10 Best Digital Marketing Institute in Noida & NCR

10 Best Digital Marketing Institute in Noida & NCR

In this article, we have covered a list of top digital marketing institutes that offer the best digital marketing course in Noida.

Noida, one of the most prominent NCR cities, has multiple opportunities for both professionals and college-going students to take up courses in digital marketing.

Digital marketing has recently come as a breeze in recent times, as it helps businesses move forward in their pursuits to keep their clients engaged through the art of effectively marketing their products and services using the versatile medium, which is the digital world.

Best Digital Marketing Institute in Noida

It is a one-stop method to continue to grow businesses or blogs, and the art of digital marketing is a valuable skill to possess in this day and age. Digital marketing courses are not only gaining popularity in cities such as Noida but also in towns around the world.

In this article, we’re going to tell you about Noida’s top ten best digital marketing institutes; hopefully, this will help and guide you in choosing the right institute to suit your needs.

1. HTL Infotech:

One of the most likable institutes is HTL Infotech, located at a walking distance from the sector fifteen metro station in Noida and is very accessible and provides quality training in digital marketing.

The professors conduct the training at the institute and are very proficient in the techniques that are used in DM and strive to impart these skills to their students.

They provide hands-on training in theoretical as well as practical aspects of the course.

The institute provides services to train their students in website designing, PPC management, Google AdWords, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Social Media Optimisation ( SMO), Social Media Marketing( SMM), etc.

2. Panache Internet Marketing School (PIMS):

PIMS Digital Marketing Institute Noida

Panache Internet Marketing School located near sector sixteen in Noida is a premier digital marketing training institute providing training to students as well as professionals who wish to learn the skills required to become a successful digital marketer.

One of the most noteworthy qualities about this internet marketing institute is that it offers a diploma course in digital marketing, which comprises of digital marketing concepts taught in impressive detail.

Since the inception of the institute, the course caters to the needs of everyone who has joined them. The curriculum is, without any doubt, amongst the most proficient. It is developed by industry experts and professionals who possess the appropriate knowledge, and studying this curriculum will provide you with the required skills to flourish in this industry.

The course structure comprises of teaching social media marketing, search engine optimization, email advertising, website planning, and creation, etc.

3. Ducat Institute:

best digital marketing institute in noida

Well known in the digital marketing industry, the Ducat institute has two branches located in sector sixteen in Noida. It offers quality training in digital skills in the field of DM and website creation.

The course structure is designed in a way that is trouble-free and straightforward for the student to understand the concepts of the curriculum. The faculty of the institute are trained exceptionally well in the field. This institute guarantees a hundred percent job placement. You can say Ducat institute provides one of the top digital marketing training in Noida.

4. Digital Edge Institute:

The Digital Edge Institute in Noida, a prominent digital marketing training institute, is located in sector two.

The institute persistently strives to stay up to date with the latest trends in DM and trends in the digital and social media industry.

Digital Edge institute provides a holistic training experience during their live classroom sessions, and you should look further into studying at this institute as you’ll gain a lot from the environs of this institute. They offer one of the finest digital marketing course in Noida.

5. Creative School of Digital Marketing:

The Creative School of Digital Marketing has risen to the task of providing quality training in digital marketing since its establishment.

After the completion of the course at this institute, the skills that you learn will, without any doubt, help you flourish and grow in your digital marketing career.

The institute is located in sector two in Noida.  One unique quality about this institute is that it has a lot of tie-ups with companies operating both in the private and public sectors.

After joining this institute, students can hone and polish their skills in digital marketing as the curriculum focuses on the basic concepts and advanced topics of DM.

6. Digital Directions:

Digital Directions is the sixth institute on this list that we’ll be talking about.

It is a leading digital marketing training institute located opposite to the Samsung tower in sector sixty-two in the Noida region.

The instructors conducting the course are highly experienced and skilled and leave no stone unturned when it comes to imparting the accurate digital marketing techniques to their students. The class timings of the institute are flexible, and they provide the students with backup classes in the event of them missing out on a particular class. They offer the best digital marketing course in Noida.

They train their students in the basics and advanced techniques of digital marketing.

7. Delhi School of Internet Marketing:

Since its inception, the Delhi School of Internet Marketing caters to the needs of corporates, students, digital marketing professionals, entrepreneurs, and affiliate marketers. Located in the Gautam Budh Nagar in Sector eighteen in Noida, DSIM has given the digital marketing world, some of the most proficient alumni.

They provide four different types, of course, that cover thirty-six modules. The institute allows you to enroll in both weekdays as well as weekend batches.

The course focuses on the fundamentals of DM, such as search engine optimization, affiliate marketing, eCommerce SEO, Google AdWords, etc.

8. Sky Infotech, Noida:

Located at sector sixty-four in Noida, Sky Infotech is the leading institute providing digital marketing training. One significant feature of the institute is that it allows for classroom training as well as training on virtual platforms.

The institute imparts its learners with a thorough, in-depth understanding of the concepts of digital marketing.

The institute is a premier digital marketing training institute and provides summer training in DM and training on virtual platforms as well.

9. Mirorsoft Technologies:

Without question, Mirorsoft Technologies has proven to be among the best institutes in Noida in the digital marketing niche. They offer the highest credentials and placements.

Besides becoming an expert in digital marketing tactics after you have completed the course, you will also earn globally recognized certifications. The institute also assists students in completing industrial as well as live projects relating to DM.

The curriculum, followed by the institute, is exceptionally proficient and follows the latest trends in the field.

Their faculty consists of instructors who themselves are very intelligent.

The institute is located at Sector twenty-two of the Noida region.

Their course structure focuses on teaching the essentials of digital marketing, affiliate marketing, search engine optimization, content marketing, social media marketing. Mirorsoft technologies also teach the basics of Google Webmaster tools.

10. Insider Academy:

If you are looking to study in one of the most excellent training institutes for digital marketing, then this institute should be your go-to option. Based in Noida sector two, this institute is accessible via the metro with the nearest metro station being in sector fifteen.  The duration of the course at this institute is three months, and the curriculum comprises of eighteen vital modules. The institute caters to the likes of students, business owners, entrepreneurs, working professionals, and even affiliate marketers. Insider Academy provides its students with choosing from either joining a weekday or weekend batch. The timings are flexible.

They train you in techniques and skills of digital marketing, content marketing, online reputation management, web analytics, social media marketing, search engine optimization, affiliate marketing, etc. They provide one of the best digital marketing courses in Noida.

That’s all for now, Folks! These were some of the top ten best digital marketing institutes in Noida.

We’ve compiled the list keeping in mind a few essential factors that a DM institute should have and must equip their students with the right skills.

Let us know in the comments whether you would like to know about a few other institutes offering digital marketing courses in Noida and other Delhi NCR regions.

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