How To Start Advertising Agency In India 2024 – A Step by Step Guide

How To Start Advertising Agency In India 2024 – A Step by Step Guide

If you are wondering how to start advertising agency In India then you are at the perfect place today in this blog article i am going to share how you can start your digital advertising agency and make money out of it.

Before proceeding into the article let me tell you I am running my marketing agency by name for more than 7 years now I have worked with more than 100+ national and international clients in SEO, Web Development & Advertising space.

How To Start Advertising Agency In India

It’s very easy to start an advertising agency in India. India is one of the quiet growing market and many new brands and companies are establishing daily, we have a wide scope in advertising and we can onboard many new businesses as well as businesses with good capital and fundings to advertise their services and products.

let me share should be your step by step process to start your advertising agency in India.

Start Your Website

start your website with sitebuilder live

it’s very easy to start a website nowadays as you just have to buy a domain name and hosting next step could be just designing your website it’s very easy and you can even hire who can design your website that looks like a pro.

you can buy your domain and hosting from and start building your website in minutes.

We also own a digital marketing company i.e Bizgromedia in India if you are new to the market we can also help you out in setting up your first website online.

Creating Social Media Accounts

create social media accounts

Your next step should be start creating social media accounts and start posting some graphics and valuable content so that users can get value from it and you could get your first client from there.

You should be present on all social media channels like Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin & X(Twitter).

Social media nowadays built a trust among your and it will help you close more deals as it will show that you are not new to the market you are already in the market and people solve in advertising.

Create Your Email Account

Create email accounts

Creating a custom email ID for your business is very important as this will help your customers to connect with you directly via Email it will help you in building connections.

You can use services like Google workspace and Zoho mail get your custom email ID however you can also use Gmail initial days but its not recommended if you are into advertising space.

Create Local Listing

create local listing of your business

Local listings are really important to new brands to get noticed by their customers when searched on Google & Bing search engines.

You should be listing your advertising agency at Just Dial, IndiaMart, Google My Business, Clutch, Yahoo Small businesses, etc.

Register Your Company

register your company

registering your company is really important if you will not registered people won’t trust you this impact your sales. you can register your companies from India filings or from clear tax if you are a single person then you can also start a sole proprietorship firm or a partnership firm, private limited company or a LLP.

You can also Consult CA if you are going to register your brand in India.

Hire Your Team

Hire your team

Now your next step should be hiring your team for your advertising agency. You can hire people from Hireact or Internshala.


Its very easy to start your advertising agency in India with low budget however for incorporation and team you need some budget to start with.

You can hire our team from Bizgromedia if you want any assistant or consultation regarding the same.

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