Stromonic Managed WordPress Hosting: Is It The Best Hosting In 2024?- Stromonic Review

Stromonic Managed WordPress Hosting: Is It The Best Hosting In 2024?- Stromonic Review

If you are looking for Stromonic review then you are on the perfect page. We are going to provide you unbiased review for stromonic hosting that will help you in taking your buying decision.

Hosting can be referred to as the backbone of a website, but it doesn’t get the attention that it deserves. Irrespective of the fact that how good or beautiful is your website, an unreliable hosting provider in the background is surely bad news.

The website hosting is taking up a load of your business website and its further growth, it can definitely shape the overall user experience.

When it comes to finding the best hosting provider, performance, reliability, and features are the core factors, and Stromonic leaves other competitors far behind in the field. 

Stromonic is gaining popularity among the leading managed WordPress hosting providers. Their own cloud servers, excellent performance, and best support are what outshining among the competitors. 

But, are Stromonic hosting services worthwhile?

After receiving this query from a lot of people, I came up with this highly detailed Stromonic managed WordPress hosting review. I will be highlighting all the major features of their service along with how they are competing in the market. To make the analysis simpler for you all, I have even performed live testing of Stromonic managed WordPress hosting with proof of results. 

Without any further ado, let’s dive into the concerned details now.

Stromonic: A Premium Standard WordPress Hosting for Everyone

Stromonic hostinger

Stromonic was founded by Natan Ray back in 2017. Although, the hosting provider is quite new to the market as compared with others, yet, they have achieved quite a commendable feedback. It is not one of the hosting providers that could be ignored just because they are a newbie in the hosting industry. 

Stromonic is offering its value-added managed WordPress hosting services across the globe. Unlike, other hosting providers, Stromonic brings its own platform known as Stromonic Cloud. It is playing a key role in ensuring the fast loading of the websites. 

Stromonic my account dashboard and the cPanel interface have seamless navigation and handy workflow. Their own dashboard to manage the setup and working of the hosting services is what simplifies the hassles of users.

The company boasts about the high-performance standards and it seems to be true to a great extent. Their pricing might seem a bit high to some, but it has specific reasons like 99.99% uptime, unique cloud support, their own CDN service, dedicated team of experts. I will be covering all these factors in the below segments of the review. 

Stromonic managed WordPress hosting is highly suitable for almost every website for- 

Enterprise websites

WooCommerce websites

Small Businesses websites

Publishers websites

Membership websites


Agency website

Education website

Non-Profit website, and many others. 

Stromonic Review 2024 Power-packed Features

stromonic hosting features

If you’re in the search of the managed WordPress hosting for your website, Stromonic does have the best features. I would say that their features are a key factor making them stand out in the crowd. 

WordPress Optimized Servers

Stromonic has the latest and advanced hosting infrastructure with precise servers. The hosting platform offers a certain level of server caching and WordPress plugin caching. Latest PHP version, Free SSL certification, File manager, frequent uptime check, and a lot of other server-level features. 

Stromonic CDN

While a lot of other managed WordPress hosting providers are relying on the third-party CDN (content delivery network), Stromonic has its own unique choice. They have designed a network that can boost the website response time. Having a website with faster loading is definitely a plus for any business. 

High Security

For online websites, security is a major concern these days. A lot of websites are getting huge threats in the current scenario.

Companies are putting in a huge amount of money to have maximum security from hackers, malware, and other concerns. Stromonic servers come loaded with high-end security measures to keep your website up and running with no hassle. 

Stromonic Cloud

Stromonic doesn’t let the website suffer because of the pathetic Google cloud platform. You can opt for the Stromonic Cloud to help clients with amazing benefits and extensive services. The hosting platform offers the latest CPUs and NVMe drives. On the basis of these, Stromonic claims to provide the fastest WordPress hosting service. 

Technology Stack

They have chosen to go with the LiteSpeed Enterprise instead of Nginx and Apache. It offers the faster loading of the website with the right set of tools and technologies. In simple words, Stromonic can help the dependency of numerous HTTP connections with zero errors. 

Awesome Support

Team Stromonic can offer the best quality dedicated support to assist users with any needs. I too had reached out to them for an issue and all it took was two minutes to get the right assistance. They are available 24/7 and can provide complete resolution to any issue with no unnecessary questions or tantrums. 

Regular Backups

The entire Stromonic hosted website will remain incomplete backup automatically. You can choose to opt for automatic or manual backups. In case of any error or problem, there is always an option to revert back to the backed-up version. Stromonic offers the backup service with all pricing plans. 

Free Website Migration

Stromonic allows easy migration support to let you switch the previous website running on any other hosting to Stromonic. 

