5 best CDN for wordpress in 2024

5 best CDN for wordpress in 2024

Hey buddy are you looking for best CDN for WordPress? in this post i will share some of the best cdn companies you can use for your website. Listing down some of the best CDN providers among all over the globe.

Before jumping into the blog post let me tell you why CDN is required for your website and why it is a must have tool to maximize your success rates to achieve your goals.

Why CDN is used?

Let me quickly tell you why CDN is used and why its is in demand? CDN means Content Delivery Network that minimize the load timing of your website. It is highly distributed platform of servers that helps reducing the distance between your server and user accessing your website.

CDN helps users to access same high quality content all over the globe. That’s why CDN is widely used across the world.

5 Best CDN Solutions for WordPress

1. MaxCDN

Stackpath MAXCDN

MaxCdn is one of the famous cdn solutions for your WordPress website. Now it is owned by stackpath. After merging with Satckpath they have improved their content caching & purging. They boost your website loading speed & decreases server load.

Many big sites like stackoverflow, Disqus, The Next Web are using maxCDN for accelerating their website. Even we are also using Maxcdn for this website also.

This tool helps in improving user experience on your website, improvement in SEO, speeding up your load timing. You can get MaxCDn for for your WordPress blog here & Maxcdn Coupon is applied if you go with this link.

2. Cloudflare

cloudflare cdn

Cloudflare is also one of the most popular CDN network widely used by many websites. It helps you achieve 2x fast load timing, no extra charges for bandwidth spikes, users can easily access or integrate it with their WordPress website.

They help in accelerating internet applications, improve mobile experiences, ensure application availability. One of the best CDN for images & videos.

Access Cloudflare CDN here

3. Image CDN by Jetpack

jetpack cdn

Jetpack is one of the most powerful tool for any WordPress website owned by WordPress itself. They are providing image CDN earlier it was known Photon. it is only for images only they optimize images so that your site loads faster.

You need not to configure this CDN it automatically applies on all images on pages and posts on your website. However more sure jetpack itself make your website heavier.

4. KeyCDN


KeyCDN is also another best cdn network that you can integrate with WordPress very easily. They have servers in 6 continents all over the globe with 104987 zones deployed & hit ratio is 98%.

According to them they have optimised hardware crafted with TCP stack, 100% SSD Coverage, Powerful features like HTTP/2, brotil, global network, latency based routing technology for leading performance. You also get 14 days free trial of KeyCDN.

You can check out KeyCDN here.

5. Google Cloud CDN

google cloud cdn

If you are looking to go with affordable CDN then Google CDN can be the good option however it will be a little hard to configure this cdn if you are not technological sound person.

You get Global distribution with anycast IP, Optimized for last-mile performance, Integrated with Google Cloud. You get SSL certificate at no additional cost. Checkout more features of Google CDN here.

If you want to know more about their pricing you can check here. They also offer free trial that requires credit card to access free trial.

These were the best CDN providers you can check and opt for one, if you ask me which is my choice then i will go with MaxCDN is my favorite and affordable CDN provider with top notch features.

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