses with similar products and services so that you can stay ahead in the game.

How To Analyze Your Website Performance

You may have heard of competitor analysis tools that you can use to monitor, improve, and make key changes according to your SEO needs. This type of software is valuable for the success of your digital marketing campaign since it gives you valuable insights on the areas that you should improve for your website and brand overall.

Competitor And Website Analysis

There are two primary steps to take when you want to compare your website performance to that of your competitors’. First, you have to find the right tools.

Competitor And Website Analysis
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Today, there are a number of SEO tools that you can use to monitor your website’s performance and progress. These include tools that will help you check the number of page views, how many times a visitor clicks on an ad, how long a visitor stays on the site, and more. 

Below, take a look at some of the most popular SEO tools, how they work, and which tools may be the most beneficial for your specific needs.

1. Traffic Checker

The performance of your website is directly correlated to the number of visitors that it garners daily, weekly, or monthly. This means that your domain is functional and enjoyable enough for web users if they explore your other pages and return to your site for their content needs.

Using the traffic checker by SEMrush, for instance, can be highly beneficial as it can help you monitor the performance of your campaign to ensure that your keywords and ad copies are reaching your target audience. With a highly customizable interface and powerful reporting tools, this tool can be the ideal content promotion solution for any company. It also provides valuable insight into the activities of your competitors, which can allow you to make tactical changes that will benefit your bottom line. 

You can identify key phrases that your competitors are currently advertising for free, which can help you determine what key phrases to advertise for a fee. You can also determine key phrases that are not resonating with your customer base and are not bringing in much traffic. 

2. Analytics Tool 

Google, the top search engine today, has created a free analytics tool to help site administrators monitor the performance of their websites. It enables you to view and analyze how many unique visitors you receive, how much of this traffic navigates to another page from your website, how many of these people purchase a product or service from your website, how many users search for information on your website, and a number of other helpful factors. It can greatly improve your understanding of how to analyze your website’s traffic and performance.

Monitoring your analytics is crucial for your brand’s success in the digital world. The insights that you can get from this tool can aid in improving your website’s performance so that you can provide the best service to consumers.

3. PageRank Checker

This tool ranks your site based on a number of different components that influence your ranking in the search engine results pages (SERPs), including the number of incoming links to your site, how many of these links are from high-authority domains, and how many of these links direct visitors to a competitor’s site. As you can probably guess, the more incoming links to your site, the higher your site will rank. 

By using a PageRank checker, you can analyze and interpret your website’s performance relative to other sites that may have similar products and strategies. Moreover, it can also help you improve your SEO score in the process.

4. Site Auditor

A website auditor tool automates the process of checking each element in your domain. This way, you can ensure that it’s performing optimally. It analyzes your entire website, including internal links and outbound links from other sites. It also examines how many people are visiting your site, how long they stayed, what pages they visited, and how often they clicked on an ad or widget on your site. 

This tool can even tell you how popular your site is and how many times your content is displayed in the SERPs. By using a site auditor, you can learn how to analyze your website’s performance relative to other sites that are similar to yours, as well as ones that are not as popular

The second way to go about it is to hire a professional web consultant and follow blogs and websites that rank high in SEO performance. A professional web consultant will analyze your site for you and discuss how to optimize it for the search engines. While they may not be able to tell you exactly what keywords or tags to use on your site to get higher rankings, they will be able to guide you in determining which changes you should make. This is the only true and effective way of analyzing your website’s performance online. 


Comparing your site’s performance to that of your competitors is a crucial strategy if you want to stay ahead of your SEO rivals. Find the right tools to help you automate this task and provide you with valuable insights on which areas of your domain to improve. You may want to hire professionals to give you specialized support as website analysis is a very technical process.

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