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How to Become Successful On YouTube (Updated) 2024

Hey, what’s up guys, today I am going to share my own small experience of YouTube journey from scratch, people in our Indian society make fun of those who do something different from others they feel like he/she is trying to act over smart but they don’t know we are more than smart.

When I started this channel i.e Tryootech I was not aware of anything how to make videos, how to edit them, how to upload, tagging and other stuff which we used to perform while making a video for YouTube.

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Become Successful On Youtube

So then I researched a lot about how to earn money on YouTube and searched how to videos and how to gain quality Subscribers on YouTube. There are so many videos which will train you how to start a YouTube channel and what needs to be done but they will not teach you how to be successful on YouTube.

5 Things to remember while starting a Youtube channel.

1. Niche/Topic:

This part is the most important part of your decision-making process which will decide your success or failure in the future terms. So select that topic or niche in which you are passionate to make videos on that topics.

If you are unable to get one for you take a round of research for some hot topics in which people are successful if you are good at technology I will recommend you to go with a tech Niche, nowadays tech niche is the best to start but you will find more competition then other topics here so if you are interested then go for it.

2. Name of Channel:

Selection of your Youtube Channel name is the toughest job to be done by you, you should think and choose an easy name which is totally different & unique from others.

The name should be impactful so that they can remember your channel’s name at the very first glance.

3.Channel Setup:

Channel is the home for you like you maintain and set up your home for living, your Youtube Channel is also like that so proper setup can attract more Subscribers to come and visit your channel again & again which will help you in converting a Youtube Channel into a profitable business.

So set up your channel with attractive LOGO and CHANNEL ART.

4. Quality Content:

After setting up your channel the other thing you should keep in mind is the content your content should be Unique and engaging so that viewers watch your videos fullest.

The video should not be copied or downloaded from other channels it should be your creation then only public will like you and trust will build. Try to do differently from others as people want to see different content, give a reason to your viewers so that they will come back again to your channel.

5. Regularity:

You must be Consistent with your regular videos because this is the only factor which will connect your existing Subscribers to your channel.

become successful on youtube

If you will stop uploading videos you will lose your Subscriber count and this will lead your channel down and your revenue loss.

So Friends all the very best to you for your awesome carrier in Youtubing. I will post these kinds of posts regularly.

Which topic or niche you select for Quick Growth on Youtube?

You should be very clear about what you are going to do with that platform, in my case I make technical, business-related, Educational content which is evergreen, or you can pick content like News and update kind of content.

Here are some Niches in which you can try your Luck


If you are willing to start a channel and you are funny in nature then you can start with this also, Your humor will make your audience laugh and you will get tremendous growth in this niche. You will be like a superstar if you get succeeded. You will earn huge money through Google Adsense and Sponsorships.

2. Vlogging:

Vlogging will be the best option for you if you want quick popularity. Do you know in the initial days of Your career, it is tuff to gain Watch time, but, if your channel is of vlogging then you will gain a very impressive watch time quickly. This will help you to get monetization approval from Google Adsense very fast. Go explore other vloggers and start sharing your daily day to day life with the entire world.

Another key aspect to grab the attention of the audience from different countries is to transcribe your video to text and generate subtitles. This helps in increasing the understandability of the video content to viewers who speak different languages.

In addition, you can add captions to your videos to help the hearing-impaired viewers. This aids in improving the accessibility of your content, thereby expanding your viewer base and increasing your chances of becoming successful on YouTube.

3. Technology:

If we talk about Indian Youtubers then, Yes, in India there are so many famous YouTubers out there from technology as their primary list.

Technical Guruji, Geeky Ranjit, Sharmaji Technical, SidTalk, Technical Sagar, & C4ETech are some very famous Youtubers in India from tech Industry. So, by this only you can get an Idea How big this industry is. If we talk about revenue point of view then this is the most profitable however sometimes views are less and you will see boring videos but revenue is strong here.

These were three primary niches you can enter into and grow yourself.

Some other niches which also get a huge number of views on Youtube:

  1. Food
  2. Biography
  3. Art & Craft
  4. Gaming
  5. Roasting
  6. Vines
  7. Health-related
  8. Dance
  9. Singing Channel (you can sing cover songs)
  10. The Couple Vlog
  11. Self-improvement
  12. Parodies
  13. Celebrity Gossip
  14. Funny animals
  15. Pranks
  16. Memes/Tags

No matter what channel you starts, the only thing you should keep in mind that be loyal with your subscribers, don’t try to cheat them, educate them about your life and your journey build an emotional connect.

My personal Pick?

If someday I will get the chance of starting a new channel then which kind of channel I will prefer to start?

As if some of you are following me then you should know this after tech I will prefer a Vlogging Youtube Channel. This is because I want to help people and connect with them, By vlogging, they will come to know a little bit about my life and journey.

Connecting with your followers will help you get more exposure and brand value.

Do you currently while updating my post I have reached more than 145000+ Youtube subscribers.

The cheat sheet of gaining subscribers fast:-

  • If you want to gain your youtube subscribers in no time, then you should upload regularly(at least 3 videos a week)
  • Maintain the consistency of uploads, Make your thumbnails attractive so that people click on your videos.
  •  Try to gain watch time of your videos if you want to learn how to gain watch time then read: 5 Tips to increase watch time on your Youtube Videos.
  • Make viral videos, this means try to upload content which everyone wants to see, Make content for the broad audience.
  • Follow Youtube policies and guidelines.
  • Make Long engaging videos to gain watch-time, if anyhow your video will gain watch time then it will become a viral video.

You can watch this video how to Make viral videos here:

  • Use relevant tags in your videos, for checking tags of other videos you can install VidiQ and Tubebuddy chrome browser extension.
  • You can plan Giveaway for your subscribers which will help you to gain subscribers.
  • Use UpViral.
  • Do collaboration with other fellow YouTubers, this is the best method you can do. If you want to know what is Youtube collaboration then you can read here: What is Collab? & How to do?

Mistakes you should avoid doing on YT:-

  1. Do not do sub for sub
  2. Avoid buying paid views and subscribers as they will land you nowhere so better start learning and implementing.
  3. Don’t copy name tags of other Big YouTubers, use their name tags after taking permission.
  4. Ignore much of click-baiting, if you are doing then there should be proper content as mentioned on the thumbnail.
  5. Never break youtube policies and community guidelines.
  6. Too much text in your thumbnails.

If you follow the above guide I have provided then you will feel that you are gaining subscribers as well as views.

More views are equal to more ads more ads means more revenue.

So, Start your Youtube channel with a positive attitude.

Don’t feel that youtube is hard, it is not hard, it is easy to post quality content and builds loyal viewership of your channel and rock on.

Share your comments which problem are you facing in youtube success, I will try to respond.

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Amit Mishra

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