Top 10 Best Digital Marketing Institute in Delhi 2024 [Updated]

Top 10 Best Digital Marketing Institute in Delhi 2024 [Updated]

Are you looking for the best digital marketing institute in Delhi? Worry not I have created a list of top digital marketing institutes that offer the best digital marketing course in Delhi.

Just like every aspect of our lives, marketing has evolved with the advent of technology, especially in the digital element.

Marketing techniques, along with human behavior, have changed, and the need to keep up with these techniques increases every day.

As recently as 2015, Narendra Modi, the Prime Minister of India, introduced “Digital India,” a government-led campaign designed to ensure that government facilities and services are accessible to Indian citizens electronically.

Skipping forward to 2020, consumerism has grown, and the demand for better marketing platforms has grown too. Formatted videos are everywhere- short, long, jazzy, and eye-catching.

Staying visual is vital, and digital marketing is the only way. India is on the rise to become a digitally-empowered country, and “Digital Marketing” is one of the key factors contributing to this movement.

As the future for the following generations, digital marketing is fast overtaking a variety of other professional courses.

The growth in this industry is enormous enough to garner attention from prominent institutes, who have begun instating the courses in their catalogs. With the number of jobs in the field growing every day, there is an enormous need for the skill.

Best Digital Marketing Institute in Delhi

If you are interested and want to know more, you’re in the right place. Below are ten premier institutes to complete Digital Marketing Courses from in New Delhi.

1. TheDigiExperts


TheDigiexperts is one of the best digital marketing institute in Delhi. They have a unique training methodology.

They not only have online and offline training classes but also have a mentorship program offering 100% hands-on training on live projects.

You have the option to work full time 3 months in a Digital Marketing Agency during the duration of your course followed by an assured internship and job depending upon the level of expertise you have attained in the domain working practically with them.

Backed by Digital Marketing Agency Clicks Bazaar, The Digi Experts tops the list because of the quality of training and placements they have.

2. Indian Institute of Advanced Digital Marketing (IIADM)

Located in the heart of Connaught Place, the famous locality is one of the few benefits of IIADM. Considered to be one of the best digital marketing institutes in the game, IIADM boasts of having trained about 1000 professionals in a short period of 2 years.

Besides, the institute provides a certification accepted by companies the likes of Google and Facebook.

An exciting aspect offered by the institute continues to be the paid internship plan, a guarantee of employment post-completion of the course.

IIADM is the best institute for a digital marketing course in Delhi.

2. Digital Vidya

Digital Vidya

Labeled “Asia’s Leading Professional Training Company.” Digital Vidya is a severe contender to Delhi’s best digital marketing institute.

Since their inauguration in 2009, the company has trained over 38,000 individuals, and their impressive clientele includes corporate giants such as CitiBank, Parle, TATA, Motorola, Sony, amongst others.

The company offers training and guidance on operating cutting-edge technology, is the official training partner of Google and Microsoft India, and even partners Facebook, NASSCOM, and LinkedIn.

Digital Vidya is one of the best institutes for digital marketing in Delhi.

3. Internet Marketing School (IMS)

Internet Marketing School

Internet Marketing School is a reputed name in the Indian digital marketing education industry. This Google-partnered, ISO-9001:2015 certified institute has owned a successful track record of producing 4500+ ace digital marketers for the last 4 years or so.

IMS has its branches in Delhi where aspirants can learn digital marketing best practices from the industry professionals.

They offer both online/offline coaching with up-graded digital marketing course modules and live project demonstrations.

They have various digital marketing courses for students, working professionals, and entrepreneurs with flexible batch timings.

This premier digital marketing training institute has been featured in reputed magazines like Silicon India and other websites such as – Techstory, LAFFAZ, and many more.

4. Avyud Academy

Avyud academy

As India booms with an increase in digital and social media alike, Avyud Academy provides professional, comprehensive, and all-inclusive digital marketing courses. With a promise of equipping their students with extensive knowledge about digital marketing and promotion. the company delivers the promise as mentioned above through their exhaustive curriculums, practical training, mentorships programs, and job placement assistance.

With a wide variety of 32-course modules in their catalog, the academy promises careers in the digital marketing field to beginners and trained professionals wanting to further their skills alike.

5. Delhi School of Internet Marketing (DSIM)


DSIM is one of Delhi’s leading institutes for Internet Marketing Training for corporate offices, entrepreneurs, and students, alike. With 930 batches comprising of more than 25,00 students, the institute trains its students to reach specific markets or targets with low acquisition costs.

Offering a 45-hour training and workshop, DSIM promises its students jobs at digital media giants such as ZARA, Airtel, Coca Cola, and Cadbury, amongst others.

6. Manipal Prolearn


With over six decades of experience in delivering high-quality education, Manipal Prolearn ensures professional certification that redefines learning experiences for students and professionals alike.

In addition, the institute offers excellent educational services to engage an individual’s mind and truly absorb the material.

The institute’s learning management system, EduNxt is an award-winning forum holding learning activities, e-learning videos, and live online sessions.

7. Simply Digital


Simply Digital’s stellar faculty delivers customized digital management and marketing training through online courses, in addition to classroom courses. The institute ensures it’s an ever-growing student body that they keep up with the ever-changing dynamic of the digital world.

Furthermore, Simply Digital proudly states that their only goal is to offer practical experience and assist them with implementing their knowledge in analogous professional fields.

The company also boasts of being a partner of Google and even employs Google-certified trainers.

8. EduPristine


Headquartered in the United States, EduPristine offers a variety of digital marketing training and tools. With over 150 hours of exhaustive training on their syllabi, the institute trains its students diligently with 35 modules centered around digital marketing techniques and methods.

With impressive placement guarantees in companies like HDFC Bank, FedEx, Infosys, and Reliance, the company delivers on its promise preparing its students for their careers from day one. 

9. DigiPerform


With an impressive claim of imparting skill-based digital marketing training to over a million, DigiPerform enables its students to get employed in premier organizations through their intensive training.

Headquartered out of Noida, the company has over 40 training centers all over India.

The company’s primary goal is to bridge the gap between the industry’s digital marketing and promotion needs and the availability of trained professionals by offering training and certifications.

10. Simplilearn


Based out of Wazirpur, SimpliLearn provides extensive training in the fields of digital marketing, cloud security, cybersecurity, data sciences, and similar associated fields.

The company offers modules designed by more than 2000 trained professionals from the industry.

Named the 8th most influential education brand by LinkedIn, the institute is regularly flooded with students wanting to enhance their resumes and minds with digital marketing skills.

11. Digital Mantra

And of course, last but not least, Digital Mantra. This premier institute offers classroom training courses and ensures that participants will be able to build successful careers upon completion.

With more than 30 modules and 80 hours of training, a student can’t walk away without a plethora of information and handy skills! The company recognizes the growth of the digital world and equips its students with digital marketing tools to help build flourishing careers.

And that’s it, folks! There are no hard and fast rules concerning digital marketing, so equipped with the will to learn and these institutes backing you up, a future in the digital marketing forum is not only possible but right within your reach!

These were some Digital Marketing institutes that offer some of the best digital marketing courses to make your future shine in the digital marketing industry.

Hope you loved the list of best institutes in Digital Marketing based in Delhi, do share this post with your friends who are looking to start their career in DM.

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