Free SSL Encryption

Add SSL security to your WordPress site free of cost with Stromonic hosting. 

Real-Time Cloud Scans

Stromonic offers real-time website scanning against the potential malware. Once you choose them as a managed WordPress hosting provider, there are almost any impossible chances of hacking attempts. In any case, the prompt Stromonic team is ready to help you out. 

Uptime Monitoring

Stromonic website hosting allows uptime monitoring every five minutes which tends to maintain close monitoring in all scenarios. 

To make it simpler, here is a quick overview of all the features offered by the Stromonic managed WordPress hosting: 

Free Domain Name Service

24/7 Site Monitoring

SFTP User Access

99.99% Uptime assurance

SSL WordPress Encryption

Multi-Code Support

Regular Website Backups

One-click WordPress installation

One-click Staging

DDoS Protection

45 Day Money Back GuaranteeThere are many other features of the Stromonic hosting service that can be explored here. The hosting even provides seamless security, stable infrastructure, firewall protection, daily backups, virus/malware detection & protection, and full isolation. 

Managed WordPress Hosting Dashboard 

If you’re thinking of how does the managed WordPress hosting dashboard looks like, this section will make it clear to you. They have created the most user-friendly and organized my account dashboard to handle the website management and hosting service. The new and improved Stromonic dashboard is designed to provide maximum flexibility and usability to users.

Stromonic hosting dashboard

The cPanel of Stromonic managed WordPress hosting is also quite simple and intuitive to use. The control panel possesses every bit of functionality to take care of the website working with profound management.

The team Stromonic has made it possible to allow users to access the website settings with minimal navigation. You can take necessary actions like updating WordPress, plugins, analytics, traffic, domain addition, email accounts, and many more. 

WordPress website creation is just a matter of a few clicks with the Stromonic dashboard. 

wordpress stromonic configuring new hosting account

You can enter the new email details and create with a single tap. 

Quick Email Account Creation

The Stromonic hosting dashboard has certain necessary settings (Quick shortcuts) to take care of the hosting management experience. Tap on the desired option and get seamless access to any specific setting with no delay. 

Quick Shortcuts

Adding multiple WordPress websites is also quite simpler with Stromonic managed WordPress hosting provider. Admin access is easier with a single tap and a new WordPress website can be added quickly.

Single Click WordPress Admin Login from Dashboard

Powerful WordPress website manager with plenty of settings and configuration options. This interface has almost every sort of necessary information that a user needs to access and manage the WordPress hosting. 

WordPress Manager with Lots of Features

Overall, I can say that they have done a good job here. Stromonic dashboard is a lot better than most other popular hosting providers. One thing is sure the accessibility and management of the WordPress hosting dashboard are much more simple even for the non-technical backgrounds. 

Stromonic Pricing 2024: How Much Does It Cost?

Stromonic Hosting pricing

Stromonic offers four different hosting plans for a managed WordPress hosting provider. All the plans are customized to meet the specific business requirements. However, we can even find various useful features common in all plans and pricing models. 

StromBolt Plan 

  • Starts from $14.95/month
  • 2 WordPress Sites
  • 5 GB fast SSD Space
  • Suitable for a lightweight WordPress website
  • Free SSL & Stromonic CDN
  • No monthly visitors limit

StromBolt Plus Plan

  • Starts from $29.95/month
  • 5 WordPress Sites
  • 10 GB fast SSD storage
  • Perfect for multiple WordPress websites
  • Free SSL & Stromonic CDN
  • No monthly visitors limit

StromBolt Pro Plan

  • Starts at $59.95/per month 
  • 10 WordPress Sites
  • 20 GB fast SSD storage
  • More bandwidth and storage capability
  • Free SSL & Stromonic CDN
  • No monthly visitors limit

StromBolt Extra 

  • Starts from $89.95/month
  • 15 WordPress Sites
  • 30 GB fast SSD storage
  • Suitable for high-end business websites
  • Free SSL & Stromonic CDN
  • No monthly visitors limit

Check Stromonic Hosting Pricing in detail from here

You can choose to purchase the Stromonic monthly and annual billing plans to get discounts. The company even comes up with certain price cuts or discount coupons, so do not hesitate to ask them before signing up for a purchase. 

That’s not all, as Stromonic opens up the flexibility to deliver customized business hosting plans as well. Get in touch with customer support and share your custom hosting requirements. 

Stromonic Performance and Load-Times Testing

This section is definitely going to grab your interest as I am going to provide real-time tests for Stromonic’s worth. I did some managed WordPress performance testing and here’s what happened. 

I purchased a Stromonic basic hosting plan and set up a demo website with dummy content and images. Along with that, I tried installing some plugins to check if the hosting is able to handle that sort of load and even run efficiently.

