SERPZILLA REVIEW Best Tool for Link Building [2024]

SERPZILLA REVIEW Best Tool for Link Building [2024]

If there was ever a zero-sum game, it is SEO. And Serpzilla is well known for building links for websites. You will get a detailed Serpzilla review in this article.

SEO is possibly the most crucial marketing activity if your company depends on or greatly benefits from online traffic, which is the case for the majority of firms today.

Both links and content are essential for high Google results. The quantity and quality of backlinks to your website determine PageRank, the algorithm on which Google Search has been constructed and based since its beginnings.

How can you imitate the tactics used by the best link builders and SEOs in the world? Are there any tools or applications that can assist you to manage, expedite, and automate the link-building process?

Oh, yes. It is known as Serpzilla. And today, you will get a Serpzilla review.

You’ll learn everything you need to know about this revolutionary SEO tool and how it can help you maximize your link-building efforts in our Serpzilla review.

Let’s get going.

What is Serpzilla?

A white-hat link-building automated application called Serpzilla seeks to assist SEOs in locating guest post, contextual, beneficial, and relevant links for the websites they are promoting. 


Serpzilla scales the link-building process, something no other tool can do. It achieves this by tackling a few issues that SEOs frequently run into:

  • locating highly authoritative, popular websites with relevant content from which to obtain the link
  • checking important factors such the website’s neighborhood, page authority, traffic sources, session length, spam score, and risk that it would be penalized or devalued
  • Obtaining ROI without overpaying for the links
  • ensuring that the link is not permanently deleted from the website.

Let’s move ahead in this Serpzilla review.

Let’s examine how Serpzilla can benefit you from the hundreds of millions of sites in its database to get high-quality Google-friendly connections.

Introduction to Serpzilla

Let’s get straight to the point now that you are aware of Serpzilla’s capabilities. Here is an easy-to-follow guide to getting started with Serpzilla:

The “Sign Up” button is prominently displayed on the homepage. Push it; continue!

Upon the entry of your contact information, you are taken to the dashboard, which finally displays all of your projects. It is initially empty:

serpzilla review

The initial step would be to establish your legal business and submit your campaign budget before you start building any links. In the top-left corner, above “My projects,” select the little gray word “Balance.”

You can set up payments through your personal or company account using a straightforward tutorial that Serpzilla will guide you through. You’ll be able to establish guidelines for how to add, withdraw, and use money for all of your link-building projects after this procedure is complete.


You can start a project as soon as you’ve put funds to your account.

We never begin a link-building effort without a specific objective, do we? If you want visibility, traffic, or rankings, Serpzilla can make the appropriate link suggestions. Here, enter your objectives and the website you want to promote.

serpzilla link building tool

The next screen requests that you add the associated anchor texts and URLs one at a time. There are given examples.

serpzilla link buying tool

You are returned to the main dashboard where you can see the project and all of the pages you uploaded after you have finished adding all URLs.

Choose a link to start with and click it. You can choose between renting links with a monthly budget or purchasing links with a one-time payment when Serpzilla compiles a list of websites that are pertinent to your Domain.

serpzilla review

Not only that. It’s incredible how much targeting control you have. You can enter specific site attributes for quality, authority, metrics from other tools in addition to Serpzilla, and themes relevant to the link you desire using the filters on the right side of the page.

serpzilla dashboard

Now that you have a good understanding of how to set up Serpzilla and activate its engine, let’s examine the benefits it has over traditional link-building tools.

Link Building Automation

Every aspect of marketing has been automated as a result of the explosion of martech. Why link building shouldn’t be neglected?

The typical paid link-building procedure takes a very long time:

  1. Locate websites that are related and from which you can receive the link.
  2. Send an email to the website administrator.
  3. Discuss the cost and conditions of the link.
  4. For better context, alter the content somewhat or significantly.
  5. Watch in anticipation as they publish the link. Meanwhile, follow up at regular intervals.

The majority of these tasks can be automated by Serpzilla for you, greatly accelerating the procedure. On the websites that are a part of the network, a small piece of Serpzilla code is placed along with links. Every hour, the db file is downloaded and synced to their servers.

Nevertheless, once you click the “Purchase” button, the link-building process is over for you. The service will let you know when all of the links you selected go live and any unique conditions that need to be attended to.

According to statistics, over 90% of link building requests are satisfied automatically, which significantly lowers labor expenses and enhances efficiency.

Serpzilla tracks a number of authority and trust metrics related to the page and website, including Majestic’s Citation Flow and Trust Flow as well as Moz’s Domain Authority (DA), Ahrefs’ Domain Rating (DR), and Trust Flow.

Serpzilla Rank (SR)

There are several metrics used in the SEO industry that aim to assess a website’s authority, the strength of a single link, the veracity and accuracy of content, the indexability of a page, and other factors.

Google’s PageRank, which assesses the likelihood that a page will rank for a specific query based on the backlinks it has, is arguably the most important of them all.

Serpzilla Rank (SR) aims to determine how likely it is for a page to affect rankings by looking at more than 100 distinct factors, such as:

  • The site’s material quality and subject relevancy, which includes both machine learning and human analysis, is comparable to Google’s EAT.
  • Using machine learning, the ACINT counter assesses user activity on the website and assumes users’ intentions and interests.
  • Integration with external sources of SEO data, such as Moz, Ahrefs, etc.

Site authority scores from popular SEO tools can be replaced with SR. 

SR can offer a fairly precise estimation of the value of a link from a certain website even though there are very few indicators. According to studies, choosing the proper target sites might help you save up to 30% of your link spend.

Serpzilla Pricing

A marketplace with free pricing is called Serpzilla. The fees that webmasters charge for links on their websites are determined by their preferences and common sense. Customers choose the links that they want to purchase in the meantime and think the price is fair.

Prices are fair and diverse as a result of pricing tools and free market competition. The price per link might range from one cent to thousands dollars.

Serpzilla Review: Conclusion

Developing links that will help you rank and stay for a long time requires genius-level intelligence. Serpzilla is a potent link-building tool that enables you to follow the approach of your choice by making the most of its sizable database.

The currency of the web is links. Although Google claims to the contrary, creating links is still the quickest and most efficient approach to rank your sites.

In reality, the soon-to-be-published analysis by Serpzilla for the Indian market indicated that there is fierce competition and that, in order to rank highly in the SERPs, new sites in the majority of categories need hundreds of connections.

Serpzilla can be a lifesaver in this situation because it can significantly cut down on man hours (and related costs) while steadily constructing links. It may be the only product on the market that enables you to scale your link-building efforts while spending the bare minimum.

I hope you understood everything by reading this Serpzilla review.

Try it now to dominate the competition!

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