Load Time Testing on

For this load testing, I have sent fifty real-time visitors within five minutes of time duration. But as you can see, there is no day on response rate and no errors. The response time is whooping 177ms/s. The results are quite amazing in terms of load time for the website.

No other low-cost hosting provider solution like Bluehost, HostGator, GoDaddy, etc. are not able to deliver such extraordinary results. In simple words, no hosting could handle fifty real-time traffic at the same time. On the contrary, Stromonic passed the load time test with shining colors and without any issues. 

stromonic speed test

Performance Analysis on GTMetrix

Stromonic hosting proves its worth on GTMetrix analysis. 

Stromonic hosting speed test on GTMetrix

Website Speed Test by Pingdom & Page Speed Insights

I ran the website on the tools to check its speed, and here are the results. 

Stromonic speed test pingdom
Stromonic speed test Pagespeed insights

Feedback Words From Stromonic Users 

Stromonic has been able to grab remarkable positive feedback from past clients. For instance, check their rewarding HostAdvice & Trustpilot ratings for 2021 & 2024: 

Stromonic hosting reviews
Stromonic Hosting review trustpilot

The company has been able to target plenty of users in just a few years. It has really caught my attention that they’re serving users with the best-driven performance hosting. They have already assisted countless businesses in achieving their dream website hosted on the platform.

Stromonic Hosting review trustpilot

Check more of the Stromonic Trustpilot Reviews

But, instead of believing in their word, I thought to try it on my own. 

Undoubtedly, Quick & Amazing Support!

The support team is typically available for all sorts of queries and support-related concerns. I, myself was facing some issues with the hosting, and see how they’ve solved my concerns in a few seconds. 

They Resolved The Issue within 30 Seconds - What a Quick Support

Stromonic – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why Stromonic pricing is so high? 

The pricing of Stromonic is high because of its stable features and high-end performance. You won’t have to face the trouble of low uptime or functional error like a low-cost managed WordPress hosting provider.

The company uses the Stromonic Cloud servers to deliver a fast loading experience to the users. The management is bringing in to create the best ever WordPress hosting environment for business. 

Does the Stromonic host offer better uptime and faster loading?

Yes, it does offer 99.99% uptime and faster loading website performance. Advanced technologies, in-house cloud network, and content delivery network also contributes to a huge extent to power-packed managed WordPress hosting. 

Does Stromonic use any cache plugin?

No, they have an inbuilt caching facility at Stromonic hosting service and avoid using any external cache plugin.
The cache functionality will be available by default on the managed WordPress websites. 

Does Stromonic offer any free managed WordPress hosting trial? 

No, they don’t have an option to access a trial of the WordPress hosting. In case you want to know more about their features and services, feel free to connect with their support management.

However, since I had purchased the hosting and tested everything, this detailed review can walk you through all the essential information

Is a Stromonic account easy to use? 

Yes, they have done a very good job in terms of designing the My Account dashboard. It is intuitive, attractive, and keeps all necessary settings at your fingertips. You can easily access any basic option with a single click from the dashboard. 

How Stromonic CDN is better than other providers?

The key strength of the fast-loading website is because of the Stromonic CDN (Content Delivery Network). Unlike other hosting providers who rely on shared CDN, Stromonic provides a better website experience to the website of any certain location.  

Is website migration possible with Stromonic?

Yes, if you have a website running on some other WordPress website hosting, there is an easy option to switch it to the Stromonic. Get in touch with their support team and seek reliable assistance for website migration. 

How faster my website will run on the Stromonic platform?

You can expect a very faster loading website with Stromonic hosting platform. It offers a lot of cache systems, dedicated servers, and additional technologies to boost the website speed. 

Stromonic Review: Final Words

Stromonic offers high-end quality and security with fast servers. To be precise, Stromonic might look a bit expensive, but surely worth the experience and purpose. It could be a suitable choice for website hosting if you’re looking forward to the best WordPress hosting at affordable prices. 

There should be no doubt in the fact that Stromonic is the best and fastest managed WordPress hosting. On top of everything, you can find amazing features and benefits like traffic, scalability, uptime, support, and scalability. Free website migration is another benefit for those who want to make a switch from another hosting service to Stromonic. 

To deal with the high pricing concern, their management is trying to offer as least prices as possible considering huge benefits. If you compare it with other managed WordPress hosting providers, you will find it much better than low-cost website hosting providers. Along with some similarities, you can avail yourself of the various key additional benefits. 

So, I would recommend everyone who is in search of the best WordPress Hosting Provider to try Stromonic and their services. 

Do not hesitate to share your thoughts about this review in the below comments. 

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